Friday, December 30, 2011

Best of 2011!!

I'm thrilled to announce Hearts & Diamonds placed on Miz Love's Best of 2011!
Hearts & Diamonds was named Best Contemporary 2011!

I'm thrilled to be included on this list with some other fabulous authors!

To celebrate, I'm going to give away a copy of Hearts & Diamonds to the first person to correctly guess what interrupts Nia and Quin's first steamy kiss!

**Hint** You can find the answer by clicking this link (and reading the excerpt)!

Leave your answer below with your email addy for a chance to win!

I'll announce a winner tomorrow by 7 p.m. CST!!
Here's to 2012!!


Friday, December 23, 2011

Happy Holidays!!

I'm extending my warmest wishes to you, however you choose to spend the last days of December! Take five minutes and come see my last post for 2012 over on Hitting the Hot-Spot!

I want to thank YOU...yes, you for reading! I got a little sentimental, but hey...'Tis the season! I'm also spreading good cheer and having a contest for As You Desire, coming January 16th with Total E-Bound!

Love, Peace & Joy,

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

12 Days of Blissemas!

Welcome! It's my turn to say Merry Blissemas!! What better way to do that than with a song? Here's my very special rendition of...

12 Days of Blissemas!

On the 1st day of Blissemas my lover gave to me: 
A kiss on my rosy cheek!


On the 2nd day of Blissemas my lover gave to me: 
2 tender hugs

and a kiss on my rosy cheek!

On the 3rd day of Blissemas my lover gave to me:
3 inch heels

2 tender hugs
and a kiss on my rosy cheek!

On the 4th day of Blissemas my lover gave to me:
4 teasing licks

3 inch heels
2 tender hugs
and a kiss on my rosy cheek!

On the 5th day of Blissemas my lover gave to me:
5 nipple rings

4 teasing licks
3 inch heels
2 nipple rings
and a kiss on my rosy cheek!

On the 6th day of Blissemass my lover gave to me:
6 inches and growing

5 nipple rings
4 teasing licks
3 inch heels
2 tender hugs
and a kiss on my rosy cheek!

On the 7th day of Blissemas my lover gave to me:
7 wands for wielding

6 inches and growing
5 nipple rings
4 teasing licks
3 inch heels
2 tender hugs
and a kiss on my rosy cheek!

On the 8th day of Blissemas my lover gave to me:
8 minutes a-moaning

7 wands for wielding
6 inches and growing
5 nipple rings
4 teasing licks
3 inch heels
2 tender hugs
and a kiss on my rosy cheek!

On the 9th day of Blissemas my lover gave to me:
9 sighs with panting

8 minutes a-moaning
7 wands for wielding
6 inches and growing
5 nipple rings
4 teasing licks
3 inch heels
2 tender hugs
and a kiss on my rosy cheek!

On the 10th day of Blissemas my lover gave to me:
10 thrusts slow stroking

9 sighs with panting
8 minutes a-moaning
7 wands for wielding
6 inches and growing
5 nipple rings
4 teasing licks
3 inch heels
2 tender hugs
and a kiss on my rosy cheek!

On the 11th day of Blissemas my lover gave to me:
11 minutes more of fucking

10 thrusts slow stroking
9 sighs with panting
8 minutes a-moaning
7 wands for wielding
6 inches and growing
5 nipple rings
4 teasing licks
3 inch heels
2 tender hugs
and a kiss on my rosy cheek!

On the 12th day of Blissemas my lover gave to me:
12 seconds of cumming

11 more pumps of fucking
10 thrusts slow stroking
9 sighs with panting
8 minutes a-moaning
7 wands for wielding
6 inches and growing
5 nipple rings
4 teasing licks
3 inch heels
2 tender hugs 

and a kiss on my rosy cheek!

Happy Holidays!! May you enjoy every moment of the season whether it be naughty or nice!


Don't forget to leave a comment to enter into the Blissemas contest to win a Kindle! Go to for all the details and marvelous authors participating in this event!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Future Present By Shermaine Williams!

Blurb: Anna Weston is happy with her life--she loves her job and lives in a lovely home with her wonderful boyfriend, Robert. Although, if there was one little thing that she could change, it would be for him to make the relationship official.

While Robert is engrossed in his work, a proposal doesn't appear to be on the cards so Anna busies herself with Christmas preparations. At least she can ensure that their first Christmas alone together will be a romantic one.

However, she doesn't expect the appearance of Harris in her life. If she's not careful, Robert's handsome and charming colleague could ruin everything.


Sexy, Snow-melting Excerpt Below:
Her ankle boots had been ideal for going from the house to the car, but Anna quickly discovered that they couldn’t quite handle the deep, unspoilt layer of snow that blanketed the back garden. However, she persevered despite her trousers becoming heavy with gathering snow.

Focused on a mature tree in the manageable distance, close to a fence of wooden horizontal slats, she was determined to make it there. An encounter with Harris would be delayed by reaching the tree before turning back. Raising her feet high made for an ungainly stride through the snow, but she felt increasingly relaxed as she got further from the house.

