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Simply Sexy Stories Welcomes K.B. Cutter!

NG: I’m welcoming author K. B. Cutter today on Simply Sexy Stories! Happy holidays! Are there any holiday traditions you look forward to this season?

KB: Hi, Nichelle! Many thanks for inviting me to your delicious site. Happy Holidays to you and your readers as well. I have a few but one that I truly enjoy is baking yummy Christmas tree cookies. It's my mom's famous recipe and it would not be the holiday season without tins and tins of the green confection goodness!

NG: Mmm...I love Christmas cookies. Favorite holiday song?

KB: Hmm, toughie. I'd have to go with Johnny Mathis -Winter Wonderland. His velvet voice brings back soo many fond Christmas memories.

NG: Great song! Finish this sentence: The holidays would not be the same without...

KB: Christmas tree cookies!!!!!

NG: lol. Let's talk about your work. What do you enjoy the most about being a writer?

KB: The endless realms of creativity the written word has to offer. I can explore any theme I choose in any genre and the only limitation is that if my imagination.

NG: What genre(s) do you write and why?

KB: I have written in every conceivable genre and cross genre. I feel comfortable tackling multiple genres as long as my characters speak truthfully in my head (along with the other voices!) However, my first published work was a contemporary piece.

NG: How long did it take for you to become published?

KB: 20 years. Ha! Not really, like I said before, I've written many a story, but only had the nerve to actually submit my work in May of this year. So, from conception to publishing, it was about 2 months!!!

NG: What's the one thing you wished you had known about the publishing world before you got into the biz?

KB:Self-promotion. It starts BEFORE your story is published. I wish I would have mastered the various forms of social media and web/blog building prior to submission. I'm still working on that. Sheesh.

NG: Any advice you’d like to share with aspiring authors?

KB: I know its going to sound trite and cliche, but here it goes: Write…write..WRITE!

NG: What are you working on for the New Year?

KB: Geez, what am I NOT working on. I have two manuscripts that are commanding most my attention. One is about a wise-ass sorceress who gets into all kinds of mischief. She is a cross between Morgan Le Fay and Sam Spade! The other is about the confrontation between the Agents of Light and Darkness, a showdown heralding a possible global apocalypse, you know , light fluff!

NG: You're are busy! Let's talk about your scorching new contemporary release Summer Heat. In five sentences or less, share what this sizzling tale is about.

KB: It's about friendship, love and human sexuality. It touches on themes of marital conflict, pathos and a dash of humor mixed with healthy dose of steamy sex!

NG: What inspired you to pen this story?

KB: I wanted to do something completely different (cue Monty Python!) Most of my previous work was dark, gritty, neo-noir flavored drama. I wanted to challenge myself and write a tale that I normally would not write or read!

NG: What’s the one thing readers can always count on when they pick up a book written by you?

KB: A sense of humor amidst whatever chaos or drama my characters find themselves embroiled in. I think its important to have a light heated moment or bit of banter among the deadly serious gravitas or hot intertwine of bodies!

NG: I agree! Thank you so much for stopping by Simply Sexy Stories, KB!

KB: Thank you so very much for having me here. Very brave of you to let me babble on! I'd like to include a tasty, hot excerpt and give away a free copy of Summer Heat, which if you'll indulge me in a bit more self promotion- is burning up Amazon Kindle- to one of your readers who leaves a snappy comment.

NG: Promote away and congrats on the success of Summer Heat!

Summer: Brilliant blue sky, pristine sandy beach, the tang of brine wafting through the air. Hard bodies splashing in the surf. Cool drinks in frosted glasses, what more could one want? For Madison and Kate, two intimately close friends, it is Paradise.
Madison left her troubles behind on the mainland, so why was she still plagued by them? Why couldn’t she be more like Kate, uninhibited, sexually confident? This was supposed to be a relaxing beach getaway, so why wasn’t it?

Madison didn’t have the answers; distracted by her pending divorce, angst over her own sexuality and Kate’s body and scorching libido, how could she think straight? Coupled with a chance encounter with a local Surfer Boy, sexually charged erotic fantasy collides with reality.

And as the sun heats up the beach, the passion between Kate and Madison grows twice as hot.

Caution! Scorching Hot Excerpt Below:
"Are you thinking about his cock?"

I choked on my drink, nearly spitting it all over myself.

"What?" I croaked as slivers of ice dribbled down my chin.

"You heard me, Maddie. Don't think for a second I didn't see you checking out Surfer Boy's package."

"Gimme a break, Kate; I was admiring the ocean view."

I could almost see her mischievous green eyes narrowing to slits behind the Anne Klein sunglasses.

