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Denysé Bridger Stops by Simply Sexy Stories!

NG: Welcome, Denysé! Let's jump right in! What do you enjoy most about being a writer?

DB: Mostly what I enjoy about being an author is the ability and opportunity to reach people and touch their hearts, I hope, with the stories that I want to tell. I do think that writers, like all entertainers, have the ability to touch people’s lives and raise their awareness, but ultimately it is our “job” to entertain. Books, like movies and television, are a pleasure to be enjoyed when you’re reading for recreation. So, a tale with an accessible story is always the way to go. I love the creative process, and seeing where the characters grown and evolve with the telling of their stories, so it’s all good!

NG: What do you find the most challenging about being a writer?

DB: Time. There is never enough time to write all the stories I want to write! I know that’s not everyone’s problem, and a lot of writers wish it was, but it’s frustrating as hell to know you can create all these wonderful books and not have enough hours in the day to ever really get to them properly. Still, with all the notebooks and things I have, if I ever do run out of ideas, I’ve got enough to keep me going for years!!

NG: I can relate to wanting more time to create. What genre(s) do you write and why?

DB: I write anything and everything that appeals to me – or is triggered by an inspiration. I think I’m done with erotica, then something very sexy occurs to me and I have to write the story. I do sweet romance, sensual, erotic, and I do mystery, fantasy, thrillers... I love them all, and often I will mix several together. So there really is no style that I haven’t tried, and I do enjoy them all. I’ve even written television scripts, so I don’t ever limit the possibilities!

I think my favourite genre is romance, of course, and always will be. But, romance can be infused into so many other styles to create something a bit unique. My first major release was high fantasy, a time-spanning epic adventure type thing. The backbone was a relationship story, a romance. Same thing with my current book, RETRIBUTION: SILENT DEATH, it’s a story about vengeance, obviously, but the core is a very sensual, sizzling love story, but perhaps not the one that people initially expect when they begin reading the book.

NG: How long did it take for you to become published?

DB: I began writing seriously when I was about 23, although I’ve always written stuff. That first serious “grown-up” story was a romance, and it was based on my favourite television series at the time. I had met a lady that year who was active in fandom, and she introduced me to that world – so I was active in fan fiction circles for almost 20 years, honing my story-telling, before I took the leap and went pro. I’ve been visible and active in the romance field ever since. So, I really don’t know how long it took, it was always conscious choice with me to move from fan fiction into the pro arena, and I did it with my first story submission to Amber Quill Press, which won me a place in their Amber Heat contest, and my first professional contract. The reviews were fabulous, and I haven’t looked back since!

NG: What's the one thing you wished you had known about the publishing world before you got into the biz?

DB: How much time I would have to spend with personal promotion. Because it eats up days and days, and while a lot of it is great fun, it does take you away from what you want to be doing. I always wonder, too, if I’m boring the life out of people...

NG: Describe your writing process in one word. :)

DB: Passionate.

NG: Any advice you’d like to share with aspiring authors?

DB: Perseverance is probably more important initially than actual talent if you want to succeed in this business. You have to be able to take honest criticism, and then use it as the gift it is, because believe me, relying on your best friends or your family for truthful critique is somewhat useless – the people we love will never be able to tell us something we’ve created is crap, and if you don’t have the talent, you need to know that early on. By the same token, do not let a single opinion ever sway you if you really believe you’ve got the talent – and by that I mean, believe it with your heart, not just the whim of the moment. There are people who are natural writers – they never stop creating – and there are people who struggle with every story – but either way, you have to be prepared for the possible setbacks, and be realistic about them. There are a million writers out there, and each one has a story to tell... you have to find out how to present yours in a way that’s uniquely you. Another thing I have told many people, and it’s a good bit of advice, too – accept from the start that there is no such animal as the perfect book. No one writes a perfect book, even with years and years of experience. So, take what you learn from the wonderful people called editors, and bring it to the next book – don’t keep re-writing what you’ve already done, or you’ll never get anywhere.

NG: Such great advice, Denysé! Do you have any other hobbies that you enjoy?

DB: None in particular. I like to walk, draw occasionally, and bake. I love to cook, and I’m learning to cook Italian! Very exciting for me, since I’m in love with all things Italian!!

NG: Let's talk about your hot new release, RETRIBUTION: SILENT DEATH. What's this action, adventure, erotic romance, thriller about?

DB: RETRIBUTION: SILENT DEATH is about a man who walks in the shadows. He is trained in the art of being a ninja – Silent Death. He also happens to be an operative for the “Agency” – think CIA, etc. – and on a mission gone bad in Hong Kong, he stumbles into a theatre and meets a woman who will become his best friend. He trusts few people, one of them is a fellow agent who is an unorthodox and unpredictable as he is – she loves him, and this story is about he comes to know and accept that.

NG: What inspired you to pen this sexy tale?

DB: Originally I wrote this story because I was intrigued with the idea of a lethal agent who had his own brand of justice and a signature that would insure the “bad guys” always knew who was hunting them. As I worked with the concept, that sort of went by the wayside and a darker story came into view. A tale where love is the motivation for all the actions. A story where twisted “love” is the catalyst that propels the plot into the revenge arena. From there, it sort of told itself, honestly.

