Sunday, March 6, 2011

Hearts & Diamonds Release Party!

Diamonds, Danger & Desire...
Hearts & Diamonds will make your pulse race!

I invite you to lose yourself in Nia and Quin's story!
You'll love my sexy alpha hero and his steely resolve to protect Nia...
and you'll get swept away in their journey of passion!
I guarantee these two characters will jump off the pages as you race to reach the end!

Enjoy another exclusive sneak peek from
Hearts & Diamonds you'll only see here!


“Do you have anyone who can stay with you tonight?” Quin asked as if reading her mind.

“I’ll be okay.” A valiant lie, but what else could she say? Oh, please Mr. Agentman don’t leave me alone, I’m awfully frightened.

“Are you sure?”

“Positive.” She pulled on her gloves and offered a bright smile. “Thanks for bringing me home.”

Quin nodded. “You’re welcome. I’ll walk you up to the door.”

His gaze flicked to her lips or was it her imagination?

“That’s not necessa—” She shook her head as he got out of the car.

Chivalry wasn’t dead after all.

He opened her door and she took his hand, carefully stepping in the snow. She turned once they reached her front door. “Thanks again for everything.”

“I’m just glad you’re safe.”

Nia stared into his warm brown eyes and was surprised to feel tears fill her own. On impulse she hugged him…really hugged him. She released a tight breath as his arms wrapped around her and she inhaled the scent of his subtle sexy cologne. He felt so strong, so warm and so damn good, she didn’t want to let go.

Shocked by her own behaviour, she jerked away with a nervous chuckle. “Goodnight, Quin.”

He tilted his chin down at her, his expression unreadable. “Goodnight, Nia. Be sure to lock up.”

“Oh, I will.” She turned away from him and opened the door, saddened by the seemingly finality of their chance encounter as it closed behind her.

Would she ever see him again?

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  1. I liked this excerpt a lot better than the one on total-e-bound because this excerpt features Nia and Quin. It made me want to read more about them because of the sexual chemistry they have.

  2. Thanks for commenting, Anonymous, I do appreciate the feedback! If you'd like a chance to win the book, please leave your email addy here or email me at



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