Friday, December 18, 2009

Simply Sexy Stories Welcomes!

NG: Today, I'm welcoming Jennifer with! Tell me more about!

J: is more than just a resource of top quality sex toys. From day one we set out on a mission - "Provide a truly confidential place for woman and men to purchase adult products in a secure way and at a reasonable price." Since our inception in 1996 we have grown into one of the nation's most respected sources of adult products and we also opened one of the first safer sex websites owned, operated, and developed by a woman.

NG: Women and sex toys is not necessarily new, but it seems as if more and more females aren’t ashamed to admit they use them. Why do you think?

J: I believe that women are not ashamed to admit that they use sex toys because the topic of sex toys and masturbation has become more mainstream. Popular shows such as Sex and the City that featured the Rabbit Pearl had millions of women wanting to try it. Women are reading about these toys in magazines and the internet, seeing them in their favorite shows and movies, watching mainstream media doing features on toys, and have realized that millions upon millions of women out there use it. Plus, with the technology of the internet that also has a multitude of different communication forums where he or she can discuss sex toys and its benefits, I believe more women are becoming more comfortable with the whole topic.

NG: Buying toys can be intimidating with so many choices and types. What advice would you give a novice in how to go about selecting the right toy?

J: I would definitely research product reviews and take advantage of the buying guides on the adult toy sites. At, we have a section specifically for individuals who are new to buying sex toys. Our buying guide talks about the different types of sex toys and what erogenous zones they specifically target. In addition, we provide product recommendations and have a whole department called “Vibrators for Beginners.” I would also suggest buying online as opposed to going to a brick and mortar store for your first purchase. Therefore, you can shop around from the comfort of your own home, and take time to read reviews, product descriptions, and learn what the bestsellers are.

NG: There are many options available online now for purchasing sex toys, what sets apart from the others?

J: is a place where men and women never have to worry about receiving junk mail. We never sell or rent their information to any third parties. is Hacker Safe, VeriSign Secure, and is also a Truste Merchant. We go through great lengths to ensure that every step our customer’s order process is fast, easy, and secure. We also make sure that we offer detailed information about each product. We rate each product’s noise level, power level, and product dimensions. Each sex toy also has a sizing chart so customers can see if that toy is the right fit for them. In addition, we try to photograph our products in different angles so the customers can really see the details in each of the products.

NG: Do you have a personal favorite toy?

J: Oh yes definitely! I love the Acuvibe!!! I've had one for about seven years now. It is so powerful! Every woman is different in terms of her preference of stimulation. I honestly prefer clitoral stimulation as opposed to a vibe that can be inserted vaginally. Once the Acuvibe even slightly touches my clitoris, its powerful vibrations completely send me over the edge. It has been so reliable too. I can’t tell you how many times I have used it. In my opinion, that vibrator is one of the best. Hands down!

NG: Whew! Looks like I need to add that baby to my Santa Wish List! What seems to be the most popular with ladies and males?

J: Everyone has their own preferences, but I definitely would say the dual vibrators (Rabbit Style) are extremely popular. The dual vibrators feature a clitoral stimulator as well as a rotating shaft. Therefore, you get twice the pleasure. Also, like myself, a lot of women who prefer clitoral stimulation love the Acuvibe and Hitachi Magic Wands because of their intensity. In terms of men, we do sell realistic vaginas and masturbation sleeves, which are made of realistic materials so the men love it. We also have a lot of men that purchase toys for their wives or girlfriends. The Vibrating Panties are extremely popular. The panty contains of small stimulator and the guy gets to activate the stimulator with a wireless remote control. It works up to 12 ft. Talk about spicing up a night on the town!

NG: Vibrating panties!! Now, there's incentive to get on the Naughty list! :) What other products would make super sexy stocking stuffers?

J: 1) Vibrating Johnny – Awesome vibrating cock ring! It actually prolongs a man’s erection and has a small vibrating stimulator for her.
2) G-2 Pocket Rocket – This is a great vibe specific for clitoral stimulation. It offers one single powerful speed and discreet for travel!
3) Gift Card – Always makes a great gift! Let her or him choose what sex toy they have always wanted!
4) GT69 Travel Bunny – Powerful rabbit stimulator that plugs in to a 12 volt outlet.

NG: Oh my! Any of those gifts are sure to bring forth multiple holiday cheers! Jennifer, is there anything else you’d like to share about

J: When you order from, I want our customers to know that we stand by each of the products that we sell. We truly value our customers and take pleasure in knowing that the products we sell do have a positive impact in their lives. Using various sex toys can have health benefits, make an individual more comfortable with their bodies with self exploration, and bring couples closer together. That is the most rewarding part of this business!

NG: Jennifer, thank you so much for stopping Simply Sexy Stories! I love for providing quality sensual products with a wide arrary of informative articles from healthy sexual relationships to customer reviews!

Why not make your holiday Naughty and Nice?

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