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Simply Sexy Stories Welcomes Brita Addams!

NG: Today, I’m welcoming author Brita Addams on Simply Sexy Stories! Hello, Brita!

BA: Thank you so much for having me, Nichelle. I really appreciate you giving me the opportunity to share my book with your readers.

NG: I'm so glad your here and I can't wait to hear more about your book. What do you enjoy the most about being a writer?

BA: I enjoy bringing the characters in my head to life. I have always loved the creative process, from initial thought to writing "The End." To create a story that people wish to read and are entertained by is a wonderful feeling and one that I hope continues for me for a very long time.

NG: What do you find the most challenging about being a writer?

BA: My idea about point of view in love scenes is totally different than publishers. I would prefer to write in both of the character's points of view, getting, in my mind, a well rounded view of the scene. At first it was difficult for me to remember not to 'head hop.' Now I am very conscientious about it and hopefully it doesn't happen.

NG: Head hopping is contagious. *g* What genre(s) do you write and why?

BA: I write erotic Regency romance because I love to read about that period in history. Though it only lasted about nine years, it was a time of excess, stringent rules and from where we sit today, their conveniences were greatly lacking. All of that allows for some interesting situations.

I can also have my characters speak in a more formal way, with more deference to those they speak to. I've always thought I was born in the wrong century, though I must say, I wouldn't give up air conditioning for all the fans in England.

NG: lol. What's the one thing you wished you had known about the publishing world before you got into the biz?

BA: Not to use the word THAT so much!!

NG: Yes, that "THAT" is a tough one. :) Are you a plotter or panster?

BA: A definite panster. I think of the story, the characters and the general scene, then I let the characters take me where they may. I tend to write like I think and there are always interesting avenues to explore. If it were all plotted, I don't know if I could write as good a story. Sometimes changes are dictated and if the book is plotted, those changes could change the rest of the book.

NG: Any advice you’d like to share with aspiring authors?

BA: Keep writing and don't put off today what you should have done years ago. In my own experience, many factors played into me not pushing ahead with my writing. Some things were out of my control and some were stumbling blocks, unrelated to writing, that I couldn't seem to overcome. Now I feel an urgency to write every day to produce the stories that I love.

I live and breathe writing, wanting always to better my craft and put out stories that people will enjoy reading. Hone your skill and don't be afraid to take the step into the publishing world.

I would also advise that aspiring authors should venture into e-publishing, with a good publisher like Noble Romance. The print world is rejecting out of hand, more than they are accepting. I read somewhere that it was about 90% of the manuscripts they receive. This doesn't bode well for new authors, who will likely get an unsigned rejection letter, with some general reason for the rejection. Their manuscripts won't even be read. Noble, for instance, I've heard described as "a class act" and "picky." The books they produce are wonderfully told stories worthy of publication. E-publishing is the future of publishing. I am very proud to be a part of it.

NG: As am I, these are exciting times! Do you have any other hobbies that you enjoy?

BA: I have been a non-professional genealogist for over 20 years. I love digging into my own family history and have helped many others find some of their phantom roots. I have a few branches that I am convinced were beamed down, but for the most part, I have exhausted the avenues available for those folks. I've maintained a website for my mother's hometown in upstate New York and have, with the help of many contributors, compiled a hefty amount of information on the town.
Aside from that, I love to travel, go to the movies and spend time alone with my husband. Oh, yes, I love my children too!

NG: What an interesting hobby and I imagine very rewarding. Now, let's talk about Serenity's Dream. What this sexy tale all about?

BA: Serenity Damrill returns to her husband after a ten year absence, but she has a secret. Though she tells him she wishes to experience his prowess with a paddle and between the sheets, there is more. She's been accused of murder and where better to hide than at the sex club her husband owns? Especially when no one knew she was even married. It is the first book in The Sapphire Club series. Book two, Lord Decadent's Obsession will be out at Noble on July 19th. The third book, Chocolate, Tea and The Duchess is under contract and will be out later this year. (Couldn't do it in five sentences!!)

NG: *g* That's OK, readers want to know more! What inspired you to pen this spicy tale?

BA: Well, my books tend to be a bit more than the usual Regencies. I, as a reader, enjoy reading about the sex lives of the characters. Honestly, isn't that a good bit of the why we read romances?? I kept thinking about what it would be like to own a sex club, have a reputation for being sexually extraordinary and yet one's wife hadn't experienced that prowess. What would happen upon her return?