NG: I love it when stories unfold like that! What’s the one thing readers can always count on when they pick up a book written by you?

DB: That nothing is quite what it first appears. I like to write character driven stories, but it’s not always cut and dried in the sense that the hero is good, and the heroine adores him. I have written stories where the “villains” have been more appealing that the hero/heroine, and you really want them to win! So, expect a few twists, and flawed people who are somehow still strong and honorable, and I think you’ll like what you find in my books. I like to keep readers guessing a little bit! That way no one gets bored, and the stories are always appealing.

NG: Who doesn't like a book that keeps them guessing? Personally, I love stories about villians you can't help but like. Okay, now if you could be any mythical/fantasy creature what would you be and why?

DB: Pegasus – the beauty and majesty of the horse, with the freedom to fly above it all and observe. Sounds about perfect to me! ;)

NG: Love Pegasus! You've reminded me of one of my favorite morvies, The Clash of the Titans (the old one)! Last question, what do you think is sexy?

DB: A man who admires and respects your strength, sees your beauty from the inside, not always the outside, and one who knows how to make you be more honest with him than you have been at any other time in your life. Someone who tells you he wants your secrets and your trust – and would die before he betrayed either of them. Sexy is the man who looks at you, and knows that what you want to give him is a gift, one that will never fail him – and he embraces it. He’s the guy who makes sense of your insanity, and makes you feel safe even when he’s not close to you, because as long as he loves you, you CAN do anything, and he accepts all of it as part of who you are, and is proud of you for being you. THAT, to me, is about the sexiest thing there is...

NG: Whew! Yes, yes, yes! I think you've said it all! Thank you so much for stopping by Simply Sexy Stories, I wish you the best with this release!

DB: Thanks for having me as your guest, Nichelle! It’s been great!!

Adam Walker is one of the Company’s best field agents, a highly trained, well-honed killing machine when that’s what’s needed. But, he’s also a man of many secrets, and one of them is that he’s a ninja, one of Japan’s mythical death warriors. When another of Adam’s secrets, his lover Kiku, is killed, he turns to the one person he trusts, fellow agent Shainna Barton. While Shainna covers for him on a mission, Adam metes out his revenge, and discovers that his friendship with Shainna has a much deeper meaning that either of them ever realized…

Caution! Super Sexy Excerpt Below:

"You know who's responsible." She'd surmised as much last night, after adding together what little she knew of the incident and the greater understanding she had of Adam and his methods.

"Yeah," he said in a whisper. "I need cover for seventy-two hours."
She considered his words, calculating the best strategy to allow him the time he needed. His intense gaze captured her attention, and she stared for what seemed like an eternity before taking a seat next to him on the bed.
"Just be sure you make it back to Tangier before the bodies turn up."
"I owe you one." He smiled very slightly.

"So far." She observed him with a raised eyebrow. "I'm going to get a look at the Palace before it opens. Enjoy the room—we don't often get first class accommodations."

She tossed him a grin, but when she attempted to rise from the bed, he stopped her with a quiet, "Shain?"

The soft utterance of her name contained a thousand subtle questions—and answers. Sizzling chemistry, never openly acknowledged by either of them, flared to life in the space of a heartbeat then quickly grew into a raging inferno demanding attention, recognition, and satiation.

With an inaudible, fearful intake of breath, she turned her gaze upward to meet his. He brushed aside a straying wisp of her hair as he drew her toward him, his mouth seeking hers. The contact was electric. She raised her hands to his shoulders, intending to push him away. She didn't want to be a diversion for his grief. He twisted enough to lean her back onto the bed, and she shuddered when his weight shifted, covered her, and his tongue grew ever more evocative as he deepened their kiss.

"Adam." It was a gasp of sound in the space between them when he pulled away and began to unbutton her pants. She heard the zipper dragged down and forced herself to watch, to meet his gaze as he stared at her, the topaz light of his eyes blazing fire back at her.

"If you don't want this, Shainna," he said, voice a rasp of excitement, "tell me now."

"I don't want this to be about your grief for another woman." She finally found her voice, frightened to death he'd leave the bed—just as frightened he'd stay. One moment, he was pulling her pants the length of her legs; a moment later, she forgot everything except the sensations he created when he touched her skin.

"The only woman I'm thinking about right now is the one I'm looking at." He assured her.

"What if this changes everything? I don't want to lose you, Adam. Not to a memory. And not to a mistake."

He smiled, tossed aside her pants, and then bent over her. His mouth moved gently from one leg to the other as he trailed kisses upward from her ankles to the smooth, muscular flesh of her legs. His tongue and wet lips left a glistening track along her inner thighs, and he wondered for a moment if he was using Shainna to forget the numbness created by Kiku's absence.

