Thursday, July 15, 2010

If You Had Three Sexy Wishes...

Hooray! My erotic paranormal novella, As You Wish is now complete! I still need to do the synopsis and submit, but that's for another day. This book has been so much fun to write and I really hated to say good bye to these characters. This sexy story has it all: danger, sexual tension, one hot hero and a damsel not so much in distress as she is desire. The whole concept of discovering a magic genie capable of granting three wishes offers up many delicious scenarios when it comes to a plotting out a storyline.

Now, my heroine used her three wishes wisely, but let's pretend all is right with the world and you could only use your three wishes for something pertaining to your sex life. What would you wish for? Mmm...what would I wish for? Let's see:

1. A climax every single time I make love. Guys, you can pretty much expect the big O without fail, but that's not the case for us women. Depending on my mood, I can't achieve the big O no matter what. So, yes. That would be the first wish. It's such a fantastic wish I could be happy with just that one, but I still have two more left.

2. Telepathic lovemaking sessions. Imagine your lover knowing EXACTLY what you want, how you want it and every possible detail your subconscious could share to help improve your coupling. This person would not be privy to any other thought in your head...just the ones guaranteed to to take things to the ultimate level. Great lovers can be in tune with your mood, listen to your preferences or desires between the sheets, but imagine them knowing EVERYTHING your body needs to achieve the perfect orgasm. Things you may not even be able to verbalize, he/she would intrinsically know. Hmm...maybe this should have been my first wish. How could you NOT have a fantastic climax with a lover who knows all?

3. Fantasy Fu*k. Once a year, I would get to have one night with whomever I chose. Celebrity, guy next door, whomever I chose as long as they're game. No consequences, no feelings attached, just raw sex. The next day, I would go back to my life and my fantasy lover would forget all about the encounter.
I know...naughty right? Well, this is all hypothetical anyways.

Now, if I come across that genie in the bottle...

Stay tuned for more news and an
exclusive excerpt from my newest

erotic paranormal book, As You Wish!


  1. I bet that guy could take care of all three wishes for you, LOL! Congrats on finishing your ms!!

  2. Hahahaha! I wish I had fantasy f*ck too. It would be nice to wake up next to Matthew McConaughey. *dirty smile* Yes, very nice, indeed.

    Congrats on your novella! :D

  3. lol, Sarah! He does look quite capable...

    Vegetarian Cannibal,

    Matthew McConaughey would definitely be one of mine too. whew! Have you seen him in the commercial for The One cologne? Oh, my, my, my...



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