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Echos of Possibilites - Steamy Science Fiction!

NG: This week Simply Sexy Stories is going Sci-Fi! You will meet all four authors of Echoes of Possibilities, Noble Romance's latest steamy Sci-Fi anthology. First up, Stevie Carroll with the first tale in the book, The Monitors!

Stevie, why would science fiction fans enjoy your story?

SC: A lot of science fiction is about the big picture and the great heroes and leaders, but the best novels and TV series also devote scenes, chapters or episodes to the otherwise overlooked characters. The 'little people' without whom nothing would happen: the guards, the cleaners, the engineering grunts, the dock workers.

If The Monitors was a 'big story', it would be about the colonists on the ship: where they've come from, where they're going to, and the difficulties they face at each end of the journey. Instead of writing that I chose to write about two of the people who are going about their daily routine of making certain that the colonists get to where they're going. Those people matter as well: they have lives, interests and families. They have ambitions, hopes and fears, and dreams. Sometimes events take place that have tremendous significance for them, without ever affecting the wider universe around them.

Readers might identify more easily with my characters than with those great heroes and leaders I mentioned before. Stuart is a mathematician, working as a monitor on a colony ship mainly because he needs the money. One day he's going back to academia, where he'll get paid less, but will be more fulfilled. At least that's what he's been planning up until now. Claire, by contrast, is a monitor because she wants to travel. She wants to explore new (or new to her) worlds, and then write about them. Like a lot of science fiction fans she's constantly looking at what might be, rather than at the way things are right now.

In my own vision of the future, people don't all look like they just walked out of some Hollywood casting suite, which is why I prefer old British series, rather than newer or US ones: the people look more like those I meet every day. I'd like to think I'm not the only one to feel that way, and would like science fiction readers to give my characters a chance because Stuart's 'not tall for a guy', and although his beard is neatly trimmed, his hair is rarely the length he wants it to be. Claire meanwhile is big and curvy, and not afraid to express herself. They're real people and science fiction needs more characters like that.

NG: Agreed! What an interesting premise for your story!

Stevie Carroll's Bio:
Born in England's Steel City, and raised in a village on the boundary of the White and Dark Peaks, Stevie Carroll was nourished by a diet of drama and science fiction from the BBC and ITV, and a diverse range of books, most notably Diane Wynne-Jones and The Women's Press, from the only library in the valley. After this came a university education in Scotland, while writing mostly non-fiction for various underground bisexual publications under various aliases, before creativity was stifled by a decade of day-jobs.

Now based in Hampshire, Stevie has rediscovered the joys of writing fiction, managing to combine thoughts of science fiction, fantasy and mysteries with a day-job in the pharmaceuticals industry and far too many voluntary posts working with young people, with animals and in local politics. 'The Monitors' is Stevie's first published story, with other longer tales at various stages of development.

Stevie has an online journal at and really needs to get a website.

Stuart is a monitor: a human back-up to the computer controls on a deep space colony transport. Working alone for months at a time, with long periods between shifts spent in cryogenic stasis, his contact with other people is limited to the change-over of shifts, and brief stays on distant planets between jobs. Born blind into a universe where genetic 'abnormalities' are screened out at conception, Stuart has come to see himself as superior to the 'normals' in some respects, but lacking in others that have nothing to do with sight. He dreams of an academic research post, a family and a permanent home, always wondering what woman will love 'a guy like him'.

Claire, deaf since a childhood illness, has broken away from her overprotective family, and wants to see as much of the universe as possible. Having spotted Stuart from afar before joining the ship's crew, she is delighted when their shifts overlap, and is unafraid to demonstrate her attraction to him. The instantaneous, intense chemistry between them breaks down Stuart's inhibitions about sex on duty—and on a first date, at that—but will Claire willingly put her travel plans aside until he's ready to travel with her?

Caution! Hot Excerpt Below:
Sliding my right hand down Claire's side, I could feel those incredible curves, those soft rolls of flesh, that perfectly round ass. I worked my hand in between us, seeking out her clit with my fingers, my hard cock sliding against her thigh.

