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Simply Sexy Stories Welcomes GR Bretz!

NG: GR Bretz welcome to Simply Sexy Stories! I'm excited to have another Noble Romance author here today! What do you enjoy most about being a writer?

GR: I suppose the thing I most enjoy about writing is the vacation from reality. I get to create delightful, often disturbing, settings. I fill them with characters who linger fondly in my memory long after the story is finished.

NG: What genre(s) do you write and why?

GR: I write romance and erotic romance, but most of my stories have a fantasy/speculative fiction theme. I write for that genre, because it's what I enjoy reading.

NG: How long did it take for you to become published?

GR: My first novel, Absinthe Eyes & Other Lies was contracted for by the first publisher I submitted it to. That was strictly good luck. I was researching submission guidelines for various publishers. When I checked Noble Romance Publishing's guidelines, I realized that my novel would probably be a good fit. Fortunately, the publisher agreed.

NG: Amazing! And congrats on the awesome reviews coming back about your debut release! What's the one thing you wished you had known about the publishing world before you got into the biz?

GR: Wow! I could write another book detailing the many answers to that question. If I have to narrow it down to one ... I thought that writers had to have an agent in order to get published and I spent a lot of time trying to find one. I wish I had known that it's much easier to find a publisher, than it is to find an agent.

NG: Any advice you’d like to share with aspiring authors?

GR: Don't quit your day job. :-) Don't get me wrong. A lot of writers make a really good living writing, but most don't. If you're writing for any reason other than the sheer joy of writing, then you're probably in the wrong business.

NG: Let's talk about your hot new release, Trill Song. What is this erotic fantasy about?

GR: Trill Song is set in a world of lush farmlands, dense forests and snow-capped mountains. It's a world where music is everything, and the heroine, Liwa, is a woman who was born with a perfect, magical voice. She uses her voice to make her world a kinder, gentle one. To do so she must overcome enemies who are intent of maintaining the status quo, at all costs. She and her companion, Temo, fight to make her dream come true, while falling deeply in love. There's a great deal of swordplay in every sense of the word.

NG: Yummy! As an extreme music junkie and vocalist, I love the concept behind this story. What inspired you to pen this sexy tale?

GR: This story was inspired by a song, Gold by Emmylou Harris and Dolly Parton. Both singers have the rare ability to trill, to sing several notes in a single beat. Listening to the song filled me with a sense of magic. I took that magic and wove it into an erotic romance.

NG: Nice! I love Dolly and that song is very beautiful. GR, what’s the one thing readers can always count on when they pick up a book written by you?

GR: Character development. My characters are very real to me. They are my constant companions and, for the most part, I love them. I'd like to think that my deep affection for them makes them very believable for the reader.

NG: Do you have any other hobbies that you enjoy?

GR: I'm a big fan of drinking and recreational pharmaceuticals, but I don't recommend it to others.

NG: *clearing throat* I can't wait to hear your answer for the next question. Here goes . . . If you could be any mythical/fantasy creature what would you be and why?

GR: I suppose I would be a phoenix. The ability to rise up from the ashes and be reborn over and over again is very appealing.

NG: I agree and you surprised me with that answer! My last question, GR, what do you think is sexy?

GR: Well, I write erotic romance. So I find a lot of things sexy, including that question. I love it when a woman's hair falls across her face, partially hiding one eye. It's very mysterious and alluring. I think bare feet and bare shoulders are very sexy. I'm especially turned on when a woman wears a blouse that is long enough to cover her hands down to the middle knuckle. For me, the real turn on isn't the things that a woman shows; it's the things they almost show.

NG: GR, I'm so glad you were able to stop by Simply Sexy Stories! It's been fun and very interesting! I will be reading Trill Song and I'm wishing you all the best in this upcoming year!

