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Lovin' Leela...An Exclusive Sneak Peek!!

Here it is as promised!
The opening scene from Lovin' Leela, my first contemporary erotic romance
it is a HAWT one...Enjoy!
Leela Monroe pulled her feather pillow over her ears with a groan. What the hell time was it? She turned on her side, peeking from under the pillow to read the digital clock. Two o’ clock in the morning! Another loud moan accompanied the resounding thud against her bedroom wall and Leela cursed. How many orgasms could a woman have in one night? The hot tamale next door had to be faking.

“Oh, why did you have to move to Florida, Ms. Oliver?” Leela whispered in the dark. She missed her former elderly neighbour’s early bedtime and the delicious homemade banana bread Ms. Oliver loved to bring over and share. Now, she was living next to an insatiable, possibly sex-addicted, neighbour. She knew he was male after checking out the title on his mailbox, but she had no idea what he looked like.

The muted thuds up against her bedroom wall went double time, and Leela removed the pillow from her head, giving up on trying to block the sounds of her new neighbour getting busy for the second time in one night. It wasn’t even the weekend! What kind of job did this guy have where sleep was seemingly of no concern?

Leela unconsciously pressed her thighs together as the unknown female next door began to whimper and pant with obviously delirious pleasure. The soft thuds accompanied with protesting bed springs became harder, faster, and Leela held her breath as Ms. Hot Tamale let loose a long scream which abruptly caught off with what had to be a kiss.

“Damn you,” Leela said, pulling the covers down wishing she at least knew his first name to issue a proper curse.

She would have politely complained if she had seen him in the hall and knew what he actually looked like. He had moved in almost two weeks ago and was apparently a night owl. She had been subjected to saxophone playing late in the evenings on weekdays and for the last two consecutive days all night sex-a-thons. The sax she didn’t mind, he was actually talented… the sex was getting on her nerves and conjuring up dormant physical needs forgotten since breaking up with her ex over six months ago.

Leela hardly noticed the tempting scents of late night pizza wafting through her open window with the sound of wailing police sirens in the distance. Food was not what she craved. Flipping on to her back, Leela stared up at the ceiling fan swirling above her queen size bed. She loved her loft styled condo, spending almost a year getting everything just like she wanted. She had chosen the place because of the amount of space, the neighbourhood and the location to the L train, but she hadn’t bargained on poor insulation between each condo.

All was silent on the other side of the bedroom wall, and Leela closed her eyes again, releasing a deep sigh. She was hot and tired, yet falling back to sleep was the last thing on her mind as her fingers slipped inside her panties past the trimmed curls to the silky flesh starving for attention.

She was so wet, so desperate to assuage the building need for release as her fingers dipped and swirled around her clit and the sensitive inner folds drenched with her juices. Reaching into her nightstand, she took out her favourite vibrator, slipping the moulded plastic under the bedcovers as she turned it on. She lifted her hips, tugging her black panties down and off. Then she was completely naked, opening for her softly vibrating lover.

Avoiding her clit, she ran the tip of the toy along the inner lips of her pussy, moaning softly as she pushed the contoured dildo deep inside. Rocking her hips, she bit her lip as the powerful vibrations reverberated within her. She continued to penetrate herself, pushing the plastic cock into her hungry wet pussy while simultaneously pressing the palm of her other hand against her engorged clit as exquisite sensations raced over her body. Her nipples tingled, her skin heating up as she skilfully orchestrated each touch for maximum pleasure. She climaxed hard, letting a small moan escape from her lips as ripples of bliss spun wider and wider, giving in to the delicious aftershocks of a perfect orgasm.

When her breathing returned to normal, she sat up sated but not really satisfied. She swung out of bed, padding into her bathroom to clean the toy in the dark, observing the reflection of her clock in the mirror. It was three o’ clock in the morning, and she had to be up in three hours.

After finishing in the bathroom, she crossed the carpeted floor to her bed and picked up her panties. With a restless sigh, she pulled the low cut briefs in place and climbed into bed. Her eyelids fluttered closed and she yawned. She wished she could stop thinking about her new next door neighbour and his multi-orgasmic lover. He couldn’t be that good in bed…or could he?

You've gotta read what happens next to these two!
Lovin' Leela will be available October 4th
with Total E-Bound Publishing!

Look for book trailer and information on my upcoming blog tour!

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Two Easy Ways to Make A Difference!

I love reading! My love affair with books began at a very early age. I believe every child should be exposed to the limitless possibilities of the written word. Target has pledged to donate a book for every adult who pledges to read 15 minutes a day to a child in their lives. How cool is this?
Find out more and pledge here:

If that wasn't awesome enough, Powerful Learning Practice (PPL) is donating five dollars for every comment left on one of their blog posts through this Sunday, to RED, an organization designed to help eliminate AIDS in Africa.
Find out more information and leave a comment here:

I hope you'll take advantage of these EASY opportunities to make a difference in someone's life.

