Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Simply Sexy Stories Welcomes Harvey R. Tate!

NG: Happy New Year! I'm thrilled to have Harvey Tate on as the first guest author interview of 2010! Harvey, welcome!

HT: Próspero Año, Nichelle!

NG: So how did you toast in the New Year? Champagne, wine or beer?

HT: I’m more of an Irish whiskey and beer man. Boilermakers were my drink of choice.

NG: Nice! Chocolate martini toast for me! Did you make any writing resolutions for this upcoming year?

HT: I’ve resolved to take my time and allow my muse to dictate what I write. For a time I thought that writing was like building something, crafting a usable body of good work. I’ve begun to realize that there are many books and too often they are forgettable. I want to paint something with words—create unforgettable art. Even if it’s bad art, it is still art.

NG: Unforgettable art . . . I love that and I completely agree! Creating a memorable story is just as powerful and moving as an exquisite piece of art. How long have you been writing?

HT: Ten years. I finished my first novel in 1999. It was published in 2000. It was a torturous year of frustration. The first time, like anything else in life, is an expedition. What follows is a journey.

NG: Any advice you'd share with aspiring authors?

HT: Practice your craft. Nothing is more embarrassing than a first novel. Make sure that you imagination does not exceed your skill.

NG: Let's talk about your hot new release Death Takes a Number. What's this book about?

HT: The best and worst of man exposed in a gritty reality. I try to point out that transgression and obsession exist as well as love and compassion, and that there is a fine line of circumstance that divides them. My book follows a broken man who is brought back to life while pursuing an evil murderer. The redemption in this man’s soul is discovered by the assistance of others. In this case, love and passion is provided by two women, one a young African-American detective, and the other a long suffering ex-girlfriend. The book is a trip into hell with the outcome in doubt until the very end.

NG: Oooo! Death Takes a Number sounds like a very intense read. What inspired this sexy thriller?

HT: My wife is a seasoned mystery reader. She loves a good thriller. I rarely read them. She challenged me to try this genre. My mind works in mysterious ways and I imagined writing an Agatha Christy like tome, but when I selected the location and began to write, I tapped into a darker side of mystery, adding the thriller element. It carried through in the love relationship between the hero and the women who supported him.

NG: Have you explored other genres?

HT: I have written four novels and each one is in a different genre. I wrote a novel called Little Sisters of War. About a woman’s small college lacrosse team, on a quest for an improbable championship. It didn’t fit in any slot. My next novel, Voice From the River -- Monongahela, was a coming of age romance. It was followed by, As The Wind Walks, a Civil War/World War II work, a dialogue between a great grandfather and his great grandson. My novel at Champagne Books is a mystery/Thriller with a harsh love story.

NG: There seems to be an increased interest and popularity in romance novels and erotica. Why do you think readers are drawn to these types of books?

HT: I think there is a coin for every slot. There are readers for all types of books. In an unsure economic climate people look for quick entertainment. Just like the people of the Great Depression clung to movies. They scrapped together enough to sit in a darkened theatre and look up at a flickering screen that entertained them for a few hours. Two things are sure-fire in novels, sex and love. Two proven winners. When you combine those two into erotica you give the reader an instant jolt of gratification. It’s like a cup of coffee with two tablespoons of sugar, a mental shock or revival. I also think the genre’s are as strong as they’ve always been, only now there is less stigma in providing and accessing it. The prevailing belief is that readers are diminishing, I think the opposite. It’s how a reader accesses words that have changed.

NG: I agree. Readers now have so many options. Harvey, what can readers count on when they pick up one of your books?

HT: I’ll give you a reviewer’s opinion. Laurel Johnson of Mid West Book Reviews has read most of my work. She states: “Harvey Tate’s novels always have three exceptional features: unique characters, fascinating plots, and the ideal location to complement said characters and plots.” I’d like to add that my stuff is researched carefully, maybe to a fault. When I say the moon was full and it was 65 degrees on Monday, March 18, 1977, that’s an actual fact. I know it’s meaningless to some, but it is important to me. I also would say that I try to educate, make my readers cry, and then laugh in the same work.