The crunch of footsteps behind her stopped her heart for a moment. An ominous cold swept through her that had nothing to do with the weather. Stopping to look over her shoulder, she confirmed her fear before continuing to struggle along her chosen route. Harris continued to follow.

“No welcome party?” he asked after several silent paces.

Yards from the tree, Anna turned and held him with a stare laced with as much scorn as she could muster.

Harris responded with a malevolent grin, remaining as he shook his head gave an exaggerated tut. “I’m disappointed, darling.”

“Don’t call me darling,” she growled, through clenched teeth.

His expression darkened, his eyes narrowing slightly as the muscles in his jaw tightened. “No problem.” He smiled. “Good afternoon, Ms. Weston. How are you?”

His greeting sounded genuine and made her heart pound, pumping a rhythm to her nipples that stiffened beneath her layers despite her surprise that he knew her surname.

She looked past him to see only an expanse of white leading to the redbrick house. “Where’s Jodie?” she demanded, ignoring his question and the treachery of her body.

“We broke up,” he replied bluntly.

Anna watched him closely, suspicion mingling with pity to prevent her offering comfort. She couldn’t shake the thought that it was a lie designed for manipulation. “Sorry to hear that,” she finally affirmed in a level voice.

He shook his head dismissively, a crooked smile curling his lips. “It means I’m free for you whenever you like.”

Taken aback, Anna was silent for a moment, realizing his intention extended beyond making her squirm. “It was a mistake.” Anna turned to continue to the tree, but lost her footing as the endless dense ice like quicksand claimed one of her feet.

Harris caught her hand as she swayed, aiding her balance and sending a river of heat streaming along her arm to flood her body. “A mistake?” He sounded offended, but quickly recovered to add, “Is that why you came so hard?”

Having walked hand in hand the last few steps to the tree, Anna snatched her hand away and used the broad trunk for support. Anna studied the bark, admiring the snowflakes in its grooves as Harris’ words floated around her. Whispered reminders of her powerful climax leaving him with scratches and near deafness in one ear made the simmering pleasure in the pit of her stomach roll down to make her clit throb.

Future Present is available now with Phaze Books!
Buy it HERE! 

Shermaine was sweet enough to share her favorite muffin recipe!

Cinnamon muffins
1 cup/140g wholewheat flour

3 tbsp/42g sugar

½ cup/140ml milk

1 egg

½ tbsp baking powder

Pinch of salt

1 tsp lemon juice

2 tsp ground cinnamon

1/8 cup/30ml soy or sunflower oil

Makes about 8 large muffins

Ideal for those of you - like me - who possess both scant patience and a raging sweet tooth. A lovely variation is to omit the cinnamon and stir in a handful of cranberries for a sweet Christmas treat!

Pre-heat the oven to 400Mix all the dry ingredients together and, in a separate bowl, blend together all the wet ingredients. Gradually add the wet mixture to the dry while continually stirring to create a smooth mixture that is free from lumps.

Pour into a muffin tin (paper cases are so much easier than greasing it), ensuring it is shared as equally as possible.

Pop the tray into the oven and bake for about 20 minutes. Check they are done by sticking in a tooth pick and checking that it comes out clean.

* * * *

Thanks for sharing the recipe and the delicious excerpt, Shermaine, happy holidays!!

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My December Newsletter Is Out!

Hear ye, hear ye!

My December newsletter is now available!

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Have a great week!


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Seduced By The Gingerbread Man!!

I decided to go naughty with this six taken again from my erotic fairy tale The Gingerbread Tryst!! I'm convinced naughty is so much more fun than nice. ;-)

Warmest wishes to you and yours this holiday season!

“Please . . . .” Marisa moaned, quivering as he tweaked one rock hard nipple. She knew she should resist this crazy magic, but she couldn’t when her body craved more.

She remained still, staring up at him, captivated by his touch, mesmerized by his beauty.

“I’m going to pound your pussy until you can’t take it anymore,” he whispered in her ear. He picked up a bag of red frosting and began piping the sugary cream around each areola, leaving the puckered nipples bare.

Running his hand down the sides of her hips, he moved his fingers over the lacy material covering her sex.

Wanna read more?
Click here for a decadent sneak peek!

The Gingerbread Tryst is available with Noble RomanceAmazon and other e-retailers!

Check out more 
Six Sentence Sunday offerings!
Go to the official website
for a list of all participants!

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Stuff Your Stocking Blog Hop!

195 Authors Participating!
Two winners will win a copy of As You Wish & The Gingerbread Tryst from me!

Check out some of the fabulous prizes to be won!

~$450+ In Gift Cards to Amazon, B&N, ARe, and Other Publisher Sites
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Each participating author is holding a contest on their blog with so many prezzies up for grabs, you'll have to see it to believe it! 

The contest started Friday, December 16, 2011 and will run until midnight Sunday, December 18, 2011.

Go to and click on all of the author's names for even more chances to win various prizes!

How can you win my contest?

Simply share your favorite holiday treat below and be sure to leave your email addy!

Happy Holidays!


