Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Best Way To Enjoy A Cookie!

The holidays are right around the corner which means kitchens all over the world will soon be filled with the delicious aromas of desserts to be shared and enjoyed. Cookies are one of my favorite things to make. I have a wicked shortbread recipe I make every year that my family loves. I usually make some version of sugar cookies and of course gingerbread men!

There are many ways to eat a cookie. You can shove it all in or nibble it slow. Maybe you like to dunk the goodie in a glass of milk or spiked egg nog. All of these methods work, but I think my own personal method maximizes the cookie experience.

1) Select your cookie and lightly run your finger over the top of the sweet. Marvel at the soft texture or crispy goodness you're about to enjoy.

2) Lift the cookie to your nose and take a delicate whiff of the fragrant delight. Do you smell cinnamon, anise, vanilla, or chocolate? Feel your mouth begin to water as you anticipate that first taste.

3) stick out your tongue and lick the surface of your cookie. Feel the anticipation build as you prepare for that first mouthful!

4) Take a small bite and savor the cookie in the warmth of your mouth. Does the cookie begin to melt or does it require more to experience the full flavor? Chew slowly, thoughtfully. Become a part of the cookie. Listen to what the cookie is telling you as you take it into your body. Tears of joy might very well spring to your eyes!

I promise if you follow these steps your overall cookie experience and enjoyment will triple! ;)

On a diet?
Check out my Naughty Nibble, The Gingerbread Tryst available with Noble Romance Publishing.
It's fat free with all the guilty pleasures you expect from cookies! should enjoy with a cold glass of milk!



  1. Wow! I've totally found my cookie mantra - "Become a part of the cookie." Love it! My personal holiday favorites are the No Bake Chocolate cookies...yuuummmm....

    Great post, Nichelle!

    ~off to grab oreos~

  2. Hey, Em, so nice to meet another TEB author! Thanks for the grin and stopping by! Oreos with milk are always a pick-me-upper! ;)

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  4. Oh, and what would be the recipe for the No Bake Chocolate cookies??

  5. I don't think I could wait that long to eat the damn thing! LOL! I'm all about instant gratification, though around Christmas, I tend not to eat too many cookies, since I make about 20 dozen and get sick of them real fast.

    BTW, read The Gingerbread Tryst, and I loved it! And now with all this cookie talk, I think I'll have to read it again!

  6. wow, you make eating a cookie an art!

  7. *g* instant gratification definitely has perks, Gianna!

    Thanks, Sondrae! ;)

  8. Oh, Nichelle! Your dedication to the art of eating a cookie is divine!

    I've heard there is some cookie baking and eating in one of your upcoming releases as well. When does Hearts & Diamonds come out?



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