NG: I love it! What’s the one thing readers can always count on when they pick up a book written by you?

BA: The Sapphire Club series, starting with Serenity's Dream, is populated with compelling characters, each with their own sexual proclivities. The stories are hot and sexually charged about two people (or three – Tease! Tease!). There will be lots of sex and not of the usual missionary kind and a real story. These aren't your Mama's Regencies!! They aren't tame, according to some formula, but I believe everyone can identify with the characters.

NG: If you could be any mythical/fantasy creature what would you be and why?

BA: Nichelle, I am too happy being me to be anyone or anything else. I've lived an interesting life, starting with being named for one of my father's old girlfriends! I've always wondered if my Mom had anything to say about that. I've lived in Iceland of all places and have been married to a most wonderful man for many years. I have great children and grandchildren. Life is extraordinary and I want to live it as me.

NG: Sounds wonderful, Brita. Care to share what you think is sexy?

BA: That's easy. My husband. Let me explain. Besides the obvious things that a wife thinks of her husband, mine is sexy for many other reasons as well. He makes my coffee for me every day, does all the cooking, loves our cat as much or more than I do and is a wonderful father and Poppy to our grandchildren. When he laughs, my heart skips a beat and when he is sad, I am profoundly sad for him. He is my biggest fan, long before anyone else even knew I was writing. The biggest thing is – he's read every single word I've written, every one, and tells me every day how proud he is of me. That, my friends, is sexy, even when he does it with all his clothes on!

NG: That is sexy! Your husband it the ultimate hero! Brita, thank you so much for stopping by Simply Sexy Stories!

BA: Thank you, Nichelle for having me. I've enjoyed this experience and I hope your readers have as well. Of course they should read Serenity's Dream, but they should read your wonderful book, Rapunzel's Release as well. It is a great read. Congratulations on your new contract. I'm happy to see a wonderful author such as yourself be recognized by others. Much luck to you. Ok, I'm an unabashed fan!

NG: Awww, thank you Brita! I hope you know I'm a fan of yours too. :)

In 1814 London, Serenity, the long-estranged wife of Lucien Damrill, suddenly reappears after she hears of the sex club his owns. Rumors of his considerable sexual prowess, something she never gave him time to exhibit, now warms her in the most interesting places. She claims to want him, his spankings, which she secretly craves, and the ecstasy of his lovemaking. But is this the real reason she's back or is it a well-thought out ruse?

Though skeptical of her sudden reappearance, Lucien Damrill, is willing to take her at her word and institutes a spanking regimen that Serenity simply adores. Lucien’s sexual abilities are beyond her wildest dreams and soon they fall into a frenzied, erotic life with “The Sapphire Club” as their backdrop.
Bliss doesn’t last nearly long enough however. When someone from her past suddenly appears, her deceit is uncovered and she soon her husband’s skepticism is accompanied by all-out apathy. Can they overcome the obstacles and create the life of which Serenity dreams?
Super Steamy Excerpt Below:

A somewhat disheveled Lucien Damrill entered the sanctified environs of his library, a well-outfitted cave for the bear he was becoming. It being Thursday, he’d just finished his usual session with Lady Amelie Foxworth, an insatiable beast of a woman, who could be thrashed bloody, fucked insensible and still beg for more. A more jaded woman he’d never met and he’d seen it all. He was tired, aroused and feeling rather beastly himself.

With a compelling need for the burn of his favorite libation, he walked directly to the rosewood sideboard and poured himself a generous measure of his finest French brandy. He turned to make his way to his desk when he was stopped in his tracks.
Before him, on a red and gold striped Hepplewhite chair sat someone whom he thought, nay, prayed never to see again. “How in bloody hell did you get in here?”

“Why, dear, is that any way to speak to your dearly beloved wife?”

Lucien cringed at the thought, feeling his aroused cock wither. “It is simply by an aberration that state exists between us. You are no more my wife than this glass is,” he spat out, holding up his cut-glass snifter with the figure of a nude woman as the stem.

“It may surprise you to learn I have returned and wish to make up for all of the years I have neglected you.”

Lucien affected a laugh, remembering how his beloved wife, the former Serenity Malin, had met him at the altar, stiffly consummated their union and promptly hied herself off to the country, where she’d resided uninterrupted for the last ten years.