Birthday Fun & Blog Talk Radio!!

Yesterday, I celebrated my birthday!!

I'm still in the partying mood which means there's still for you to win my Birthday Bash grand prize! One extremely lucky winner will get a chance to win three of my books. The winner will get to choose the titles!!

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This contest will run through December 24th and one lucky winner will be selected on December 25th!!

Now, for another little bit of fun! I was recently interviewed by Courtney Breazile for Total-E-Talk! She asked me some great questions and I hope you'll tune in to hear me answer them!

Plus, you'll get to hear me sing my favorite Christmas carol!

Click here to be taken to the radio interview! Come listen know you want to hear my voice!  ;)

Good luck to all my contest participants and Happy Holidays!!


Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Christmas Spirits: Tomorrow's Gifts by Lisabet Sarai!

Blurb: Michael loves his burly, powerful partner Neil, but he's too embarrassed to share his secret fantasies of submission and surrender. Frustrated and confused, he wonders whether he and Neil really belong together.

Then, on Christmas Eve, Michael receives a visit from a sexy Dom, Thorne Wilder, who claims to be his lover from the future. Thorne shows Michael scenes from a wild life of sexual excess that he claims they'll share if he breaks up with Neil.

Should Michael trust the ghost of Christmas future, or does his true future lie with Neil?


Sexy, Snow-melting Excerpt Below:

“So, Michael. Have you been a good little boy?” Neil loomed over me, one hand against the wall on either side of my head. “Do you deserve the goodies that Santa’s brought for you?” Leaning forward, he trailed a wet tongue up my neck, from my open collar to just below my earlobe. When I squirmed in response, he flattened his pelvis against the lump growing in my jeans and fastened his mouth on mine. The fake beard got in the way. He ripped it off and resumed kissing me, while his hands slipped around me to cup my ass.

I loved the way Neil kissed with his full body, investing his entire being in the process. I snuggled against his red felt jacket, allowing him to take possession of my mouth. His kisses were deep, wet, full of soul. They made me light-headed. They made me hard. I could taste the beer he had drunk at the party and the peppermint candy cane that we’d shared on the way home, but underneath there was the familiar flavour of Neil, my housemate, friend and lover.

I forced my hand between our bodies and fumbled at his zipper. “Oh, are you being a naughty little boy?” he breathed in my ear. “Santa will have to punish you.”

His words thrilled me. Oh, if only he would make good on his threats! I knew from experience that he was only teasing, though. But maybe tonight would be different. With the holiday high, the post-party buzz, maybe tonight he’d give me what I craved.

I wrenched his fly open and wriggled through the opening in his briefs until I had what I wanted―the silky sensation of his cock-skin under my fingers. My own cock throbbed as I stroked him, marvelling at the contrast between the rock-hard flesh underneath and the satin-smooth layer that enclosed it.

I wanted to sink to my knees and suck him, right there in the hallway. I wanted him to fuck my mouth until I gagged then drown me in his cum. Instead, he extricated my hand from his trousers and squeezed it affectionately. “Let’s go to bed, baby. Let’s get naked.”

I followed him down the corridor to the back of the flat. By the time I reached the bedroom, the Santa costume was a crumpled scarlet heap in one corner. Neil stood by the side of the bed, hands on his hips, his cock jutting proudly from the black tangle at his groin. He was a fearsome sight, a towering six foot four with thighs like tree trunks and arms that could crush you to a pulp. It’s true, there were a few smile lines around his full mouth―he was thirty six, after all―but I thought they gave his face character. He was still the powerful, bear-like guy I’d fallen in love with three years ago.

Before he knew what was happening, I was at his feet. I grabbed his cock and swallowed it whole, burying my nose in the fragrant, curly hair at its root. My balls tightened as I was washed in his scent. He moaned and jerked his hips, ramming the bulb against the back of my throat. My cock surged. When he heard me gag, though, Neil retreated, pulling halfway out of my mouth. I sucked him back in, swirling my tongue around his shaft, trying to make him lose control.

It didn’t work. He pumped in and out of my mouth with measured thrusts, careful not to plunge too deep. I reached between his legs, stroked his balls, brushed my finger across his sphincter, urged the tip inside. Neil groaned and clenched his cheeks together, trapping my hand. But he didn’t let go the way I wanted him to. He didn’t go crazy. He didn’t grab my hair and ram his cock down my throat, the way I’d imagined.

So, did that get you in the mood for the holidays? ;^)

Maybe this cookie recipe will help! I'm not much of a baker, but I sometimes make cookies as holiday gifts for co-workers. This recipe, from The Joy of Cooking by Irma S. Rombauer and Marion Rombauer Becker, is one of my favorites – because it's so easy! I've included some variations that I've tried, in italics.

Quick Oatmeal Cookies

(Makes about three dozen two inch cookies)

Preheat oven to 350 F.


½ cup brown sugar, firmly packed

½ cup granulated sugar

You can also substitute 2 teaspoons of maple syrup and cut the granulated sugar to ¼ cup.
Cut the milk to 2 teaspoons in this case.