Coming up next week:
An exclusive excerpt from Lovin' Leela coming Oct. 4th with Total E-Bound Publishing! I also want to say HELLO to the new followers who've joined my blog! Thanks for picking my blog out of thousands to enjoy, tell a friend and come back often. I hope you're having a great weekend!


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Simply Sexy Stories Welcomes Victoria Roder!

NG: Hello, Victoria, welcome to Simply Sexy Stories! Tell me about Bolt Action, what's this suspense tale all about?Italic
VR: Secrets of the past, murder, mystery, revenge, deception, sexual tension, and the “State Quarter Killer”; Bolt Action offers it all.

NG: What inspired this story?

VR: I didn’t begin Bolt Action with a story line. I began with the characters Detective Leslie Bolt and her sister Tasha. The sisters are adopted by a loving family but perceive their experience differently. Leslie is grateful and Tasha is bitter. The sisters are based on a comment someone made to me about their personal experience with adoption after they read my story of adoption in A Cup of Comfort for Adoptive Families.

NG: What was the most challenging aspect involved in writing this book?

VR: It was interesting to research crimes, domestic violence, autopsy procedures, and police procedures for Bolt Action. The most challenging was writing the sensual scenes. I know I’m an adult, but I also know that my very supportive mom and supportive mother-in-law will read everything I write.

NG: lol. I understand. How long did it take you to complete Bolt Action?

VR: It took me one year.

NG: Which was harder to come up with...the blurb or the title?

VR: The blurb. It is hard to sum up a novel in a few sentences.

NG: Yes it is! Describe the heroine/hero in three words.

VR: Sarcastic, determined, vulnerable.

NG: How did you come up with their names?

VR: Detective Leslie Bolt was an easy name. She’s collects guns and rides a Harley, so I wanted her first name to bring out her girly side. I used the last name Bolt because of Bolt-action riffles. I came up with Dr. Jack Donnington because I was watching the AC/DC concert Live in Donington and I thought Jack sounded like a strong first name. I’ll let you guess where I got Detective Lance Kestler from.

NG: What’s the one thing readers can always count on when they pick up a book written by you?

VR: Suspense! If the readers want a spine tingling read for Halloween they can check out my paranormal romance ghost story, The Dream House Visions and Nightmares from Asylett Press.

NG: What new titles can your readers look for in the future?

VR: My first picture book, What if a Zebra has Triangles? will be released soon from Vintage Reflections Publishing. I am working on submitting a paranormal thriller, The Haunting of Ingersull Penitentiary. Hold on for another ride, because I believe Detective Leslie Bolt will have another crime to solve in the future.

NG: Very cool! Ok, now for a little Victoria Roder trivia! What's your favorite romantic movie?

VR: For Richer or Poorer.

NG: Favorite love song?

VR: Right now, I find Josh Turner’s song Your Man very sexy.

NG: Favorite dessert?

VR: Angel food cake with strawberries and whip crème.

NG: Oooo, that's always good! Thank you so much for stopping by, Victoria!

VR: Thanks for the interview, Nichelle!

Blurb: Detective Leslie Bolt is a tough talking, gun hording, motorcycle riding investigator with as much insecurity as the rest of us. After a childhood of abuse suffered at the hands of her father, Leslie stashes a collection of pistols, revolvers, and even keeps a Browning A-Bolt Stalker Rifle in her broom closet. She is stand-offish and down right rude. Having to work a serial murder case with her handsome ex-lover Detective Lance Kestler doesn’t improve her disposition. The “State Quarter Killer” is selecting victims that appear to have nothing in common except for the State Quarter placed under their lifeless bodies. As the body count mounts, Leslie Bolt must conquer her past and race to capture the killer before her sister is the next victim.
Caution! Sexy Excerpt Below:
Detective Leslie Bolt and Dr. Jack Donington meet at The Bareback (nudist ranch) where Leslie tends horses and rents a paint drumming room to relieve stress.

“Oh, come on. Lighten up, Dr. Donington,” I teased.

Jack shrugged his shoulders and looked at me with the eyes of innocence.

“You’re positive no one is around?” Jack surveyed the sealed off drum therapy room.

“I’m certain.” I held up a janitor’s version of a key chain and jiggled them.
“It’s just you, me, and twenty gallons Gothic washable paint.”

When Jack emerged from the dressing room with nothing but a pair of ribbed dark blue Hanes boxer briefs on, I was certain he could see my tongue hang out. The smirk he returned for my boy cut undies and tight sports bra felt satisfying.

