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Simply Sexy Stories Welcomes Sondrae Bennett!

NG: I’m welcoming author Sondrae Bennett today on Simply Sexy Stories and Happy New Year! Are there any resolutions pertaining to your writing that you'd like to share?

SB: They’re not so much resolutions as goals. Mostly to keep writing. I have a word count I strive to reach each day and so far so good!

NG: What do you enjoy the most about being a writer?

SB: I have to say what I enjoy most about being a writer is watching a story unravel under my fingers. It’s a thrill to create characters and then watch their trials and tribulations as they search for their happily ever afters. And then when you’re finished to be able to look down and see the completed piece…it’s a feeling like none other I’ve found.

NG: It is an amazing feeling! What genre(s) do you write and why?

SB: I write romance. Right now the only thing I’ve published is paranormal but I’ve got some non-paranormal romances in various stages of completion as well. I love romance. There is something truly magical about the genre and uplifting. It shows how even in the darkest of times, there is something that keeps us going and makes us stronger.

NG: How would you describe your writing process?

SB: I plan my characters carefully and wait until I really know them for who they are before I start writing. But once I get into the story, the plot is totally by the seat of my pants. So I guess I’m part plotter and part pantser.

NG: What's the one thing you wished you had known about the publishing world before you got into the biz?

SB: I wish I knew more about marketing myself to readers. I’m getting better at it and finding good ways to go about it but it’s a process learning all the new social networking sites and where to advertise.

NG: Any advice you’d like to share with aspiring authors?

SB: Persistence pays off. If you love to write, then just keep at it, because eventually someone will love what you write, too.

NG: What are you working on for the 2011?

SB: Well, I’ve got the second novel in my Alpine Woods Shifter Series, Chasing Paradise, coming out in the late summer/early fall. The story revolves around Ethan, Jason’s brother, and his mate, Gwen. The third book is written but I’m still working on self-editing it before submitting it to my publisher. Other than that, who knows, maybe book four and maybe something new.

NG: Let's talk about your scorching new release, Arctic Winds! What inspired you to pen this sexy tale?

SB: It was actually originally supposed to be a short story for a contest I wanted to enter. But before I knew it, it was too long for the contest guidelines and not nearly finished. I was really involved with the story and the characters and anxious to see where it was heading so I kept at it and the result was the first draft of Arctic Winds. I loved the story so much, I really just wanted to share it with other romance lovers so I decided to see what publishers thought. The rest is history.

NG: What’s the one thing readers can always count on when they pick up a book written by you?

SB: A heartwarming and emotional tale, with all the steamy bits in between.

NG: Delicious! Thank you so much for stopping by Simply Sexy Stories, Sondrae!

SB: Thank you for having me!

Nothing will stop a wolf once he’s found his mate…

After her skulk abandoned her four years ago, Samantha knew she would never truly be wanted. When she accidentally stumbles into a wolf town and is asked by their premier to stay, she believes it’s the novelty of an arctic fox motivating him. She knows she’ll be on her own again once he tires of her.

Jason finds himself pulled to Samantha from the moment she faints in his arms. His wolf is calling to him, telling him he’s found their mate and the heat he feels for Samantha is impossible to resist. But his little fox is loaded down with emotional baggage and doesn’t believe she’s worthy of love. Can he overcome her fears? Or will pack jealousies and the local foxes convince her she doesn’t belong with him before he has a chance?

Caution! Steam Excerpt Below:
Samantha nervously wrung her hands. “Listen, I told you I wasn’t going to cause trouble, but if you don’t believe me, maybe I should just head out. I appreciate everything, and I’m feeling much better now…”

Samantha stopped talking as Jason backed her up against the side of her car. Towering over her, Jason drew her eyes to his. He had a wild, almost feral look in his eyes, and a wave of desire crashed through her. He gripped her hips as he pressed her against her car door with his body.

“I’m not worried you’re going to cause trouble,” he all but growled out.
Staring up into his eyes, altered from their mossy green color to a pale yellow that practically glowed, Samantha felt heat flood her core.

“Then what are you worried about?” Samantha whispered, gripping his forearms. He didn’t answer, but his gaze lowered to her lips and he growled again, low and deep. From her position, pushed up against the car by his hard chest, Samantha didn’t hear the rumble so much as she felt it reverberate against her. With the car behind her and the equally unyielding chest in front of her, Samantha felt an unfamiliar spike in her desire as she realized there was no escape. She didn’t want one. She had no thoughts of running away from this man.

Jason slowly lowered his head and molded his lips to hers. His kiss was softer than she expected, barely exerting any pressure.

She stared into beastly eyes and knew the animal was on a short leash. Wanting his wolf set free, she ran her hands up his arms and locked them behind his neck. Deliberately arching her body into his, she tried to make him snap. She wanted his untamed passion--and she got exactly what she asked for.

He pushed her harder against the car as his tongue thrust into her mouth. It was exhilarating, and she moaned, closing her eyes as she moved restlessly against him.
This kiss was unlike the careless assaults she’d previously experienced. Jason’s kisses felt like he was claiming her mouth as his own.

She freely gave him everything he demanded and more. Samantha massaged his tongue with hers and let the world drift away. Only the two of them existed in this new world. She felt a gentle pressure on her hips, and realizing he had lifted her, she wrapped her legs around his waist. His lower body held her up against her car, completely supporting her. Being in his arms, depending on his strength to keep her from falling, only turned Samantha on more. She deepened the kiss and felt his fangs begin to extend. He lifted his hands from her hips and pushed them up under her sweater to cup her small breasts. He circled her stiff nipples through her lace bra with his thumbs, causing her to moan deeply against his lips.

This was by far the most exhilarating experience she’d ever had, and she moved her body against him. She couldn’t get close enough. She wanted to feel his naked flesh against hers. Samantha didn’t know what miracle had made this strong, beautiful and giving man desire her, but she wanted him, now, before he changed his mind.

Arctic Winds is available now with Lyrical Press, Amazon, B&N, Fictionwise, and most places ebooks are sold!

Curious about Sondrae Bennett?
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  1. Good interview! And the story sounds intriguing. I love wolves.

  2. Thank you Amaya! And Thank you Nichelle for having me!

  3. Thanks, Amaya!

    My pleasure, Sondrae! Loved the excerpt, I'll be picking this one up for sure! ;)

    Have a great Monday, guys!


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