Cream with:

½ cup butter

Combine and beat in until smooth:

1 egg

1 teaspoon vanilla

1 tablespoon milk

Sift together and add to the above ingredients:

1 cup all purpose flour

½ teaspoon soda

½ teaspoon double-acting baking powder

½ teaspoon salt

When beaten smooth, add:

1 cup uncooked quick rolled oats

1 teaspoon grated orange (or lemon) rind

1 teaspoon cinnamon and ½ teaspoon cloves

¼ cup chopped walnuts

¼ cup raisins

Beat the mixture well. Drop cookies two inches apart on a well greased cookie sheet and bake until light brown. (About ten minutes).

Be sure to leave plenty of space between the cookies. They start out as lumps but flatten as they bake. If you don't leave enough space, they run together into ugly (but still delicious) blobs.


* * * *
Want a copy of Tomorrow's Gifts? Just leave a comment below. I'll randomly draw a winner on Sunday the 18th of December. Don't forget to include your email address so I can find you if you win!

Author Bio: A dozen years ago Lisabet Sarai experienced a serendipitous fusion of her love of writing and her fascination with sex. Since then she has published three single author short story collections and six erotic novels, including the BDSM classic Raw Silk. Dozens of her shorter works have been released as ebooks and in print anthologies. She has also edited several acclaimed anthologies and is currently responsible for the altruistic erotica series Coming Together Presents.

Lisabet holds more degrees than anyone needs from prestigious universities who would no doubt be embarrassed by her chosen genre. She loves to travel and currently lives in Southeast Asia with her highly tolerant husband and two cosmopolitan felines. For more information on Lisabet and her writing visit Lisabet Sarai's Fantasy Factory ( or her blog Beyond Romance (

Monday, December 12, 2011

Always Christmas In Lincoln by Victoria Blisse!

Blurb: It isn’t really always Christmas in Lincoln but when Felicity gets her man it feels like it.

Felicity hates Christmas. It reminds her of a traumatic event from her childhood. She thinks the Permanent Christmas shop is tacky, with its windows full of trees and tinsel all year round and would rather it disappeared from her picturesque home town.

When she discovers that Carl, who she lusts over every time she sees him in the tea rooms, is in fact the owner of Ho, Ho, Ho! She’s not quite sure what to think. It takes a sexy meeting in the middle of a fake winter wonderland to make her realise the advantages of Christmas in the middle of summer.

As time passes, Carl and Felicity indulge in more sexy liaisons but as Christmas approaches Felicity doubts whether she is anything more than a sensual distraction for the festive shop owner and when her handsome ex, Sean, sweeps into town on a quest to win her back she finds she has a tough decision to make.

Can Carl and his Christmas cheer win over her hardened heart?

Sexy, Snow-melting Excerpt Below:

“Snowing again,” I said then tutted. We turned our back to the wind and headed towards my home.

“Again,” he said, clasping my hand and pulling me close to him. “It doesn’t seem to have stopped lately.”

Our boots crunched through the new layer of white stuff, illuminated by honeyed street lamps and dancing, chasing Christmas lights. Around us, Christmas glowed. Santas, reindeer, season’s greetings and angels, all lit up, adorned lamp posts and house fronts.

“It’s all very pretty,” I commented to break the silence. “Very Christmassy.”

“Yes,” Carl replied. “I love the festive lights—they lift your mind from the cold and the drudgery of winter and make you think of all things good and warm and loving.”

I looked at him and his smile made me feel all things good and warm and loving. I wanted him—I wanted him then and there, despite the inches of snow and the hard-blowing wind. When we reached my doorway, I stopped.
“Here I am,” I said, redundantly. “Thanks for walking me home.”

I lifted myself onto my tiptoes to kiss him. He bent as he kissed me back so that my feet were in contact with the floor again, even if the rest of me soared away with the arousal that coursed through my veins. Snowflakes melted on our cheeks during our deep kiss.

Our lips didn’t stop moving, our arms joined us together, wrapping us in a cocoon of desire where we barely noticed the noise of the wind whipping past. Finally we parted, just to take a quick, shuddering breath. I realised how cold my toes were and gasped.

“Would you like to come in for a bit?”

Who knew such a proposition could be put into such simple words.

“Yeah,” he replied. “Why not?”

The door opened eventually. I don’t know if all the shaking was down to the cold or if some of it related to my nerves at bringing Carl into my home. It was clean, at least—I knew that, as I’d given it a good tidy round last night. My mum told me a girl should never live with chaos around her, as eventually it would seep into her soul. It was one thing I’d actually paid attention to.

We paused in the hall to remove our outer layers. Carl was free of his before I’d even taken off my hat! He came over to help me. Gently, he pulled one glove then the other from my hands. The rest of me was still fully clothed, but just revealing the pink of my fingers seemed so intimate. My heart thumped as he stood close and undid the buttons on my coat.

He slipped his hands under the heavy material at my shoulders and pushed it off. I expected him to help me remove the tight-cinched cuffs from my wrists, but he didn’t. He didn’t give me a chance to free myself, either. My hands hung down uselessly behind my back.