I rolled her clit between my fingers, edging my fingertips closer to their goal. I wanted to sink them inside her, thrusting in and out as I rubbed my cock against her through my shorts. I shifted slightly, not wanting to stimulate myself too much, too early.

“Is that how you want to do it?” she said.

I lifted myself up on my left hand, until I was certain she could see my lips.

“What do you want?”

“Make me come first,” she said. “I want to make you come. I want to see you come.”

I wasn't sure what she was expecting. I had no idea what she was planning to do to me. I wasn't sure how I was going to hold on long enough to find out.

I rolled off her, squeezing myself between her warm, soft body and the cold, hard bulkhead next to the bunk.

Claire rolled onto her side, pressing her lips against mine, and placed her left hand firmly on my ass.

“Go on, then,” she said.

I wriggled down the bunk a little, until my face was level with her breasts. Her hand came to rest in the hollow of my back. I found her clit again, rubbing it as I licked and sucked her nipples in turn. My cock throbbed, impatient for action. I ignored it. I kissed all over her breasts, breathing in her perfume, feeling her clit swelling, almost as impatiently as my cock.

I thrust two fingers deep into her, opening her up, my thumb rubbing against her clit.

I pulled my fingers back, and thrust them in again.

She whimpered, rolling her knuckles against my spine.

I sucked hard on her nipple.

Her knuckles pressed bruisingly hard into my back.

I slid a third finger into her, feeling her open for me. I paused, feeling her heat around my fingers. Was that enough? Too much?

“Keep going,” she said. “Just keep going.”

I worked my fingers in and out, in and out. I worked the fourth of my fingers into her. She was so relaxed, so hot and slick. Feeling slightly out of my depth, I tucked my thumb into my palm, and pushed. I'd heard about this in porn audios, but never knew before if it was really possible.

Oh. Fuck. It was perfectly possible. My whole hand was in her, curling naturally in on itself to exactly fit her. She enveloped me and my head spun with the thought of being truly inside her.

I pressed my face into her cleavage, wondering if my heart was going to burst out of my chest. The only thing I could imagine being any more intense would be to have my cock inside her. I was torn between wanting to make her come, so she could attend to my poor neglected cock, and staying like that all day. My hand inside her, my face between her magnificent breasts, her hand rubbing my spine.

I rocked my hand inside her.

“Yes,” she said.

I did it again. Then again, with a slight back and forth movement from my wrist.

She dug her knuckles even harder into my back.

I rocked my hand. I twisted my wrist slightly, rocked my hand again.

She tightened around my wrist. Her fist unclenched against my back.

One more movement of my hand, and then she was crying out my name, her whole body seeming to clench around my fist, her nails raking deeply into my back.

I waited until she was silent and relaxed, and then slowly withdrew my hand.

She took hold of my wrist, and, bringing my hand up to her mouth, she licked my palm: once, twice, three times. She took each finger into her mouth in turn, licking and sucking them clean.

I almost came just from that.

Purchase and read all four excerpts of Echoes of Possibilities here!


  1. Hi Stevie and Nichelle
    Great to learn more about a fellow author.
    Technology is wonderful in the way people from different parts of the world, different ages and walks of life can collaborate in this way.
    We are all "real" people so it's great to have a story about "real" people too even if it's in an "out there" setting.
    Scifi allows so many stereotypes to be broken and is a much underappreciated genre IMHO.

  2. A.B. Gayle: thank you so much for your comment. I love ordinary people in extraordinary settings, and I hope my characters in 'The Monitors' break a few other stereotypes too.

    Nichelle: thank you just as much for promoting my story and the book as a whole here. I'll be following your blog more closely from now on.

    Stevie Carroll

  3. Great excerpt Stevie, very hot stuff!

  4. Wow! Hot excerpt is right! Great stuff, Stevie. I look forward to reading the book. Can't wait to read more.

    Good luck with it.

    Brita Addams

  5. Good morning, guys! I love all things Sci-Fi and I'm excited to have you all on!! :)

  6. Jenna, Brita.

    Thanks so much for the encouragement.


  7. I LOVE the "real people" aspect of this story. Brings sci-fi down to a level my frazzled brain can grasp, lol!

  8. Loved the story, well done and great interview!


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