“What would you like to hear for music?” I asked.

Gesturing toward the glassed in CD player Jack suggested, “I played in a garage band in my day. Base guitar, but I’ve never drummed. I can’t say I’ve ever beat my frustrations out on bongos covered in paint, so why don’t you pick the music.”

“In a band? I guess you’re cooler than you appear. What genre of music did you play?”

“Thanks, I think. AC/DC, Seegar, I guess if people danced to it, we played it.” Jack rubbed his short black hair. “I even had a bushy fro.”

I walked toward the CD player. “I’m sure you drove the girls crazy.”

“How about I just watch you the first time through?”

I shuffled several disks and placed on in the player. “Oh no, big guy we’re in this together. If I’m gonna be full of paint so are you. Let’s start with Doug Kroening’s, Walking Shoes. You’ll have to work up to AC/DC. There’s just something about Kroening’s soulful, been around the block, smoked a few cigarettes, and enjoyed a little Jagameister voice, that helps me concentrate on the good things in life.”

With the music engaging, I sprinted to my set of drums. I glanced into the mirror placed along the wall in front of the bongo drums. The reflection of the shirtless well-toned doctor flexing his pectoral, bicep, and deltoid muscles as he beat the drums, made my skin tingle. The statue-like, dark skinned, sight of him made me want to abandon my paint covered bongo drums and join him at his. I could feel my face burning with desire.

I looked away from his glorious physique and pounded out my pent up frustrations on my paint-covered drums. As we both beat to the base of the music, the paint began speckling, spattering, and plastering the walls and our bodies.

Lost in the moment of the sensual activity, I never noticed Jack’s movements. He deserted his drums and approached behind me. I glanced in the mirror as his strong hands wrapped around my forearms and began smearing my speckles of paint. With slow motion movements, Jack slid his hands up and down my arms, blending the rainbow of colors. I relaxed my body into him until I could feel his firm muscles support me and his warm breath caressed my neck.

“Here, let me help you get the beat.” Jack intertwined his hands with mine and began hitting the bongos to the base beat.

Stopping our hands and holding them firm to the drum, Jack placed his moist lips against my neck, kissed me, and whispered, “I think I’m ready for AC/DC.”

Intentionally rubbing against him to squirm away from his grasp, I turned and faced Jack. “Okay, I got the beat. Head back to your own drums.”

Jack gave me a sly smirk. “Enough lessons for today. How about we head to the shower─the same shower.”

Feeling exhausted, but exhilarated after pounding out frustration, job stress, sorrow for my sister, life scars, and sexual tension, Jack and I headed for the shower, and our future together.

Bolt Action is available now with
Champagne Books!
Pick it up in paperback here or ebook here!

***CONTEST*** One lucky commenter will win a ebook copy of Bolt Action!
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Winner will be announced Wednesday, Sept. 29th.

Curious about Victoria Roder? Check out her website:

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Simply Sexy Stories Welcomes Kele Moon!

NG: I'm happy to have Kele Moon today, talking about her latest release Beyond Eden. Kele, what's this saucy tale all about?

KM: Beyond Eden is an erotic, Garden of Eden romance. A rustically beautiful lake house is the setting for three life long friends to come together, recreating the original love story in modern day Tampa.

NG: Very interesting! What inspired this story?

KM: I knew I wanted to write a modern day, M/M/F romance. After that I started pondering the Garden of Eden story and asked myself what if the devil was the good guy—what if you wanted him to win? As a writer of erotic romance I was inclined to make giving into temptation a good thing.

NG: What was the most challenging aspect involved in writing this book?

KM: The symbolism, making sure it was there and helped tell a deeper story. I really wanted the little bits of symbolism littered throughout the story to help create vivid, rich characters that were real to the reader. It was harder than I thought it would be.

NG: How long did it take you to complete Beyond Eden?

KM: It took me about three months for the first draft to be done, but right about the time I finished I found out I was pregnant. Beyond Eden then took a back seat to that, but I chipped at the editing a little at a time for about six months after that before I finally submitted it.

NG: Which was harder to come up with...the blurb or the title?

KM: The blurb!! The title was fairly easy because I knew it had to have Eden in the title. The blurb, however, had me ripping my hair out!

NG: Describe the three main characters in three words.

KM: Danny: Seductive, Manipulative, Loyal
Paul: Beautiful, Torn, submissive
Eve: Vibrant, Rebellious, Passionate

NG: How did you come up with their names?