He pushed me up against the wall and kissed me roughly, powerfully, and I felt my knees melt beneath me.

He held me up with the pressure of his body—I needed the support as I felt dizzy and hot and weak. It felt so good. I’d never thought about bondage in any deep way before. I’d played with it—who hasn’t? Silly, fluffy handcuffs for Valentine’s Day or a ripped-off tie minutes after he’s returned home from the office. I’d enjoyed it, but never enough to crave more.

With Carl, I wanted more. I felt safe and yet dangerously turned on. I wanted him to use me for his pleasure, to keep me tied up and at his beck and call.

“I could do anything to you and you’d not be able to stop me.” He smiled wickedly.

“Yes,” I gasped, my eyes wide with aroused fear.

“I could rip off your clothes and fuck you here in your hallway,” he whispered temptingly in my ear as he popped open the delicate little buttons on my red spotted blouse. “I could make you suck me, stuff my cock in your mouth or in your cunt or your arse. I could do anything I wanted to you.”

He eased my breasts from within the black satin that encased them. He tweaked my nipples and all I could do was moan. My arms were pressed between the wall and my back. I could have struggled out of my self-inflicted, fifties-style, binding, but I didn’t want to try.

Always Christmas In Lincoln is available now with Total E-Bound Publishing!
Buy it HERE!!

Author Bio:
Victoria Blisse is a mother, wife, Christian, Manchester United fan and erotica writer. She is equally at home behind a laptop or a cooker and she loves to create stories, poems, cakes and biscuits that make people happy. She was born near Manchester, England and her northern English quirkiness shows through in all of her stories. Passion, love and laughter fill her works, just as they fill her busy life. If you want to know more about Victoria and her brand of rosy, raunchy romance please check out her website.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday: Caught By The Gingerbread Man!

Are you feeling festive yet? I hope so. If not, maybe another six lines from The Gingerbread Tryst will help get you in the mood!  

Her heart was pounding so hard she didn’t hear how fast he came up behind her. She let out a yelp when he caught her, lifting her up easily into his strong arms. With her head pressed against his smooth chest she could smell his fragrant skin, the tempting scents of cinnamon and ginger teasing her senses.

He placed her on top of the marble countertop, and Marisa shivered as her laceclad bottom connected with the smooth cold surface. She stared up into his dark brown eyes, marveling at what was happening, somehow accepting the present situation as real. She gazed at his handsome face and warm smile, unable to turn away, even when those lips moved toward her as he bent for a kiss. 

Wanna read more?
Click here for a decadent sneak peek!

The Gingerbread Tryst is available with Noble Romance, Amazon and other e-retailers!

Check out more 
Six Sentence Sunday offerings!
Go to the official website
for a list of all participants!

(These six lines have been edited for 6SS.)

Friday, December 9, 2011


Don't forget to check out the ongoing Blissemas party!

There are lots of great authors giving away fabulous prizes daily and the grand prize winner will walk away with a Kindle!!

Click this link to join the fun and tell a friend!!

Have a great weekend!


Tuesday, December 6, 2011

At long last...~The End~

I'm paying the price right now for staying up to 2:30 in the morning, but I don't care because last night...well, earlier this morning, I finally wrote ~The End~ on my latest contemporary erotic romance!

I'm so excited. I'm far from done with this book, but just writing those two little words feels incredible after working on this story for over six months...six tumultuous months. I actually wondered if I could finish this book. After the summer I've had, I wasn't sure I wanted to, but I love this tale. I wanted to finish it for so many reasons. I'm also thrilled to feature my first full-figured heroine! I'm a curvy girl and I love reading stories about vivacious women who are unabashedly proud of their voluptuous bodies! 

You'll love this has the perfect blend of passion and romance! And best of all...I'm one step closer to submitting it! So, share a toast with me...I'm celebrating the fact that these characters finally got their happy ending! 

Now, for the first set of edits!

I actually like this part...going back to the beginning, getting wrapped up in letting the story and the characters all over again. I love filling in those little details, adding those final touches that bring the story fully to life. At 40K, this is one of my longer works. I'm thinking it'll round out around 50K by the time I get really finished with it.

Hopefully, I can finish my edits by the end of the year. 

I know. The holidays are going to put a serious dent in those plans. That's okay. I'm not gonna rush it. This story

I hope your week is going well!

Don't forget to enter my Birthday Bash contest! You can find all the details on how to win any three of my titles by clicking the cupcake in the upper right hand corner!



Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Best Men Are Made In The Kitchen!

Well, there are only 20 days left until Christmas! I've already pulled out my favorite recipes and cookie cutters to make my most delicious treats for the season! Sadly, I can't share one of my cookies with you, but I can leave you with six more lines from my naughty fairy tale...The Gingerbread Tryst!


Breathing heavily, Marisa stared in shock as a figure began to rise from behind the marble island. Her gingerbread man continued growing in height and thickness as she gripped the counter behind her, transfixed by the magical sight.

