Monday, September 27, 2010

Lovin' Leela...An Exclusive Sneak Peek!!

Here it is as promised!
The opening scene from Lovin' Leela, my first contemporary erotic romance
it is a HAWT one...Enjoy!
Leela Monroe pulled her feather pillow over her ears with a groan. What the hell time was it? She turned on her side, peeking from under the pillow to read the digital clock. Two o’ clock in the morning! Another loud moan accompanied the resounding thud against her bedroom wall and Leela cursed. How many orgasms could a woman have in one night? The hot tamale next door had to be faking.

“Oh, why did you have to move to Florida, Ms. Oliver?” Leela whispered in the dark. She missed her former elderly neighbour’s early bedtime and the delicious homemade banana bread Ms. Oliver loved to bring over and share. Now, she was living next to an insatiable, possibly sex-addicted, neighbour. She knew he was male after checking out the title on his mailbox, but she had no idea what he looked like.

The muted thuds up against her bedroom wall went double time, and Leela removed the pillow from her head, giving up on trying to block the sounds of her new neighbour getting busy for the second time in one night. It wasn’t even the weekend! What kind of job did this guy have where sleep was seemingly of no concern?

Leela unconsciously pressed her thighs together as the unknown female next door began to whimper and pant with obviously delirious pleasure. The soft thuds accompanied with protesting bed springs became harder, faster, and Leela held her breath as Ms. Hot Tamale let loose a long scream which abruptly caught off with what had to be a kiss.

“Damn you,” Leela said, pulling the covers down wishing she at least knew his first name to issue a proper curse.

She would have politely complained if she had seen him in the hall and knew what he actually looked like. He had moved in almost two weeks ago and was apparently a night owl. She had been subjected to saxophone playing late in the evenings on weekdays and for the last two consecutive days all night sex-a-thons. The sax she didn’t mind, he was actually talented… the sex was getting on her nerves and conjuring up dormant physical needs forgotten since breaking up with her ex over six months ago.

Leela hardly noticed the tempting scents of late night pizza wafting through her open window with the sound of wailing police sirens in the distance. Food was not what she craved. Flipping on to her back, Leela stared up at the ceiling fan swirling above her queen size bed. She loved her loft styled condo, spending almost a year getting everything just like she wanted. She had chosen the place because of the amount of space, the neighbourhood and the location to the L train, but she hadn’t bargained on poor insulation between each condo.

All was silent on the other side of the bedroom wall, and Leela closed her eyes again, releasing a deep sigh. She was hot and tired, yet falling back to sleep was the last thing on her mind as her fingers slipped inside her panties past the trimmed curls to the silky flesh starving for attention.

She was so wet, so desperate to assuage the building need for release as her fingers dipped and swirled around her clit and the sensitive inner folds drenched with her juices. Reaching into her nightstand, she took out her favourite vibrator, slipping the moulded plastic under the bedcovers as she turned it on. She lifted her hips, tugging her black panties down and off. Then she was completely naked, opening for her softly vibrating lover.

Avoiding her clit, she ran the tip of the toy along the inner lips of her pussy, moaning softly as she pushed the contoured dildo deep inside. Rocking her hips, she bit her lip as the powerful vibrations reverberated within her. She continued to penetrate herself, pushing the plastic cock into her hungry wet pussy while simultaneously pressing the palm of her other hand against her engorged clit as exquisite sensations raced over her body. Her nipples tingled, her skin heating up as she skilfully orchestrated each touch for maximum pleasure. She climaxed hard, letting a small moan escape from her lips as ripples of bliss spun wider and wider, giving in to the delicious aftershocks of a perfect orgasm.

When her breathing returned to normal, she sat up sated but not really satisfied. She swung out of bed, padding into her bathroom to clean the toy in the dark, observing the reflection of her clock in the mirror. It was three o’ clock in the morning, and she had to be up in three hours.

After finishing in the bathroom, she crossed the carpeted floor to her bed and picked up her panties. With a restless sigh, she pulled the low cut briefs in place and climbed into bed. Her eyelids fluttered closed and she yawned. She wished she could stop thinking about her new next door neighbour and his multi-orgasmic lover. He couldn’t be that good in bed…or could he?

You've gotta read what happens next to these two!
Lovin' Leela will be available October 4th
with Total E-Bound Publishing!

Look for book trailer and information on my upcoming blog tour!


  1. Sexy! Totally want to read.


  2. LOVE it! I can just see poor Leela trying to sleep while her neighbor is making sooo much noise . Then having to use her BOB is the perfect hook.

    Mindy G. :)


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