KM: I came up with Danny first and the nickname of Danny Boy. I then had to sit there and think of matching names and nicknames for Paul and Eve because I wanted the nicknames to be a throwback from their youth. Cute, sorta silly names kindergarten friends had and never let go of. It was symbolic to me that they clung to these juvenile nicknames because it was an anchor and reminder to them of their life long friendship. Eve became Evie Girl and Paul became Paul Guy. I also wanted Paul's name to be biblical since he was the representation of Adam, but to use Adam and Eve was too contrived. Truly, Paul's was probably the hardest but now I like it. It suits him very much.

NG: What’s the one thing readers can always count on when they pick up a book written by you?

KM: Vivid characters and snappy, realistic dialogue—those are my two strengths as a writer. It’s usually a sure bet any book by me will have those two calling cards.

NG: What new titles can your readers look for in the future?

KM: I’m working on Claiming Eden, the prequel to Beyond Eden.

NG: Ok, now for a little Kele Moon trivia! What's your favorite romantic movie?

KM: Dirty Dancing--I see it playing on TV when I'm flipping through the channels and I will stop to watch it every single time!

NG: I'm guilty of that too! Favorite love song?

KM: There are so many, it depends on my mood. Right now, probably The Story by Brandi Carlile and Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol

NG: Favorite dessert?

KM: Cheesecake--so delicious, just writing it out makes me want a slice.

NG: Mmmm! Cheesecake is divinie! Where can readers find you next on you blog tour?


NG: Thank you so much for stopping by, Kele!

KM: No, thank you! I'm really thrilled and honored to be featured!

Blurb: Three lifelong friends find themselves tangled in a web of love, pain and dangerous secrets in this erotic Garden of Eden tale.

Tall, dark and handsome Danny Carlow has always gotten whatever he wants except for the two he wants more than anything—his best friends, lovers Paul and Eve. Determined, he waits like a snake in the grass, poised for the right moment to offer them a temptation too delicious to resist.

Artist Eve Everton makes the painful decision to leave behind her true love Paul for the Siren’s call of New York City. Ten years later with her life in shambles, she returns home. When Paul’s waiting arms aren’t available, Eve falls for Danny’s charm and finds herself a willing accomplice in the dangerous games Danny plays.

Former college football star, Paul Mattling is now a successful attorney with a bright future ahead of him. But behind those brilliant blue eyes are secret desires for a taste of the forbidden. Will he play it safe or will he give into Danny and Eve and bite the apple?

Caution! Steamy Excerpt Below:
“Stand up and turn around,” Danny said and then leaned into Paul when he did so, blocking Eve’s view of his back.

He rested his cheek against Paul’s shoulder as his arm wrapped around his waist. Danny was bare-chested too, wearing jeans instead of black suit pants and together the two of them made Eve gape at their beauty.

With enough paint, canvas and film, Eve could use Paul and Danny to feed her muse for all time. That’s how beautiful they were together to her. Her mind stopped seeing beauty in the world outside the two of them standing there together and neither of them realized they had just ruined Eve’s art for the rest of her life.

Nothing she ever created would be beautiful unless it had one or both of them in it somehow and it occurred to her that she was going to be selling her body to Danny an awful lot. She couldn’t bear the thought of not creating art and any art that didn’t capture the dark magnificence of two beautiful men who were slave and Master to each other seemed pointless and dull. She’d sooner die than paint anything less than what her artist eyes were seeing in front of her.

“You don’t want Evie to see these marks on your back, do you, Paul Guy?” Danny asked softly, whispering the words into the curve of Paul’s neck. “I want you to tell her why you don’t want her to see these.”

“Because I got them for refusing to give Eve to you,” Paul whispered in misery.
“And now they’re useless.”

“Why are they useless?”

“Because I can’t feel them. I wanted to feel them forever.”


“Because I love her.”

“What?” Eve gasped, sucking in such a sharp breath of air she thought her lungs would burst.

“You knew that,” Paul said, turning around to glance at her over his other shoulder with a look on his face that told her he had assumed she had known it all along.

“I did?” Eve squeaked and her face scrunched up in a fight against completely breaking down in front of both of them.

“Yeah, I told you I’d love you forever.”

Beyond Eden, a M/M/F BDSM erotic romance is available now with Ellora's Cave! Pick it up here!

Curious about Kele Moon?
Check out her websites: &

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Chocolate Massage?

Chocolate. Just saying the word brings a smile to my lips. My sexy choco-goo girl up above is a visual testament to my adoration of the stuff. What other dessert evokes erotic thoughts and is actually used as a substitute for sex for some women? Milk chocolate is good, but dark chocolate I crave and let's not talk about mixing the two together...Yum! When I learned dark chocolate is actually good for you in moderation of course, I had yet another reason to indulge.