She couldn’t take her eyes off the flesh and blood man now standing before her. He had sexy brown skin the color of molasses, soft black curls on the crown of his head, warm brown eyes and a full mouth turned up into the teasing smile she had designed.

Marisa watched him walk toward her with slow, unsteady steps at first as he gained his balance.

“Run, run, run as fast as you can; I’m going to catch you . . . I’m your gingerbread man!”

(These six lines have been edited for 6SS.)

Wanna read more?

Check out more 
Six Sentence Sunday offerings!
Go to the official website
for a list of all participants!

Friday, December 2, 2011

This Week's Hottie Is...

Robin Thicke!!
I fell in love with his voice when I first heard Lost Without You!
I don't do this often, but when I heard that song I went right out and bought Robin's album.
He's got mad vocals...
And he's such a cutie!
Check out his latest track Love After War...I love it!
We all know it's better to make love and not war, but if you end up fighting there's nothing like love after war...

Have a great weekend!!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

December Delights! Prezzies Galore For You!!

It's the first day of December and I'm so excited! December is my favorite month of the year! Not just because of Christmas or the promise of a New Year, but also because it's my birthday month! I'm thankful for every year I get to share my life with the ones I love...this year most of all.

To celebrate the season and my upcoming birthday, I've got contests to share with you!

First, Blissemas!! Victoria Blisse started Blissemas and this year she's being joined by other talented authors, including me, to make this the event of the year! Don't you dare miss out on the chance to meet and greet these authors and win a Kindle!  So, how do you win the grand prize? Simply comment on the Blissemas author of the day for a chance to qualify! My official day is December 21st, but there are authors scheduled every day this month which means there are lots of chances for you to win!

Click here for all of the contest details!

Plus, all month long to celebrate my birthday, you'll also get a chance to win three of my books and you'll get to choose the titles!!

Here's what you need to do in order to be eligible for my Birthday Bash grand prize:

1) Become a blog follower
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3) Join my monthly newsletter!
4) "Like' my Amazon author page!

This contest is for new readers only! If you're already a blog follower, fan or newsletter recipient (THANK YOU SO MUCH!!), please tell your friends about this contest! Contest participants must email me with your blogger name/Facebook name. 

This contest will run through December 24th and one lucky winner will be selected on December 25th!!

Good Luck and Happy Holidays!!


Monday, November 28, 2011

Are You Ready...

For the holiday craze?

Thanksgiving is over and now we're barreling forward into December and I can't believe it! The tree is up, lights have been hung and I am already mixing in Christmas songs with my music. I love the magic of this season!

I think that's why three of my stories are based around the holidays. What's better mixing in those magical holiday elements in a sexy, romantic...erotic tale? I've got three tales that blend all of these components beautifully, like,  The Gingerbread Tryst which was inspired by my love of baking and the classic fairy tale. 

My husband always wants me to make these fragrant cookies and I always pretend I'm not going to do it, but I always do. Anyways, when the idea for this story popped into my mind, I couldn't write it  fast enough! I knew it would be a hot and unique twist to the original story...totally fun!

The storyline for Hearts & Diamonds is centered around Christmas too. The snowy backdrop of the city only heightens the sizzling chemistry between my heroine and hero. Once again, baking cookies leads to another sexy scene in this book.
Hmm...can you tell I have a thing for cookies?  :)

Doll takes place right before New Years...nope, there isn't a cookie scene in this novella, but don't worry it's smokin' hot without the baked goods!

So, tell me, do you look forward to this time of year? Do you have a favorite cookie recipe that you must make every year?

I want to know!

Hope you have a great week,


Monday, November 21, 2011

Monday, Monday...

The countdown to Thanksgiving is on! I'm away from home, enjoying time with my family and I hope you are doing the same! 

I am all mixed up on my days, though, I'm chalking it up to jet lag. I apologize for not getting my Six Sentence Sunday post up yesterday. I look forward to sharing more from the The Gingerbread Tryst next Sunday!

Don't forget to check out the parties going on over at The Romance Studio and The Romance Reviews site! There are lots of prizes to be one from lots of fabulous authors!

Enjoy your day!


Tuesday, November 15, 2011

This Week's Hottie Is...

Ryan Reynolds!!
His role as Hannibal King in Blade Trinty made me a fan...
and the muscles he sported in that film...
Talented actor...Undeniable Hottie!!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Simply Sexy Stories Welcomes Jan Irving!

NG: I’m thrilled to have Jan Irving on Simply Sexy Stories today! Hi, Jan!

JI: Hi there, really nice to be here.

NG: What are you reading right now?

JI: I’m reading two books right now. I’m listening to an audio of Nora Roberts’ Morrigan’s Cross and working on a challenging knit scarf—for knitters, it’s the Linen stitch scarf. And I’m reading Robin Owens’ Heart Journey.

NG: Care to share some of your favorite authors?

JI: I have so many! I have been reading a lot of Nora Roberts lately, J.R. Ward, Robin Owens and Linda Howard occasionally. I like reading series stories, so I usually pick one and read all the books in order. I’ve also recently read some J.C. Owens and Kim Dare. I’m writing a book called The Viking in My Bed right now where the hero is a huge historical romance reader, so I’ve been having fun dropping the names of his favorite authors.

