Friday, December 3, 2010

Mmm mmm mmm!

It's Friday! It was a short week because of Thanksgiving, but I need this weekend to regroup. I couldn't decide what to blog about and then it hit me to share the delicious pic serving as creative inspiration for my very sexy, very alpha hero in the short story I'm working to finish.

Isn't he divine? Lee Byung-hun is a South Korean actor, singer and model of course! This picture helped me to flesh out the character I visualized in my mind.

I can't tell you more details about this WIP yet, but let's just say it's a naughty spin of yarn sure to get your blood going! I love writing short super-charged erotica that gives me the liberty to take it to the table...well, you get the idea in half the time of a full length novel. ;-)

Have a great weekend!



  1. Yum! Sharing that pic is likely to inspire a lot of others as well. I have quite a few ideas for what I'd like to do to him, or have him do to me! LOL!

    I wish I could write short, no matter how quickly I intend a story to be, it always ends up at 100K! It's something I really need to work on. *sigh*


  2. Gianna,

    I love longer works, but I do enjoy taking a break and finishing something NOW. Short stories give me that luxury. I know...patience is a I struggle with. Mr. Byung-hun could inspire 100K plus. ;-)


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