Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Echos of Possibilities - Steamy Science Fiction!

NG: As promised, Simply Sexy Stories is continuing Sci-Fi week with Jenna Byrnes! Her sexy tale Fight or Flight is the second story in Noble Romance's latest science fiction anthology, Echoes of Possibilities.

Jenna, why do you think science fiction fans will enjoy your story?

JB: I'm going to let a reader answer this for me. Here's what Kate Cotoner had to say on Goodreads about Fight or Flight:

"Very much enjoyed this story—dystopian future, collapse of the ozone layer, rival factions warring, resistance fighter hero... all good stuff. Great, fully rounded supporting cast and a hero with a past matched with a strong, likeable heroine. I loved that she (and her political rival) were both female Presidents of the US. I particularly liked the ‘live for the moment’ attitude they both had, a direct result of what’s happened to them in the past, and I really liked the way Mac and Katy worked through their tragedies and current troubles together to get a happy ending. A fast-paced story with plenty of twists in the plot, plus two cracking love scenes. Fab!"

NG: Two female Presidents, eh? This sounds like a very fascinating read!

Jenna's Bio:
Jenna Byrnes could use more cabinet space and more hours in a day. She’d fill the kitchen with gadgets her husband purchases off TV and let him cook for her to his heart’s content. She’d breeze through the days adding hours of sleep, and more time for writing the hot, erotic romance she loves to read.

Jenna thinks everyone deserves a happy ending, and loves to provide as many of those as possible to her gay, lesbian and hetero characters. Her favorite quote, from a pro-gay billboard, is “Be careful who you hate. It may be someone you love.”

For the latest news, visit Jenna’s blog at http://jennabyrnes.blogspot.com/ and her website at http://www.jennabyrnes.com/

Robert Mackenzie is running for his life. In 2145 Chicago, the police have bounties on their heads and if caught, are forced to fight to the death in arena-type matches. In a seedy pub, Mac discovers a woman who looks very familiar. Although she denies it, he quickly realizes, she's the one person who's more hunted than anyone else in the civil war-fractured United States. Katherine Garza is wary, stubborn and more beautiful than anyone he's met in ages.
Exhausted from months of hiding and being on the run, Mac knows he doesn’t look like anyone Katy could trust. But he might be her only chance as Progressive soldiers dig deep into the trenches in order to wipe out the opposition. Katy’s determined to do things her way. Mac is all for that, as long as he’s really calling the shots. Together, they must work as a team to stay alive. If they don’t kill each other, first.
Caution! Steamy Excerpt Below:
Mac savored the warm kiss for a few seconds before pulling away. “Madame President, you’re drunk. We need to find a safe place for you to sleep it off.” He set the empty bottle on the counter, wondering what he should do with it.

Before he could decide, she cupped his neck, and worked the other hand down the front of his pants. “I don’t want to sleep. I want to fuck. Don’t tell me you’re not interested, because I can feel your hard-on and I’m not even through all your layers of clothes yet.”

His cock twitched, growing firmer as her hand got closer. He tried not to thrust into her grasp, but it was tough holding back. “Of course I’m interested. I’m a man who hasn’t had sex in ages, for Christ’s sake. But you’re not just any woman.”

Drawing his face closer, she whispered as their lips touched. “I am tonight.”

Shit. His better instincts told him to back away and not take advantage of the woman. But her hand had reached its destination and squeezed his erection with a powerful grip. “I don’t want you to have regrets later.”

Katy rubbed her body against his. “I expect to have a hangover later. No regrets. Come on, officer. I know you’re a ‘play by the rules’ kind of guy. Do I have to order you to service me?”

“Service you?” Mac laughed and lowered his pants to his knees. “Since you put it that way . . . .” He reached for the snap of her slacks and shoved them down, along with a tiny pair of panties. “Gee, who knew you were so romantic and mushy?”

“It’s not a side I show to everybody,” she teased back, kicking one foot free of clothes so she could spread her legs.

Mac grasped her by the hips and lifted her to the edge of the counter. He fingered her lightly-furred pussy and inserted a finger deep inside. So wet. So ready for me. He couldn’t stop now if he’d wanted to, and he did not want to. One hand firmly on his cock, he aimed at her center and rammed himself in with little advance preparation.

“Yes,” she hissed, clutching his shoulders and bucking her body against his. “Hard and fast, baby.”

“No other way.” He gritted his teeth and fucked her with all the pent-up energy he’d been harboring. With each lunge forward, her pussy clenched around him like a silky vise. He paused once, to savor the warmth, and then resumed his forceful thrusts.

The primal act was everything he could have hoped for. Hot. Tight. Wet. His one regret was not getting his hands on her full, round tits. He’d have given anything to undress her and press his face between the warm mounds. Unfortunately, they lacked the luxury of time. But for a quickie, this one was pretty damned hot. He buried his face in her hair and groaned.

An orgasm tingled around the edges of his gut, threatening to explode and overwhelm him like nothing before. The whole thing felt so perfect, Mac hoped he could hold out until she was satisfied. He drove into her again and relished her moans and gasps.

Copyright © 2010 Jenna Byrnes

Read all four excerpts and purchase Echoes of Possibilites here!


  1. I really enjoyed your story Jenna. I got the feeling of a past and a future for all the characters involved, as the story seemed so real. Congrats

  2. Great excerpt there, Jenna!

    The politics of your story felt very alien to this here Liberal Brit, but another yay for female presidents.

  3. You guys just might convince me to get into sci-fi. It sounds like a great read. Congrats Jenna. Great excerpt. Hi Nichelle.

    Brita Addams

  4. I had the opportunity to edit Jenna's story, Fight or Flight, and honestly, it was science fiction, but it was all about people and how they react under horrendous circumstances. The story was strong, but the characters amazed me. A great story Jenna!


  5. I loved the excerpt too. The thing about sci-fi is it gets you thinking outside the box! Thanks for stopping by, guys. ;)

  6. Wow, hot excerpt! Congrats!

  7. Is there a sequel/prequel somewhere in there?


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