NG: Summer's gone and autumn is here! Which would you rather do? Tumble in the leaves with your sweetie or snuggle by the fire as the snow falls?

JI: I’m more of a snuggler. I have to make myself go out when it’s wet and cold, which is winter here. Not much snow, just very rainy. But I am busy with ceramics or yoga classes so I’m lucky if I have snuggling time.

NG: The holidays are right around the corner...what do you look forward to the most during this time?

JI: I like doing my place to reflect whatever season it is so I’m slowly moving into holiday decorating. Peacock colors and sparkle. It’ll be nice to entertain, good wine and food.

NG: Sounds lovely! I enjoy decorating for the season too! Okay, let's talk about your writing. What genre(s) do you write and why?

JI: I write pretty much all genres. I like challenging myself so there isn’t much I haven’t done so far. Next year I might try Steam punk because I’ve never done that.

NG: What draws you to erotic romantic novels?

JI: I have always primarily read romance and I enjoy slipping into worlds that will touch me, move me and ultimately be uplifting.

NG: Is there any particular word or thing in erotic romance novels that you dislike as a reader?

JI: Occasionally an affection of an author will make it hard to read. I remember this with a certain comedic story I would like to have enjoyed but the story was treated like one joke after another and it got tedious for me.

NG: Describe your writing process...are you a careful plotter or laid back pantster?

JI: I would like to do more with plotting and I intend to. Some of my stories are quite complex. The problem is that I usually am just dying to dive in and start writing.

NG: Has your writing process changed since your first book was published?

JI: I’ve learned a few things such as rewriting and how word count is built. I never thought much of that previously. Now I know what is possible with a story.

NG: What are you working on now?

JI: I’m close to finishing an m/m romance called The Viking in my Bed. It’s about a college boy who wakes up crushed under a sexy Viking warrior. It’s a fun and sexy romp.

NG: The premise sounds very intriguing! Tell me about your latest release! 

JI: I actually have two stories out on the same day. A multicultural m/f BDSM story called His Landlady in the Subspace collection and The Wizard’s Boy, a sexy m/m.

NG: Congrats on them both! Share a little about The Wizard’s Boy.

JI: The Wizard’s Boy is a twist on power dynamics—my powerful young wizard works for the man he loves, who is a sophisticated submissive. He has one night to prove that he can be the master his older lover needs.

NG: the concept! What inspired you to pen this sexy tale?

JI: I wanted to see how this younger man was going to win the submission and respect of an older man. It was a sexy scenario.

NG: What's the one thing readers can always count on when picking up one of your books?

JI: I think at the heart of all my books is tenderness.

NG: Aww...I love that! Give me three reasons readers will love The Wizard’s Boy.

JI: Magic as a sex toy. Scorching and unusual BDSM. Two men who yearn for each other.

NG: Whew! The Wizard's Boy sounds very hot! Thank you so much for coming on Simply Sexy Stories!

Blurb: Sand has no idea when he offers a scared and lost Daniel a home that he has invited a powerful wizard under his roof—until Daniel puts a few stray holes through that roof with bolts of fiery lightning. But Daniel works to master his gifts so he can use them to claim Sand, the man he’s fallen for, pleasuring him with magic.

Sand is looking for a hot night with two dominant lovers when he stumbles on Daniel, a scared kid clinging to his dog, lost on the streets. Sand offers Daniel a home. At first Daniel fries the wiring and sears holes through the roof, echoing the young mage’s pain, but slowly he begins to feel safe and not so alone thanks to Sand’s quiet understanding.

Years later Daniel works for Sand part time at his sensual night club Shifting Sand but he is a surly employee, hating Sand’s many partners. After waiting to claim the beautiful submissive for so long, Daniel tricks Sand into being his. He uses his power to bring Sand willingly to his knees and show the man he’s loved from a distance that Daniel might be young but he’s Sand’s perfect master.

Caution! Scorching Excerpt Below:
“Here,” a voice growled from behind Sand as a fresh drink was slammed on Sand’s table, shattering the pleasant spell.

“Ah, Daniel,” Sand said.

The young man’s hot brown eyes contrasted with his silky, pale-blond hair. His skin held a trace of beard shadow but was otherwise smooth and tanned. Unlike the other servers in the club, Daniel was not wearing a loin cloth but jeans and a blue T-shirt splattered with paint. He liked working with his hands and spent his days in a woodworking studio, creating beautiful tables and chairs, chests and bed frames. He occasionally helped out in the club, possibly because he felt he owed Sand. Sand couldn’t be absolutely sure on that one—sharing wasn’t something taciturn Daniel did.

“Trust you to add to the ambience.”

“Fuck ambience,” Daniel said, tilting his empty drink tray against one hip. He was slender but wiry, still built like a starved wolf though he now towered over Sand. “And fuck you.” He worked for Sand but wasn’t subservient, especially lately.

