Saturday, December 25, 2010

Happy Holidays!

I'm sending my merriest wishes to each of you this holiday season! I invite you to check out my blog post on Hitting the Hot-Spot, where I share one of my festive martini favorites! This one is guaranteed to keep you in a holly jolly mood!

I want to thank each new reader and everyone and anyone who has stopped by to show my blog some love! I'll be back to play in the New Year!!!



Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Simply Sexy Stories Welcomes Tonya Callihan!

NG: I’m welcoming author Tonya Callihan today on Simply Sexy Stories! Happy holidays! Are there any holiday traditions you look forward to this season?

TC: Thank you for having me and Happy Holidays to you all as well. My favorite tradition is making candy with my family, decorating the tree. My mom’s tree is full of decorations her three children have made over the years. After my mom and step-dad put the tree up and lights on we decorate.

NG: Mmm...homemade candy! Favorite holiday song?

TC: Frosty the Snowman and I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Clause.

NG: Finish this sentence: The holidays would not be the same without...

TC: Mamaw Sarah, she was diagnosed with colon-rectal cancer on October 18, 2010. She recently finished chemo and radiation. She’s still weak but has high spirits.

NG: I'm so glad she's doing well. This will be a very special Christmas for your family! Let's talk about your writing. What do you enjoy the most about being a writer?

TC: Meeting new people, every character becomes a great friend by the end of the book. Plus I love stories, I love the escape being a writer offers.

NG: What genre(s) do you write and why?

TC: I write paranormal, I’ve always loved vampires. I also write contemporary, mainly men in uniform or cowboys, something about them gets my wheels turning. And I have just started to dabble in erotic. It’s new territory to me, but it’s fun learning :)

NG: How would you describe your writing process?

TC: I don’t kno
w that I really have a process. I just sit down and write when I have the urge to. I try not to force myself to write, then I forget every idea I had and freeze up. If I write a few paragraphs or pages whenever I have an idea than I find I get more done that way. And I usually get more writing done in the winter and when it rains. Rain is soothing and the words flow.

NG: I love writing when it rains too. What's the one thing you wished you had known about the publishing world before you got into the biz?

TC: How hard it is. I knew it wouldn’t be easy. But I never realized how much you really have to put into this. It’s like having a second full-time job, most weeks you put more into your writing and promoting than anything else. Also, I never realized how hard all of the editors and publishers and everyone involved in getting a book out works. Without those men and women and the efforts and the passion they have for this business we would be lost. So thanks, especially to my publisher, Secret Cravings Publishing and the wonderful people and authors involved, you’ve become my second family.

NG: Any advice you’d like to share with aspiring authors?

TC: Never give up and never get a big head. It’s a hard business, but if you are serious about it and join groups and ask questions when you need to, you meet a lot of great friends to help you along the way.

NG: What are you working on for the New Year?

TC: I’m finishing up my Night Pleasures Series and I have a couple of other WIP’s, a Men In Uniform Series I would like to start as well.

NG: Plenty to keep you busy in 2011! Let's talk your scorching new release entitled Night Promises. In five sentences or less, share what this sexy tale is about.

TC: It’s the first book in my Night Pleasures series. Night Pleasures is a nightclub owned by human, Kelly and her vampire best friend, Mac. Night Promises will also introduce you to Connor, a vampire who turns out to be Kelly’s life mate and to Micah, Connor’s best friend, also a vampire, who is certain Mac is his life mate. Kelly’s sister is murdered in the story and later Kelly and new employee, human, Cammie’s lifes are at stake, it takes the three vampires in her life to save them. It also sets up the scene for book two, letting the reader know, more is to come, you will see Mac and Micah’s story and you will see Cammie’s story.

NG: What inspired you to pen this sizzling story?

TC: I had read an online article about a sex club in New York ran by Mistress Wanda, it was fascinating. About a month later I got the idea for Night Pleasures and I knew that that article has inspired this story. The first book was the easiest to write once I figured out the basis of the story and had the characters in play. It was like Connor and Kelly had been waiting to tell everyone about their lives.

NG: So, cool! What’s the one thing readers can always count on when they pick up a book written by you?

TC: They won’t be able to put it down, there is suspense from the beginning until the end. My characters are fresh and you can relate to them.

NG: What more could readers want? :) Thank you so much for stopping by Simply Sexy Stories, Tonya!

TC: Thanks for having me, it was so much fun!!

Blurb: Kelly O’Keefe first met a vampire when she was twelve. Now the pair are best friends and have opened Night Pleasures, an underground club that caters to vampires and their needs. When Kelly’s sister is murdered, she finds herself working with Connor, a vampire she's been in love with for months. Unable to trust men, let alone a vampire, can she let him help her solve her sister’s murder?

Connor has been watching after Kelly for seven months with the help of his sire and
best friend Micah. Connor has kept himself at a distance even though he knows they
are life mates. He's afraid of losing control and turning Kelly against her will. When he learns Kelly plans on investigating her sister’s death, he steps in and allows himself to get close to her.

But how close is too close?

Caution! Steamy Excerpt Below:
Connor knew she was coming, he could smell her before she opened the door. He was sitting on the couch, legs stretched out, arms spread across the back of the couch.
Kelly caught her breath as she stepped into the room. His eyes were back to light brown; she had never seen them darker than they had been just a moment ago. Did that mean he was hungry for her blood? Did he want sex? One would think that working in this environment she would know. But truth be told, she had never been alone with or this close to a male vampire before.

“Sit down Kelly.” He looked amused. “I’m not going to do anything you don’t want me to do.” That was the safest line he could use.

“Okay.” Kelly sat beside him on the couch and slipped her sandals off. Being on her feet all night, she appreciated the break. “You said we had to talk about my sister.”

