Monday, March 14, 2011

I Vant To Suck Your Blood...

I'm guest blogging over on Fangtastic Books today! C'mon over and see my post about the challenge of naming characters.

Vampires! These iconic creatures of the undead are a part of our mainstream culture. There seems to be no end to their rising popularity in films, books, video games and more. I love the myth and lore behind these blood-sucking creatures too, but I can't say I'd enjoying being bit.

I know...I know, in most cases the vampire bites you in an act of seduction, but have you ever had someone bite you on the neck? I have and it tickles like hell and it feels so unnerving almost borderline disturbing. I can't imagine fangs actually piercing my skin!

I've been reading JR Ward's Black Dagger Brotherhood and Lara Adrian's Breed series and both describe a feeling of peace even sexual arousal once the vampire begins to feed. It would be just getting past that initial bite. I guess that's why most vampires are depicted as sexy, virile (despite being undead) hotties.

Sexy vampires get women willing and ready for their bite and and anything else they want too. I'm still not sure I'd let any of them bite me. I'd just laugh and then scream when the fangs pierced my neck and I'm sure that'd break the mood.

I only picked a few vampire hotties to share on here today...would you let one of these or any other fanged creature bite you?
Recognize this guy? I'll admit I'd consider letting him me bite me in this pic.
Luke Goss (hottie above) playing Nomak in Blade 2.
Definitely can't forget about these two!
Hmm...a nice vampire menage does come to mind.
And of course, I couldn't leave Robert Pattinson out!
Whose bite worthy?

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  1. Definitely Luke Goss, would let Bill or Erik (TRUEBLOOD) and would've DEFINITELY surrendered all to Mick (MOONLIGHT). And Angel (from, well, ANGEL).


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