Monday, November 29, 2010

Opening Scene for The Enchanted Flute!

The Enchanted Flute released right around this time last year. This steamy short story will always hold a special place in my heart for being my first published work and because of the creative inspiration behind the tale. In celebration of my anniversary as a published author, I decided to share the entire opening scene! Enjoy!

Once upon a time in a faraway land, there lived a handsome flutist named Ayre. No one could say exactly when the young boy began to play, but tales were told of how he grew up with the flute at his mouth from a very early age. When his parents died tragically in a fire, the young man turned to his flute for comfort. Alone in the world, he began traveling from place to place playing for an ever-growing audience of admirers. His musical talents became so well known people would travel from all over to hear him.

When he played his music many were moved to tears of joy, cheerful laughter or even awe inspired silence, but no one left his presence unmoved by his songs. The flutist loved pleasing the people with his music, but he truly played for himself. His love for his flute drove him to play whether he had listeners or not. Women swooned, throwing themselves in his path and men admired his skill, but the flutist did not play to impress anyone.

He simply had to play. Morning, noon and night, he would practice until his lips or fingers were too tired to move. He loved no one or nothing, but his flute. One evening after another long day of playing for a huge crowd, Ayre walked until he came upon a secluded lake miles away from the town. Weary from his travels, he gazed at the beautiful blue water and longed for a leisurely swim. Although reluctant to place his beloved flute down for even a moment, he searched for the perfect spot to strip off his tunic.

After a quick, furtive look around to ensure the trees provided plenty of cover, the flutist placed his instrument in his leather case and quickly undressed before plunging into the cool turquoise depths of the lake. He swam with steady strokes, enjoying the sound of the frogs and crickets filling the air. Floating on his back, he watched the beginning of the sunset as the horizon began to dissolve into swirls of orange and red.

Inspired by nature's beauty, Ayre came out of the water and grabbed his flute from the shore. He began to play, filling the forest with a sweet, stirring melody, his fingers flying over his instrument as the song flowed from him.

Lanai stretched her limbs, gracefully standing on the thick branch of the huge tree she had been napping in. She swayed with the wind, listening to the rustling green leaves surrounding her and the lilting music that had awakened her. Lanai had never heard such beautiful sounds and she was curious about the musician playing so skillfully. Climbing down the tree with the agility of a cat, Lanai moved silently toward the source of the music. She held her breath as she took in the sight of the man before her.

Never had she seen such beauty in male form. His body was a work of art, each tight muscle moving in rhythm to the tune of his song, the water falling in tiny rivulets down his dark chocolate skin. Carefully moving forward from her hidden spot in the tall grasses, she allowed her gaze to travel from the top of his bald head, to the curve of his pectoral muscles as he lovingly fingered the keys of the wooden instrument. She couldn't take her eyes off the thickness of his thighs or the girth of his cock as he continued making musical magic with his flute.

She stood riveted by his skill as a musician, her body responding with every measure of the intoxicating music. Swaying to the hauntingly beautiful melody, she stepped into plain view. An enchantress never revealed herself to humans unless doing so served her purpose or was absolutely necessary, but she could not stop her body from heating up with desire. Every step brought her closer and closer to the music and the man captivating her keen interest.

Ayre heard a noise and reacted instantly, turning to see an incredibly shapely woman dancing to his music several feet away. Still playing, he watched her sensuous approach as she swayed her hips in perfect rhythm to his song. He faltered for a second on his instrument, her exotic beauty taking his breath away. Her looks far surpassed any other woman that had danced to his music before and there had been many.

Her eyes were the color of amber; her lips captured the color and essence of a rose in full bloom. He couldn't take his eyes off her hair, which fell in thick russet waves to her backside. Captivated by the exposed creamy butterscotch flesh beneath the skimpy scraps of cloth covering her breasts and sex, he moved stepped toward her. He loved the way her hips undulated to the underlying beat as he played. They held eye contact with each other and in that moment, Ayre desired her more than he had ever desired any other woman. The blood raced through his veins as she turned in dizzying circles around him. He caught a glimpse of her breasts as she dipped toward him and he faltered again for a split second as his fingers fumbled across the keys.

Watching her was almost as intoxicating as playing his flute . . . almost.

Find out how the story ends!
The Enchanted Flute is available now
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