I've often imagined and even said, if I could, I would so jump in that chocolate river running through Willie Wonka's Chocolate Factory. I know it would be a mess to clean up, but I don't think I could pass up the chance to be covered head to toe in the sweet treat for the ultimate chocolate lover's experience.

I recently discovered there are actual chocolate massages one can receive. That's right! There are spas offering chocolate therapies that have been proven to burn fat, diminish cellulite and firm skin! But wait, there's more! Chocolate massages are the perfect anti-aging treatments and the aroma has been shown calm one's spirit and alleviate stress.

Can you believe it? Click here for the article if you don't. I knew chocolate was amazing, but this is absolutely remarkable! I don't know about you, but I'm asking Santa for a trip to the spa for chocolate therapy!


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Simply Sexy Stories Welcomes Sandra Sookoo!

NG: Hello, Sandra Sookoo, welcome to Simply Sexy Stories and happy release day! Let's talk about Damaged Cargo, what's this saucy tale all about?

SS: Well, it’s a mix of sci-fi and space punk set in the 22nd century aboard a rickety cargo ship. Throw in a few spicy sex scenes and you’ve got a great tale.

NG: What inspired this story?

SS: It was actually funny how it came about. My friend and my husband simultaneously ganged up on me, badgered me to write another sci-fi book. I protested saying I didn’t think I could, but they kept on. Needless to say, I watched a bunch of sci-fi stuff on TV and the addiction wouldn’t let go. So I wrote.

NG: What was the most challenging aspect involved in writing this book?

SS: Not having a hard and fast grasp on the genre. Yes, this isn’t hard sci-fi. It’s bordering on romance, but it’s a start. What’s more, it’s in my blood so I’ll definitely be writing more in this genre.

NG: How long did it take you to complete Damaged Cargo?

SS: A few months. I set it aside for awhile then came back and added more scenes. Set it aside again then gave the whole book an overhaul before submitting it.

NG: Which was harder to come up with...the blurb or the title?

SS: Always the blurb. LOL The title was easy. It has many meanings. The blurb, I’m still not sure I’m happy with LOL Blurbs are my downfall.

NG: Describe the heroine/hero in three words.

SS: Heroine: tough, gutsy, determined. Hero: Stubborn, loyal, angry

NG: How did you come up with their names?

SS: I’ve always loved the name Emma, so that wasn’t hard. His name, Tarek, was a bit more difficult. I played around with names that didn’t sound too weird or hard to pronounce.

NG: What’s the one thing readers can always count on when they pick up a book written by you?

SS: Emotional writing, characters they can relate to and comfortable pacing. Okay, that’s three but what can I say? LOL

NG: What new titles can your readers look for in the future?

SS: I’m very excited for the rest of this year. It’ll bring a paranormal book, another sci-fi (you really need to read this one!), a ghostly Halloween tale, and two sexy stories for Christmas.

NG: Whew! That should keep your fans happily reading until the New Year! Ok, now for a little Sandra Sookoo trivia! What's your favorite romantic movie?

SS: It’s a tie, actually. You’ve Got Mail or My Life in Ruins. I like both of these but for totally separate reasons.

NG: Favorite love song?

SS: I will Always Love You by Whitney Houston (okay, it was a Dolly Parton song)

NG: That's one of my favorites as well. Favorite dessert?

SS: Chocolate cheesecake

NG: Ooooo! Care to share the recipe?

SS: LOL I don’t have a recipe. Cheesecake is one of those things I don’t do well.

NG: Sandra, it's been fun! Thank you so much for stopping by, I wish you all the best with Damaged Cargo and all your upcoming releases!

Blurb: When survival is of the utmost importance, it’s best to shoot first and ask questions later, especially if you won’t like the answers.

The 22nd century is heinous. Finding a comfortable life in the Levinese Galaxy grows increasingly difficult.

Emma Gardine, one of a handful of female pirate captains in this throwback Victorian society, begs, borrows, steals and cheats her way through the planetary system on the hunt of a profit. An expert of guarding her heart and keeping people out, she never shows remorse and uses people until she gets what she wants, yet the hope for a normal life glimmers just beyond her reach. Then she meets Tarik Vartouth and her world splinters with new emotions and possibilities.

Tarik survived the murder of his sisters and the collapse of his laid-back existence. He’s sick of the mandatory breeding programs for genetic supremacy on Nazulara that sends innocent people to death and desires to campaign for democracy for his species. When the opportunity to befriend Emma is presented, he takes it and makes a play for her ship in order to carry out his own plot for revenge against his father—the Premier and ruler of the planet. Stakes are raised when sparks between him and Emma fly. Now their future and Nazulara’s, hangs in the balance.
Caution! Hot Excerpt Below:
Emma raised an eyebrow when he removed the garters and tossed the weapons to the floor.