Caution! Hot Excerpt Below:
Blurb: Liwa is a young woman with a mission. She means to end the war that has drained her society of its best and brightest for centuries. When Liwa was seven, the Healer fled the village in fear of her life. She left her six year old son, Temo, in Liwa’s care.
Now Temo has come of age and Liwa is determined to keep him from being sent to war. Her efforts incur the wrath of the ruling Elders. Liwa must come to terms with her conflicted feelings for Temo, as the two of them fight their way north in search of the legendary Andrigorn valley and the one person who can help Liwa end the war: Temo’s mother.

Liwa devoted the next four months to insuring that Temo and Rall didn’t collide. If she could keep the two of them apart until the summer solstice, the matter would resolve itself. She seldom let Temo out of her sight, and she knew he delighted in spending so much time with her.

Rall often accused Temo of hiding behind her skirt. She had to bite her tongue to keep herself from speaking the truth. She was protecting Temo, protecting him from the trouble he would be in if he killed Rall.

As one of the village butchers, Temo excelled at his job. He went at the task with both hands, knives flailing and whistling through the air. Flesh fell away from bone and in no time the task was finished. Liwa’d seen him skin and butcher an entire cow in less than an hour.

But most of the time, she didn’t see anything. She couldn’t bear to watch, and instead stood outside the barn and waited for him. She always expected him to be drenched with blood when he came out, but he never was. There were probably a few sprinkles of blood on his face and hands, but they became lost among the field of freckles that seemed to multiply daily with the sun.

To Liwa, nothing inspired lust quite so much as blood, and if he had been splattered, she would have found it that much harder to pretend she didn’t want him. She was very vulnerable to desire lately, and the young men she used to play with were all married, now. Chloe spent her days tending her fields and her nights tending to Rall’s desires, leaving her with no time left for Liwa.

The villagers expected Liwa to wed next spring. She could play with any of the young men who would come of age this year. They were handsome and charming . . . and they were already casting furtive, frightened glances at her. If they only knew she would not choose any of them, not ever.

Last year, Temo had been reasonably tolerant about her dalliances, because he wasn’t old enough for her to choose. But he’d come of age, and if she did anything to suggest she might prefer another young man, she’d break his heart.
She’d spent too many years putting it back together to let it crumble again.

Tonight, like many others, she was left to own devices, such as they were. She had to take matters into her own gentle, knowing hands. She lay there, touching herself, brushing aside the day’s unfulfilled desire.

She ran her hands over her breasts, down the smooth shallow of her stomach. Her fingertips lightly brushed the insides of her thighs, sliding closer each time, tempting and taunting herself with rumors of caresses soon to come.

Laying one hand gently on top of her pussy, she put the other on top of it, and pressed down hard. She slid it back and forth, up and down. Pleasure could never be more perfect than when she was with herself. She knew exactly what to do and when to do it. The physical pleasure could not be matched, but it left her aching for the warmth of a kindred spirit pressed against her trembling body. So, she closed her eyes and dreamt she had someone there with her.

She did all of this knowing he lay in the next room, keen to the scent of her passion, tuned to the sound of her sighs. She did all of this knowing he knew, knowing that he, too was touching himself and thinking about her.

Get your copy of Trill Song here!

Still curious about GR Bretz? Satisify your curiosity here!

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*Sniffles* & *Sneezes*

A nasty cold virus and the tragedy in Haiti made it very hard for me to even think about writing or touching the computer. Thankfully, I am feeling better and I can only hope Haiti continues to get the help and support they need to recover too.

I'm looking forward to finishing several WIP's and sharing stellar guest author interviews coming up very soon. I plan to be back in the saddle and off to a galloping pace by Monday!

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The Sexiest Thing You Can Do . . .

As the author of Simply Sexy Stories, I'm committed to sharing the hottest tales whether they are mine or featured guest authors.

The recent tragedy in Haiti has compelled me to post ways to assist thousands of stranded, injured people that need our help. If you are able, please donate to the charity of your choice. I think helping others during their time of need is the SEXIEST thing you can do!


Ways to help:

How will you help?

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Simply Sexy Stories Welcomes Angelica Hart and Zi!

