Friday, April 29, 2011

In Royal Fashion...

The sun is shining and it's going to be a beautiful day! Best of all it's Friday! Did you get swept up in the Royal Wedding? I didn't get up at 4 a.m. to watch, but I did see the recap and listen to various commentators give their spin on the event.

What a beautiful service! The music was ethereal, Kate looked incredible and the whole ceremony was lavishly full of all the pomp and circumstance one would expect from a Royal Wedding.

A hopeless romantic...I wish Prince William and Kate the very best and brightest future!

We should all celebrate the loves in our life in royal fashion!

Have a great weekend...


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Rainy Days Are For...

It's a cloudy, rainy day here in the Windy City, but I don't mind. It kinda matches my mood this Wednesday. I actually like watching the rain fall. There's something so soothing and elemental about it. Mild thunderstorms are the best! I love the rumble of thunder and the spears of lightening that light up the sky. Makes me think of old myths about angels and gods duking it out unbeknownst to us mortals below.

The pitter-patter sound of the rain hitting my windowpane always puts me in the mood to write. I like to play jazz and other love songs that compliment the weather as I tap on the keys of my laptop. One of my favorites is September Rain by Norah Jones. Thank goodness it's not September and warmer temps are around the corner!
Songs like this one help me get that first kiss between my characters just right. Speaking of kissing, there's nothing like a kiss in the rain. The movies love to depict this romantic clique on screen. The kiss between Darius Lovehall and Nina Mosely in Love Jones is one of my favorite on screen kisses in the rain. I tried to find an image with no luck. Good ole' YouTube saved the day! Start watching at about nine minutes in and...Voilà!
Yup, rainy days are for sleeping, love songs and romantic kisses!

Did you see my guest blog on Hitting the Hot-Spot yet? Do stop by and meet Rena & Raiden from Doll, my latest release with Total E-Bound!

Happy Hump Day!


Monday, April 25, 2011

Doll Is Available Today!

Yay! My first Lust Bite, Doll released today with Total E-Bound and is available HERE! I'm excited and a little nervous...after all this story isn't like my other works published with TEB. It's darker, edgier and unapologetically naughty!

If you haven't read the extended sneak peek here on my blog (where've you been??)'s the LINK!

And don't miss my special guest blog on Hitting the Hot-Spot where I'm sharing all the secrets about what it takes to become a Doll. Plus, you get a chance to meet Rena and Raiden, the heroine and hero from the story!

Finally, view the book trailer for Doll HERE! It's one of my personal favorites!

Have a great week!


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Doll - Exclusive Sneak Peek!

I can't wait! Doll releases in just 5 days! This is no doubt the naughtiest, raciest short story I've had published. I'm pretty sure I'll have your complete attention within the first paragraph of this Lust Bite! I will say this story isn't for the everyone. I love writing sensual erotic romance...this one is definitely in the kinky zone!

Here's an exclusive sneak peek from Doll which will be available with Total E-Bound on Monday, April 25th!!

She's only allowed to say, 'yes' and 'please'...

Rena Venoy has finally become a sex doll. For the next forty-eight hours, giving and receiving pleasure is her only purpose, fulfilling sexual fantasies her primary goal. That's until she sets her heart on becoming Raiden's one and only doll. To get her wish, he must bestow the ultimate honour she seeks and claim her as his. When she breaks a rule, Rena is devastated. Will Raiden chose her after all?

Caution! Super Hawt Excerpt Below:

“Congratulations, Rena. You’ve graduated, earning the coveted title of sex doll in a remarkably short span of time. You’ve been a delight to teach.”

Rena bowed her head. “Thank you, Mistress Belle.” She met the blue gaze fixed on her and blushed as feelings of pride and excitement rushed through her.

“Although this may seem redundant, it’s still necessary for me to go over the rules. You do understand you will not be physically harmed at any time during your forty-eight-hour session?” She tapped a lacquered fingernail against her full ruby lips.

“Yes.” Rena swallowed hard, her gaze dropping to the strawberry-hued nipples in full display as the half-naked blonde wrote on her clipboard. She admired everything about the woman’s effortless sensual poise. A sliver of anticipation and nervousness skittered down her spine as she stiffened her own posture beneath the blonde’s hard scrutiny.

“You understand the use of your safe word?” She pivoted in golden stilettos and walked back to her desk.

“Yes.” Rena’s gaze dipped to the glimpses of Mistress Belle’s rounded, naked ass visible beneath the black latex micro-mini skirt hugging her hips. The woman’s confidence and beauty took her breath away.

“You understand if you choose to use your safe word all activities cease and you will be free to go?” She lifted one perfectly arched eyebrow as she turned around.

Rena shifted her weight in her three-inch stilettos. “I understand.” But I don’t intend to use it. Her heart hammered in her chest at the unknown possibilities of what such ‘activities’ she’d be taking part in she’d be tempted to change her mind about.

“Finally, you understand the only words you’ll be allowed to say are ‘yes’ and ‘please’.”
Rena nodded.

“You must verbalise your agreement, Ms Venoy.”

“I agree.”

Mistress Belle placed her hands on her hips and smiled. “Good. Take off your robe.”

This is it, my last moment to walk away…

A moment passed as both women studied the other.