“Oh, believe me, I’ll take you by force if necessary, with or without the daggers.”

She lightly bit his earlobe. “And I always get what I want.” Her heart pounded. Blood rushed in her temples. Need swept through her body as his naked body pressed into hers. Hard angles and sculpted muscle teased her more than any other lover had done before. From the moment she’d glimpsed his naked chest on the bridge, she knew this moment was destined for them.

“In this instance, I’d have to agree because you will get everything you want.”

She shivered at the low intensity in his voice. The shivers became shudders of anticipation when he unlaced the front of her corset and wrenched it open. “I hope your boasting won’t disappoint. I’m not easily impressed by a man’s prowess in the bedroom.” When he kneaded her breasts, Emma gasped. The sound was lost as he crushed his mouth to hers with undeniable intent. Anything else she’d thought slipped away with the kiss. She caught his face between her hands and fit his lips more comfortably to hers. Both hard and soft at the same time, she traced the bottom one with her tongue, felt his response long before he deepened the embrace.

God, she wanted those lips all over her skin, wondered what they’d feel like moving over her feminine folds. A flush of heat swept over her body, and she panted her need. Bracing a foot against the bunk, she flipped him over onto his back, laughing at his surprised expression.

“What the hell, Emma?”

“I never let the man have control.” Straddling him, she stared into his blue gaze and leaned close to drop a line of kisses along his jaw. The stubble there teased her tongue, stoking her arousal. The scent of him, something clean and crisp, blended with earthy, sweaty man, intoxicated better than the most potent drink and fueled her explorations.

“That’s too bad because I never allow a woman to call the shots in bed.” He tugged her down and captured a nipple in his mouth, teasing it raw with his teeth.

Spirals of pleasure curled low through her belly as he suckled. With his free hand, he teased and pinched her other nipple until she cried out. Her core heated with his ministrations, and she squirmed against him as moisture gathered between her thighs. His erection rubbed against her ass, setting off intense sparks of desire. Another swell of lust smacked into her in an overwhelming red wave.

Emma kissed him—hard. Done playing, she let him know what she wanted by plundering his mouth, thrusting her tongue into his and sweeping it along the silky, warm recesses. He tasted of salty sweat and a spiciness that was all him.

She had to have more.

Damaged Cargo is available now with Purple Sword Publications! Pick up your copy here!

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A winner will be drawn by Thursday 9 a.m. EST...
Good Luck!!

Curious about Sandra Sookoo?
Check out her website: & blog:

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Gingerbread Man Stats

Height: 6-2
Weight: 195
Age: Undetermined
Born: On a cookie sheet
Favorite pastime: Running, marathon sex
Famous Quote: "Run, run, run as fast as you can...I'm gonna catch you, I'm your gingerbread man!"

"This erotic tease will not only please and arouse but will give you pause before eating that next spicy gingerbread man you find laying around your kitchen counter."

~ Bitten by Books

Add a little naughty treat to your bedtime reading, pick up a copy of The Gingerbread Tryst Noble Romance, Amazon, and All Romance Ebooks!

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Simply Sexy Stories Welcomes Jade Archer!

NG: Hello, Jade, welcome to Simply Sexy Stories! Tell me what genre(s) do you write and why?

JA: I’m a huge fan of fantasy and Sci/Fi so that’s where I feel most comfortable, but I like to try my hand at a little of everything. My latest project is a contemporary MM ménage just to mix it up a little. It’s been a challenge, but one that I’m really glad I had a go at.

NG: MM ménage sounds challenging to write indeed. Why are you drawn as a writer to M/M stories?

JA: MM for me is new and fresh and different. It’s not that I don’t like MF romance, and I have written some, but there’s a lot of MF already been done, and over a long period of time. I also think that two guys finding each other, falling in love and getting their HEA is the ultimate in romantic. So MM satisfies the hopeless romantic in me. Not to mention it’s just damn hot!

NG: What do you enjoy the most about being a writer?

JA: I love creating, crafting and working with characters and ideas. I love the point when you’ve finished and know you’ve created something new and unique because it’s come from inside you. But I also find it fascinating that once you’ve written a story it takes on a life of its own. I find it truly amazing how different people interpret and take away different things from the same piece of writing. It’s also why I will never tire of being an author. There are just so many different ideas to explore.

NG: What do you find the most challenging about being a writer?

JA: Finding a balance. I can get very lost and focused on a story and push myself too far very easily. Sometimes I have to remember it’s healthy, both for myself and for my stories, to take a break.

NG: Good advice for many writers, I'm sure. How long does it take you to complete a book?

JA: Honestly, this is a huge variable with me. I’ve taken two years to write some pieces and others have flowed like water, and I’ve completed them in weeks. My writing, like my life, is unpredictable.

