Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Doll - