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Simply Sexy Stories Welcomes Tonya Callihan!

NG: I’m welcoming author Tonya Callihan today on Simply Sexy Stories! Happy holidays! Are there any holiday traditions you look forward to this season?

TC: Thank you for having me and Happy Holidays to you all as well. My favorite tradition is making candy with my family, decorating the tree. My mom’s tree is full of decorations her three children have made over the years. After my mom and step-dad put the tree up and lights on we decorate.

NG: Mmm...homemade candy! Favorite holiday song?

TC: Frosty the Snowman and I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Clause.

NG: Finish this sentence: The holidays would not be the same without...

TC: Mamaw Sarah, she was diagnosed with colon-rectal cancer on October 18, 2010. She recently finished chemo and radiation. She’s still weak but has high spirits.

NG: I'm so glad she's doing well. This will be a very special Christmas for your family! Let's talk about your writing. What do you enjoy the most about being a writer?

TC: Meeting new people, every character becomes a great friend by the end of the book. Plus I love stories, I love the escape being a writer offers.

NG: What genre(s) do you write and why?

TC: I write paranormal, I’ve always loved vampires. I also write contemporary, mainly men in uniform or cowboys, something about them gets my wheels turning. And I have just started to dabble in erotic. It’s new territory to me, but it’s fun learning :)

NG: How would you describe your writing process?

TC: I don’t kno
w that I really have a process. I just sit down and write when I have the urge to. I try not to force myself to write, then I forget every idea I had and freeze up. If I write a few paragraphs or pages whenever I have an idea than I find I get more done that way. And I usually get more writing done in the winter and when it rains. Rain is soothing and the words flow.

NG: I love writing when it rains too. What's the one thing you wished you had known about the publishing world before you got into the biz?

TC: How hard it is. I knew it wouldn’t be easy. But I never realized how much you really have to put into this. It’s like having a second full-time job, most weeks you put more into your writing and promoting than anything else. Also, I never realized how hard all of the editors and publishers and everyone involved in getting a book out works. Without those men and women and the efforts and the passion they have for this business we would be lost. So thanks, especially to my publisher, Secret Cravings Publishing and the wonderful people and authors involved, you’ve become my second family.

NG: Any advice you’d like to share with aspiring authors?

TC: Never give up and never get a big head. It’s a hard business, but if you are serious about it and join groups and ask questions when you need to, you meet a lot of great friends to help you along the way.

NG: What are you working on for the New Year?

TC: I’m finishing up my Night Pleasures Series and I have a couple of other WIP’s, a Men In Uniform Series I would like to start as well.

NG: Plenty to keep you busy in 2011! Let's talk your scorching new release entitled Night Promises. In five sentences or less, share what this sexy tale is about.

TC: It’s the first book in my Night Pleasures series. Night Pleasures is a nightclub owned by human, Kelly and her vampire best friend, Mac. Night Promises will also introduce you to Connor, a vampire who turns out to be Kelly’s life mate and to Micah, Connor’s best friend, also a vampire, who is certain Mac is his life mate. Kelly’s sister is murdered in the story and later Kelly and new employee, human, Cammie’s lifes are at stake, it takes the three vampires in her life to save them. It also sets up the scene for book two, letting the reader know, more is to come, you will see Mac and Micah’s story and you will see Cammie’s story.

NG: What inspired you to pen this sizzling story?

TC: I had read an online article about a sex club in New York ran by Mistress Wanda, it was fascinating. About a month later I got the idea for Night Pleasures and I knew that that article has inspired this story. The first book was the easiest to write once I figured out the basis of the story and had the characters in play. It was like Connor and Kelly had been waiting to tell everyone about their lives.

NG: So, cool! What’s the one thing readers can always count on when they pick up a book written by you?

TC: They won’t be able to put it down, there is suspense from the beginning until the end. My characters are fresh and you can relate to them.

NG: What more could readers want? :) Thank you so much for stopping by Simply Sexy Stories, Tonya!

TC: Thanks for having me, it was so much fun!!

Blurb: Kelly O’Keefe first met a vampire when she was twelve. Now the pair are best friends and have opened Night Pleasures, an underground club that caters to vampires and their needs. When Kelly’s sister is murdered, she finds herself working with Connor, a vampire she's been in love with for months. Unable to trust men, let alone a vampire, can she let him help her solve her sister’s murder?

Connor has been watching after Kelly for seven months with the help of his sire and
best friend Micah. Connor has kept himself at a distance even though he knows they
are life mates. He's afraid of losing control and turning Kelly against her will. When he learns Kelly plans on investigating her sister’s death, he steps in and allows himself to get close to her.

But how close is too close?

Caution! Steamy Excerpt Below:
Connor knew she was coming, he could smell her before she opened the door. He was sitting on the couch, legs stretched out, arms spread across the back of the couch.
Kelly caught her breath as she stepped into the room. His eyes were back to light brown; she had never seen them darker than they had been just a moment ago. Did that mean he was hungry for her blood? Did he want sex? One would think that working in this environment she would know. But truth be told, she had never been alone with or this close to a male vampire before.

“Sit down Kelly.” He looked amused. “I’m not going to do anything you don’t want me to do.” That was the safest line he could use.

“Okay.” Kelly sat beside him on the couch and slipped her sandals off. Being on her feet all night, she appreciated the break. “You said we had to talk about my sister.”

“I know what you’re up to.” He wanted to touch her but restrained himself for now.

Kelly looked at him, “You can read minds then?”

“No, thankfully.”

“Then how do you know what I am up to?”

“Micah can read minds. He was here earlier tonight, heard what you were planning to do, and informed me.”

“Why would he inform you?”

He was amazed she wasn’t upset about Micah interrupting her thoughts but wanted to know why Connor needed this info.

“It came up,” he shrugged. “You are stepping into some very dangerous territory. You could get yourself killed.”

“I know that!” she exclaimed, crossing her arms. “But I owe Tammy. She never would have known that vamps existed if it weren’t for me.” Kelly stood and began to pace the small room. “I got my sister killed. Don’t you understand?” She turned to him. “She would still be alive and working if it weren’t for me, Connor.”

He stood. “You cannot blame yourself.” He again resisted the urge to touch her. “It could have happened if she knew about us and it could have happened if she didn’t know,” he tried to assure her.

“I have a strong feeling that a vampire I know, one who comes to my club, is responsible for this. Besides, I don’t need you to babysit me.” She turned for the door, but he beat her to it. “Get out of my way,” she said between gritted teeth.
“No!” This time he did touch her cheek, slightly. “You smell like sunshine.” He leaned closer to her.

“Give me a break. I have guys trying those lines on me every night.” She tried to push him away, but he only grinned.

“I’m stronger than you, Kelly. You can fight me all you want, but I’m not moving.” This time, he placed his thumb on her pulse. “It’s racing,” he whispered. “I can hear it racing every time I’m near you.”

“What’s it like?” Kelly asked, “Being a vampire?”

“Not much difference really, but I can hear sounds miles away, see past the stars, fly above the clouds, and taste every flavor in ones blood, kiss, and body.” He gave her body a glance, down then up again.

“I’ve never been with a vampire,” she blurted.

“Never?” he asked, half-shocked and half-relieved.

“No, never even kissed one.” she laughed at herself.

“Can I ask why?” Connor rubbed his hand down her neck and across the swell of her breasts. He asked the question, but he felt he already knew the answer. He needed to hear her say it.

“Because I only want you,” she confessed taking a step back. “I’m sorry, that was really forward.” She crossed her arms again.

“That’s okay.” He stepped closer to her. “Being forward is a good thing, especially when I don’t have Micah here telling me what you are thinking.”

“Oh,” she laughed a little shakily. “I should probably get back out there.”

“Don’t.” He placed a hand on her stomach to stop her. Connor knew better; he knew he should just let her go. She was better off if he didn’t take from her. Being his mate and being a full moon he could lose control and turn her against her will. He couldn’t do that, not to her.

“Does it hurt?”

“No, it’s very pleasurable for both.” He reached over and dimmed the lights. “Let me pleasure you, Kelly,” he whispered before placing his lips over hers and sucking her bottom lip into his mouth. Then his tongue was dancing with hers. Connor cupped her right breast and felt her nipple come to life under his thumb.

“Oh, wow.” Kelly murmured against his mouth.

“This is just the start,” he promised, pushing her back against the wall. “Just relax,” he soothed, giving her neck an open-mouthed kiss. “I would never do anything to harm you,” he promised.

“I trust you.” She gripped his hips and forced her body to relax when she spotted his fangs.

Connor felt her tense, “I’m going to take you places you’ve never been, Kelly.” He pushed the top of her dress down to find her completely naked and greedily sucked her nipple into his mouth.

Kelly brought her hands up to grip his head and held him closer to her body, letting a moan escape.

After giving the same attention to her other nipple, Connor began kissing his way up her chest to her neck, where her pulse wildly raced, and he quickly pierced her skin. Kelly called out, shouting his name as her body began to shake, the beginning of a wonderful orgasm. She felt the blood flowing out of her body and into his mouth. The thought of him tasting her, every flavor, caused her toes to curl. She moaned and grasped him tighter as her powerful orgasm overwhelmed her body.
“Connor,” she mumbled, “weak,” moaning in pleasure and a bit of pain.

Night Pleasures is available now with Secret Cravings Publishing!
Still curious about Tonya Callihan? Check out her website: & blog:

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