NG: Do you use beta-readers or critique partners?

JA: I’ve done it both ways. I’ve written pieces completely solo and just submitted them, and I’ve worked with a beta-reader. Recently, I met a wonderful man named Charles who has agreed to beta-read my latest project, and I really hope we can continue to work together. He has a great eye for details and a real gift for story-telling. I really value that extra, objective set of eyes, because as I said before, I can get kind of lost in my stories sometimes. We both belong to a small critique group, and I’ve found the group great for highlighting and whipping all those nasty little writing habits out of me I never knew I had.

NG: Critique partners are worth their weight in gold! Which is harder to come up with...the blurb or the title?

JA: Again this is very variable for me. Sometimes I know the title before I know anything else, but then the blurb just won’t come. Other times, I write a blurb style overview before I start writing a piece, and so it’s pretty much done, but then the title can be a real problem because I find myself struggling to condense it all down into one snappy, eye catching title.

NG: How do you celebrate actually finishing and submitting a WIP?

JA: I reward myself with books. Usually when I finish a piece I’ll take a few days off and in that time I’ll pick between two and five books, depending on how intense the last project was, to read and relax.

NG: I do the same thing. Let's do a little Jade Archer trivia. Favorite romantic movie?

JA: Honestly, I don’t watch romance movies really. I love Lord of the Rings, The Bourne Identity, and Black Adder though, depending on what mood I’m in at the time.

NG: Favorite love song?

JA: (Everything I Do) I Do It For You by Brian Adams…The theme from the first movie my husband ever took me to. We ended up dancing our wedding waltz to it.

NG: I love that song! Favorite dessert?

JA: I actually don’t have much of a sweet tooth. Put nachos or pizza in front of me and I’m yours, but sweets I can take or leave. I guess, if you really pushed me, I’d have to say I’ve never met a citrus tart I didn’t like!

NG: Do you have any other hobbies that you enjoy?

JA: There isn’t a lot I haven’t had a stab at, but at the moment, apart for reading, I make jewelery.

NG: How cool! Let's talk about your latest release What To Do With Lore. What's this sexy story all about?

JA: Mmm…the quick answer is it’s about how Lore and Rhyn meet and fall in love. Lore is a cat man, which basically means he has little pointed cat shaped ears and likes to nap in the sun. Other than that, he’s pretty much just like you or me. Unfortunately, in his home system his species is persecuted and extremely poor. They often trade themselves into slave contracts to survive. Although Lore never agreed to become a pleasure slave, the man he contracted himself to changes the deal and Lore is traded off-world. Just when everything is looking pretty bad for Lore, the cargo ship he’s being transported on is attacked by pirates. This is where Rhyn comes in. He’s sent to “retrieve the goods”, not knowing that Lore is the big ticket item he needs to bring back. Their first meeting is not ideal, but a powerful attraction brings them together. There are just a few minor details to work out first…like whether or not Rhyn is going to take Lore back to his master.

NG: Sounds very intriguing and hot! What inspired you to pen this spicy tale?

JA: Actually, it started out life as a submission for an anthology, but kind of raged out of control. Lore can be very headstrong. In the end, it was too long for the original submission intension, so I decided to submit it as a Novella to Total-E-Bound, and with some revision, the rest as they say, is history.

NG: What’s the one thing readers can always count on when they pick up a book written by you?

JA: There will always be a HEA. I will never write a sad ending. This is my vow! Really, I can’t stand sad endings. My heart is simply too soft and marshmallow like to handle them.

NG: Awww...thanks for stopping by, Jade and happy release day!

Blurb: A rough around the edges mercenary and a little spit-fire determined not to be anyone’s pleasure slave - making contact has never been so volatile....or so much fun!

Rhyn is an ex-lawman working as a mercenary. He’s contracted to protect large space freighters and passenger liners through space. He considers most sentient beings too annoying to be around on a permanent basis. He’s content to swear at inanimate objects and tinker with his pride and joy – Baker’s Pride; a bastardised freighter with more than one nasty little surprise under the hull skin just waiting to spring on the unsuspecting pirates he loves to goad and chase.

That is until his latest assignment brings him face to face with a stunning, fiery little cat man slave named Lore. Will the siren he discovers lead him to new horizons or will he crash and burn up on re-entry to reality?

Lore’s not having a very good day. He’s been reclassified as a pleasure slave, traded off-world, knocked on the head and placed in stasis and now he’s woken up surrounded by four of the biggest, hairiest men he’s ever laid eyes on. Oh! And it looks like they’re pirates.

