Monday, January 31, 2011

Reaching A Milestone!

Over the weekend, Simply Sexy Stories surpassed 10,000 page views! I know, I know, small potatoes compared to many blogs, but for me it's a milestone! I started this blog in the fall of '09 with no clue on how or what to blog.

At first, the task of blogging seemed daunting. What would I write about and more important who would read it? The only thing I did know was I needed to set one up as a new author.

So, I began the journey, hesitantly at first, unsure of my voice in the blog sense and uncertain just how much of me...the real me I'd share. I checked out other author blogs I enjoyed regularly for inspiration as I continued adding post to my own. Little by little, I began to find it liberating to post here in my alter ego universe with the freedom to write about anything I want.

On Dec. 2, 2009, I welcomed Rie McGaha as my very first interviewee (Thanks, Rie)! It was the beginning of many great interviews here on Simply Sexy Stories and gave me the chance to connect and befriend so many wonderful authors. Meanwhile, readership for my blog began to slowly grow.

It's amazing to me that a blog which began with no readers and a clueless author fumbling through the blogosphere has been seen 10,000 times! That's exciting! I am proud of my blog and proud of my readers, so thank you for helping me reach a personal milestone! You can look forward to more fabulous interviews and engaging blog posts in 2011!

See my first Simply Sexy Stories interview with Rie McGaha here!

Coming up:
Feb. 2nd- Ansley Vaughan's Simply Sexy Interview
Feb. 14th - Rachel Hamiowitz
Feb. 21st - As You Wish Releases! Squeeeee!!!

Have a great week, everybody!



  1. Congrats on the milestone. I'm squeeing right now because I have 13 followers. LOL. That's definitely not much, but for someone just starting out it's like, "They like me. They really like me." LOL. *raising glass of cheap wine* Here's to another 10,000 pages views.

  2. Thanks, Evolet! It's very exciting to gain readers, so go ahead and squee! lol *raising my cup of coffee* Here's to more readers/page views for us both!

    Have a great day! ;0)


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