"Don't stop, Adam." Shainna begged softly. "God . . . don't stop, now."
He spread her legs wide, and she arched from the bed. He watched her, fascinated by the subtle flush tinting her skin a rosy hue. He held her gaze as his fingers brushed soft strokes over the lacy crotch of her panties, the pressure of his touch intended to torment more than please. He hooked the waistband of the damp, silky material, drew the underwear down her legs, and tossed it aside. She was wet, and the scent of her arousal teased his nostrils.

"Talk to me, Shainna," he said as he smoothed the soft thatch of hair covering her pubis. She didn't go in for the fashionable wax job to an exclamation point, and the fine, silky pubic hair was a deeper gold than the heavy mane that presently spilled over the bedspread where she sprawled in sensual abandon. He deliberately dipped his thumb lower and swept a breath of a caress over her swollen clitoris. Her hips thrust into the touch, and he slid from the bed to kneel, staring down at her.

Shainna rose on her elbows and looked into his face. Consumed completely by her need for him, nothing else seemed to matter. He smiled, and she knew he was waiting for her to tell him what she wanted.

"Shain?" He breathed her name, the sound a kiss of reassurance as well as a question.
Her long-held inner restraint dissolved as she smiled at him, suddenly not afraid to take whatever he was willing to give. She sat up, the movement smooth and graceful, pulled her t-shirt over her head and unhooked her bra, then tossed both garments to the floor. The sensation of Adam's gaze sweeping over her, drinking in her naked flesh, heightened her need.

His gaze tracked every motion, however tiny, and he smiled when she slid one of her hands down the flat plane of her belly and into the damp gold between her legs. Two fingers disappeared inside her pussy then she pulled them out and traced one nipple then the other with the sticky moisture. When she licked what remained off her fingers and leaned back, breasts pushed out, nipples wet and rigid, he groaned deep in his throat.

"Suck my nipples, Adam." She slid forward until her legs dangled over the edge of the mattress, and cupped her breasts, offering them to him.

Adam took her face between his hands and kissed her, his tongue stroking the fullness of her lower lip before he delved inside. He explored the sweetness of her mouth in a slow, languorous kiss, then moved to the enticing curve of her throat. Her fingers tangled in his hair as she eased him away and guided his mouth to the lush swell of her breast. He licked at the hard point then circled it repeatedly with his tongue, lapping up her taste before he closed his lips over the taut bud and began to suckle. He repeated the attention, over and again, until she was shaking violently. He move one hand to the seeping wetness between her legs, and she pushed onto the probe of his finger buried inside her.

"Take off your clothes!" She gasped at the combined sensations of his sucking her nipples and the easy stroke of his finger inside her easing her closer and closer to climax. The shock of him drawing away and no longer touching her brought tears to her eyes. She stared at him through the blur, knowing the wash of emotion beating raw and powerful in her heart showed clearly on her face.

It took him less than a minute to divest himself of his travel clothes. Shainna's gaze glided over him in a heart-stopping sweep of appraisal and hunger. She smiled and shifted on the bed, settling on her back and pulling her knees up to her chest while keeping her legs spread enough for him to see everything she was offering. She wanted him deep inside her, and the intent in his lingering gaze told her he was more than happy to give her what she wanted.

He knelt on the bed and took her by the ankles, kissing the inside of each before he placed them against his shoulders and leaned into her, entering with one hard thrust. She moaned loudly when he drove inside, filling her tightness, stretching her wet heat to accommodate him.
"Hard—and fast!" Letting her hips push upward, she grasped the rock solid muscles of his upper arms.

RETRIBUTION: SILENT DEATH is available now with Noble Romance Publishing!
Pick up your copy here!
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  1. What a great interview! Denyse, you are a superb writer and it truly shows in your work that you're a pro. You delve so deeply into the minds and emotions of the characters that the reader gets lost in the worlds you create.

    I also know what you mean about promoting your work. Ugh...had I would have known...Then again, writers write, regardless of the promo and marketing involved afterward. I consider that part "the morning after." lol

  2. Great interview! It's always so much fun to see what makes an author tick!

    Big hugs


  4. Hot excerpt, I almost slid off my chair! WoW! Okay...I'm cooling down now, I think I forgot what you said in your interview. Maybe the excerpt should go first so I can have a moment to come to my senses...geez. Who am I again?

  5. Hi, Ladies! Thanks so much for stopping by today! :)

  6. Hello everyone - isn't this fun?? I'm so glad everyone likes Adam, he was great fun to create, even if the circumstances are a little dark.... Chérie, I hope you're all right??? ;) Colleen, Kelly, Lin - thanks so much for dropping in. And to my wonderful hostess... THANKS and HUGE HUGS to you, Nicelle.... (who was endlessly patient while I got my stuff together and off to her!!)

  7. My pleasure, Denysé! I enjoyed reading your thoughtful answers. :)

  8. Denyse, another great interview, as usual. It's always interesting to read about the creative process from the point of view of another writer. It can confirm that some of your own 'methods' are solid, and also make you question whether others really do what you think they do.
    R.L. Stuemke

  9. Hey there Denyse ,
    Yet another great interview , it's always interesting to read about what makes an author such as yourself

    BTW i think Adam Walker is HOT ! LOL


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