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Simply Sexy Stories Welcomes Indigo Skye!

NG: What genre(s) do you write and why?

IS: I follow where the Muses lead me. I’m always working on something new- sometimes several projects at once! I love the challenge of writing erotica. It’s a fabulous way to express my deepest, darkest fantasies. I also write poetry, literary fiction, and nonfiction.

NG: What do you find the most challenging about being a writer?

IS: My biggest challenge lies in marketing myself. I’m a writer, not an entrepreneur- but I’m learning fast! I’ve discovered I love Twitter, and have built up a nice follower base there. T
his blog tour has been a real eye-opener, and I’m sharing my work with more readers than ever before. I’ll also be taking part in the Noble Romance Authors’ Blog Tour in April- details can be found on our blog, here!

NG: What do you 'see' more clearly, the setting or characters within your book?

IS: I know my characters well, and they are very real to me- I know what they ate for breakfast this morning, and what they dreamt of last night. When I’m in The Zone and the words are flowing, I see it all in panoramic vision- it’s like a private screening of a movie in my mind. There is no separation between the characters, setting and story- it is as seamless as a dream.

NG: That's a great space to be in to write. How long does it take you to complete a book?

IS: During National Novel Writing Month, I once wrote a 90,000 novel in only thirty days- that’s my personal record. Nanowrimo is a month of novelling madness, and only the strong survive! Not recommended for the faint of heart. Normally, I write two or three books a year, along with any number of short stories, poems, and blog entries. I’m a very prolific writer, and I try to work on something creative every day.

NG: Do you use beta-readers or critique partners?

IS: I joined a wonderful writing group several years ago- they are my critique partners, and I have found their help and feedback very valuable. That being said, it’s important for a writer to know how to edit her own work, and I do it well. By the time anyone else sees it, I’ve got a pretty clean draft.

NG: Now for a little Indigo Skye trivia! Favorite romantic movie?

IS: Say Anything is a classic.

NG: I love that movie! Favorite love song?

IS: Lilac Wine, by Nina Simone.

NG: Nice! Favorite dessert?

IS: Chocolate-covered strawberries, eaten in bed with my lover.

NG: Oooo la la! What else do you enjoy doing besides writing?

IS: Sex (all in the name of research, of course!) is my favorite pastime. I also enjoy hiking, snow-shoeing, and exploring the ancient Anasazi ruins that pepper the landscape near my home in the Southwest. I’m a voracious reader and can get through a book a day. I’ll spend hours stalking the perfect photograph on the streets of my neighborhood. I’m a nature girl- I find so much inspiration in the wilderness.

NG: Let's talk about your latest release, Her Captive Muse. What's this sexy story all about?

IS: Brendan Delaney is a junkie in need of some quick cash. When he answers Morgan Roan’s ad for an artist’s model, he finds himself ensnared in her web. A powerful and dominating artist, Morgan seduces Brendan. Though he grows to love her, Brendan must break free from her grasp or face a terrible fate.

NG: What was your inspiration behind this story?

IS: The main character, Brendan Delaney, intrigued me first. Truly a gift from the Muses, he appeared on the page fully formed and ready for trouble. He is the perfect anti-hero, which makes him a lot of fun to write about. As a character, Brendan is constantly surprising me- I’m just along for the ride! He’s not the type of guy you’d bring home to meet your mother. What do I love about Brendan? The same things I’d hate about him if we were dating- his quirks, flaws, addictions and bad ideas.

NG: Her Captive Muse contains BDSM scenes. What would you say to readers unsure they would enjoy a story with these elements?

IS: I would encourage them to keep an open mind, and read the book before making a snap judgment about the content. I can understand why readers might be wary of a book with some BDSM elements. I’d like to take this opportunity to point out that all of the sex scenes in this book describe encounters between consenting adults. Any BDSM scenes are presented within the context of the story, and these scenes are crucial to the development of the plot. To give you a little taste, there are kinky scenes involving ice cubes, silk scarves, a riding crop, spanking, bondage, sex toys, and handcuffs. Intrigued? If so, you’ll enjoy Her Captive Muse. Too kinky for you? I’ll take it as a compliment!

Some of my work has a darker edge- I follow where the story leads me. Anything less would be an insult to the Muses, and to my readers. When you’re writing character-driven fiction, your characters’ desires and passions come to the fore, and become a part of the plot. As an author, I feel it is my job to challenge my readers, take risks, and cross the lines drawn in the sand. If my work doesn’t offend someone, I’m not doing my job.

NG: Well said and I totally agree! Describe the heroine and hero in three words.

IS: Morgan Roan: Lives for Art. Brendan Delaney: Trapped By Desire.

NG: What’s the one thing readers can always count on when they pick up a book written by you?

