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Simply Sexy Stories Welcomes Jenna Byrnes!

NG: I'm thrilled to have erotic romance author Jenna Byrnes today on Simply Sexy Stories! Jenna, what do you enjoy the most about being a writer?

JB: I love the whole creative process, from finding just the right title, to the perfect names. And the one twist in the story that’s going to make readers go, “ah ha!”

NG: What genre(s) do you write and why?

JB: I write contemporary because that’s what I enjoy reading. I’ve done a bit of sci fi and I read some of it, too, but nothing too heavy. And no historical. I write mostly m/m but also do some m/f for those readers that simply prefer it. I’ve also done some f/f which isn’t quite as popular, sales-wise, but does have a loyal following. Each of the pairings is fun in its own way!

NG: Why do you write primarily m/m erotica?

JB: M/M is a more popular genre right now, and I have many more requests for those types of books. Requests for F/F are slowly growing, but it's still a smaller market.

NG: What's it like writing m/m erotica as a female author?

JB: At first I was intimidated, writing M/M as a female, but I like to think the emotions and feelings are the same. After a while, you figure out the techniques!

NG: How long did it take for you to become published?

JB: The first book I wrote took several years, but I didn’t work on it seriously until about 2005. I was first published in the summer of 2006.

NG: What's the one thing you wished you had known about the publishing world before you got into the biz?

JB: How long everything takes, from the submission process, to waiting for the book to come out. It can be a year or longer in some cases.

NG: Any advice you’d like to share with aspiring authors?

JB: Patience! And never give up. I’ve gotten some rejections along the way. Sometimes the stories were a better fit elsewhere, sometimes not. But if you love what you do, just keep at it.

NG: Let's talk about Stroke of Luck. What this story all about?

JB: When Steven DeLong wins ninety-seven million dollars in the lottery, he knows he needs advice from a professional. He calls on an accountant recommended by his brother and discovers the man is a sexy hunk. Paul Aspen wants to help Steven with his money, but first he gets the naïve bartender into bed. Steven's left to figure out if Paul is more interested in him or the lottery winnings. It’s a fun read!

NG: What inspired you to pen this sexy tale?

JB: I’ve heard stories about how winning the lottery ruined people’s lives. I wanted to explore this, and add a sexy element!

NG: What’s the one thing readers can always count on when they pick up a book written by you?

JB: A happy ending, or if it’s a short story, at least a ‘happy for now’ ending. And a story with a sense of humor. I think life is much too serious, and love to add some fun whenever possible!

NG: Yay! Who doesn't need a little more humor in their life? Do you have any other hobbies that you enjoy?

JB: Reading, of course. And watching scary movies with my family!

NG: If you could be any mythical/fantasy creature what would you be and why?

JB: I’ve always thought being a witch would be amazing. But the people around me better watch out! *evil, wicked grin*

NG: I can't let you leave without asking...what do you think is sexy?

JB: Varies from person to person. A good personality ranks high up there, though. Okay, and a nice butt in a pair of tight jeans doesn’t hurt, either. *G*

NG: Oh, yeah! Jenna, I'm so happy you stopped by Simply Sexy Stories today! Congrats on this hot new release and best wishes for this upcoming year!

JB: Thanks for having me here today!

When a sexy lottery winner calls on an equally handsome accountant for advice, will love or money rule?

Ninety-seven millions dollars is more money than Steven DeLong can even imagine. When he realises he's won the lottery, he knows he needs advice from a professional, and fast. He calls on an accountant recommended by his brother, unaware the man is the sexiest hunk Steven has ever laid eyes, or anything else, on.

Paul Aspen seems excited by the prospect of helping Steven with his money, and even more excited to get the naïve bartender into bed. When both men come up for air, Steven's left wondering if Paul is more interested in him or the lottery winnings. In the end, he's forced to decide whether love or money rules his heart.

Super Sexy Never Before Seen Excerpt of Stroke of Luck by Jenna Byrnes:

Standing so close to the handsome, dark-haired devil had his cock pulsing in his trousers, and the ache was getting difficult to ignore. “If it’s all right with you, I’d like to stay.”

“Look.” Paul put his hands on Steven’s chest. “As much as I’d like that, I don’t want you thinking it has anything to do with the money.”

The touch did it. Steven slid his arms around Paul’s waist and dragged him forward until their bodies collided. “Forget about it,” he murmured and smiled. “Or at least, let’s think about something else for a while. I have all this nervous energy I could use some help to burn off.”

“If you’re sure.” Paul’s lips said one thing, but his eyes reflected another. He seemed to be as turned on as Steven was. For either of them to stop, at that moment, was most likely a feat easier said than done.

“Kiss me.” Paul had mentioned spending a good hour devouring his lips, and Steven was ready for the hunk to get started.

“Aw, fuck.” Apparently resigned to what was undeniably going to happen, Paul pressed his mouth against Steven’s. What started as something light and tender quickly turned hungrier, more primal.

Steven parted his lips, allowing Paul’s plundering tongue to slip in. The kiss deepened, and for a moment he struggled for air. He gasped but soon realised his lover was breathing for both of them. They were like one being. An amazing feeling, and one he was anxious to take to the next level.

Must get closer. Steven sank against the man, would have crawled inside him if he could have, to be nearer to him. “Need you,” he murmured unintelligibly because their lips were still locked.

Paul pulled back, panting. “I have no idea what you just said, but if it was ‘stop’, I think I’ll have to kill you.”

“Don’t stop.” Steven tugged the other man’s tie off with a flourish. “More. I need more.”

Both sets of fingers trembled as they unbuttoned each other’s shirts. Paul tugged him towards the other room. “Let’s take this party into the bedroom. I have supplies in the nightstand.”

“Think you can be naked by the time we get there?” Steven shrugged off his jacket. He thought for a moment about the ticket in his pocket but ignored the niggling and left the coat on the sofa.

Paul hopped as he kicked out of his shoes. “The bedroom is right around the corner. But, yes, I’ll be naked by the time we get there.”

Wide grins split both their faces. Steven shrugged out of the rest of his clothes, leaving a trail that ended with his boxer-briefs by the side of the bed.
With one swift motion, Paul tossed back the bedding and exposed navy-coloured silk sheets. He fumbled in the drawer of the bedside table and came up with a couple of foil packets and some lube.

“Aw, look at this!” Steven dived onto the bed and flopped onto his back. “Fancy, schmancy. You’re living the good life, man.” He bit back a moan as Paul grabbed his knees and spread them wide, crawling between.

“What difference does it make if you don’t have someone to share it with?” The handsome hunk kissed Steven’s ankle and slowly worked his way up the leg.
Steven shuddered as the lips and tongue left no inch of skin untouched. When the mouth reached his groin, he was ready for it. His cock throbbed, a drop of pre-cum glistening on the slit. If Paul had so much as licked the swollen head, he might have erupted on the spot.

Instead, Paul blew warm breath on the puckered balls. He ignored the raging hard-on and continued kissing down Steven’s other leg. Slowly, methodically, he made it to the toes and massaged them one at a time before Steven had to protest.

“You’re killing me!” He flopped on the bed. “I said I needed you, not needed more torment. Suck me, fuck me, do something. I can’t take any more teasing.”

“Oh, I think you can. Just relax, Lover-boy. You’ll be sucked and fucked to your heart’s content. Right now, I want you to flip over on your stomach. I have more tasting to do.”

Steven groaned loudly but did as requested. He buried his face into the cool, slick pillowcase and muttered, “I’m gonna get your sheets all messy.”

“I hope so.”
© 2010 Jenna Byrnes

Readers find a copy of Stroke of Luck with Total-E-Bound here!

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