Just as well he’s handy with a skillet and the pirates aren’t immune to a few well placed hits! Will the sudden appearance of a glorious, dark skinned angel in a lawman’s hat be the answer to all his lust filled prayers, or is he just another devil in disguise sent to snatch all his hopes and dreams away again?

Caution Spicy Excerpt Below:
By the time Rhyn was on the final approach to intercept the pirate vessel he had been hailed three times by the Mebians and was down to his very last nerve. He’d only been in pursuit for ten standard minutes for Ion’s sake.
Deciding enough was enough, he sent out a coded message to the Mebian vessel.

“This is Baker’s Pride to the Mebian freighter, Blue Pearl, making contact in galactic standard minus ten. Communication silence from mark.”

That at least should keep them off his back for a while. Even a Mebian should be able to work out the importance of communication silence. Surely they’d consider how breaking it might compromise retrieving their precious cargo if nothing else.
Breathing a sigh of relief, he began slowing to contact speed and watched as the pirate’s vessel came into view. An uneasy feeling had Rhyn loosening the pulse gun in the holster at his hip. Something just didn’t feel right. It definitely looked like Bretag’s ship, but it was just sitting there, drifting in space. Normally by this stage of the game he would expect them to be launching shock grenades and phaser bursts to try to throw him off or disable his ship. Right now, however, the pirate vessel looked rather like a beached leviathan he had once seen on Eros Minor—utterly helpless and ominously quiet.

A sudden shudder ran through his ship, and Rhyn heard the guidance system sound the warning alarm for an unexpected shift in position. It looked like there was a pretty bad solar storm brewing. Rhyn could already feel the solar winds buffeting the hull. It wasn’t enough to have stopped the pirate vessel or prevent him from boarding to investigate, but it could make things interesting and it meant that he couldn’t muck around being all pansy-assed out here all afternoon.

Calmly, he reached for his sidearm and checked the energy charge.
“Show time,” he muttered to himself as he confirmed it was set to maximum.
Flicking on the communicator, he tried a broad hail. “Bretag, you old quiral. Haul to and prepare to be boarded.”

Nothing. No return hail. His apprehension increased even more. Something was definitely wrong. Bretag and his crew took great pains to taunt and abuse him as they tried to outmanoeuvre him. Silence just wasn’t their thing. The fact that they had never won, and never would, was hardly the point. It was the way they played the game. This was just too weird a deviation from normal for him to accept.

Cautiously he manoeuvred into position beside the pirate ship and began the boarding sequence, establishing an airlock and quickly dialling the code to open the hatch between the two space crafts. He stood back, pulse gun in hand just in case. He didn’t expect any trouble from the crew, but the crew he knew and loved to goad might not be the ones he had to worry about today. Either way he’d be prepared. Easing his way down the gangway he stayed alert and ready for anything.

A loud metallic clatter followed by a pained cry had him raising his weapon in readiness. Cautiously he crept forward, hearing occasional cries of alarm and distress, prepared for anything. The sight that met him as he rounded the entry tunnel, however, was quite simply one he would never have expected to see, or likely forget. Not in this lifetime at least.

Barricaded in the tiny dining nook, surrounded by chunks of ore, an odd assortment of cooking utensils, machinery pieces and even an old space boot—it’s heavy mag-web sole fastened comically to the bulk head above them so it drooped down the wall—was the crew of the Bretag 5, desperately trying to defend themselves from a very small, very naked man brandishing a large metal skillet. The space under the table was so cramped that all four crew members cowering under the fixed table almost appeared to be one man. They were a jumble of squashed faces and tangled limbs. Arms, legs and shoulders periodically poked their fellows, forcing them out from cover only to quickly grab their appendages back as the little firebrand went for them with his makeshift weapon.

“What on Ion is going on?” he finally managed to splutter.

In hindsight it was a bit of a mistake. The small man spun around, obviously afraid of being attacked from behind, and given the glorious behind on display it was a legitimate concern. Rhyn certainly felt like attacking it. He could well imagine kneading, fondling and licking it for long contented hours. Not to mention pounding away at it ruthlessly and thoroughly to what was sure to be a mind blowing climax.

Pushing the salacious thoughts aside, Rhyn got his first good look at the man, and it really didn’t help get his mind back on track. Huge green eyes stared up at him from a small, distinctly feline-shaped face. Tousled, flame red hair kicked out in fascinating waves around the pale oval of his face, and the cutest little pointed ears poked through the messy hair on his head. Rhyn felt himself getting hard just thinking about the glorious contrast the man’s pale white skin and bright red hair would make against his own dark skin as the man knelt in front of him and…

The moment’s distraction was all it took. Bretag shoved hard at one of his brothers. “Get him!” he yelled desperately.

What To Do With Lore is available now with
Total E-Bound Publishing!
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