“I know what you’re up to.” He wanted to touch her but restrained himself for now.

Kelly looked at him, “You can read minds then?”

“No, thankfully.”

“Then how do you know what I am up to?”

“Micah can read minds. He was here earlier tonight, heard what you were planning to do, and informed me.”

“Why would he inform you?”

He was amazed she wasn’t upset about Micah interrupting her thoughts but wanted to know why Connor needed this info.

“It came up,” he shrugged. “You are stepping into some very dangerous territory. You could get yourself killed.”

“I know that!” she exclaimed, crossing her arms. “But I owe Tammy. She never would have known that vamps existed if it weren’t for me.” Kelly stood and began to pace the small room. “I got my sister killed. Don’t you understand?” She turned to him. “She would still be alive and working if it weren’t for me, Connor.”

He stood. “You cannot blame yourself.” He again resisted the urge to touch her. “It could have happened if she knew about us and it could have happened if she didn’t know,” he tried to assure her.

“I have a strong feeling that a vampire I know, one who comes to my club, is responsible for this. Besides, I don’t need you to babysit me.” She turned for the door, but he beat her to it. “Get out of my way,” she said between gritted teeth.
“No!” This time he did touch her cheek, slightly. “You smell like sunshine.” He leaned closer to her.

“Give me a break. I have guys trying those lines on me every night.” She tried to push him away, but he only grinned.

“I’m stronger than you, Kelly. You can fight me all you want, but I’m not moving.” This time, he placed his thumb on her pulse. “It’s racing,” he whispered. “I can hear it racing every time I’m near you.”

“What’s it like?” Kelly asked, “Being a vampire?”

“Not much difference really, but I can hear sounds miles away, see past the stars, fly above the clouds, and taste every flavor in ones blood, kiss, and body.” He gave her body a glance, down then up again.

“I’ve never been with a vampire,” she blurted.

“Never?” he asked, half-shocked and half-relieved.

“No, never even kissed one.” she laughed at herself.

“Can I ask why?” Connor rubbed his hand down her neck and across the swell of her breasts. He asked the question, but he felt he already knew the answer. He needed to hear her say it.

“Because I only want you,” she confessed taking a step back. “I’m sorry, that was really forward.” She crossed her arms again.

“That’s okay.” He stepped closer to her. “Being forward is a good thing, especially when I don’t have Micah here telling me what you are thinking.”

“Oh,” she laughed a little shakily. “I should probably get back out there.”

“Don’t.” He placed a hand on her stomach to stop her. Connor knew better; he knew he should just let her go. She was better off if he didn’t take from her. Being his mate and being a full moon he could lose control and turn her against her will. He couldn’t do that, not to her.

“Does it hurt?”

“No, it’s very pleasurable for both.” He reached over and dimmed the lights. “Let me pleasure you, Kelly,” he whispered before placing his lips over hers and sucking her bottom lip into his mouth. Then his tongue was dancing with hers. Connor cupped her right breast and felt her nipple come to life under his thumb.

“Oh, wow.” Kelly murmured against his mouth.

“This is just the start,” he promised, pushing her back against the wall. “Just relax,” he soothed, giving her neck an open-mouthed kiss. “I would never do anything to harm you,” he promised.

“I trust you.” She gripped his hips and forced her body to relax when she spotted his fangs.

Connor felt her tense, “I’m going to take you places you’ve never been, Kelly.” He pushed the top of her dress down to find her completely naked and greedily sucked her nipple into his mouth.

Kelly brought her hands up to grip his head and held him closer to her body, letting a moan escape.

After giving the same attention to her other nipple, Connor began kissing his way up her chest to her neck, where her pulse wildly raced, and he quickly pierced her skin. Kelly called out, shouting his name as her body began to shake, the beginning of a wonderful orgasm. She felt the blood flowing out of her body and into his mouth. The thought of him tasting her, every flavor, caused her toes to curl. She moaned and grasped him tighter as her powerful orgasm overwhelmed her body.
“Connor,” she mumbled, “weak,” moaning in pleasure and a bit of pain.

Night Pleasures is available now with Secret Cravings Publishing!
Still curious about Tonya Callihan? Check out her website: & blog:

Monday, December 20, 2010

Cover Revealed for Hearts & Diamonds!

Gorgeous, right? I'm thrilled!
Hearts & Diamonds hits Total E-Bound's virtual shelves on March. 7th!

I'll share an excerpt soon, but for here's the short blurb:

Nia Sanders knows diamonds. She appreciates the heart-felt emotions of her customers buying them. When federal agent, Quin Rios saves her life in the middle of a violent jewel heist, she finds herself attracted to the sensual possibilities beneath his uber professional, self-contained persona.

Determined to keep her safe as he solves the case, Quin can't let his attraction to Nia distract him. The heat of their fiery passion consumes them as they both struggle to control their emotions...neither are prepared to lose their heart.

I loved writing this suspenseful erotic romance!
Quin and Nia's story practically wrote itself! I love it when that happens.
I'm sure you'll in love with these two in Hearts & Diamonds!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Noble Romance Publishing Holiday Party Hosted by Your Favorite Authors

Join us for nine hours of fun, chat and games!

Noble Romance authors will host 9 hours of fun on Saturday, December 18, 2010. Please stop by the Noble Romance Readers' Loop on Yahoo to hang out with your favorite authors. Everyone who attends will receive our Noble Holiday Nibbles e-Cookbook. We'll also give away one prize package per hour (nine, total). Come learn about the authors' holiday traditions, ask questions, and play games.

Schedule of Participating Authors (of course, we hope you'll come stay the whole day, and other authors will be popping in here and there to say hello).