“Serenity, dear, I have not felt neglected in the least. You really shouldn’t have troubled yourself with thoughts of my welfare, for I have given yours less thought than I would give a stranger. But wait, we are strangers, are we not?”

Serenity maintained a haughty mien. Lucien saw how her bottom lip quivered ever so slightly. Knowing his wife wasn’t given to dramatic displays, he knew he’d struck a chord.

He would also have been blind had he not noticed that in ten years his wife had matured into a rather lovely woman. Her chestnut hair was stylishly coiffed, with curls framing her heart-shaped face and tendrils flowing from the loose knot at the back of her head. Her breasts were nearly overflowing her bodice, making Lucien imagine releasing them from their bonds and burying his face between them. He quickly dismissed his licentious thoughts, remembering who this woman was and why he held not a single pleasant thought concerning her.

“I am serious, Lucien, I wish to be a real wife to you. That’s why I have come back.” He felt her icy blue eyes follow him as he paced the room.

“It would have nothing to do with the fact I am now wealthy and you wish to relieve me of some of my wealth?”

“How can you say such things? You have always provided for my needs and I could ask for no more.”

“Then why are you really here?”

“I have heard things about you and they intrigue me.”

Lucien laughed again. “It seemed nothing about me ever intrigued you before. Why now?”

“Oh, but you are wrong, my dear. You have always fascinated me, but just recently I learned about the club and what you do here.”

“The club? You have come back because of the club? Serenity, I have owned The Sapphire Club for five years and you have just heard of it? I must see to it my man of business does a better job of spreading the word.” He was more suspect than ever since the club wasn’t news, unless of course, one had been living under a rock for five years.

“I was attending a house party in Yorkshire and overheard some gentlemen talking. They said some very provocative things, and I was fascinated to say the least.”
“Provocative, you say. Such as?”

“Well, it would seem they were under the impression you ‘blister arses and fuck ‘em insensible.’ That’s an exact quote.”

Lucien chuckled at hearing his once prim and proper wife cursing like a gob in a sleazy tavern. “Yes, that’s what I do, among other things and I have a very satisfying life doing so. I fail to see how that would be impetus for you to return to hearth and home.”

“Well, when I learned of such things, I found I was curious. If you would perform such services for others, would you offer the same to me?”

If incredulity had a face, it would have been that of Lucien Damrill, for he was undoubtedly the very definition at that moment. “You wish to have your lily-white derriere paddled? My dear, pardon my foray down the path of skepticism, but as I recall, you had no interest in getting naked with me for any reason, a slight omission on your part when you accepted my marriage proposal, as I recall.”

“I will admit I was willful.” That earned her a loud snort. “I was wrong and I am willing to admit it. Many years have passed between then and now. I have changed. Then to hear you were so, ah, adventuresome, I simply couldn’t believe what I had heard.”

Feeling his deuced body betraying him as he spoke, he continued to pace, albeit somewhat less comfortably. “I have created a place where people can come to fulfill their sexual fantasies. As you can see, I have done well, by myself, I will add. Why would I want to have you around my neck, when I worked so hard to forget I even had a wife?”

“I wish to be treated like one of your clients, Lucien. I wish to submit to you completely. I yearn for your discipline and I wish to your satisfy your sexual needs. I am desirous of being all you would wish in a wife. I have much to make up for.”

“What has brought about this change of heart? You must admit it is suspect.”
“I have been lonely all of these years. When I heard you owned a club where people could go to see their sexual fantasies become reality, I realized I have needs and wish to have them fulfilled. Who better to do that than my own husband?”

“You have sexual needs, Serenity? I find that extremely difficult to believe. You had no use for my cock in the time, albeit one night, we lived together in the holy state of matrimony. I have suspected you found your own fulfillment elsewhere in the time we have been apart.”

“Have you, Lucien?”

“I’m a man, what would you think?” He waved his arm and sloshed some of his precious brandy onto the red, cream and blue Aubusson carpet.

“I have never begrudged you. I know I’ve not been a true wife to you, but I wish to change, if you will let me.”

“So what you are telling me is you wish to be a wife to me in exchange for having your fantasies become realities?”

“Yes, dear. I believe you would find I am willing to do anything you ask. I have thought long and hard about this and I find the more I think of it the more I wish I’d never left you.”

“This would have nothing to do with wanting children would it, because I have no interest in such things.”