IS: I use three key ingredients to create my stories… compelling characters, an intriguing plot, and kinky sex!

NG: What's not to love about that? Thanks for stopping by, Indigo!

Blurb:When Brendan Delaney answered an ad for an artist's model, he was looking for an easy way to earn some extra cash. But Morgan Roan wanted more than just a model. Soon, Brendan finds himself caught in a web of deception and desire, lust and betrayal—her captive muse. What price pleasure?

Caution! Scintillating Excerpt Below:
Chapter One


Puffs of white breath billowed from the artist's nostrils like smoke as she painted—trying to finish before she lost the last of the clean, winter light.

Brendan shivered and goose bumps prickled his flesh. He glanced at the clock on the white wall.

Ten more minutes and I'm out of here—and I won't be back. Feels like I've been here all day. Fifty bucks an hour is a lot of cash, but it's not enough to freeze my balls off for. He held perfectly still, but let his gaze travel around the dusty, cavernous studio. Time slowed to a crawl here.

With six minutes left on the timer, Morgan tossed down her brush. "I'm losing the fucking light." Disgust dripped from her words. "Go get dressed. We're done here." She gestured toward the dressing room. "I can make you coffee—or a drink. You want a drink?"

"Don't bother. I have to go." Brendan let his disgust show through in the words. He shut the dressing room door, aborting their conversation. He put on a T-shirt and stepped into his jeans. He felt stung.

What a bitch. Acting like it's my fault the sun set before she could finish. Screw her.

The dressing room at least had heat—unlike her fucking studio. The warmth made his skin flush. Heat and anger conspired to thaw him. Brendan shrugged on his leather jacket, wondering if his dealer was still screening his calls. He still owed Chad fifty bucks from the last time he'd scored a bag of H. He had a little taste left—enough for his next fix—but it wasn't much.

It's not enough. It's never enough.

He wasn't just chipping anymore—stupid to pretend otherwise. When he couldn't fix he got puking-sick and started shaking like an epileptic. Brendan's steady girl and sometime lover—Lady Heroin—had become a habit.

But a habit's not a problem if I got money in my pocket. Can't wait to get paid and get the fuck out of here—gotta score some shit for this weekend. Chad won't mind talking to me—if

I've got cash on hand. He's always good for some pot. Maybe even a little coke. Smack too—my old standby. Hope he's still got some Mexican brown.

He stretched in the privacy of the dressing room.

He wanted to hit the clubs. Dance all night. Fuck a cute little raver chick. He needed to move around. Feel the wind on his face. Get out of there and score some H.

Brendan laced up his boots, amazed at how sore his muscles were after just a few hours of posing for Morgan.
This job sucks. He'd answered her ad for an artist's model because he'd thought it'd be easy money. How wrong he'd been. Dead wrong. This job was just another one of his bad ideas. Brendan was famous for bad ideas.

He had a tougher time than he'd expected, sitting in the same position for hours. But a steady paycheck was hard to come by when your main occupation was scoring smack. Brendan hadn't worked a real job in weeks. He was out of practice. Even with a couple of bumps to sedate him, he was stiff and sore. When he left the dressing room, his so-called boss was nowhere to be found.

The studio—a dank, shadowy cave with echoes in the corners—made his skin crawl.
Maybe it's haunted. Boo! He laughed. His uneasy gaze fell on Morgan's easel, draped in a paint-splattered white sheet. It looked like the ghost of Jackson Pollock crouching in the corner.

"Hello?" Brendan called out. He looked around for Morgan. No answer. Curious, he walked over to the easel and lifted one corner of the sheet.

"Naughty boy. No peeking." Morgan put a firm hand over his.

Brendan jumped. "Jesus! You scared me."

"You can't see it until it's finished. Bad luck." She bent close and whispered in his ear. "I'm very superstitious." Her hot breath tickled his earlobe, making him shiver, making him sweat. "Poor thing. You're freezing! I'm so sorry. Come inside—I'll write you a check."

"Your ad said cash." Brendan tried to sound firm and confident.

"I've got that too." Morgan smiled, obviously amused.

He followed her through the small, wooden door and into her lair...

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  1. Hello, all! Thanks for having me on your blog today, Nichelle. Hoping to hear from lots of readers! A little tit for tat- the most unusual place I've ever done the deed? This summer, I had a sexy liason in a rowboat, in the middle of a lake! What an adventure... not for the faint of heart!

  2. Indigo, it was my pleasure having you on! I'd say the most unusual place for me would be on the stairs...definitely not as adventurous as in a rowboat! ;-)

    I wish you all the best with this book and all future endeavors!

  3. Hello Nichelle! Thank you for hosting me on your blog. I really enjoyed it, and hope to return the favor soon! You are the lucky winner of one copy of my book, "Her Captive Muse!" Email me for details at!


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