NG: Today, I'm welcoming romantic suspense authors Angelica Hart and Zi! Let's start by asking the genres you guys enjoy writing.

A/Z: F. Scott Fitzgerald said, "The reason one writes isn't the fact he wants to say something. He writes because he has something to say." And, in fact, we both believe this. The two genres we mostly write in, romantic contemporary and romantic sci/fi fantasy, are because we have something to say whether it is about the mindset of a terrorist as in KILLER DOLLS or the love that braves death in the colorful and conflicted world of SNAKE DANCE. Additionally, we find we produce pieces of humor because we feel joy by being given the privilege of being authors, and share who we are within the context of humor.

Z: Did you just write the afore?

A: Yesss.

Z: Love braves death?

A: Uh huh!

Z: And that's why we write those genres?

A: Uh huh!

Z: Thank you for making me aware of our motivation.

A: You are most certainly welcome. (Smugly)

NG: Wow! I'm sure you two share a lot of laughs when creating a story! When did you both realize you wanted to become authors?

A: Stories were the foundation of my childhood, whether telling them, writing them out in crayon, or having someone read to me. There actually was no defining line that told me I wanted to be a writer, it was something that was always there, I was always writing, going from crayons and paper to a typewriter with two missing L-s (Ha Ha) and finally to my baby, a new Dell with Vista and a seventeen inch monitor. (Taking a moment to do the whoo hoo dance) As for getting published, my first time. self-published, was when I placed pages of scribblings, literally, between two pieces of construction paper, drew a cover, and stapled it all together, called it MY BOOK, and sold it to my imaginary friend, Stevie, for two imaginary cents.

Z: What a tricky question. I can take it from the point of view from being serious and speak of high school and college or I can add the twist that makes perfect sense. Have any of you seen, Paul Blart, Mall Cop? He states in there something, and I'll paraphrase, I generally pen personal sentiments rather than having a cell phone or the like. Bingo! I must have been the model for Blart. From as far back as I can remember I penned notes, letters, and such. But here is where it gets interesting with a capital IN. I discovered that my perceived charm, wit, personality, and sentimentality found its way into my notes, and those notes found themselves into the hands of females. Quickly I learned that what I wrote altered my love life. That was my bingo moment. When was I first published? I was subsequently hired by friends to woo their girls. Following the romantics Cyrano de Bergerac and C. D. "Charlie" Bales (Roxanne) I found that words empowered emotions. Hustler? Not at all. This provided something of which I feel pride, see, ultimately, my friends grew as complicated men.

NG: Tell me how long have you guys been writing and how you became published authors.

A/Z: We'll answer the second question first. For Zi his first piece was professional and industry related and was published right out of college. Angelica's first published work was one score and five years ago, a short story in a small press magazine. As writing partners, our first success was five years ago, and it oddly happened to be our first submission together. So, to answer the first question last. We have been writing over thirty-five years each and have been a partnership for almost six.

NG: That's incredible! Can you share a little about your writing process as a team?

A/Z: The first rule that we as partners agreed to was we agreed to agree. That probably sounds confusing but it is far from it. We know that the genesis of creative direction is always individual. Therefore, we must take whatever time necessary to find the homogenization of ideas. The agreeing to agree means that if we don't agree it doesn't get on the page, and the page, the story is more important than either of our egos. So, we fight for the story not for our individual creations. Is this easy? Not at all!! We bicker and argue but the story wills out.

A: As a footnote: I win more often than he does.

Z: She only thinks she does.

NG: *g* I love the camaraderie that shine through with you guys! How do you both deal with the challenges we face as writers?

A/Z: Set-backs are simply opportunities to improve, for as you improve, editors start giving you feed back, which allows you to improve even more until that one magical and mystical day when all the stars are aligned just right and the bear cubs are safely tucked away in hibernation, and you finally get that magical letter or email that says, we like what you have to say.