12:00 - 1:00: Stevie Carroll, Elizabeth Moore and A.B. Gayle

1:00 - 2:00: Lydia Nyx, A.B. Gayle and Mindy MacKay

2:00 - 3:00: Jenna Byrnes, Jude Mason and Erastes

3:00 - 4:00: Brita Addams, Meri McCombs and Dena Celeste

4:00 - 5:00: Allure Van Sanz, Margie Church and Billi Jean

5:00 - 6:00: Megan Hussey, Heather Boyd and Tamara Gill

6:00 - 7:00: Jess Anastasi, Cherie De Sues and Gianna Simone

7:00 - 8:00: Bryl R. Tyne and Barbara Sheridan

8:00 - 9:00: Stormy Glenn, H.C. Brown and Kari Gregg

Remember, you must join the Noble Romance Publishing Readers' Loop on Yahoo to participate. But you'll want to do that, anyway, because starting in January, we'll be holding lots of parties and giving away some really fabulous prizes. You don't want to miss the fun with Noble Romance authors in 2011!

Thank you, readers, for making our 2010 such a huge success.
We wish you and yours a Happy Holiday and a Happy, Healthy New Year!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Jolly Wishes!

I wish I may, I wish I might,
find these hotties in my stocking tonight!

Idris Elba - Who doesn't enjoy a little chocolate for the holidays?
Jeffery Donovan...otherwise known as Michael Westen - Fa la la la LA!!!

The Most Interesting Man in the World - Call me crazy, but sexy mature men turn me on and this guy has got sex appeal in spades! I imagine Santa to look like this after shaving his beard, taking off his fat suit and settling down for the night with Mrs. Claus... hmmm...

I know, I know, I've got a dirty mind. C'mon...
Naughty is so much more fun!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Simply Sexy Stories Welcomes K.B. Cutter!

NG: I’m welcoming author K. B. Cutter today on Simply Sexy Stories! Happy holidays! Are there any holiday traditions you look forward to this season?

KB: Hi, Nichelle! Many thanks for inviting me to your delicious site. Happy Holidays to you and your readers as well. I have a few but one that I truly enjoy is baking yummy Christmas tree cookies. It's my mom's famous recipe and it would not be the holiday season without tins and tins of the green confection goodness!

NG: Mmm...I love Christmas cookies. Favorite holiday song?

KB: Hmm, toughie. I'd have to go with Johnny Mathis -Winter Wonderland. His velvet voice brings back soo many fond Christmas memories.

NG: Great song! Finish this sentence: The holidays would not be the same without...

KB: Christmas tree cookies!!!!!

NG: lol. Let's talk about your work. What do you enjoy the most about being a writer?

KB: The endless realms of creativity the written word has to offer. I can explore any theme I choose in any genre and the only limitation is that if my imagination.

NG: What genre(s) do you write and why?

KB: I have written in every conceivable genre and cross genre. I feel comfortable tackling multiple genres as long as my characters speak truthfully in my head (along with the other voices!) However, my first published work was a contemporary piece.

NG: How long did it take for you to become published?

KB: 20 years. Ha! Not really, like I said before, I've written many a story, but only had the nerve to actually submit my work in May of this year. So, from conception to publishing, it was about 2 months!!!

NG: What's the one thing you wished you had known about the publishing world before you got into the biz?

KB:Self-promotion. It starts BEFORE your story is published. I wish I would have mastered the various forms of social media and web/blog building prior to submission. I'm still working on that. Sheesh.

NG: Any advice you’d like to share with aspiring authors?

KB: I know its going to sound trite and cliche, but here it goes: Write…write..WRITE!

NG: What are you working on for the New Year?

KB: Geez, what am I NOT working on. I have two manuscripts that are commanding most my attention. One is about a wise-ass sorceress who gets into all kinds of mischief. She is a cross between Morgan Le Fay and Sam Spade! The other is about the confrontation between the Agents of Light and Darkness, a showdown heralding a possible global apocalypse, you know , light fluff!

NG: You're are busy! Let's talk about your scorching new contemporary release Summer Heat. In five sentences or less, share what this sizzling tale is about.

KB: It's about friendship, love and human sexuality. It touches on themes of marital conflict, pathos and a dash of humor mixed with healthy dose of steamy sex!

NG: What inspired you to pen this story?

KB: I wanted to do something completely different (cue Monty Python!) Most of my previous work was dark, gritty, neo-noir flavored drama. I wanted to challenge myself and write a tale that I normally would not write or read!

NG: What’s the one thing readers can always count on when they pick up a book written by you?

KB: A sense of humor amidst whatever chaos or drama my characters find themselves embroiled in. I think its important to have a light heated moment or bit of banter among the deadly serious gravitas or hot intertwine of bodies!

NG: I agree! Thank you so much for stopping by Simply Sexy Stories, KB!

KB: Thank you so very much for having me here. Very brave of you to let me babble on! I'd like to include a tasty, hot excerpt and give away a free copy of Summer Heat, which if you'll indulge me in a bit more self promotion- is burning up Amazon Kindle- to one of your readers who leaves a snappy comment.

NG: Promote away and congrats on the success of Summer Heat!

Summer: Brilliant blue sky, pristine sandy beach, the tang of brine wafting through the air. Hard bodies splashing in the surf. Cool drinks in frosted glasses, what more could one want? For Madison and Kate, two intimately close friends, it is Paradise.
Madison left her troubles behind on the mainland, so why was she still plagued by them? Why couldn’t she be more like Kate, uninhibited, sexually confident? This was supposed to be a relaxing beach getaway, so why wasn’t it?

Madison didn’t have the answers; distracted by her pending divorce, angst over her own sexuality and Kate’s body and scorching libido, how could she think straight? Coupled with a chance encounter with a local Surfer Boy, sexually charged erotic fantasy collides with reality.

And as the sun heats up the beach, the passion between Kate and Madison grows twice as hot.