Sand’s pulse pounded in his throat. “Nice,” he said lightly, knowing he’d get under Daniel’s skin. Sand loved to do that, taunt Daniel, ignoring the voice inside that said maybe that wasn’t wise. Daniel was growing stronger by the day, a powerful mage who wiped tables and gave everyone who hit on him a get lost look from heavy-lidded eyes.

Except his boss, Sand. Daniel’s eyes were hot and possessive whenever he looked at Sand, who could feel it even as he kept the younger man at a careful arm’s length.

“You want nice, hire someone else,” Daniel muttered. He hopped into the booth next to Sand, dropping the tray and rag. He took a sip of Sand’s whisky, his moist lips ruby red under the light of a leather lamp shade from Morocco that graced the table.

Sand imagined those lips around his cock, tormenting him with unbelievable skill while ordering Sand not to come. He cleared his throat. “You aren’t off for another two minutes, ace,” he said, keeping up their game and the pretence there was nothing more between them than employer and employee.

“I never really get off and do you want to know why?” Daniel asked.

“I have no idea, dear boy.”

“I’m not your boy.”

Shit. Daniel’s gaze was like a touch, threatening as well as offering Sand the domination he craved. His so-called employee seemed even more bad-tempered tonight than usual but Sand had been doing a lot of men lately and he knew Daniel didn’t like it. He knew that Daniel wanted him under his hands in the stingy single bed where he slept in an apartment over the club.

“I’m celibate because I’m waiting for you.”

Sand swallowed around a dry throat, fighting to keep his expression impassive. What was it about Daniel that had got to him, right from the beginning? “Well, that puts it on the table.” He edged out of his seat, body running hot. He needed to find some man, reasonably attractive, human or vampire, and get on his knees and suck him off. The way he was feeling, he’d shoot from just the act of giving release to another man.

Daniel snagged Sand’s hand. “I didn’t say you could leave,” Daniel said.

Sand caught his breath at the feel of raw power shimmering around the young man like an electrical field. “Control,” he warned softly as the lights in the club flickered. “There are humans here with no idea of who we really are.”

Daniel’s jaw bunched. “Kiss me. Kiss my lips and I’ll put a cap on the power I’m putting out.”


“Whatever.” The weary thread in Daniel’s voice touched Sand. He sounded as if he had slept badly the night before. Sand should know since he hadn’t slept, either.

He had to be crazy, he had to be wrong, but his blood and bones told him that Daniel was the man Sand had searched for over the long years, the man he needed to bond with to finally be complete. “All right, I’ll give you your kiss.”

Daniel’s pupils expanded, almost as if he were a werewolf, a predator, instead of a young wizard and one of the rulers of their supernatural world.

“Put your hands behind your back.” Daniel nuzzled Sand’s neck.

When had he got so close? His breath was warm whisky against Sand’s skin. Without even thinking of it, Sand obeyed, even though he was usually careful about what others saw, to whom he submitted. His powerful clientele had to respect him so he could maintain order.

“Perfect. You’re so perfect like this. I’ve wanted this for so long.” Daniel rewarded him by running a hand over Sand’s crotch, touching him through his clothing.

Failing to resist temptation, Sand trembled and pushed himself deeper into the caress. “This is a bad idea,” he whispered. “It’ll just hurt more when we stop.”

“How can it hurt any more than it does now?” Daniel said. “I don’t care about the fucking rules. I don’t care if a wizard is forbidden to mate with anyone but another wizard. I’ve wanted you for ages.” He squeezed more firmly.

It hurt, but hurt so good. Sand let his head fall back. He couldn’t stop himself from surrender now that he’d allowed Daniel to finally touch him.

“Do you want to get off?” Daniel licked Sand’s neck.

Sand shivered. He wanted to demand that Daniel bite, break the skin. “What do you think?” Sand grumbled. His hands ached from the force he needed to keep his hands clasped behind his back, instead of reaching out to touch Daniel. But Sand would sit and let Daniel do whatever he wanted while excitement played around them like hot, rising sparks.

Eyes intent on Sand’s face, Daniel removed his hand.

“No!” Sand couldn’t stop himself from begging. “Please…”

“I know what you want.” Daniel offered his wrist to Sand’s mouth. “One taste and you’ll know who your master is.”

Sand moaned as he licked the skin, felt the bump of blue veins under his tongue. With heat beating through him, he couldn’t stop, even knowing this was how a mage rewarded his pet. A wizard’s blood was said to be powerful, the ultimate aphrodisiac. Despite his long life, Sand had never dared to taste it.

“Break the skin, taste me,” Daniel said.

The Wizard's Boy is available now with Total E-Bound Publishing!

Author Bio: Jan Irving has worked in all kinds of creative fields, from painting silk to making porcelain ceramics, to interior design, but writing was always her passion.

She feels you can’t fully understand characters until you follow their journey through a story world. Many kinds of worlds interest her, fantasy, historical, science fiction and suspense—but all have one thing in common, people finding a way to live together—in the most emotional and erotic fashion possible, of course!

Curious about Jan Irving?

Check out her website: 

and blog:

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