“No, Lucien, I am past my childbearing years; I was thirty on my last birthday. I gave up that dream about the same time I walked away from you and our marriage. I wish to come back and be a part of the life you have established for yourself.”

Lucien’s head was pounding from the long hours he’d put in at the club and most particularly from the conversation he was having with his wife. Traitorously, his cock had heard every word, too, damn it.

It was most unexpected she should suddenly appear, here, at The Sapphire Club. Somehow he’d never imagined that would happen.

“Yes, I would imagine my wealth would appeal to you. The country estate wasn’t enough to entice you to remain there?”

“Lucien, don’t be cruel. I understand you don’t trust me, but I swear to you, I am telling you the truth. I only wish to be your wife in every sense and I ask you allow me to demonstrate my sincerity.”

“Fine, if that’s what you wish, bend over the sofa and show me how sincere you really are.”

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  1. Wow, what a cool premise for a story! Loved the excerpt ... shall we say I'm tempted? =c) Great interview!

  2. Thank you Sarah. I hope you enjoy the book. Let me know what you think when you read it.

  3. Wow, that excerpt was definitely not what I was expecting. Wonderfully surprising!

  4. Sarah and Erika, thanks for coming over! :)

  5. Brita, I share you exaspiration with head jumping. Just ask my editors! LOL. You lived in Iceland? How cool is that..but it's wonderful to hear somebody say they are satisfied with their life and wouldn't change it if they could. Love the name Lucien, by the way.

  6. Lovely interview, as always, as I come to expect from Simply Sexy Stories!

    I'm so happy that you are a Panster ( as in not yanking 'em down-but writer!!!) Brita!!

    Yummy excerpt!

  7. Awww, thanks Kb! I'm so glad you and Margie stopped by! :)

  8. Hi Erika, Thanks for stopping by.

    Hi Margie, I certainly did live in Iceland for two years. I was quite young, had a baby boy, who learned several Icelandic words. He doesn't remember any though. It was an interesting experience. I got to go to Scotland when we went on R&R.

    HI KB - Glad you liked the excerpt. Jill picked a hot one, didn't she? I am a definite panster. The basics and then I off and running. The story is sketched but the details revealing themselves as I go along. Great to have you guys stop by.

  9. Tina, you are a great author. Your first book, Serenity's Dream is a wonderful and exciting book. I love the characters in your story. When I read your excerpt, I put myself in the story. It felt like I was at the movies watching the book come to life. Keep going sis. You are a great person. You will be the next great author. Love you!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Hi Patty, Yes, folks that's my sis. I love you too. (She can't call me Brita to save her life!!)

  11. Great interview! Can't wait to read your book :-) I am considering subbing a piece to Noble. Maybe soon ;-)

    Best wishes in the future!

  12. Hi Sandra, Thanks for stopping by! Nice that you could come by Nichelle's wonderful blog. You should indeed sub to Noble. It is a great company, first class all the way.

  13. Hey, Brita! *waves* I wish I'd known the rule about "that" as well, but, hey, as you said, keep writing and honing your craft. Like you, I want to head hop during the sex scenes too. But, alas...*sigh*...we're not allowed! Who invents these rules anyway? ;-)

    Finally, another pantser that thinks the way I do! Trusting your muse and listening to your characters can produce gold material!! *bows to the muse*

    Great interview, Brita. I enjoyed getting to know you better. Best of success with your book! This one sounds very, very interesting. I'm intrigued by the plot and I loved the excerpt. I'm eyeing it over at Noble and as soon as I get a free reading chance, I'm definitely going to purchase it.


  14. Hi Gracen,
    Good to hear from you. I hope you will read Serenity's Dream. Yes, I love my muse. She is insightful and constantly pushy. "I want you to go here and I'll shut down if you don't go there." Oh, she's a pushy wench, but with the reaction of readers to Serenity, I will definitely be listening. She's not steered me wrong yet.

    Thanks for stopping by everyone.

  15. The random drawing resulted in the winner being K.B. Cutter. Congratulations! Thanks you everyone for stopping by. Hope you all enjoy Serenity's Dream.

  16. What an awesome interview for Brita Addams, I'm pretty convinced to read all your books. Seems so very interesting and not boring to read at all.

    Good luck guys! Keep writing sexy stories and God bless you all!

  17. Thank you for stopping by Vibrators! So glad you enjoyed the interview and I hope you'll come back and visit! :)


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