Caution! Scorching Hot Excerpt Below:
"Are you thinking about his cock?"

I choked on my drink, nearly spitting it all over myself.

"What?" I croaked as slivers of ice dribbled down my chin.

"You heard me, Maddie. Don't think for a second I didn't see you checking out Surfer Boy's package."

"Gimme a break, Kate; I was admiring the ocean view."

I could almost see her mischievous green eyes narrowing to slits behind the Anne Klein sunglasses.

"Whatever you say; have another drink."

"I will since you made me spit up most of the first one on my chest."

Kate lifted her sunglasses, glancing at my wet skin. "Hmm, maybe I'll saunter down and get Surfer Boy to lick up the rest of the tequila off your boobs. Wouldn't that be yummy, eh, Maddie?"

I couldn't speak. An image flashed in my mind: Surfer Boy's blond and sculpted body leaning over me. His moist skin glistening from the ocean, the tang of brine and coconut-scented suntan oil filling my nostrils as his tongue traces the contours of my slick breasts—while Kate watched.

"Yup, thought you might like that idea, babe."

I shook myself from my reverie.

"Excuse me?" I muttered. My face felt hot, flushed. Heat blossomed in my loins, and not from the sun.

"Maddie. Please, girlie-girl. Who are you kidding? You're getting red as a beet, and your nipples are going to pop off."

My fingers instinctively brushed over my bikini top. My nipples were erect, straining against the tight fabric. Only Kate could make me react so viscerally with mere words.

Kate stood and hoisted her red plastic cup skyward. "THAR SHE BLOWS!"

I wanted to curl up and slither away. I smacked Kate's ass. "C'mon, Ahab, you lush, sit down; people are staring."

She looked down at me and winked. "Let 'em stare, hon. Check out the goods. I don't go to the gym five days a week for my health."

I gritted my teeth. Kate didn't look like a woman on the cusp of forty, far from it. She was winning the battle against age while I fought mine to a standstill. I felt uneasy, almost nauseous. Kate was with me, and we were a couple, but her unabashed exhibitionism and attraction to both sexes was sometimes hard for me to accept.

Jealousy—such a useless emotion.

Shit, Maddie, I told myself, you're on holiday, lighten up a bit. Stop being so introspective. "Uh, Kate, You might want to rethink that last statement."

"Oh. Yeah. Duh, shit, Mrs. Spock, you all logic, all the time. You know what I mean. I work hard for this body. Little eye candy for the men, ya know, brightens their day, for the ladies too. You keep smacking my ass, I might have to reciprocate." Kate smiled, her head jauntily cocked to one side, her sunglasses perched on her dark hair.

She certainly is a cutie. No. She is gorgeous.

Kate's physicality was the personification of beauty, her supple form—lean, athletic breasts high and pert, her ass perfectly rounded—left little room for doubt that she was the living, breathing embodiment of feminine perfection.
Heat spread throughout my body. Jesus, I must really look like a lobster now.

Kate licked her lips. Her gaze held mine. "You remember our wild and youthfully exuberant college days, Maddie, one day in particular, my sweet?" Her voice was low, husky—her seductive bedroom voice—incongruous here, in the blazing July sun.

"How could I forget?" I whispered almost inaudibly as the Atlantic crashed into the shoreline.

The day you seduced me.

Kate sat and leaned in close. I breathed in her scent—soap and tanning lotion.

My head spun; my breath hitched in my throat. I felt lightheaded.

"Maybe we can recreate that day?" Her lips brushed against mine, like the gossamer wings of a butterfly.

I shivered. Memories flooded my mind, a deluge of sexual angst and tension followed by sweet orgasmic release.

All from the taste of her lips.

"It doesn't take much to start your engine, Maddie."

I managed a weak smile. My body still trembled from her kiss. "Yeah, I'm a mechanic's dream. A little lube and I crank right over.

Kate laughed. Her eyes sparkled like the blue-green water of the sea. "Speaking of crank shafts, Surfer Boy's heading our way."

I squinted, shielding the glare of the sun with my hand. Yes, he was. I could practically smell Kate going into heat.

"No wonder you were gawking at his junk, Maddie. I mean, it's gotta to be at least six inches, flaccid, no less."

I rolled my eyes. I had to admit, the bulge in the front of his snug Tommy Bahamas' was impressive.

"It's got to be a nine, ten-incher, easy, when hard, don'tcha think?"

I sighed loudly but grinned inside. The minute the plane had landed, Kate quickly shed her façade of cultured sophistication

"To recap, I was not staring at his penis. In addition, I'm not sure how long his erect dick would be. Maybe you should ask him. I'll fetch a tape measure, if you'd like."

"Dick? Did you say dick? What, are you still in fifth grade? No, that is not a dick. That, my friend, is a cock!"

She did have a point. "Uh-oh, Kate. Bimbo alert!" A young nubile thing in a pink bikini intercepted Surfer Boy. Though a young, nubile thing clad in pink dental floss was a more apt description.

Kate growled. "You know what this means, Maddie. The bitch has to die!"

"Yup, I'll get the duct tape and handcuffs; you score a shovel and some quicklime."

We looked at each other and started to snigger as if we had never left the fifth grade.

"Oh, Kate, how old is she? Eighteen? What could he possibly see in her?"

Kate snorted derisively. "See in her? Nothing, but be in her, yeah. She'd ride his long-board like a champ."

"And you wouldn't?"

Kate sighed. "I'd ride atop him like a bucking bull."

I winced. "I think you're mixing your metaphors."

Kate scrunched up her face. Her brow furrowed as her pink tongue darted out from the corner of her mouth. "Yeah, you're right. I'm so not the English major."

She looked so adorable I wanted to kiss her. I steadied myself. With the tequila and hot sun coupled with her kick-ass body, I might want to do more than lip lock.

