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Simply Sexy Stories Welcomes Angela Aaron!

NG: I’m welcoming Angela Aaron in her first ever author interview! Welcome to Simply Sexy Stories, Angela!

AA: Hi, Nichelle! I'm really excited to be doing this interview for Simply Sexy Stories. Thank you so much!

NG: My pleasure and happy to have you here! Let's jump right in...what genre(s) do you write and why?

AA: I write Romance and Erotic Romance. I write this because I like to read this. I’m a hopeless romantic.

NG: Me too! This is your first published did you react when you learned Pleasure Island would be published?

AA: Boy, upon receiving that first email, I was so excited because being published was always a dream and I couldn't believe it was happening. Then panic sank in because I wasn't sure how to go about all the "business" that goes with publishing.

NG: It's a lot to take in, but you'll get the hang of it in no time. Describe your writing process...careful plotter, laid back pantser or combination of both?

AA: I work both ways. Pleasure Island came to me in its entirety, beginning to end. My other stories haven't been quite so easy. Most times I plot up until the end. Then I'm stuck trying to end it. I know I should plot, but most of the times it's just a rough outline. I can't say this is the correct way to write, but it is how I do it.

NG: If the end result is a terrific story I don't think it matters. What do you 'see' more clearly the setting or characters in your stories?

AA: Definitely my characters.

NG: What do you enjoy the most about being a writer?

AA: Creating the relationship between characters worthy of having people want to know them.

NG: What are you reading right now?

AA: I just finished Karen Marie Moning's Fever Series. Wow, is that an incredible story!

NG: What are you working on for the 2011?

AA: I have two full length stories almost ready for submission. One is a medieval romance and the other is a contemporary romantic fantasy. I also have an outline for a second contemporary fantasy and notes for another Pleasure Island story. I like to write a variety of themes.

NG: In five sentences or less, share what Pleasure Island is about.

AA: Pleasure Island is about a woman, who finds herself at a sex resort on a remote tropical island. She is aware the business is all about fantasies but can't help falling for the mysterious man she unexpectedly made love to in the island's club. After believing something special was happening between her and the mystery man, she discovers his attentions were nothing more than business. Or were they?

NG: What inspired you to pen this sexy tale?

AA: I was sitting on the beach at a beautiful lake in the middle of the summer and Cassie and Ryan's story just popped into my mind.

NG: How long did it take you to finish this book?

AA: Only a couple of weeks- but this is unusual.

NG: Were there any creative challenges faced and conquered before you wrote, 'The End'?

AA: Not before I finished, because this one just flowed out of me. But it did take me awhile to get up the nerve to submit the story to a publisher.

NG: I love it when stories flow like that! Describe the heroine and hero in three words.

AA: Heroine: Passionate, Wistful, Cautious
Hero: Workaholic, Lustful, Honor-bound

NG: Give me three reasons readers will love Pleasure Island.

AA: Believable characters, Great hot sex, Total feel-good story.

NG: Yummy! Anything else you'd like to share?

AA: I am sure enjoying the journey of being a new author for Noble. I'm looking forward to sharing more of my romantic tales. I have so many ideas, I wish there were more hours in the day.

NG: I think all writers must feel the same way about having more time to write.

AA: I really appreciate you taking the time to interview me. For my first interview this was a lot of fun. I hope your readers enjoy Pleasure Island as much as I enjoyed writing it.

NG: I'm honored your first interview was with me! I wish you much success with your debut book Pleasure Island and with all your future endeavors! You're always welcome to stop by Simply Sexy Stories!

Blurb: When Cassie Douglas unknowingly arrives at a sultry tropical island resort where the sole business is to provide the perfect pleasure fantasy, she finds it difficult to distinguish between what is real and what is illusion when it comes to matters of the heart. A light-hearted erotic romance from author Angela Aaron!

Caution! Sizzling Excerpt Below:
"Ryan." She spoke fully exasperated and loud enough for him to hear. "I can't take anymore."

"Oh, thank God." He growled the words, grabbed her hand, and dragged her to the rear of the club where they slipped out the employee exit.

As soon as they were out the door, Ryan pinned her against the side of the building with his hard body. His mouth came down on hers, crushing her lips against his, his tongue demanding entrance. His hands roamed over every inch of her body, stroking, and squeezing, tugging down the straps of her dress until he exposed her breasts to the humid, night air. They were making love, right here, against the building, and reason fled fast in the face of the frenzied passion between them.

