Tuesday, February 9, 2010

5 Things NOT to Say This Valentine's Day!

Valentine's Day is just five days away! I'm a firm believer in showing your lover your feelings all year 'round but this is one day to really make it special. And that doesn't always mean something ridiculously extravagant. Remember it's the little things that usually speak the loudest. We all know the tender, sweet, sexy sentiments we'd like to be whispered in our ears or written in a card but this post is about the exact opposite! Hopefully, you're not guilty of one of these V-day disasters!

5. "I would've gotten you a card but I didn't have any time."

NG: Uh . . . this is like one of the worst things you can say to a woman. I know most men could care less about these but most ladies treasure the time it takes for you to find the perfect card. The card sometimes serves as the barometer of the relationship itself. Confused? Don't be. I simply mean if I'm thinking I'm going to get a lovely card saying "I love you," and I get one that says, "You're so sweet!" Well, you get the idea.

4. "I would've gotten you chocolate but I know you're watching your weight."

NG: Jeez! The last thing I want to be reminded about on V-day are my dieting battles. If you know your woman likes chocolates . . . get her some, diet or not! Just about everyone considers V-day a day off the celery sticks.

3. "I asked so and so and his girl to join us for dinner."

NG: What?! Seriously? Unless you are 100% sure your babe is cool with sharing your attention on this special evening, tell your friend you'll double date next weekend.

2. "C'mon it's Valentine's Day, give me some p****!"

NG: lol. Valentine's Day is usually a given for most couples to get it on but don't always assume your woman is in the mood just because it's February 14th. We're human! There could be a million reasons why we aren't getting naked and if you are a true Valentine you'll know just what to do to get her IN the mood. Oh, and if you're guilty of asking for it like the example given above, please rent some chick flicks or better yet pick a steamy romance novel and read it! I guarantee you'll find some lines that will help you get into the bedroom and spice things up in the bed!

1. "Oh, is today Valentine's Day?"

NG: There really isn't much to say here. This usually indicates a break-up coming, you're about to say the words and if you aren't . . . she probably is.


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  1. Always wondered what the hell I was doing wrong ...if only someone would've enlightened me sooner. LOL


  2. *grinning* Ha ha! Thanks for stopping by, Bryl! mwah! :)

  3. Wow Nichelle, great post...now to get half of the 6.9 billion "people" to read it! Those men are probably too busy looking for the Sports Illustrated magazine. Sigh...

    Chérie De Sues

  4. *shaking head* I know right? Thanks so much for stopping by! :)

  5. LOL Loved this post, Nichelle, very clever and funny. My husband is actually guilty of #4!! LOL But he can be pretty awesome when he wants to be. Example, On the 6th anniversary of when we started dating, NOT when we got married, he sent me a dozen roses. I was shocked he even remembered the date of our first date!!! LOL

    Wish I could think of some awful "what not to say" lines to post here, but unfortunately, I'm brain dead today. *sighs*

    Gracen Miller

  6. My husband and I have been married for 25 years, but together for 28. We celebrate twice a year with romantic weekends away from our 4 young-adult children...we go away for our wedding anniversary in June, but also in December, because we met and became a couple in December! So I have no complaints.
    And any guy who says line number 2 is very definitely NOT going to get what he wants, ever! Personally, during sex, naughty words can be a turn-on, but any other time? Puh-leeze! Men need to be reminded that even though they need to make love to feel loved, that women need to FEEL LOVED to make love. So treat her like a jewel, and you'll be more likely to "get some!" Any day of the year.

  7. Gracen,

    That is very romantic! And my husband got me the chocolates but mentioned he wasn't sure I'd want them because I'd been watching my weight. *roll eyes* Hey, I think it's great you can't think of anything terrible. I've got some ring dingers! lol


    Wow! Married 25 years and together 28?!! First let me say CONGRATULATIONS on such a testament of love!! I love how you both celebrate twice a year and I agree with you that women must feel the love to get in the mood to make love.

    Hope you both have a wonderful, super romantic Valentine's Day and I appreciate you guys stopping by! :)


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