This was her gift to herself. She wasn’t backing out now.

Decision made, Rena let the silky robe fall to the floor. She held her breath as she awaited final approval.

Mistress Belle walked a small circle around her. She lifted Rena’s braids off her back and placed them over her shoulder. “Such beautiful skin and I’ve always admired the graceful line of your neck. We’ll pull your braids up to showcase it.”

Her compliments filled Rena with happiness. Mistress Belle was usually a woman of few words.

“Good, good. I see you’ve been waxed as suggested. I know you were nervous about the process. Are you satisfied with the final result?” Her gaze lingered on the naked lips barely concealing Rena’s clit.

Rena nodded, remembering the sharp pain when her soft curls were removed and the soothing oil massaged into her bare flesh afterwards. A rush of heat raced across her skin as she recalled the sexy brunette smoothing the fragrant oil over her tender naked mound and ultra-sensitive folds. She hadn’t expected pleasure, but the lovely goddess tending to her had known the instant her body began to respond to her touch and encouraged her to masturbate. Rena blushed, unable to forget the whispered naughty commands of when and how to touch her wet pussy. She had climaxed so har—

“You must verbalise your answer, Ms Venoy.”

“Yes.” Rena blinked, focusing on Mistress Belle’s face. “I—I love the final result.” Heat flamed her cheeks as the other woman nodded her approval.

“Good. Your body is in excellent condition. I know you’ll give and receive the pleasure you seek.” She smiled at Rena, her bone-straight hair falling forward as she cupped her breasts.
Copyright © 2011 Nichelle Gregory

Doll will be available for your reading pleasure on April 25th with Total E-Bound!

Reader Advisory: This book contains a group lesbian scene, voyeurism, controversial BDSM toys, power play and scenes which some may find offensive.

Did you see the book trailer? Check it out here!

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Monday, April 18, 2011

Simply Sexy Stories Welcomes Amaya Radjani!

NG: Today, I'm welcoming author, editor and Creative Director of Middle Child Press, Amaya Radjani! Welcome, Amaya! We connected with one another through our blogs, so let's talk about The Blasian Narrative first. What's the goal/mission for this blog?

AR: The point of the Blasian Narrative to showcase the talents, thoughts, and issues of Black women and Asian men (and various non-white, non-Hispanic, non-black indigenous men as well). On the Narrative we nitpick and analyze various Afro-Asian attitudes and perspectives in an attempt to get everyone on the same page and keep them honest. Sociology, history, politics, and anthropology – in addition to the arts and entertainment – are our lifeforce.

Where entertainment is concerned, we bring neglected artists to the forefront. We hold Hollywood accountable for its immeasurable amount of fail all the time. Not even the comic book and fanfiction worlds are safe from us. We delve through it all in an effort to combat the misrepresentation and marginalization of Black women and Asian men in America media.

We try to foster fellowship within the Blasian movement, so we try to minimize the pointless chatter and eliminate the snark altogether. People don’t come to the Narrative to argue; they come to understand. And though we have a few comments here and there from readers, we’ve gained thousands of readers worldwide…and we’re not even a year old.

NG: I love what the Blasian Narrative stands for and I've enjoyed the thoughtful posts on your blog! IR relationships in general are underrepresented, but why do you think it's worse for IR relationships between BW and AM?

AR: The media portrays Asian men as sexless and one-dimensional, and no woman truly wants to be with a man American society purports to be short with a little dick, and have an innate skill in the martial arts. And since black women tend to be viewed as hypersexual, asexual or excessively damaged in the media, no (white) man wants to be with a woman he can’t save. As a result, these two groups are largely ignored in the romantic sense, because the media would have one believe that neither group finds the other attractive. For these two marginalized groups to come together romantically goes against everything American society believes. Anytime a hint of such an attraction rears its head (Raizo & Mika from “Ninja Assassin), it is immediately squashed (There is reportedly a kiss scene that didn’t even make it to the DVD outtakes). But black women do find Asian men attractive, and vice versa, and it is time that the rest of the world knows this pairing exists.

NG: Indeed! What do you think is the biggest misconception about IR relationships in general?

AR: That IR couples are with each other to rebel against certain norms, or to satisfy a sexual curiosity or quirk. Or that they can’t find anyone worthy within their own race, and erroneously believe that a person of another race automatically fits the bill. I’ve heard black women who have been consistently hurt by black men (never mind her being the common denominator) say, “I’m gonna go and get me a white man.” As if he will make everything all right.

NG: Do you think black women are becoming more open to the idea IR relationships?

AR: Yes. I’m one of them. As of a year ago, I was deliberately ignorant of a lot of stuff and believed—foolishly—that just because I’m a beautiful black woman, I should be linked with a beautiful black man. It was just the way my life was. I’ve always found Asian men attractive; hell, a beautiful man is a beautiful man, but I never seriously considered them as potential partners. When I became aware of the Blasian movement, I was like, “Really? Seriously? Why didn’t I know about this before?” And now I see Asian men differently; as a group of males that are easily accessible and want us; not like mainstream media would have us believe.

NG: You're the Creative Director for Middle Child Press. Tell us about MCP.