Deciding I had better lay off the margarita mix, I rummaged in the cooler for a Poland Spring. As I brought the cool drink to my lips, I watched Kate's chest heave, the spherical perfections rising and falling in time with the waves slapping the shoreline. Her nipples jutted against the tight cotton fabric. Her libido, always on a low simmer, fast approached the boiling point. My mouth suddenly felt as if it were stuffed with cotton. I drank half the bottle of water in one long pull.

I mulled over my options. I could continue to lie here, basking in the sun, simmering in my own juices, or I could just tap her shoulder, give her the look and we would race back to the beach house, strip off our clothes and molest each other with wanton abandon. I became moist thinking about her mouth upon mine, her hands caressing my breasts. My pelvis pressed against hers, as I grabbed her ass, inhaling her musky desire.

I finished the water. It did little to cool me down. Kate still stared at Surfer Boy, who stood several yards away, chatting up the girl. No doubt Kate was planning a gruesome demise for Little Ms. Stick-Bitch.

I shouldn't harbor any ill will toward the girl; I didn't even know her, except to be envious of her youth and lissome form. I studied the bimbo from behind, admiring the supple cheeks, the cleft of her ass perfectly cleaved by the flimsy thong of the bikini. She had guts wearing it, but if my ass were as firm, I would shake my moneymaker as well.

I settled into my beach chair, enjoying the warmth of the afternoon sun, the soothing, organic lullaby of the softly murmuring waves, and lapped up the sight of pink perfection.

Summer Heat is available now with Noble Romance Publishing, Amazon and many more!

Still curious about K.B. Cutter?
Go to: &
***Don't forget one lucky commenter will win a copy of Summer Heat!***
Winner will be announced on Tuesday, Dec. 14th!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Simply Sexy Stories Welcomes Back Sandra Sookoo!

NG: Hello, Sandra, welcome back to Simply Sexy Stories and happy holidays! What do you look forward to the most during this festive season?

SS: Hmm, I’d probably say the food. LOL I can’t help it. When the holidays come around, I love being in the kitchen, whipping up all sorts of confections.

NG: What's your favorite Christmas song?

SS: Hands down O Holy Night. I only sing it when I’m alone in my car because it’s such a difficult song to hit the notes, but I love to listen to others sing it.

NG: That's my favorite song too! Real tree or not?

SS: Since I live in an apartment, we’re not allowed to have a real tree, which is okay because I’m allergic to pine LOL

NG: If you could take a trip and visit Christmas past, present or future which would you choose?

SS: Probably Christmas future so I can get all my ducks in a row. The past holds no interest for me and the present is being lived out right now. Good thing I haven’t been visited by ghosts, huh?

NG: Let's talk about A Christmas Interlude. What was the inspiration behind this sexy tale?

SS: Well, it’s different than anything I’ve written before. Sometimes a story wants to be told and a writer has no choice but to tell it. I wanted to explore the darker side of a human sexual relationship while throwing a little paranormal element into the mix.

NG: Did you face any creative challenges while crafting this story?

SS: LOL Besides getting through the multiple love scenes? I think the biggest hurdle for me was trying not to have either character overpower each other. They’re both pretty strong willed and well matched but since it’s set in historical times, the fact they both have appetites outside the norm was interesting as well.

NG: Why do you think readers would enjoy A Christmas Interlude?

SS: Who doesn’t enjoy a short, sexy romp with a werewolf? Honestly, this is a perfect story to make a reader forget about the stress of the holidays and indulge in a hot fantasy for a couple of hours.

NG: Fa la la la! What can readers look forward to seeing from you in 2011?

SS: Oh wow! I have two stories out on submissions right now that are very exciting. I’m hoping they’ll find homes soon. I’m also planning on writing another couple of sci-fi romances, a follow up book to Wedgie Tales and a Regency parody. Big things happening. Keep an eye on my website for new info.

NG: Thanks so much for stopping by, Sandra, may you have a very Merry Christmas!

Caution! Steamy Excerpt Below:
Dangerous secrets can melt a cold winter’s night but are they hot enough to forge common ground?

In 1899 Indianapolis, adventurous sex isn’t exactly appropriate conversation for afternoon tea.

Yet, an exciting sex life is exactly what Chelsea wants desperately from her beau Luther. Tired of society’s strict conventions and his less than inspired fumblings in the bedroom, she devises a plan that is sure to bring Luther’s passions to the forefront.

Luther harbors a dark secret of his own. A werewolf by birth, he’s compelled to shift at each full moon but fears if he shares the knowledge with Chelsea, she’ll run in fear. What he doesn’t count on is her matching his appetites in the bedroom.

One long night of sexual play at a hotel during the Christmas season is all it takes to meet their needs yet will the confidences they keep unravel their love or will it strengthen the relationship as fast as a little light bondage?

As the carriage passed a row of homes, the faint, golden glow of the streetlights illuminated Chelsea’s face. Two spots of rosy color gave life to her rounded cheeks, and her vivid green eyes sparkled with what seemed like contentment, or perhaps happiness.

He wondered what she thought about. It seemed as if she were a million miles away. Not even their favorite dining spot could elicit any animation or conversation from her tonight.

“Did you enjoy the meal?” He repositioned himself until he could openly admire her form. An ivory-colored shawl had slipped from her shoulders, revealing the tops of her full, creamy breasts as they strained against the rich, brown silk of her dinner gown. Heat spiked through his body to lodge in his groin. His cock hardened as he thought about what they would do when they finally arrived at his townhouse, about how the lush curve of her hips would feel, naked, beneath his hands—the perfect Christmas sweet.

At the last second, he remembered to maintain tight control over his baser instincts. Now was not the time to tell her of his furry heritage.

