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Simply Sexy Stories Welcomes Raven Starr!

Kiora Webb is a typical Pisces woman. Independent, creative, and romantic, but she just couldn't meet the right guy. Working at Caper's New and Used book store; was the perfect place for her. For an early birthday present her friends treat her to a girl's night out to Club Fusion where she meets slick talking Donovan Black. From his self-assured stance to his lame, run-down pick up lines, she dismisses him swiftly.
Donovan Black has never been turned down before. When beautiful Kiora Webb doesn't fall head over heels for him, he's crushed. Taking his failure as a game Donovan's buddies persuade him into thinking he could never have a woman like her. Donovan set out to prove them wrong. But what started out as a ploy turns into something that not neither one of them could foresee.

NG: Today Simply Sexy Stories welcomes interracial romance Author Raven Starr! It's the most celebrated time of year for many. What do you look forward to the most during the holidays?

RS: I look forward to spending time with my kids and family. I love to cook and sing sings, so the holidays are perfect to do them all. LOL.

NG: Do you prefer naughty or nice presents under the tree from your sweetie?

RS: I love this question! I would love both, something sweet, fuzzy socks or candles. I'm pretty easy, present-wise, but then I would love some naughty gifts for the night with just him.

NG: Eggnog or hot cocoa?

RS: I'm picky about eggnog so if I can find the one I like it would be eggnog all the way!
NG: When did you realize you wanted to become an author and how long did it take you to become published?

RS: It’s funny because I’ve been writing most of my life, but I really wanted to be an actress. It started off modeling in hopes of being spotted which worked a bit but life came crashing down. IN high school, I was a loner and one of my only friends died playing Russian roulette. I was horrified because I had just seen him the day before. In school, the students didn’t they joked and laugh but I was hurt because he was my friend. His death inspired me to write my first play called The Wrong Choice. The play was performed in a few places in New London and after that I was smitten with the written word. Poetry has always been a way for me to express the feelings inside me that is hard for me to verbalize. In 2007 I read a friend’s short story and I said I do that, so my first short interracial Fan-Tasy was born.

NG: This is not your first book, but can you share any challenges you encountered as a new and upcoming author?

RS: While writing Fan-Tasy I also wrote an urban fantasy called Vampire’s Embrace Book One. I submitted it and was proud as all get out when I received a contract for it. During my jubilation I submitted Fan-Tasy to Red Rose Publishing and received another contract. Dealing with Red Rose Publishing showed me the first publisher I entrusted with my gem was a fraud. Since I was a novice at my new career I had no idea that I was supposed to research the company before I submit so I went through a mess trying to get my book, but in the end I did and I’m happy.

NG: What advice would you share with aspiring authors?

RS: Read, write and research. I’ve said it over and over, if ya can’t keep up with all three because I don’t always read as much as I would love too, I’m usually writing and always researching information, publishers, and agents, so definitely write and research.

NG: Multicultural/interracial romances are very hot right now. Why do you pen sexy tales with diverse heroes and heroines?

RS: I write interracial romance, from urban paranormal to YA fantasies, but mostly everything is interracial. Why? Because love has no borders or limits. Love sees no color, sex or creed, it just is what it is and to me it’s an open heart and willing soul.

NG: Open heart and willing soul...I love it! Raven is here today to talk about her recent release The Perfect Match. Tell me what this novella is about and the inspiration behind it.

RS: The Perfect Match is a part of a calendar series from Red Rose Publishing, its zodiac based. It’s a love story with a twist! I love the zodiac and astrology so when the opportunity came to write a story based on the signs I jumped at the chance.

NG: There seems to be an increased interest and popularity in romance novels and erotica. Why do you think readers are drawn to these types of books?

RS: Honestly, no matter how cheesy this may sound, but you can’t turn love. No matter how crappy the economy is love is always around. Especially now with some much sadness and struggle, people can always get lost in a book.

NG: I can't let you go without asking what you think is sexy!

RS: I think confidence, strength and the ability to show true emotion is very sexy!

NG: Raven, thank you so much for stopping by
Simply Sexy Stories!

The Perfect Match is available now

with Red Rose Publishing!

Get your copy here!

Still want to know more about Raven Starr?
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  3. Nice interview, Raven!

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