AR: Middle Child Press is the brainchild of my business partner, Ankhesen Mié. When the idea of The Sultry Court (hers) came up in an online writers’ community, I nearly had a heart attack because the concept was something I have personally never seen before and I read a lot of books. But when she and I considered other eBook publishers to produce our distinctive volume, we found them lacking in terms of marketing and aesthetics. So Ankh and I formed Middle Child Press. A “tree-friendly” publishing house, MCP caters exclusively to female authors of color who have faced too many arbitrary hurdles in traditional publishing venues.

My job as Creative Director is to oversee the creative process by providing constructive criticism and direction to authors so that they can produce the best book or short story that is in them at that time. I work one-on-one with every author to ensure maximum support and communication. I am also the liaison between the authors, the editor-in-chief, and the gifted artist who creates our book covers.

NG: What can readers expect from MCP?

AR: We produce quality fiction through a multitude of genres, including experimental categories. As Creative Director, I am not about to have a less-than-stellar product come out of MCP.

NG: Are you open to submissions at this time?

AR: MCP does not accept submissions. I typically search the Internet looking for potential authors and writers who seek to be published. It takes time because I look for serious potential and prefer someone who truly wishes to become an author and is willing to conform to my high standards. A lot of the time, I am referred to blogs and websites by my colleagues. Currently, I am seeking bold authors of erotica for Volume II of The Sultry Court. Do you have any recommendations?

NG: I do have one potential writer in mind. We'll talk later! MCP released The Sultry Court Anthology. Give us a short introduction to the book.

AR: Volume I of The Sultry Court contains standard erotic fare, but also includes stories that deviate from the norm. Readers should definitely keep an open mind when reading these stories and poems. They range from a sexy dinner date to intense encounters with supernatural beings. There is something here for all of those who appreciate quality erotica, as well as those whose tastes tend to run towards the left. Each of the authors who contributed to Volume I of The Sultry Court was asked to don a noble title and a naughty persona. We’ve got a Countess, a Duchess, a Viscountess and a Baroness, and all have blogs for their individual fans.

NG: Give me three reasons readers would enjoy The Sultry Court Anthology.

AR: 1. It is a unique book; each Lady has an original, hand-drawn avatar that precedes their story. Personally, I have never seen an erotic anthology with pictures, much less author avatars. The front and back covers are also original artwork created by our artist, Laura Baldree. I think the original artwork adds an exceptional touch.

2. I read a lot of erotic anthologies, and they’re all mainstream and modern. The Sultry Court isn’t like this and was never intended to be like this. It is an experimental anthology; anything (and I mean absolutely anything) goes. Our protagonists include doppelgangers, demons, descendants of Lilith, historic courtesans and ancient warrior queens. All of the women are of color.

3. The sex is hot! Our stories have a minimum of an R-rating, but me being the connoisseur of erotica that I am, I love it when authors decide to go for broke and jump out there with an NC-17 or even an X-rating. The Sultry Court is experimental, and that includes how the sex is depicted. If you like your erotica tame and vanilla…then The Sultry Court may not be for you.

NG: Where can readers/writers find out more about MCP?


NG: What are you working on for 2011?

AR: I’m writing my first Blasian novel, entitled Corruption. It’s the story of a sexy cougar named Mahogany Carroll and her precocious young lover, Jordan Yoshito. You can find a teaser on my blog at Corruption is slated to drop in the fall.

NG: How exciting! What are you reading right now?

AR: Full Dark, No Stars by Stephen King
of Darkness, Vols. I and II by Kathryn Ptacek
As You Wish by Nichelle Gregory (no, I’m not looking for brownie points… )

NG: Mmm get points and I do want those brownies! What draws you into erotica/erotic romance?

AR: The hope of reading a good story with great characters that have potent chemistry, and a solid buildup into intense sexual encounters. I grew up on stories with tame or non-existent sex scenes, or erotica with mainstream sex. Typically, my response is, “What are they (the authors) afraid of? I can do better than that.”

I’ve been writing erotic short stories for years, but I’m a novelist by nature. And in my novels, my characters have fantastic, mind-blowing, very descriptive sex. Corruption starts out just like that. What’s the point of writing erotica if your characters don’t, ahem, fuck?

NG: Exactly! Anything else you'd like to share?

AR: Readers, feel free to check us out:
Middle Child Press at:
Reach me at:
Ankhesen at:

AR: If you know of any good WoC writers seeking to be published, please let me know where I can find them. I’m always on the lookout for talent.

Thank you very much for this opportunity.

NG: It was my pleasure, Amaya! Ladies, you heard it here first...if you enjoy writing hot, different, sexy erotic about multicultural couples - check out the Middle Child Press!

Blurb:“What’s your pleasure? Assassins, queens, or courtesans? Demons, princes, or doppelgangers? Take your pick. Whatever your desire, you'll find it here in The Sultry Court. These erotic tales cross time and space, ranging from a seductive dinner date to the indulgence of a dark benefactor. When you enter the Court, you enter worlds poetically disarming, darkly sensual, and enticingly dangerous.”

Caution! Super Sexy Excerpt from “Banquet,” by Lady Aislynn Sanchar, The Dark Baroness Below:

Kasmir backed me into my kitchen counter and I gripped his shoulders, suddenly shy about the whole thing. I deal with men on a regular basis, but I have never ever ever dealt with a man like Kasmir Marshall. Suddenly, I regretted my casual dig at his age. He held my forearms and rubbed his nose against mine.

