Friday, April 15, 2011

Check it Out!! Doll Book Trailer & Newsletter Info!

Happy Friday! May the weekend bring you some much needed rest and a mind-blowing orgasm! :-) Hey, that's just what you need to face the new week refreshed and revitalized...right?

Mmmm hmmm!

I'm excited to announce I'm starting a newsletter for my readers! If you'd like sneak peeks, chances to win my books before everyone else, as well as, all the latest news about my work, please join today! First member will win a copy of my contemporary erotic romance, Hearts & Diamonds!
Just click this link to join!

Finally, please check out my latest book trailer for Doll, a Lust Bite coming out April 25th with Total E-Bound. I will be sharing the opening scene from this super hawt tale next week! Leave a comment about the trailer and you could win a copy before it officially releases!


  1. Hey, just joined...did I win? Heh heh heh!

  2. Whoo ooo! My first newsletter member!! Yup, Amaya, you're the winner! I said the winner would win Hearts & Diamonds, but since I know you like edgier stories, I'll put Doll on the table choose. Let me know and I'll send you the book!

    Thanks for joining! ;0)

  3. Darn Yahoo! won't let me log on today :( Anyway, I loved the trailer. Congrats Amaya on being the first member!

  4. Hi, Jen! Thanks for watching and for the feedback, I appreciate it! I hope yahoo lets you in soon. I'm feeling generous me with your choice of Hearts & Diamonds or Doll and I'll send you along a copy as well!

    Enjoy your weekend! :-)

  5. I just emailed you using your contact on your site. Thank you so much for the offer. You are very generous.

  6. I realized I didn't leave a comment on the video. One word: YES! \O/


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