Having conveyed that, initially publishers didn't like the color of my prose. Do I give up? Great question, no, just applied whatever bit of critique they sent, educated myself, wrote, re-wrote, submitted, again, and again, extended my vocabulary, tried to create levels of complexity, examined other styles to see what worked, and then wrote, re-wrote, submitted, again, and again. And then, finally bit by bit pieces were accepted.

So who's path was this, Angelica's or Zi's? Another astute question. Both. Yes, we both pretty much traveled the same boreen (country road). When we met, we discovered a new journey awaited, and we have embarked with our bags packed with ideas, carry-on stuffed with plots as well as previously honed skills. Zi believes, "Be the best you can be by growing every day."

NG: What advice would you share with aspiring authors?

Z: Buy our books! Read and re-read! Ok... ok... ok... They don't have to be ours, but they should, but read and understand your genre, your market, and enjoy.

A: I cannot help but quote from one of my favorite movies, Galaxy Quest, "Never give up never surrender." Trite, but oh so very true.

Z: And buy our books, and never give up, and never surrender! 'kay?

A: Pushy and brazen?

Z: Proud and honest!

NG: And hilarious! Let's talk about your recent release Killer Dolls. What's this romantic suspense story about?

A/Z: An unknown wrote, "It is a fearful thing to love what death can touch." Our story is about fear on many levels spliced with the sensuality of a woman seeking passion, commitment and love, in conjunction with a man snared by the lure, lust and emotional drawl of that woman complicated by duty to career. What brings the hero and heroine together, however, could just as succinctly rip them apart. The question arises how can either passion or love survive when embroiled in deceit and threatened by death?

NG: Hmmm...sounds very intriguing indeed! What inspired this sexy tale?

A: Great query. We'd adore telling you that we were inspired by the characters searing our brains with their lusty tale, demanding to be released onto the screen to steam up our glasses both those on our face and those holding our iced tea. However, writing is less romantic than that. Sometimes, the creation of hot and blazing begins cold and needs lots of sparks and embers to heat it up. Thus, I am a romantic pyro-maniac!

Z: Great query. I actually wrote it first. You stole my great query!

The cultivation of ideas has great import. To do this we participate in what we call lamestorming sessions. About twice a year Angelica and I pitch stories and plots. It is a set aside day in which we each bring twenty ideas and participate in a game of war similar to that of the card game. I'll play one flaming arrow princess love story which would then be triumphed by one biological plant that trans-morphs into a man who becomes horny. If it's lame it goes. This single elimination tournament then leaves us with the four semi-finalists which we then consider as possible projects.

Bombastic... Imbecilic... Improbable are coupled with social relevance, entertainment value, and fortunetelling when we each privately create our pitch points. Then the fracas begins. At the conception point of ideas, we allow ourselves the freedom of being without boundaries because once the idea is set into our queue natural boundaries will restrict it.

KILLER DOLLS released in September 2009 was one of those card ideas played on one of those pitch days. My idea! It lost to a tango dancing private investigator who had gone under cover in a dance studio as a dancer to solve a mystery. Yup, lost! His peril included Spanish dance shoes with loosen heels. Angelica pitched that winner. I was being nice and let it slip through. We never wrote it, claiming I knew nothing about dance, and re-offered KILLER DOLLS insisting we could use her private investigator persona as the hero. We never did. Used his name. Made him F.B.I. He can't dance.

NG: Uh ok . . . moving on! There seems to be an increased interest and popularity in romance novels and erotica. Why do you think readers are drawn to these types of books?

Z: Why? Could it be Oprah? No, but she symbolizes a change in the sensibility of our nation. Naughty is nice! We are at a time and place when feelings matter to both men and women, men becoming more open and women encouraging that openness. Naughty is real nice! Famous ball players appear on soap operas giving cred to romantic draaaama. Naughty is profitable and nice! And we cannot forget the naughty Internet... is real... nice!

A: Your question is so apt and on target with what is happening in the market. I am certain many emotions and even stresses of life contribute to the lure of romance. Could be simply escapism, or a stimuli for fun. In the end, only the readers can answer that question, and I think each response would be as faceted and diverse as the color of people's eyes.