“Nisey, I want to kiss you,” he murmured.

“Good,” I whispered. “I want you to kiss me too.”

Kasmir crushed me against him and held my arms behind my back. I gasped, but then my lips were covered by his and I lost myself in a whirlwind of sensation. His lips were soft and full; really, it should be illegal that a man’s lips are that soft, and he knew how to use them. He continued to hold my arms behind me and my inability to move made the experience that much more intense. Kasmir caressed my lips and sucked the lower one before slipping his tongue inside to duel with mine. I couldn’t help myself; the woman in me seemed to roll over and beg for his complete attention.

Then my hands were suddenly free and I put them around his neck as our kiss deepened. Kasmir finally broke the kiss and stroked my arms.

“I think I’m in trouble,” he teased, kissing the tip of my nose.

“I’m not trouble,” I murmured, pressing my forehead against his chin. “I’m a good girl.”

“Oh yes you are,” he said. “Trouble, I mean. I so want to get into it with you. And you are no more a good girl than I am a good boy. I want to pleasure you. I want to make sure that you do not regret inviting me in, Nisey.”

“I haven’t so far,” I said. “You can really kiss.”

“There are other things I can do a whole lot better,” he said, spearing me with those gorgeous eyes.

I felt like a bad girl in spite of my earlier words. “Show me.”

He stuck two fingers in his mouth and pulled them out. I watched helplessly as they disappeared underneath my dress and found their way inside my panties.

“Mmmn,” he said. “It’s nice and plump and wet. I want to eat it. I want to eat you. I have wanted to eat you all night,” he said, boring his eyes into mine while squeezing my lips. “Your scent is enough to make a rational man crazy, and I…am…insane. I’m going to sit you on the counter and stick my tongue in this,” he said in a low voice, while running his knuckles over my swollen lips.

I stood where I was, trying to keep my eyes from rolling into the back of my head. His fingers were gentle but sure, fingering my clit in a way that made me reverberate within. I took a deep breath and then he lifted me like I weighed nothing and sat me on the counter. I was embarrassed, for I knew he could see my wet panties and my complete arousal. Then he paused to stare at my chest. My nipples were marbles that protruded in sweet expectation, pushing up the fabric of my dress. A moment later, he took one of them between his teeth and bit it.

“Oh!” I said, and then sighed in ecstasy when he repeated his action with my other nipple. I was utterly and completely horny. “Maybe…we should go to my bedroom.”

“We’ll get there eventually,” he said. “I am in no hurry. I want to eat you right here in your kitchen.

Kasmir hooked his fingers inside the waistband of my panties and began to roll them down. I adjusted so that he could slip them over my hips and in one quick moment, they were in his hand. He sniffed and sighed before putting them in his pocket.

“Damn, woman, you smell so good! Ahhh! You’ve been teasing me all night with this scent, and now it’s mine. Mmmn,” he said.

“You could smell me?” I was mortified.

“From the time I kissed your hand in greeting, yes. Do not be embarrassed, love. The scent of a woman is the breath of God, as far as I’m concerned. I could barely keep my hands off you during dinner.”

“Kasmir! What are you going to do with my panties?”

He smiled at me and his eyes twinkled devilishly as he pulled me to the edge of the counter and pulled up a chair. Without a word, he lifted my legs and placed them over his shoulders. My high heels bumped against his back as he wound his hands around my thighs and buried his face between my legs. I tried to be cool about it; to act as if it’d been last week rather than three years ago since I’d last had a man go down on me. But it was just a front, and Kasmir knew it the moment he sucked my lips up between his teeth.

There was no mistaking the pleasure that escaped him as he stroked my tender, engorged clit with the back of his tongue. I could do nothing but arch into his face and moan as he used his goatee to tickle my clitoris. He grazed his goatee over my trembling, leaking cunt as he impaled me with those marvelous eyes.

“Your clit is big,” he said. “Everything down here is built for a man with my tastes….Those silly little boys you dated didn’t know what to do with this fat, sweet pussy, did they? Mmn,” he murmured, taking a moment to suck my clit and run his goatee down my aching lips, “No, Nisey, you’re all woman and you need the attention of a man.”

The Sultry Court is available now with Middle Child Press!

Curious about Amaya Radjani?
Check out her website:
and blog:

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Book Review: The Sultry Court: Volume I

Amaya Radjani, editor of Middle Child Press will be here with me on Monday in her exclusive Simply Sexy Stories interview! She'll be talking about MCP and The Sultry Court: Volume I, a sizzling collection of erotic stories!
I wanted to share my review of the anthology as found on

A selfish lover gets his comeuppance in Lady Aislynn Sanchar's story Lovesick...

A beautiful supernatural assassin teaches a lawyer a lesson to die for in Lady Chantilly Lace's dark tale, Underworld...

One lover betrays another in Lady Allatu Trevigne's, The Last Night...

Age is nothing but a number in Lady Aislynn Sanchar's erotic May/December story, Banquet...

A gorgeous, formidable Egyptian Queen finally meets her match in Siege by Lady Vasi Davin-Thorne...

