Monday, November 16, 2009

The Enchanted Flute is available now!!

The wait is over!

My debut release The Enchanted Flute with Noble Romance Publishing is available for your pleasure now! Please enjoy the blurb and juicy excerpt below.


When a beautiful enchantress awakens from her slumber to soul-stirring music, she reveals herself to the gifted, gorgeous flutist nearby. Lanai is at once attracted to Arye and moved by his melodies. After a sizzling night of sex, the enchantress realizes she's fallen in love for the first time.

Lanai offers her love to Arye, a man that has never loved anything more than his flute. Although, the enchantress could use magic to win his heart, she wants him to love her own his own. Heartbroken and bitter, she casts a powerful spell over the flutist instrument that causes listeners to act out whatever emotion Ayre is feeling at the moment and disappears.

Unable to control his thoughts and fearful of harming his adoring audience, Ayre now only plays his enchanted flute when he is alone. Angry and determined, he spends his time searching for Lanai. Years go by and Ayre begins to give up hope that he will ever find the woman that consumes his thoughts and fuels his lustful desires. When he finally stumbles across the enchantress, Ayre is torn between fury and desire . . . or is it love?


The enchantress wanted the musician’s hands on her body. She wanted to feel those calloused fingers all over her skin. The desire that arose within her eclipsed anything she had ever experienced. No man had ever been able to resist her when she chose to show herself, especially not when she pulled out all the stops, like now. Why, then, hadn’t he put his instrument down to touch her? How could he possibly resist her charms?

She slowly raised her arms, pulling the tie holding her emerald green halter top in place. Bare from the waist up, she enjoyed the heat and desire she could see in his eyes as she stopped dancing to stand motionless before him. With another quick tug, her skirt fell in a pool of silk to her feet and she stood completely naked.

His cock grew hard, lengthening and thickening before her eyes and she reached out to touch the smooth, warm flesh with her fingertips. The flute fell from his lips and he gasped with pleasure as she gently caressed him. Standing on her tiptoes she offered her mouth to his, shaken and aroused by the mastery of his kiss as his warm tongue stroked hers.

She sagged against him, certain the world had tilted, the cause of all the air being sucked out of her lungs. She had cast love spells for others, but she never understood the need for such a silly emotion . . . until now.

He wrapped his arms around her, pressing the wooden flute against her back, making her shiver. She was tall, but he still had to bend toward her as he offered warm, feather light kisses on her neck and shoulders. In one smooth movement he lifted her off her feet and into his arms. Admiring his strength, she straddled him, loving the sensation of her throbbing pussy pressed against his waist.

He carried her over to a huge, flat rock, sitting down with her on his lap. She sighed softly as he ran his fingers through her hair before tilting her body backward in the cradle of his arms. At this angle, her breasts were twin offerings to him and she arched even more in eager anticipation of his mouth upon her heated skin.

His tongue became the center of her world as he traced slow, deliberate circles around the dusky rose of her areola. “Yes . . . yes!” she breathed, grabbing his head as he gently drew her hardened nipples between his lips. He feasted on the stiff peaks until she could do little more than moan and writhe under his touch. She bucked her hips, rubbing her clit against his cock, surprised by her fierce need for him and the pussy juices now covering them both.

You don't want to miss this delicious tale of music, magic, sex and a curse!
Get your copy now!


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