NG: Great answers! Angelica what do you think is sexy?

A: Diamonds are pretty sexy, don'tja think? Seriously, caring, in my humble opinion is sexy. When someone deeply cares about you and shows it, what can be more sensual and wonderful than that? And it doesn't have to be someone you've known forever, it could be someone you just met, but you know that they have the type of personality that takes another person into consideration. Too serious, eh? Okay, going back to my first response. Chocolate.

Z: You said diamonds.

A: Err, both!

NG: lol. Zi, tell me what's sexy to you.

Z: What's sexy? The back of a woman's knee, familiar perfume that you notice and know whose it is, a sigh, the drift of a snow flake caught upon a tongue bringing spontaneous laughter witnessed from afar, the sail of hair brought to motion on a lonely sandy beach, or that kiss that just misses dead center on your lips but is felt as if it echoes through every fabric in your being.

NG: Mmmm...very nice, Zi! Of course, I agree, diamonds and chocolate are nice too! I want to thank you both for coming on Simply Sexy Stories! It's been enlightening and fun! I wish you both continued success in 2010!

A/Z: Thank you so much for the opportunity to share our eclectic sense of humor and point of view. It is our succinct privilege to be authors.

We'd love to hear from anyone interested in what we do. Anyone who writes us at and leaves an s-mail address, we will send you a gift and add you to any future mailings.


Their combined accomplishments include book publications in print and/or electronic versions of twenty-four titles, fifteen romance specific, ten manuscripts pending, EPPIE finalist for three books, Cecil Whig award, Hob-Nob Reader's Choice Award, written over 500 shorts with numerous published in both nationwide and small press magazines, articles published in various local, city and statewide newspapers, including four as a Guest Columnist in addition to trade articles. Both are members of various writing groups.

Caution! Suspense-filled Blurb Below!

After bio-terrorists use ricin to kill a man, they plan to attack innocent children by using ricin filled handcrafted dolls created by Letti Noel. After years of building her business, Letti now longs for romance and commitment, and thinks she might have found it in Taut Johnson. Only unbeknownst to her he is an FBI agent working undercover to find the terrorist. He knows he can't allow a relationship to develop until the case is over, yet finds that he is unwittingly falling for Letti, and now she is in danger, bringing back the past and a fear that he cannot protect those he loves.

Meanwhile, children are in increasing danger.

Meanwhile, there is another death.

Meanwhile, Taut's deceit threatens their growing love even as the stalking terrorists threaten their lives.

NG: Find out more about Angelica and Zi at: and

Pick up your copy of Killer Dolls, available now with Champagne Books, here!

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Erotic Enchantments

en•chant•ment (en c̸hant′mənt, in-)
1. an enchanting or being enchanted
2. a magic spell or charm
3. something that charms or delights greatly
4. great delight or pleasure

I created the Erotic Enchantments series because of my love for fairy tale storytelling. Give me a handsome hero and a sexy heroine thrown together in the strangest of situations in a magical world where anything goes any day! No matter how crazy the scenario may get within the story you know the characters will eventually end up happily ever after. Knowing the HEA is coming doesn't take away from excitement of getting caught up in the magic, mayhem, and passion that takes place before the slow kiss at the end.

The Enchanted Flute is the first story in my series and it will always hold a dear place in my heart because my husband's love for his flute inspired the tale. This tale will immerse you in a fantasy world of music and passion sure to please!

The Gingerbread Tryst is the second story in the Erotic Enchantments series. Yes, it's about a gingerbread man, similar to the classic fable, but all similarities end there. This deliciously naughty tale is different, funny and guaranteed to keep you reading!

Both erotic tales were created with these three goals in mind: to entertain, charm and delight! If you haven't picked up your copy, I understand (not really), but you're missing out on two entertaining, charming and very delightful reads!

Want a sneak peek into my Erotic Enchantments series? Check out my website for juicy excerpts:

Get your copies here!
And check out my latest interview with Christine over on Erotic Romantic Crush Reviews!