And you won't soon forget Sacrament, another wickedly sexy tale by Lady Aislynn Sanchar, where a aging ice queen discovers her perfect life has been carefully orchestrated by a darker force with a voracious sexual appetite she finds herself surrendering to.

The Sultry Court, edited by Amaya Radjani offers a collection of hot, twisted, entertaining stories sure to tantalize erotica readers! You'll also love the gorgeous artwork and there's even a love poem for poetry fans!

If you're into sizzling erotica, you'll enjoy The Sultry Court!

Join me on Monday for Amaya Radjani's interview!

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Check it Out!! Doll Book Trailer & Newsletter Info!

Happy Friday! May the weekend bring you some much needed rest and a mind-blowing orgasm! :-) Hey, that's just what you need to face the new week refreshed and revitalized...right?

Mmmm hmmm!

I'm excited to announce I'm starting a newsletter for my readers! If you'd like sneak peeks, chances to win my books before everyone else, as well as, all the latest news about my work, please join today! First member will win a copy of my contemporary erotic romance, Hearts & Diamonds!
Just click this link to join!

Finally, please check out my latest book trailer for Doll, a Lust Bite coming out April 25th with Total E-Bound. I will be sharing the opening scene from this super hawt tale next week! Leave a comment about the trailer and you could win a copy before it officially releases!

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With Great Power Comes Great F*ckability!

Happy Hump Day! The week is halfway over...yay! I recently saw a movie trailer for Thor the latest superhero being brought to life on the big screen and I can't wait to see it! I love superheros and anything to do with mythology. Thor's story has it all!
Chris Hemsworth will play the arrogant god of thunder cast to Earth to be taught a lesson in humility. At first, I couldn't place his face but then it hit me...Star Trek! He portrayed James Kirk's father...nicely too, for the few minutes he was on screen. He's a cutie and Thor should be a fun movie to enjoy this summer.

Have you ever fantasized about being with a superhero? I have. Mmm mmm...I've got three favorites:
Superman- The Man of Steel= hotness! Can you imagine having sex with Superman while flying high above the clouds? Superman would be the ultimate lover if he didn't kill you with his steel cock first. lol
Spiderman- You already know I have a thing for capable, cute nerds. I'm not sure I'd go all the way with Spidey though, but that doesn't mean he lacks erotic potential. When I think of webs, I think of bondage and other orgasmic delights involving Spidey's incredible acrobatic abilities.

and finally...
Batman! Who happens to be my personal favorite. I know...he doesn't have any actual super powers, but he's still a major badass with unlimited resources, a no fear mentality and that smoldering sensuality that reels you in. He's demanding, he doesn't stop until he gets what he wants and he loves his toys...The Dark Knight would be sooo much fun in the bedroom or cave as it where. I think I'd even put up with the bats!

I hope your week is going well!

Coming up on Simply Sexy Stories:
Amaya Radjani~ Editor of Middle Child Press

Plus, an exclusive sneak peek from Doll, my Lust Bite coming out April 25th with Total E-Bound Publishing!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Simply Sexy Stories Welcomes Back Heather Peters!

NG: I’m welcoming back author Heather Peters on Simply Sexy Stories! Hi, Heather!

HP: Nichelle, thanks so much for having me back again; I so enjoy interviewing with you; this is a fun place to be!

NG: It's always a pleasure when you stop by, Heather! What are you reading right now?

HP: I just finished Karen Marie Moning's Fever series; I've never read fantasy before so this series was one wild ride! Also Angie Aaron's brand new e-book, Pleasure Island, a must read, feel good erotic romance.

NG: Oh, yeah, I just finished that one - super sexy! What draws you to erotic romantic novels?

HP: I love erotic romance, frankly because the love scenes are more intense, more graphic. But I'm a romantic at heart, so these stories have to have a happy ever after for my hero/heroine.

NG: How has your writing process changed since the first book?

HP: I now use a 3-act structure, an easy outline process; no more struggling with 'write as I go' process. I'm proud to say I'm no longer a 'pantser'.

NG: Hey, pantsers are cool too! lol What are you working on for the 2011?

HP: I'm working on a contemporary sensual romance between a hunky hockey player and his team owner's daughter; also, planning a fantasy/trilogy/romance with Angela Aaron; looking forward to it because I've never written fantasy and excited to enter a brand new genre for me.

NG: Oh, wow, that sounds very exciting! Best of luck to you both on your joint venture. Let's talk about your latest release Secret Dreams. What's this sensual romance all about?

HP: Secret Dreams is the story of 34 year old Annie DeRosa, a savvy, music producer, living and working in Greenwich Village. Enter 80’s icon pop musician Dane Franklyn who for the first time in his professional life, finds himself in need of a co-producer in order to meet a very serious deadline. And that appears in the petite fiery form of lovely Annie. To say that sparks fly between them is a mass understatement. Dane and Annie agree to disagree yet they possess the one passion they both share: music, which holds a language all its own, driving both Dane and Annie to discover a passion and desire neither have ever known.

NG: What inspired you to pen this sexy tale?

