Friday, October 30, 2009

The Gingerbread Tryst coming soon!

I'm really excited to share that Noble Romance Publishing will be bringing The Gingerbread Tryst, my very saucy spin on the classic tale to you soon. This delicious story will surprise you, make you laugh and definitely make you crave more than a gingerbread cookie!

In the meantime have a safe, sexy Happy Halloween!

Just Click and Please!

Wow! The adage is "A picture is worth a thousand words," and selecting just the right shot for my stories reminded me how true that is. I've just had the most fun searching for photos to add to my blog. Who knew how many sensual, sexy, professional photos were just waiting for my viewing pleasure...and hopefully yours. I must admit that some of the pictures inspired stories I can't wait to tell. I often picture the lovers in my stories in my own mind but I could definitely get used to viewing pleasure before creating my tales. If you've already read my work on here, click on the stories again to check out the added visual stimulation and enjoy!
(photo courtesy ilco)

Monday, October 19, 2009


Pink petals open in full bloom

so fragrant

smell the heady perfume

Drenched from the rain

silky folds of color

quiver and tremble

lovely dew-slicked wonder

A treasure

A gift

Unique each kind

Behold the flower

Sublime design

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

An Admission and Promise

I love writing freaky, kinky, sexy erotic fiction. As a reader and writer of many different genres, I still find I am drawn to the more detailed erotic romances. I also enjoy reading and writing sweet romances, but nothing hits that spot for me like a developed plot, likable characters and well-written sex scenes. Sometimes when I'm reading the milder romances I find myself screaming in my head: Just rip her clothes off already!

There is a craft to writing erotic fiction that arouses the reader and keeps them engaged with the characters. I only hope that I continue to sharpen this skill each time I create a story. I take no satisfaction in reading a fuck and suck scene that has no heart behind the lust/love. I will continually strive to create erotic fiction that gives the reader a sensual escape that is pleasurable with believable characters and sizzling sex.

I'm sometimes surprised when my muse will speak the loudest with inspiration for my work. I'm currently working on a hot paranormal romance novel and I just finished a short story inspired by the classic children's tale The Gingerbread Man. This sweet erotic treat has a very naughty twist. It's quite delicious...literally! I'm sure this one will have you hankering for holiday cookies all year 'round!
(photo courtesy duchesssa)
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