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Simply Sexy Stories Welcomes Harvey R. Tate!

NG: Happy New Year! I'm thrilled to have Harvey Tate on as the first guest author interview of 2010! Harvey, welcome!

HT: Próspero Año, Nichelle!

NG: So how did you toast in the New Year? Champagne, wine or beer?

HT: I’m more of an Irish whiskey and beer man. Boilermakers were my drink of choice.

NG: Nice! Chocolate martini toast for me! Did you make any writing resolutions for this upcoming year?

HT: I’ve resolved to take my time and allow my muse to dictate what I write. For a time I thought that writing was like building something, crafting a usable body of good work. I’ve begun to realize that there are many books and too often they are forgettable. I want to paint something with words—create unforgettable art. Even if it’s bad art, it is still art.

NG: Unforgettable art . . . I love that and I completely agree! Creating a memorable story is just as powerful and moving as an exquisite piece of art. How long have you been writing?

HT: Ten years. I finished my first novel in 1999. It was published in 2000. It was a torturous year of frustration. The first time, like anything else in life, is an expedition. What follows is a journey.

NG: Any advice you'd share with aspiring authors?

HT: Practice your craft. Nothing is more embarrassing than a first novel. Make sure that you imagination does not exceed your skill.

NG: Let's talk about your hot new release Death Takes a Number. What's this book about?

HT: The best and worst of man exposed in a gritty reality. I try to point out that transgression and obsession exist as well as love and compassion, and that there is a fine line of circumstance that divides them. My book follows a broken man who is brought back to life while pursuing an evil murderer. The redemption in this man’s soul is discovered by the assistance of others. In this case, love and passion is provided by two women, one a young African-American detective, and the other a long suffering ex-girlfriend. The book is a trip into hell with the outcome in doubt until the very end.

NG: Oooo! Death Takes a Number sounds like a very intense read. What inspired this sexy thriller?

HT: My wife is a seasoned mystery reader. She loves a good thriller. I rarely read them. She challenged me to try this genre. My mind works in mysterious ways and I imagined writing an Agatha Christy like tome, but when I selected the location and began to write, I tapped into a darker side of mystery, adding the thriller element. It carried through in the love relationship between the hero and the women who supported him.

NG: Have you explored other genres?

HT: I have written four novels and each one is in a different genre. I wrote a novel called Little Sisters of War. About a woman’s small college lacrosse team, on a quest for an improbable championship. It didn’t fit in any slot. My next novel, Voice From the River -- Monongahela, was a coming of age romance. It was followed by, As The Wind Walks, a Civil War/World War II work, a dialogue between a great grandfather and his great grandson. My novel at Champagne Books is a mystery/Thriller with a harsh love story.

NG: There seems to be an increased interest and popularity in romance novels and erotica. Why do you think readers are drawn to these types of books?

HT: I think there is a coin for every slot. There are readers for all types of books. In an unsure economic climate people look for quick entertainment. Just like the people of the Great Depression clung to movies. They scrapped together enough to sit in a darkened theatre and look up at a flickering screen that entertained them for a few hours. Two things are sure-fire in novels, sex and love. Two proven winners. When you combine those two into erotica you give the reader an instant jolt of gratification. It’s like a cup of coffee with two tablespoons of sugar, a mental shock or revival. I also think the genre’s are as strong as they’ve always been, only now there is less stigma in providing and accessing it. The prevailing belief is that readers are diminishing, I think the opposite. It’s how a reader accesses words that have changed.

NG: I agree. Readers now have so many options. Harvey, what can readers count on when they pick up one of your books?

HT: I’ll give you a reviewer’s opinion. Laurel Johnson of Mid West Book Reviews has read most of my work. She states: “Harvey Tate’s novels always have three exceptional features: unique characters, fascinating plots, and the ideal location to complement said characters and plots.” I’d like to add that my stuff is researched carefully, maybe to a fault. When I say the moon was full and it was 65 degrees on Monday, March 18, 1977, that’s an actual fact. I know it’s meaningless to some, but it is important to me. I also would say that I try to educate, make my readers cry, and then laugh in the same work.