HP: Well, I just simply adore music, all kinds, but the music of the 80's was so fun, I thought, what would it be like to bring one of the gorgeous lead singers of any of those bands to life in a novel. Dane is based on several of those blond hunks and since a dream of mine was to become a record producer when I was very young, Secret Dreams was born. Let's face it, wouldn’t any one of us want a song written just for them by a handsome singer/musician? When I heard songs like 'Rosanna' , 'Oh Sherrie', 'Sarah Smile', 'Angelia', and 'Roxanne' (I could go on forever!) I had my premise.

NG: Oooo, great songs! What did you 'see' more clearly in this book...the setting or characters?

HP: My characters drive this story; although New York plays a small part as a 'character', I like to think that Dane and Annie's sizzling attraction to each other, strong personalities and driving motivation push the story along.

NG: Were there any creative challenges faced and conquered before you wrote, 'The End'?

HP: Well, I wrote Secret Dreams many years ago, so I needed to update the entire plot before I was happy enough to end it and send it out to Noble. As far as creative challenges, I needed to do my research and make certain my 'music' references were timely, current, and politically correct.

NG: Describe the heroine and hero in three words.

HP: Annie DeRosa: spunky, passionate, motivated ~~ Dane Franklyn: brilliant, complicated, sexy.

NG: Give me three reasons readers will love Secret Dreams:

HP: A hunky hero who's waited 48 years to find the love of his life, a heroine who discovers that she can have her career and a man who gives her everything her heart desires, and a song that brings them together, forever.

NG: Beautiful! Thank you so much for coming back to Simply Sexy Stories, Heather!

HP: Thanks so much for having me, Nichelle; this was fun!
Blurb: Dane Franklyn needs a co-producer to help him with the deadline for his next single or lose his record contract and maybe, his career.

Annie DeRosa jumps at the chance to work with the 80's superstar. She's certainly qualified and knows Franklyn's work like the back of her hand. Yet when the two meet, Dane seems to be more interested in more than just her musical expertise. Will the price of their passion turn out to be too high?

Caution! Smokin' Hot Excerpt From Secret Dreams:
Dane reached out and threaded his fingers into her hair grasping the back of her neck and pulled her to him, crushing his lips to hers.

He kissed her deep and hard, barely allowing her breath. He liked to hear the small pants that escaped her throat.

He drew her head back, deepening the kiss plunging his tongue into her warm mouth. Her body weakened with languid passion. He wrapped his arms around her the moment she would have slipped to the floor. Instead, he lowered her gently beneath him, never breaking the kiss.

Dane left the pleasure of her mouth to place tiny nibbles on her neck and throat. She writhed beneath him. "Tell me, Annie, tell me what you want me to do. I'll do anything your heart desires."

"Undress me, Dane."

Dane reached for the buttons of her blouse, slowly revealing more flesh with each one he unfastened. His tongue and lips followed the path his fingers took.
Sliding down to the space between her breasts, he was briefly halted by her bra, then undid the front clasp and continued his kisses down across her abdomen.
He rose back up, and tugged her bra aside, revealing her full breasts. He loved the play of the amber light of the fire dancing across her skin. He grasped one golden mound in each hand, rubbing his thumbs over her nipples, enjoying the way they hardened under his strokes.

Her delight was evident by the way she arched into him. Dane took her reaction as a sign of her approval.

Squeezing and kneading, Dane couldn’t resist lowering his mouth to one plump mound, and drew the tightened tip into his mouth, suckling and nibbling, and circling his tongue over her taut bud.

He loved the way she ran her fingers though his hair, and almost chuckled as she whimpered a protest when he switched from one breast to another. Her hands gripped his head, holding him in place.

Dane delighted in how much she enjoyed his attentions, and found his own desire rising feverishly by this fact.

He slid his hand across her belly, reaching for the waistband of her jeans. He unsnapped them and slid them down her legs, removing them, along with her shoes and socks. He loved her luscious long legs and didn’t have to imagine too hard how they would feel wrapped around him as he made love to her.

The scrap of lace that was her underwear was quickly discarded in his haste to gaze at her. Dane gave himself the luxury of taking in all of her, every curve, every inch of her.

He slid his palm across her stomach once more and to the 'V' of her thighs. His gaze held hers as he slid a finger into her moist heat. Annie fell into his touch and sighed his name.

She spread her thighs to give him deeper access to her heat, as he lowered his mouth once more to her breasts. He captured her nipple and gently suckled her, answering her sighs by slipping another finger into her.

God, she was so responsive to his touch, his own body was hard with need.

"I want to taste you, Annie."

"Yes," she breathed.

He slid his mouth down her stomach, his tongue tracing an erotic trail past her navel to her most secret place.

Dane used his thumbs to spread her slick flesh then stroked her with his tongue.

"Dane, please."

"Please, what?"

"I'm going to come."

He suckled her clitoris until she cried out her orgasm, clinging and bucking beneath him. He sweetly lapped at her until her tremors calmed and she relaxed with satisfaction.

He moved up alongside her and kissed her sweetly and wrapped his arms around her.

Annie DeRosa was an incredible woman--in the studio, helping him make music, arguing with him, and coming for him. Never had a woman made him so hot and throbbing with desire and he wanted her to know it.

He pushed his groin into hers and moaned, "I want you, Annie."

In answer to his plea, Annie squirmed lower reached out and stroked him through the fabric of his jeans. His cock jerked in response to her touch.

Annie's movements were torturous as she unzipped his jeans and freed his heavily engorged erection.