Chelsea turned to face him. A strained smile barely curved her kissable lips, slightly glossy as the tip of her tongue swept briefly along the bottom one. “Dinner was, as always, excellent. I trust your roast beef was rare enough?”

“Actually, the Carlisle has presented the dish better on previous occasions.” His mouth watered at the remembrance of those other meals where the juices ran red with every cut of his knife. Each Saturday, he took Chelsea to dinner at the Carlisle, a hotel in the business district, and he ordered his meat as rare as it could possibly be outside of slaughtering it himself. There was something so primal about digging into a slab of beef that hadn’t been manipulated much by human hands…

This brought his thoughts back to the carnal pleasures he and Chelsea would indulge in mere moments from now, the perfect foil to wrench his mind from his other passion. If he wasn’t fettered by polite manners and stifling rules, he would instruct the driver to continue on a tour of the city until the horse was too tired to walk another step. The extra time he’d use to ravish his woman in the cab, hopefully making certain she was well and truly satisfied.

Yet, he held back. Three years with Chelsea had given his life meaning, enriched it to the point that he yearned to spend the remainder of his time on the earth with her, but the simple fact he was born to be a werewolf whenever the moon grew full hampered any hope of a normal, happy existence. At the first glimpse of fur and fang, she would demand the local authorities come and take him away to the nearest mental facility.

Hell, she might swat at him with a broom. Chelsea, in the height of annoyance, was capable of doing nearly anything.

Still, deep in his soul, he knew she was the one woman meant for him, so why couldn’t he lower his pride and reveal all? He lifted a hand and stroked her cheek. Her skin, petal soft against his fingers, stoked the flames already ignited within and created an inferno of need.
He held back out of fear, out of rejection. He would die if he lost Chelsea—not because she held the key to his very existence, but simply because he loved her too much to make her afraid of him.

He was a shape shifter and had been since birth, but also, his sexual needs and appetite far surpassed that of a normal human man. His deepest desires would frighten her. She’d accuse him of depravity of the darkest criminal, yet that knowledge didn’t lessen the constant ache for her companionship and her as a sexual partner. She was too good, too wholesome for anything more risqué in the bedroom than gentle lovemaking.

Luther swallowed down the build-up of hot saliva in his mouth. Oh God, what he wouldn’t do to feel her lips wrapped around his cock as he thrust into her mouth.

This time, he couldn’t control the groan that escaped his throat. In order to keep Chelsea, he would need to content himself with mild sexual encounters, keep the mild-mannered persona for the rest of his life. And what was more, he would need to pretend he was satisfied with that lot.
She could never know his true nature. Above all else, he wanted to keep her.

The carriage lurched sharply to the right as the driver turned a corner. The abrupt motion threw Chelsea into his lap. Unable to help himself, he lifted her and repositioned her legs until she awkwardly straddled him with her skirts bunched between them. “That color of gown suits you, Chelsea. You should wear it more often.” He cupped her cheek, sliding his hand down, and brushed he pad of his thumb over her collarbone. When he felt a host of tremors course through her body, he decided to find out how far she’d let him take her.

He pressed his lips to the bare skin of her décolletage. “You taste like nothing I’ve ever experienced before.” Pausing for a mere second, he licked the swell of first one breast then the other. He slid his hands to her waist and moved them slowly up until he cupped her breasts. Her nipples pebbled into tight buds beneath her gown, hard and ready for him. Lowering his mouth to one of the ripe offerings, he closed his lips around the fabric-covered tip, teasing slightly with his teeth. A low moan eased between her lips and a shudder shook her shoulders. She stiffened on his lap.

Immediately, Luther released her. “I apologize, Chelsea.” He dumped her onto the bench beside him, his chest heaving as he struggled with his instincts. “I cannot explain what came over me.”

“That was…different, Luther. Um, did you, uh, mean to do that?” Unknown emotion wobbled her voice, but she did not glance his way. Instead, she kept her gaze firmly fixed on the opposite window.

Oh God, she hates me. “I must be mad.” He pressed himself as close to the side of the carriage as he could get, anywhere in order not to touch her. She tempted him like no other woman. He’d make the sacrifice, bury his animal side beneath lies to keep her.

Yet… Inhaling deeply, the sweet, distinctive scent of her obvious arousal gave him hope. Maybe in time…

A Christmas Interlude is available now with
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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Feelin' Festive Yet?

Christmas is only 18 days away! Are you filled with holiday cheer or do you have a bad case of bah humbug? Either way, I've got some treats to make you smile!

Don't miss Sandro Sookoo's interview tomorrow! She's talking about her steamy holiday book, A Christmas Interlude!

KB Cutter joins me on Monday! You don't wanna miss this sizzling excerpt!

Join me for a special birthday blog on Dec. 16th...whose birthday you ask?
Mine of course!
I'm holding a special contest and the winner walks away with one of my tantalizing tales!

Gotta love the Grinch! One of my favorite holidays songs! ;)

Friday, December 3, 2010

Mmm mmm mmm!

It's Friday! It was a short week because of Thanksgiving, but I need this weekend to regroup. I couldn't decide what to blog about and then it hit me to share the delicious pic serving as creative inspiration for my very sexy, very alpha hero in the short story I'm working to finish.

Isn't he divine? Lee Byung-hun is a South Korean actor, singer and model of course! This picture helped me to flesh out the character I visualized in my mind.

I can't tell you more details about this WIP yet, but let's just say it's a naughty spin of yarn sure to get your blood going! I love writing short super-charged erotica that gives me the liberty to take it to the table...well, you get the idea in half the time of a full length novel. ;-)

Have a great weekend!


Monday, November 29, 2010

Opening Scene for The Enchanted Flute!

The Enchanted Flute released right around this time last year. This steamy short story will always hold a special place in my heart for being my first published work and because of the creative inspiration behind the tale. In celebration of my anniversary as a published author, I decided to share the entire opening scene! Enjoy!

