Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Ninja Assassin

Over the weekend I finally saw Ninja Assassin. I had high expectations for the film because of what I've heard about it from friends and I wasn't disappointed...well, not terribly, more on that later. I love movies about assassins and martial art films, so joining the two is always a nice blend for pure entertainment enjoyment. Ninja Assassins is very graphic, so be forewarned to flinch and cover your eyes. Well, that's what I did for some of it.
Anyways, let's discuss Rain. I'd never heard of him, a bonafide pop sensation in South Korean but I know his name now. I'm not typically into the slender build type of guy. I'm drawn to men built like linebackers even though I'm not into football. Rain, is lean as they come with muscles, rippling, sweaty, blood-soaked muscles for days. This guy is ridiculously ripped! Watching his athleticism on screen was a very enjoyable experience. :)

Naomie Harris lit up the screen with her beauty and realistic screams of terror. I'm waaaay behind on movies and this was the first time I've seen her. I thought she and Rain had chemistry and I wanted to see sparks ignite. That's my biggest disappointment with the movie. I know Raizo was more focused on avenging his childhood love horrific death and getting his life back, but I still think there was room for romance between him and Mika.

Mika almost dies trying to help Raizo and there wasn't even a kiss at the end between the two? Tragic, just tragic. My husband said the film lacked depth in story and I agree for that reason. There was something missing. For me it was a building sexual tension between these two characters that could have exploded and taken the movie to the next level. I was waiting for this hot IR couple to burn up the screen with passion. Never the less, I was entertained and I just might go back to re-watch that scene where Raizo is doing a wicked delicious workout routine. Mmm MMM mmm!

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  1. I totally agree with you about this movie. I too was disappointed with the lack of romance between Naomi and Rain. I kept waiting for something electric to happen, something sexy, especially when Naomi nurses him in the hotel after he gets hurt, but at last, nothing came from it. It's just a shame is all, the basic premise of the story had potential, but there was a lack of depth between the characters. Oh well, the action was pretty entertaining.

    I also LUV that workout scene with Rain. I mean, damn, the man looked good enough to eat!

  2. Hi, Kasey!

    I kept thinking...he's gonna kiss her...now! Nope. OK...NOW. Ohhh...guess not. At the end of the movie he climbs the wall inside of telling Mika thank you with a passionate kiss! The romance/passion between the two would have made the movie more intense. And yeah, that workout scene was HOT!

    Thanks for commenting! ;-)

  3. I truly loved this movie...but wanted that romance as well. I kept hoping for that "one" moment when they would kiss. Rain is probably too darn young for me, but WOW....he was just plain sexy. Hubba hubba.....The action was great, but I wanted a love story thrown in.

    Oh, and I thought she lived...it was a serious wound, but I thought she survived it. Oh man....I guess I have to go watch it again!!! ;-)

  4. Reana,

    She lived! I meant to say she was almost mortally wounded and still no kiss? :)

  5. Woman, bless you for writing this. Over on the Blasian Narrative, we're sort of having a one-year anniversary celebration for this film.

    This blog post's been put on our Facebook as part of the "celebration."

    Thanks again!

  6. Hey, Ankhesen,

    Thank you for the smile! It's so nice to meet you! I enjoyed checking out your blog too. So glad you stopped by and shared the link to my blog post!

    Have a great weekend! :-)


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