"Tell me you have nothing on underneath this dress." Ryan's voice was thick and ragged with desire.


"No, what?"

"Nothing . . . ."

With one hand, Ryan hurriedly grabbed bunches of Cassie's dress and lifted it above her hips, while his other hand fumbled with the zipper of his trousers.
In a fevered rush, Cassie moved aside her leg at the very moment Ryan freed himself, and with one swift, powerful thrust and a moan of total surrender, he buried himself deep inside her. Ryan lifted Cassie's leg to his hip, allowing him deeper penetration, and he pushed and thrust and trailed kisses over every inch of her face, frantically seeking relief.

Hot and panting and completely lost in the fiery sensation of such intense arousal, Cassie, moments after Ryan's first desperate surge, began convulsing helplessly around him. She would have shamelessly screamed, but Ryan captured her mouth, stealing her cry. She took the power behind his building orgasm as he rammed her against the wall, pounding his cock deep inside her. He stiffened, and then discharged wave after wave of hot seed.

With one final thrust, Ryan let his head fall to Cassie's shoulder, struggling with his ragged breathing, his breaths warm gasps against her neck. After a moment, he raised his head and gazed into her eyes. The affection-filled look he held surprised her. She might have thought the look held love. But no. Not here on this island. Maybe appreciation, gratitude, or satisfaction, but never love.
She closed her eyes and leaned her head back against the brick, stilling her erratic breathing. She could feel him hard and throbbing inside her and not in any hurry to withdraw. How completely lost in passion they'd been, to do something so decadent and utterly thrilling as to make love outside against the side of a building where anyone might stumble upon them. Oh, but did this man break down all her inhibitions.

Cassie couldn't help the whimper that escaped her lips when he withdrew.

Ryan smiled. "Only a momentary reprieve, my dear, while I take you someplace a little more suitable for lovemaking," he said.

Cassie heard him adjust his pants while she shimmied her dress over her hips and tried to straighten her hair.

"Come on." Ryan grabbed her hand and tugged her in the direction of her room.

Pleasure Island is available now with Noble Romance Publishing!

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Author Bio:
Angela Aaron's love affair with writing began at nine years old when inspired by the "will they ever be together" relationship between Candy and Jeremy on "Here Comes The Brides." She filled notebook after notebook of "happily-ever-afters" for these characters. She hasn't stopped writing since. In the 90's Angie became an author of fan fiction, writing full length zines for several fandoms but her true love has always been romance and erotic romance with lots of sizzling moments between her characters.

Angie is from the Midwest. She is a mother, works full time, and includes her rescued dogs as part of the family. Angie is extremely down to earth, and hates phony people. Angie has to be outdoors as much as possible and finds her inspiration from the lakes and forests which surround her. She hates winter, loves summer and sun. She loves the moon and night time. She is an "autumn." She loves chocolate, a good romance and bag pipe music. She is completely at home in the water. She loves fantasy and believes in magic.

Angie's first e-book, Pleasure Island was released on March 7th, 2011 by Noble Romance Publishing.

Curious about Angela Aaron?
Check out her website:
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  1. wow, sounds like a sizzling read and I cant wait to read Ryan and Cassie's story! It on my definite TBR list; if this is Angie's first story, I wonder whats next in store for her; definitely an author to watch!

  2. Angie sounds like a fresh, new voice for this genre. Can't wait to read her first story!

  3. I love finding new authors to read and Angies book is now at the top of my to buy and read list it sounds hot hot hot .

  4. Hi, Heather!

    Julie, you'll need to leave your email addy to qualify for the book giveaway. ;)

    Thanks for coming by!

    Wanda, I'm sure you'll enjoy Angela's book! Have a great Tuesday!

  5. Wow, HAAWWT! Angie, the book looks FAB - gorgeous cover and smokin' excerpt! We have a lot in common. I thought it over and and over as I read your interview, and my first book was published with Noble on the 7th (June, LOL) and my very first interview was right here! (Yes, I'm easily amused, but this is so neat!) Congratulations on your new release! <<I'm taking up more than my share of !! tonight, LOL.

  6. Ooops ... ;c)

  7. Hi Wanda, Hi Sarah,
    I know you'll enjoy Pleasure Island. It is a total feel good story with lots of sizzle along the way.

  8. Heather, Wanda, Julie and Sarah...thank you so much for coming by! Have a great weekend! ;0)


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