Dane's breath caught in his throat. His cock jutted out, hard, heavy and aching, filling her hands with need. He felt Annie's fingers stroke the length of him, teasing the tip and the underside of his sensitive flesh.

"Do you have any idea of what you're doing to me?"

In answer to his frenzied question, Annie lowered her mouth to him. She molded her lips and tongue around him. He moaned her name low and reverent like a song being sung only for her.

She suckled and licked his swollen cock, until he nearly rose from the floor with a cry.

He was close, and found himself reaching for the condom and tore it open.

"You have one wicked mouth, lady, but I want you now and I can’t wait." He lifted her off him and laid her on her back.

He rose over her, and hurriedly placed the latex sheath over his hardness. His spread her legs with his own.

"Look at me," Dane commanded. "I want to watch you as I take you."

Her eyes locked onto his and as he buried himself inside her. Her hands clenched on his ass pulling him tightly against her. Dane became unraveled. He gripped her hips and began to stroke and pump inside her with a dance older than time. Harder and faster he completely filled her, his urgent need reaching a frenzied pinnacle.

Her body clamped around his cock and the contractions of her orgasm sent him spiraling headlong into his own release. He came with a near explosive intensity fiercely straining into the very depths of her.

When Dane was finally able to find some semblance of composure, he wrapped his arms around Annie, reluctant to leave her warm body. Making love with Annie was such an incredible experience. She demanded his soul, and he was willing to give it over to her again and again, for the experience of loving her.

"You're incredible," he moaned. "I think we'd be more comfortable upstairs though."

She nodded in agreement, and Dane stood, and reached for her hand, pulling her to stand. Hand in hand they ascended the stairs. At the top Annie started toward the guest room, but Dane halted her. The poignancy of the moment was not lost on him. He'd never shared his bedroom with a woman. In his past forays, he would have gotten up and left, but with Annie, he had no inclination to spend the night anywhere but with her lying beside him.

He led them down the hall, to his bedroom.

Secret Dreams is available now with Noble Romance!

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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Simply Sexy Stories Welcomes C. Zampa!

NG: Today, I’m welcoming author C. Zampa on Simply Sexy Stories! Let's jump right in! What do you enjoy the most about being a writer?

CZ: The chance to bring the characters and worlds in my mind to life.

NG: What genre(s) do you write and why?

CZ: Right now, I write m/m. I don’t really know why. I was in the middle of a het story which included two gay characters. They took over that particular story, and I morphed them into a story of their own. I just loved exploring the relationship between them, and it went from there.

NG: How would you describe your writing process?

CZ: What is a writing process? LOL. Seriously, maybe 2% plotter, 98% panster. I plunk a character down onto paper, and just go from there, letting them lead the way.

NG: Which part of the writing process to you enjoy the most...for example the inception of a storyline, world building, crafting the arc of the story or finally writing 'The End'?

CZ: World building. I love so very much to create worlds that I dream about, and expand them. But I’ve only written ‘The End’ once, and I have to say there was nothing like that thrill of it.

NG: What can readers always count on when reading one of your books?

CZ: I hope they can expect strong characters. I lack, I fear, in some areas, but I think my characters’ emotions are my strength.

NG: We are all constantly growing as writers. What's the one thing you wished you had known about the publishing world before you got into the biz?

CZ: That there is a formula. Why I thought I could just write a story, any length, any format, and just send it in, “Here’s my story, print it please’ I don’t know. It IS a business. I understand and respect that now.

NG: Any advice you’d like to share with aspiring authors?

CZ: Listen to those with experience. Listen. Always know you have much to learn, and don’t have such a big head that you cannot listen to those who’ve gone ahead of you.

NG: Great advice and so true! What are you working on for the 2011?

CZ: A prequel to Candy G, and another m/m novel set in Hollywood.

NG: Let's talk about your latest release Candy G! What's this story all about?

CZ: The former attorney for San Antonio’s most powerful drug lord walks away from his infamous client and becomes a local hero for doing it. He’s a victim of his intimidating reputation, but is a softie romantic at heart. He meets a beautiful young man and falls in love, and—being the stubborn Latino romantic that he is—refuses to accept that all may not be as it seems with his new lover.

NG: What inspired you to pen this sexy tale?

CZ: A challenge on an author’s loop. I’d never done a contemporary story, and tried it on for size. Then I fell for the characters.

NG: Did you face any creative challenges in the process of writing this book?

CZ: In this book, no.

NG: Give me three reasons readers will love Candy G.

CZ: 1) The hero is sexy, 2) The sex is steamy, 3) but most of all, Candy is a real human with flaws that many will want to knock him upside the stubborn head for. But they will relate to him because he IS human.

NG: Candy G sounds fantastic and I wish you all the best with this release and all future endeavors!

Candy Gonzalez, attorney for the most dangerous drug lord in San Antonio, is dubbed Mas Chignon (the baddest) by the community when he walks away from the infamous crook. But those closest to Candy know the formidable lawyer is really an old fashioned romantic with a poetic soul, whose glock shares the glove compartment with his boyhood teddy bear. When he crosses paths with gorgeous, street-wise Carlos Alvarez, Candy is sure he’s met his ideal man, and the revered Mas Chignon is brought to his lovesick knees.