Once upon a time in a faraway land, there lived a handsome flutist named Ayre. No one could say exactly when the young boy began to play, but tales were told of how he grew up with the flute at his mouth from a very early age. When his parents died tragically in a fire, the young man turned to his flute for comfort. Alone in the world, he began traveling from place to place playing for an ever-growing audience of admirers. His musical talents became so well known people would travel from all over to hear him.

When he played his music many were moved to tears of joy, cheerful laughter or even awe inspired silence, but no one left his presence unmoved by his songs. The flutist loved pleasing the people with his music, but he truly played for himself. His love for his flute drove him to play whether he had listeners or not. Women swooned, throwing themselves in his path and men admired his skill, but the flutist did not play to impress anyone.

He simply had to play. Morning, noon and night, he would practice until his lips or fingers were too tired to move. He loved no one or nothing, but his flute. One evening after another long day of playing for a huge crowd, Ayre walked until he came upon a secluded lake miles away from the town. Weary from his travels, he gazed at the beautiful blue water and longed for a leisurely swim. Although reluctant to place his beloved flute down for even a moment, he searched for the perfect spot to strip off his tunic.

After a quick, furtive look around to ensure the trees provided plenty of cover, the flutist placed his instrument in his leather case and quickly undressed before plunging into the cool turquoise depths of the lake. He swam with steady strokes, enjoying the sound of the frogs and crickets filling the air. Floating on his back, he watched the beginning of the sunset as the horizon began to dissolve into swirls of orange and red.

Inspired by nature's beauty, Ayre came out of the water and grabbed his flute from the shore. He began to play, filling the forest with a sweet, stirring melody, his fingers flying over his instrument as the song flowed from him.

Lanai stretched her limbs, gracefully standing on the thick branch of the huge tree she had been napping in. She swayed with the wind, listening to the rustling green leaves surrounding her and the lilting music that had awakened her. Lanai had never heard such beautiful sounds and she was curious about the musician playing so skillfully. Climbing down the tree with the agility of a cat, Lanai moved silently toward the source of the music. She held her breath as she took in the sight of the man before her.

Never had she seen such beauty in male form. His body was a work of art, each tight muscle moving in rhythm to the tune of his song, the water falling in tiny rivulets down his dark chocolate skin. Carefully moving forward from her hidden spot in the tall grasses, she allowed her gaze to travel from the top of his bald head, to the curve of his pectoral muscles as he lovingly fingered the keys of the wooden instrument. She couldn't take her eyes off the thickness of his thighs or the girth of his cock as he continued making musical magic with his flute.

She stood riveted by his skill as a musician, her body responding with every measure of the intoxicating music. Swaying to the hauntingly beautiful melody, she stepped into plain view. An enchantress never revealed herself to humans unless doing so served her purpose or was absolutely necessary, but she could not stop her body from heating up with desire. Every step brought her closer and closer to the music and the man captivating her keen interest.

Ayre heard a noise and reacted instantly, turning to see an incredibly shapely woman dancing to his music several feet away. Still playing, he watched her sensuous approach as she swayed her hips in perfect rhythm to his song. He faltered for a second on his instrument, her exotic beauty taking his breath away. Her looks far surpassed any other woman that had danced to his music before and there had been many.

Her eyes were the color of amber; her lips captured the color and essence of a rose in full bloom. He couldn't take his eyes off her hair, which fell in thick russet waves to her backside. Captivated by the exposed creamy butterscotch flesh beneath the skimpy scraps of cloth covering her breasts and sex, he moved stepped toward her. He loved the way her hips undulated to the underlying beat as he played. They held eye contact with each other and in that moment, Ayre desired her more than he had ever desired any other woman. The blood raced through his veins as she turned in dizzying circles around him. He caught a glimpse of her breasts as she dipped toward him and he faltered again for a split second as his fingers fumbled across the keys.

Watching her was almost as intoxicating as playing his flute . . . almost.

Find out how the story ends!
The Enchanted Flute is available now
with Noble Romance Publishing, Amazon, ARe and more.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is almost here! I still haven't finished buying all my groceries. Why do I always find myself running around like a chicken...turkey with its head cut off?

This time of year is always hectic, but I don't mind. I'm thankful for my family, friends, food on the table and story ideas to keep me busy long into the New Year.
I hope this holiday finds you healthy and happy!

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Interracial Dating-One Man Shares His Heart

NG: Today, I'm thrilled to have Tobi Mann, creator of the popular group: I'm tired of the debate! Black women are BEAUTIFUL! White guys LOVE you! Welcome, Tobi! First, I want to thank you for talking with me. You are my first non-author guest! I'm excited to have you on to talk about IR dating. For those of you scratching your heads, IR stands for Interracial. :)

Tobi, why are you attracted to black women?

TM: “I desire and want what I am not.”
I’m blond, blue-eyed and light-skinned. Black women are exotic. The colour of their skin, their hair (braids in particular) the shape of their lips, their deep mysterious eyes are incredibly attractive. Being attracted to black women doesn’t mean that I don’t find women of other races attractive. I do have children with a white woman.

Have you always been into IR relationships? What sparked the interest?

TM: I guess I have. The things I just mentioned. Opposites attracts.

NG: Have you ever actually been involved with a black woman?

TM: My ex-wife was black, so was the girlfriend before her.

NG: If so, what did you feel was the biggest challenge to overcome from dating outside your race?

TM: There was no challenge for me. I just did what my desire and heart told me to do. I think IR dating is different depending on where you are located. It’s not a big deal at all in Europe. Black women are very sought after here. “Hot stuff” it you like. :)

NG: What do you feel is the biggest misconception about a white man dating black woman?

