Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Happy Holidays and Thank You!

I want to take a moment and thank you for reading my blog. There are tons of blogs out there and I'm honored you've taken the time to stop by Simply Sexy Stories. I'm thrilled and amazed to see readers from countries all over the world!

Simply Sexy Stories has been enjoyed over in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, Norway, Egypt, and India just to name a few! I've added a flag counter to keep track of all my sexy international vistiors! So, again I thank you for reading and I hope you'll continue to enjoy simply sexy stories, hot interviews with new and established erotic fiction authors and more!

The holidays are right around the corner and I am excited! This has been an amazing year for me as a writer. I've found a home for my work with Noble Romance Publishing and I can't wait to see what 2010 holds for me as a new author!

To add to the merriment of the season, I've got a new Naughty Nibble releasing on December 28th with NRP. The Gingerbread Tryst is smokin' hot!
I mean it!
This sweet tale of lust and magic will make you laugh and extremely horny! Read this one with a plate full of gingerbread cookies and your lover close by! I'm sharing a tasty preview from the short story and I will be posting the cover soon!

May your holidays be sweet, sexy, and safe!


Enjoy a Teasing Taste from . . .
The Gingerbread Tryst:

For a few seconds nothing happened as Marisa studied the dough and then there was a twitch! Screaming, she backed away from the island until her bottom hit the wood cabinets behind her. She watched the cookie dough flutter and shake as it rolled back into a ball, falling off the island and onto the floor.

Breathing heavily, Marie stared in shock as a figure began to rise from behind the marble island. Her gingerbread man continued growing in height and thickness as she gripped the counter behind her transfixed by the magical sight in front of her. She couldn’t take her eyes off the flesh and blood man now standing before her. He was beautiful with sexy brown skin the color of molasses. Soft black curls on the crown of his head, warm brown eyes and a full mouth turned up into the teasing smile she had designed. His muscles looked huge beneath the thin cotton blue shirt she had piped on just moments ago.

She watched him walk towards her in slow, unsteady steps from around the island as he gained his balance. A gasped escaped from her lips as she looked over his strong thick limbs, to the enormous erect cock bobbing in front him. The taunt flesh was so big and long that despite her disbelief and fear, Marisa’s pussy began to tingle.
“No, no, no! This isn’t happening!” She cried moving away from her delectable fantasy in the flesh.

“Run, run, run as fast as you can, I’m going to catch you…I’m your gingerbread man!” He called after her as she raced around the island.

With her heart pounding so hard she didn’t hear how fast he came up behind her. She let out a yelp when he caught her, lifting her up easily into his strong arms. With her head pressed against his smooth chest she could smell his fragrant skin, the tempting scents of cinnamon and ginger teasing her senses.

Placing her on top of the marble countertop, Marisa shivered as her lace clad bottom connected with the smooth cold surface. She stared up into his dark brown eyes, marveling at what was happening, somehow accepting her present reality as real. She reached out to touch his smooth face. Caressing his hair, so soft and spongy under her finger tips she looked at the smile still curved towards her and didn’t try to resist when he bent to kiss her. His lips were firm and spicy tasting. She let him control her mouth with deep, tongue-melding kisses that tasted like…red hots!

He pulled away and she swayed completely aroused by the sensation of heat on her lips from his cinnamon kiss. She felt him untie the knot holding her apron in place and then she was bare except for her panties. Her nipples beaded under his stare and she waiting in bated anticipation for his next move. He gently laid her down on the countertop, playing with the loose red curls falling around her shoulders. She remained still as he traced a single line down the middle of her chest with his thumb and through the center of her panties.

“Please…” Marisa moaned, quivering as he tweaked one rock hard nipple. She knew she should resist whatever crazy magic was going on, but she couldn’t when her body craved more. She remained still, staring up at him, captivated by his touch, mesmerized by his beauty.

“I’m going to pound your pussy until you can’t take it anymore,” he whispered in her ear. He picked up a bag of red frosting and began piping the sugary cream around each areola, leaving the puckered nipples bare.

Available December 28th, with Noble Romance Publishing!


  1. :0) Thanks E.H.! I really enjoyed writing this and I think (hope) that shines through! Happy Holidays!
    p.s. I still intend to send the cover when I get it!

  2. Hi Nichelle! It's a real thrill to be working with a talented author like yourself at a happening place like NOBLE ROMANCE! Let's see what the new year brings!


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