Friday, December 4, 2009

Top Five Naughty Reasons I Love the Holidays!

5. Peppermint! Seriously, the flavor works so well in the bedroom. Don’t believe me? Try a candy cane tonight! Lick the sweet treat and then trail it all over your body for your lover to lick off. Better yet, have your lover trace the erogenous zones for you.
Fa la la la!

4. Red! Just about everyone looks good in this color and if you think it’s not your shade slip into a silky pair of ultra sexy red panties or boxer...
I guarantee red will become your favorite color too!

3. Baby It’s Cold Outside! For most of us the wintry season brings on the cold, but that’s the perfect excuse to snuggle with your sweetie. It’s also the perfect time to experiment with the cold . . . inside. Try teasing yourself or lover with ice cubes shaped like snowflakes or other festive shapes.
Neither of you will be singing: “I really can’t stay.” :)

2. Presents! This is your chance! Stock up on all those naughty little toys, oils, lubes, lingerie and gift them to your sweetie. A naughty surprise for each day of December, twenty-four days...twenty-four new ways to spice things up all year long!

1. Pass the Eggnog! It’s not the holidays without festive drinks! So indulge in the Peppermint Schnapps, pour it in the hot chocolate, add shots to the eggnog...heck dribble a little on yourself and refer to number five above! Most of all enjoy the season safely and as sexy as you can!


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  1. Wow! You and I have the same top five! LOL And for #2 be sure to check out
    for all your Naughty Needs!

    Santa is the perfect man...he gives me everything I want and only shows up once a year!

    Rie McGaha...fantasy that keeps you up


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