Friday, February 4, 2011

Exciting News & Weekend Wishes!

It's Friday night, my house is finally quiet and I'm rejoicing! Despite the blizzard, freezing temps and round two or is it three of fighting the cold virus, this has been a good week!

I found out yesterday my Lust Bite submission for Total E-Bound was picked up! I was waiting on pins and needles with this one because it's a bit of a departure from my other published works. Darker, kinkier and totally delicious!

I've written free stories with BDSM elements (which I'm sure you've read by now), but this lusty nibble by far pushes the envelope of anything I've written before. I kept thinking as I wrote it: "I'm really going to share this story?" that and "you've got a very, VERY naughty imagination"...which can only mean I'm a naughty girl.

I'm, really I'm not. I feel quite normal, but I know other women aren't imagining sexy genies taking them to bed or sexually crazed gingerbread men chasing them around the kitchen...and definitely not about being tied up and forced to orgasm, but hey that's just how I roll. My imagination keeps me sane. All of us have wild fantasies we'd rather no one else knew about, I just like to write them down on paper. Anyways, I promise more news on this Lust Bite's release date and to share an excerpt soon!

As You Wish releases in 17 days!! This evening I found a review in my email from Coffee Time Romance and As You Wish received 4 outta 5 cups! I'm thrilled! I've already begun working on the sequel in this Djinn Brotherhood series. You can check out the review here!

Finally, you can find me around the web this weekend! Check out my interview with Lucy Felthouse on Erotica For All and on Saturday, Feb. 6th, I'll be over on Nights of Passion with another in-depth interview!

Enjoy you weekend and read something's good for you!



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