Thursday, March 18, 2010

Don't Move...

"Unbutton your blouse, slowly . . . that's it," Dane said watching her closely. "Do you remember the rules?"

Steph nodded her eyes widening as her demanding lover approached with the ball gag. She opened her mouth for him, tasting rubber and the smallest shiver of fear as Dane removed a pair of scissors from his pocket and pressed it between her breasts. Her pussy tingled, open and naked beneath her skirt and Steph squeezed her thighs together to appease the deep need that was growing.

Dane smiled, making one small cut and her full breasts were free and ready for his touch but he did not touch her. He simply stared at the rounded flesh, watching her dark nipples harden under his gaze. The lights were dim but Stephanie could see the desire and control in Dane's stare and it excited her, making her tremble.

"Don't move," Dane said taking her hands into his own and lifting them above her head. Using black nylon rope he tied her wrists together quickly, wrapping the knotted rope on the hook on the wall.

In this position, Steph's breast jutted forward and she waited for Dane to come to her. She closed her eyes, unable to stop the tiny moan trapped in her throat as his warm tongue began flicking her nipples, the ache between her thighs intensifying with each teasing taste. Dane knew just how to pull on the tender tips with his lips, torturing the sensitive skin with his rough tongue.

Steph opened her eyes when Dane moved away from her, knowing what was coming but she still gasped as he turned to face her with the black crop in his hands. Before she could brace for the leather, Dane smacked her left nipple and Steph moaned aganist her gag but he continued to smack her breasts with unerring accuracy and determination. Her wet pussy throbbed as the exquisite balance of pain and pleasure increased the ache building deep inside of her.

Finally, tears fell from her eyes and Steph fought against the gag to cry out. Dane stepped back, staring at Steph for a moment, gently touching her reddened breasts. After he put the crop away he kissed her, pressing his cock against her belly, pushing his knee between her legs. He slipped one hand beneath her skirt, touching her silky heat. "Are you ready for me to fuck you now?"

Steph waited for him to remove the gag, swallowing slowly as she opened her legs wider for him. She groaned as one of Dane's fingers played with her clit, laying her head on his shoulder. "Yes, please fuck me now."

Copyright © 2011 Nichelle Gregory


  1. **Cough cough** Very dirty... =)
    And love the new look!!! Hope you have a great one!

  2. lol. Thanks, Cecile! Have a great weekend! ;-)

  3. Nichelle...WOW! You have a very special knack for setting the mood and getting to the point with few words! Yeah, its been a couple a years since you posted this...and I'm just now getting here! I came across you on Tumblr and have been searching and exploring your many venues on the internet for the past 24 hours! OK, maybe a tiny bit obsessive, but hey, its been MY pleasure! Thanks for ALL of this that you give us! David.


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