TM: That we (white men) just want to have the “black woman experience.” I’m on a crusade on Facebook to prove that that is wrong.

NG: What do you feel is the biggest misconception about a black woman dating a white man?

TM: Maybe that she somehow would be “denying her roots or heritage.” That she would somehow “betray” her own “race” or that she’s doing it to get financial stability (gold digger.) Once again IR dating is very different depending on were you are located. I have sensed that there is still a lot of anger in some places of the US because of the horrific way black people were taken there as slaves. That’s why there is this feeling of resentment from certain black groups when a black woman dates a white man. The black groups want to have the racial hate burning so that the immense wrongs of the past won’t be forgotten.

The white groups (KKK or Neo-nazis) needs no explanation to what they want. Interracial relationships is the biggest threat there is to these groups because that is like saying “we (white people) treated you in way that is too horrible to even comprehend. Let’s fall in love and show that we are all equal instead.” I think there are racists in all ethnic groups. Racism works in all directions.

NG: Why do you think many white men are afraid to approach black woman?

TM: Deep down I think it’s related to the reasons I just stated in the question above this one. It’s wrong to generalize however. There must be as many reasons as there are men.

NG: What advice would you give to white men ready to approach a black woman?

TM: Just do it, and make sure the woman in question understands that you really are interested and attracted to her in serious way. Show her respect and make her understand that you aren’t out to get the “black woman experience.” Don’t give up.

NG: What advice would you give to a black woman ready to approach a white man?

TM: Same as the question above. We aren’t that different. :)

NG: What would you say to those who'd frown upon IR dating.

TM: I have nothing to say to them because they are clearly stuck in some ugly past. They are relics and on a lower level. They are emotionally and intellectually unevolved.

NG: What would you say to black woman afraid to step outside their race to find love?

TM: That she might very well be missing the big love of her life. I hate that word anyway! There aren't races, just people! Different, beautiful people! :)

NG: Different, beautiful people, I love that, Tobi! Imagine if the world could understand that. Our entire planet would change. Let's lighten things up a bit. What's your idea of the perfect evening?

TM: That’s hard to say.:) It might be anything and everything. One thing I don’t like though is a dress code (lol!;) Sometimes I like the unusual and different. Other times the traditional.

NG: Do you celebrate Thanksgiving and if so how?

TM: Yes we do, but it’s called something else here, and at different date (I can’t translate it). It’s celebrated the same way. Dinner (social gathering) with family and loved ones.

NG: You've allowed me to ask all the questions. Any parting thoughts you'd like to share?

TM: Yes. Do you know that you can love yourself just as much as you are supposed to, but still feel lonely because you aren't together (in a relationship) with someone (regardless of what the joint relationship "experts" of the world say?

Of course you do! That isn't rocket science! You know that because you have been lonely (no matter how good looking you are) and because we are supposed to walk through life in pairs. That's why there is male and female to begin with, regardless of "the war between the sexes" and all that.

Do you also know that opposites attracts? That it's like a fundamental natural law of the universe no matter how much some people try to convince everybody otherwise? I mean if that law affects all matter in the universe then it's pretty reasonable to believe that it will affect people too...since we are all made up of the same matter as the universe...right?:)

Of course that doesn't mean that every person has to feel that way (there are quite a few other natural laws in action as well so other people are probably affected by those) but it means that it (IR dating) is not wrong. It never was and it never will be! At least not as long as this universe exists and it's supposed to hang around for another trillion gazillion years or so.

In other universes it might be different (there are many) but since I haven't been to any of them (yet;) I can't say what the deal is there.

NG: I imagine in other universes race was never an issue. Thanks so much, Tobi, for being open with me. I'm so glad you shared a little of your heart with me here today.

TM: Thank you for having me! It was fun! This is my fave topic! Black women hold a special place in my heart. :)

Click the picture to find Tobi's Facebook group!

Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Ninja Assassin

Over the weekend I finally saw Ninja Assassin. I had high expectations for the film because of what I've heard about it from friends and I wasn't disappointed...well, not terribly, more on that later. I love movies about assassins and martial art films, so joining the two is always a nice blend for pure entertainment enjoyment. Ninja Assassins is very graphic, so be forewarned to flinch and cover your eyes. Well, that's what I did for some of it.
Anyways, let's discuss Rain. I'd never heard of him, a bonafide pop sensation in South Korean but I know his name now. I'm not typically into the slender build type of guy. I'm drawn to men built like linebackers even though I'm not into football. Rain, is lean as they come with muscles, rippling, sweaty, blood-soaked muscles for days. This guy is ridiculously ripped! Watching his athleticism on screen was a very enjoyable experience. :)

Naomie Harris lit up the screen with her beauty and realistic screams of terror. I'm waaaay behind on movies and this was the first time I've seen her. I thought she and Rain had chemistry and I wanted to see sparks ignite. That's my biggest disappointment with the movie. I know Raizo was more focused on avenging his childhood love horrific death and getting his life back, but I still think there was room for romance between him and Mika.

Mika almost dies trying to help Raizo and there wasn't even a kiss at the end between the two? Tragic, just tragic. My husband said the film lacked depth in story and I agree for that reason. There was something missing. For me it was a building sexual tension between these two characters that could have exploded and taken the movie to the next level. I was waiting for this hot IR couple to burn up the screen with passion. Never the less, I was entertained and I just might go back to re-watch that scene where Raizo is doing a wicked delicious workout routine. Mmm MMM mmm!

Coming up on Simply Sexy Stories a very special guest! I talk with Tobi Mann, creator of the popular FaceBook group: I'm tired of the debate! Black women are BEAUTIFUL! White guys LOVE you!

Come see what he has to say about IR relationships. Join the conversion and you could win one of my IR erotic romances! That's coming up Friday, Nov. 19th!

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