Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Sneak Peak!

When a beautiful enchantress awakens from her slumber to soul-stirring music, she reveals herself to the gifted, gorgeous flutist playing nearby. She is at once attracted to the man and moved by his melodies. After a sizzling night of sex, the enchantress realizes she's fallen in love for the first time.

She offers her love to the flutist, a man that has never loved anything more than his flute. Although, the enchantress could use magic to win his heart, she wants him to love her on his own. Heartbroken and bitter, she casts a powerful spell over the flutist instrument, causing listeners to act out whatever emotion he's feeling inside and disappears.

Unable to control his thoughts and fearful of harming his adoring audience, the flutist plays his enchanted flute only when alone. Angry and determined, he spends his time searching for the enchantress. Years go by and the flutist begins to give up hope that he will ever find the woman that consumes his thoughts and fuels his lustful desires. When he finally stumbles across the enchantress, the flutist is torn between fury and desire . . . or is it love?

In just five days, The Enchanted Flute will be released with Noble Romance Publishing! I had to share the fabulous cover created by the very talented Fiona Jayde!


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