Wednesday, October 14, 2009

An Admission and Promise

I love writing freaky, kinky, sexy erotic fiction. As a reader and writer of many different genres, I still find I am drawn to the more detailed erotic romances. I also enjoy reading and writing sweet romances, but nothing hits that spot for me like a developed plot, likable characters and well-written sex scenes. Sometimes when I'm reading the milder romances I find myself screaming in my head: Just rip her clothes off already!

There is a craft to writing erotic fiction that arouses the reader and keeps them engaged with the characters. I only hope that I continue to sharpen this skill each time I create a story. I take no satisfaction in reading a fuck and suck scene that has no heart behind the lust/love. I will continually strive to create erotic fiction that gives the reader a sensual escape that is pleasurable with believable characters and sizzling sex.

I'm sometimes surprised when my muse will speak the loudest with inspiration for my work. I'm currently working on a hot paranormal romance novel and I just finished a short story inspired by the classic children's tale The Gingerbread Man. This sweet erotic treat has a very naughty twist. It's quite delicious...literally! I'm sure this one will have you hankering for holiday cookies all year 'round!
(photo courtesy duchesssa)

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