NG: Wow! A man of details and vivid descriptions! I like it! I can't let you go without sharing what you think is sexy!

HT: Sexy is in the mind. Men and women can get aroused in a pitch black room. Deaf-mutes wearing gloves can get aroused. Something sets off the neurons in your mind and they create a feeling that indescribable. That’s why there are so many books about sexiness. Personally I like sex that’s edgy. No mental missionary position for me. I want a grind’em and bind’em situation. Then, conversely I get turned on by compassionate love. Nothing is more exciting that passionate kissing that is sure to be a prelude to bumping ugly. I guess I think sexy is as sexy does.

NG: Harvey, you are my kind of guy! Thank you so much for stopping by Simply Sexy Stories! I'm looking forward to reading Death Takes a Number and I wish you continued success in 2010!

To find out more about Harvey Tate, check out his website
Pick up Death Takes a Number at Champagne Books

Cain Machinovic, a young homicide detective, is growing weary of bodies. The haunting specter of death is consuming him. His jaded view suddenly changes with the discovery of another lifeless victim, an old woman. With a final spark of resolve, he refuses to allow this woman’s death, and consequently her life, to be forgotten. Cain, strengthened by his resolve, begins a long journey to recovery. Aiding him are two women, his partner, Zari Palmer, and his former girlfriend, Gretchen. In his fascinating and frightening investigation, he closes in on a murderous cult-like killer and a calendar of sixty years of death. He discovers that there are two murders still unaccounted for, and he knows when and who they will be.

Caution! Steamy Thriller Scene Below:

Cain opened his eyes and stretched out on the bed covered in a white down comforter. He turned left and looked at the clock next to him, it was seven-thirty, and the sun was just starting to rise. He felt good. Then he remembered why. He experienced a quick rush of adrenaline as Gretchen, on his right, turned her body toward his. He remembered her remarkable body and, as always, he was overwhelmed by it.

Last night, he’d almost lost control when she slipped out of her clothes, and pushed him back on the bed. The most erotic moment was when he took her in his arms, kissing her breasts, tasting her. A shock, like a raw touched nerve, flashed in him when she whispered. “Before you use me, tell me what makes you so irresistible, and conversely, me so stupid?” Then she held his face in her hands and looked squarely into his eyes. Her blue eyes lit the corners of his desire. That was last night.

This morning Gretchen kissed him gently, pulled him over until her breasts on his skin became electric. He spoke affectionately. “You’re beautiful.” In the softness of the moment, he studied her, saw her surrender to her own emotions and let herself go with no hint of resistance, or maybe just a little, because as he entered her, he heard her say, “This is impossible—the same thing happening…”
~ * ~
An hour later, the smell of bacon wafted its way into the bathroom and into the steamy shower, like an olfactory tap on the shoulder. It shook Gretchen out of her trance. She stepped out and toweled herself dry. The mirror reflected a young, vibrant, and good-looking woman. She spoke to her reflection. “Why are you so easy? He walks in the door and we haven’t spoken more than ten words in eight months, then takes for granted you’ll jump into bed with him. You were an idiot for even letting him in.”

She sighed and reached for her robe. Her one-sided conversation did her no good... The smell coming from the kitchen had the same effect on her as he did. She couldn’t resist it. After running a comb through her hair and wrapping it in a towel, her mind braced itself for the inevitable. If she wanted something to eat, she’d have to talk to him. As she approached the kitchen, she braced herself, but the sizzling sound of eggs frying was as much a siren’s call as the aroma of bacon. Her nose told her there would be toast with her breakfast.
~ * ~
Cain looked up as Gretchen entered the room. He didn’t say a word, but he thought no one in the world looked as good as she did in the morning, no makeup, no perfume, no pretense. She was a natural beauty.

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