Drawn to the enigmatic Candy’s’ good looks and power, Carlos becomes the attorney’s lover and falls for the beautiful, gentle man behind the Mas Chignon persona. Both men harbor secrets—Candy’s past and Carlos’ present. When their truths are revealed, the one tie that binds them could be the test that strengthens their love or the knife that severs their bond forever.

Caution! Super Sexy Excerpt Below:
Carlos sighed and glanced over his shoulder. “Thank you, mi querido. This is beautiful.”

I moved closer, circled my arms around his middle, and pulled him against me. Oh, how soft he was all wrapped in sensual silk, how good he smelled. “Are you happy, bebé?” I edged my fingers under the lapels at his neck and tugged the robe away from his shoulders. “Tell me you’re happy.”

He stretched, nuzzling into me. “Sí. I’m happy.”

Gently forcing the robe open, I bared him to the teeming city twenty-two floors below. “And you wouldn’t lie about that, would you, mi corazón?”

“No, never.” Clutching at the lapels, he tried to cover his nakedness.

“No, you wouldn’t, would you?” I forced the robe open even more. “I’m glad, bebé.”

He stiffened. “People can see us.”

“Hmm?” I licked over the small, hard surface of the diamond dove. “Let them see.”

He swallowed hard, resisting me. “It’s… this indecent exposure.” A feeble chuckle escaped him.

“So?” I slipped my fingers around his erection, fondling it, rubbing the thick hair at his base. “I don’t see a cop anywhere. Do you?”

I smoothed my hands over his chest, my palms lingering over the nipple rings, and I enjoyed the taut but supple muscles rippling beneath satiny, dark skin. I eased the silk down his arms, letting the robe float silently to the floor at his feet. Now he stood, completely naked, with nothing but my arms to cover his body.

“Oh, God,” he whimpered, pressing into me. “Not out in the open, like… oh, fuck….”

“Relax, chico, nobody can see you,” I cooed, and my hand retuned to its favorite spot—his cock.

“But… what if… somebody has… binoculars or just… really good… vision?” He put up a feeble protest, but judging by his fully erect penis that was hot in my fist, he actually enjoyed the titillation of his body, his sex, being exposed to onlookers.

“Then they’ll just see my hands feeling you up, bebé.” I dug my teeth lightly into the slope of his shoulder. “They’ll see you cum for me.”


My tongue lapped at the goose bumps on his neck, my gaze scouring the movement far below on the riverwalk. “You want to cum for me, bebé?”

What if inquisitive eyes could see from the crowd below? I’d never figured myself a sexual extrovert, so my excitement over possibly being seen surprised but also aroused me immensely.

His slender fingers wrapped around mine. “Harder,” he begged.

I thrust from behind while I fisted him and watched his body undulating with my movements. Precum leaked, and knowing how close he was drove me crazy. “Let it go, cariño. Cum for me.”

“Please,” he cried, almost under his breath, his hips pumping, fucking my hand. He groped my arms, and his fingernails dug into my flesh.

He shuddered into his orgasm, and I gently fisted until he was spent, then turned him to face me and enveloped him in my robe.

Sated, he gazed up at me, serenity glowing soft in his brown eyes. He scrunched closer to me and laughed. “You turned me into a pervert.”

“Mmm.” I rested my chin on his mussed hair. “I love my little pervert.”

Squinting, he smirked. “You were getting off to it, too.”

“So I was.” My arms bundled him tighter. “But it wasn’t as bad as it seemed. You came very quickly. So it only seemed like forever.”

“I’m sorry.”

“What are you sorry for, bebé?”

“For coming… so….” Dark lashes lowered over his eyes.

“Listen to me, Carlos.” I touched a finger under his chin, coaxing his gaze to mine. “Oh, bebé, I love how you cum.” I kissed his forehead. “I love how quiet and soft you get off. It turns me on, makes me crazy for you.”

“I never came this fast, Candy, for other men.” He clamped his teeth down on his bottom lip. “It’s just that you….” Glancing off to a chair in the corner of the patio, he murmured, “It’s just that you get to me.” He returned his gaze to mine.

“Do you realize that you can even look at me sometimes, and I nearly shoot off in my fucking pants?”

“Really? I didn’t realize I had such powers.”

He nodded. “From the first time I saw you.” His attention swung to the chair again. “Fuck. Your eyes, so strong but so sweet, and… damn… your body. And when you first looked at me….” Stopping, he just shook his head.

“I’ve told you a million times, chico, that I wanted you the second I did lay eyes on you. And it’s only gotten stronger.”

“Let me make love to you.” He squirmed deeper into my embrace.

“Nah.” Rocking him in my arms, I said, “You know what? I just want to hold you, look at you.”

“But your—”

“Yeah, my prick is hard as a rock.”

“So—” He shrugged.

“So my hard-on can wait a little. Besides, you wanted to order a banana split from room service.”

Did those words come from my mouth? I needed him, and my dick was rigid, but oddly, I desperately wanted to bury myself in his beauty, not his ass, right then. The night was so good, so right, but the anxiety over Jesse’s information brought out the need to hold Carlos, as though somehow embracing him would make all the doubt go away.

Candy G is available now with Dreamspinner Press!

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