NG: Wow! A man of details and vivid descriptions! I like it! I can't let you go without sharing what you think is sexy!

HT: Sexy is in the mind. Men and women can get aroused in a pitch black room. Deaf-mutes wearing gloves can get aroused. Something sets off the neurons in your mind and they create a feeling that indescribable. That’s why there are so many books about sexiness. Personally I like sex that’s edgy. No mental missionary position for me. I want a grind’em and bind’em situation. Then, conversely I get turned on by compassionate love. Nothing is more exciting that passionate kissing that is sure to be a prelude to bumping ugly. I guess I think sexy is as sexy does.

NG: Harvey, you are my kind of guy! Thank you so much for stopping by Simply Sexy Stories! I'm looking forward to reading Death Takes a Number and I wish you continued success in 2010!

To find out more about Harvey Tate, check out his website
Pick up Death Takes a Number at Champagne Books

Cain Machinovic, a young homicide detective, is growing weary of bodies. The haunting specter of death is consuming him. His jaded view suddenly changes with the discovery of another lifeless victim, an old woman. With a final spark of resolve, he refuses to allow this woman’s death, and consequently her life, to be forgotten. Cain, strengthened by his resolve, begins a long journey to recovery. Aiding him are two women, his partner, Zari Palmer, and his former girlfriend, Gretchen. In his fascinating and frightening investigation, he closes in on a murderous cult-like killer and a calendar of sixty years of death. He discovers that there are two murders still unaccounted for, and he knows when and who they will be.

Caution! Steamy Thriller Scene Below:

Cain opened his eyes and stretched out on the bed covered in a white down comforter. He turned left and looked at the clock next to him, it was seven-thirty, and the sun was just starting to rise. He felt good. Then he remembered why. He experienced a quick rush of adrenaline as Gretchen, on his right, turned her body toward his. He remembered her remarkable body and, as always, he was overwhelmed by it.

Last night, he’d almost lost control when she slipped out of her clothes, and pushed him back on the bed. The most erotic moment was when he took her in his arms, kissing her breasts, tasting her. A shock, like a raw touched nerve, flashed in him when she whispered. “Before you use me, tell me what makes you so irresistible, and conversely, me so stupid?” Then she held his face in her hands and looked squarely into his eyes. Her blue eyes lit the corners of his desire. That was last night.

This morning Gretchen kissed him gently, pulled him over until her breasts on his skin became electric. He spoke affectionately. “You’re beautiful.” In the softness of the moment, he studied her, saw her surrender to her own emotions and let herself go with no hint of resistance, or maybe just a little, because as he entered her, he heard her say, “This is impossible—the same thing happening…”
~ * ~
An hour later, the smell of bacon wafted its way into the bathroom and into the steamy shower, like an olfactory tap on the shoulder. It shook Gretchen out of her trance. She stepped out and toweled herself dry. The mirror reflected a young, vibrant, and good-looking woman. She spoke to her reflection. “Why are you so easy? He walks in the door and we haven’t spoken more than ten words in eight months, then takes for granted you’ll jump into bed with him. You were an idiot for even letting him in.”

She sighed and reached for her robe. Her one-sided conversation did her no good... The smell coming from the kitchen had the same effect on her as he did. She couldn’t resist it. After running a comb through her hair and wrapping it in a towel, her mind braced itself for the inevitable. If she wanted something to eat, she’d have to talk to him. As she approached the kitchen, she braced herself, but the sizzling sound of eggs frying was as much a siren’s call as the aroma of bacon. Her nose told her there would be toast with her breakfast.
~ * ~
Cain looked up as Gretchen entered the room. He didn’t say a word, but he thought no one in the world looked as good as she did in the morning, no makeup, no perfume, no pretense. She was a natural beauty.
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