"Whatever you say; have another drink."

"I will since you made me spit up most of the first one on my chest."

Kate lifted her sunglasses, glancing at my wet skin. "Hmm, maybe I'll saunter down and get Surfer Boy to lick up the rest of the tequila off your boobs. Wouldn't that be yummy, eh, Maddie?"

I couldn't speak. An image flashed in my mind: Surfer Boy's blond and sculpted body leaning over me. His moist skin glistening from the ocean, the tang of brine and coconut-scented suntan oil filling my nostrils as his tongue traces the contours of my slick breasts—while Kate watched.

"Yup, thought you might like that idea, babe."

I shook myself from my reverie.

"Excuse me?" I muttered. My face felt hot, flushed. Heat blossomed in my loins, and not from the sun.

"Maddie. Please, girlie-girl. Who are you kidding? You're getting red as a beet, and your nipples are going to pop off."

My fingers instinctively brushed over my bikini top. My nipples were erect, straining against the tight fabric. Only Kate could make me react so viscerally with mere words.

Kate stood and hoisted her red plastic cup skyward. "THAR SHE BLOWS!"

I wanted to curl up and slither away. I smacked Kate's ass. "C'mon, Ahab, you lush, sit down; people are staring."

She looked down at me and winked. "Let 'em stare, hon. Check out the goods. I don't go to the gym five days a week for my health."

I gritted my teeth. Kate didn't look like a woman on the cusp of forty, far from it. She was winning the battle against age while I fought mine to a standstill. I felt uneasy, almost nauseous. Kate was with me, and we were a couple, but her unabashed exhibitionism and attraction to both sexes was sometimes hard for me to accept.

Jealousy—such a useless emotion.

Shit, Maddie, I told myself, you're on holiday, lighten up a bit. Stop being so introspective. "Uh, Kate, You might want to rethink that last statement."

"Oh. Yeah. Duh, shit, Mrs. Spock, you all logic, all the time. You know what I mean. I work hard for this body. Little eye candy for the men, ya know, brightens their day, for the ladies too. You keep smacking my ass, I might have to reciprocate." Kate smiled, her head jauntily cocked to one side, her sunglasses perched on her dark hair.

She certainly is a cutie. No. She is gorgeous.

Kate's physicality was the personification of beauty, her supple form—lean, athletic breasts high and pert, her ass perfectly rounded—left little room for doubt that she was the living, breathing embodiment of feminine perfection.
Heat spread throughout my body. Jesus, I must really look like a lobster now.

Kate licked her lips. Her gaze held mine. "You remember our wild and youthfully exuberant college days, Maddie, one day in particular, my sweet?" Her voice was low, husky—her seductive bedroom voice—incongruous here, in the blazing July sun.

"How could I forget?" I whispered almost inaudibly as the Atlantic crashed into the shoreline.

The day you seduced me.

Kate sat and leaned in close. I breathed in her scent—soap and tanning lotion.

My head spun; my breath hitched in my throat. I felt lightheaded.

"Maybe we can recreate that day?" Her lips brushed against mine, like the gossamer wings of a butterfly.

I shivered. Memories flooded my mind, a deluge of sexual angst and tension followed by sweet orgasmic release.

All from the taste of her lips.

"It doesn't take much to start your engine, Maddie."

I managed a weak smile. My body still trembled from her kiss. "Yeah, I'm a mechanic's dream. A little lube and I crank right over.

Kate laughed. Her eyes sparkled like the blue-green water of the sea. "Speaking of crank shafts, Surfer Boy's heading our way."

I squinted, shielding the glare of the sun with my hand. Yes, he was. I could practically smell Kate going into heat.

"No wonder you were gawking at his junk, Maddie. I mean, it's gotta to be at least six inches, flaccid, no less."

I rolled my eyes. I had to admit, the bulge in the front of his snug Tommy Bahamas' was impressive.

"It's got to be a nine, ten-incher, easy, when hard, don'tcha think?"

I sighed loudly but grinned inside. The minute the plane had landed, Kate quickly shed her façade of cultured sophistication

"To recap, I was not staring at his penis. In addition, I'm not sure how long his erect dick would be. Maybe you should ask him. I'll fetch a tape measure, if you'd like."

"Dick? Did you say dick? What, are you still in fifth grade? No, that is not a dick. That, my friend, is a cock!"

She did have a point. "Uh-oh, Kate. Bimbo alert!" A young nubile thing in a pink bikini intercepted Surfer Boy. Though a young, nubile thing clad in pink dental floss was a more apt description.

Kate growled. "You know what this means, Maddie. The bitch has to die!"

"Yup, I'll get the duct tape and handcuffs; you score a shovel and some quicklime."

We looked at each other and started to snigger as if we had never left the fifth grade.

"Oh, Kate, how old is she? Eighteen? What could he possibly see in her?"

Kate snorted derisively. "See in her? Nothing, but be in her, yeah. She'd ride his long-board like a champ."

"And you wouldn't?"

Kate sighed. "I'd ride atop him like a bucking bull."

I winced. "I think you're mixing your metaphors."

Kate scrunched up her face. Her brow furrowed as her pink tongue darted out from the corner of her mouth. "Yeah, you're right. I'm so not the English major."

She looked so adorable I wanted to kiss her. I steadied myself. With the tequila and hot sun coupled with her kick-ass body, I might want to do more than lip lock.

Deciding I had better lay off the margarita mix, I rummaged in the cooler for a Poland Spring. As I brought the cool drink to my lips, I watched Kate's chest heave, the spherical perfections rising and falling in time with the waves slapping the shoreline. Her nipples jutted against the tight cotton fabric. Her libido, always on a low simmer, fast approached the boiling point. My mouth suddenly felt as if it were stuffed with cotton. I drank half the bottle of water in one long pull.

I mulled over my options. I could continue to lie here, basking in the sun, simmering in my own juices, or I could just tap her shoulder, give her the look and we would race back to the beach house, strip off our clothes and molest each other with wanton abandon. I became moist thinking about her mouth upon mine, her hands caressing my breasts. My pelvis pressed against hers, as I grabbed her ass, inhaling her musky desire.

I finished the water. It did little to cool me down. Kate still stared at Surfer Boy, who stood several yards away, chatting up the girl. No doubt Kate was planning a gruesome demise for Little Ms. Stick-Bitch.

I shouldn't harbor any ill will toward the girl; I didn't even know her, except to be envious of her youth and lissome form. I studied the bimbo from behind, admiring the supple cheeks, the cleft of her ass perfectly cleaved by the flimsy thong of the bikini. She had guts wearing it, but if my ass were as firm, I would shake my moneymaker as well.

I settled into my beach chair, enjoying the warmth of the afternoon sun, the soothing, organic lullaby of the softly murmuring waves, and lapped up the sight of pink perfection.

Summer Heat is available now with Noble Romance Publishing, Amazon and many more!

Still curious about K.B. Cutter?
Go to: &
***Don't forget one lucky commenter will win a copy of Summer Heat!***
Winner will be announced on Tuesday, Dec. 14th!


  1. Oh, wow. I wish I had something clever to say, but I'm too busy watching snow fry through the window thanks to your excerpt. (My computer is putting off some HEAT - what a SCORCHER!) I love humor, and you nailed it. On my TBR list for sure!

  2. Hi Sarah, thanks much for taking the time to stop by and for the kind words. I have a quirky sense of humor and I like to infuse some of my charters with it. I'm glad it translates well on the page!

  3. KB! Summer Heat is a great story and I'm glad it's doing well in the market. And if you wouldn't mind...pass some of those cookies my way. I hate baking! ;-)


  4. Thank ye kindly! I'm extremely pleased my little tale has done well. Beyond my expectations. Hmm, gonna be tough, but I think I can part with a few extra cookies!

  5. Hey, what's wrong with calling it a dick? It seems to me to be a perfectly descriptive word that clearly conveys the message! Holy cow, these two women are great. I want to know how it ends.

  6. Hi Jen,

    No worries. Dick. Cock, s'all good. However, I prefer cock. It has a certain masculine ring to it, a more visceral,descriptive je ne sais quoi.

    Thank you, very kind. Hey, Jen, ya just might win a copy. Thanks for the comment!

  7. Thanks for the laugh. I was logging off and saw your comment. I am currently reading a book that refers to it as a pole. There is NO je ne sais quoi to that!

  8. Sarah, Margie & Jen,

    Thanks so much for stopping by! Good luck with the contest! ;)

  9. Big thank you for Nichelle for hosting me here and being really nice to let me babble on. Thanks to Sarah, Jen B and Margie for taking the time to stop by and leave a comment.

    Jen B- Pole? I nearly spit out my coffee reading that. That is one of the most UN-sexy adjectives to describe the male anatomy.

    So, in honor of almost spraying my laptop screen with Java, I would like to send you a copy of Summer Heat. Please send me your e-mail to and I'll zip you off a copy of Summer Heat!

    Thanks again y'all! Happy Holidays!

  10. HAWT excerpt!! Loved your interview (Johnny Mathis has such a smoooooooth voice, doesn't he?). Good luck with your release.


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