Tuesday, February 16, 2010

3 New Hot Releases from Noble Romance only 99 cents!

Check out these new releases available now with Noble Romance Publishing for only 99 cents! Three super hot stories at one SWEET price!

Hot Damn!
By H. C. Brown
Genre: Contemporary, M/M
Length: Naughty Nibble (Short Story)

About the book:
Returning to Vine Mountain Winery, Australia, after an absence of six years, Michael Slone is shocked to discover his homophobic father has made an impossible condition to his will, requiring Mike marries before inheriting $27.5 million. However, Michael is in lust with Jess Durum. Will he take the money or the man?

Special Content Alert: M/M.
Ghost's of Valentine's Past
By Rie McGaha
Genre: Paranormal/Sweetheart Line
Length: Short Story

About the book:
Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. That’s Twyla’s philosophy ever since she found a pair of thongs in her fiancé’s car the day before their wedding. Now it’s Valentine’s Day and her roommate is all about the hearts and chocolates, but Twyla isn’t going for it. That is, until a few ghosts drop in to show her the error of her ways.

Special Content Alert: None.
Cupid's Arrow
By Angela Nichelle
Genre: Paranormal/Sweetheart Line
Length: Short Story

About the book:
Safina Ralph is single on Valentine's Day. She's determined to have a good time in L.A. away from her home in Chicago with her friend, Lynn. The two of them have exclusive passes to Red, the hottest nightclub on Venice Beach. Just as the festive atmosphere begins to coax Safina into the party mood, she notices someone, or something in the rafters, shooting arrows into the crowd of unsuspecting partygoers below!

Chaos erupts as Safina races to stop the attack. When she confronts Kal, one of the club's sexy owners, Safina's sure he's the attacker despite his warm reassurances and her body's hot response to his touch. Consumed with overwhelming feelings of déjà vu and desire, Safina is relieved to get back home but she can't shake unsettling questions and Kal's handsome face from her mind.

After their encounter at Red, Kal tracks Safina down in Chicago with questions of his own. And the answers for them both could be the key to everything they've wished for, but will Safina accept the truth and can Kal trust his heart?
Special Content Alert: None.
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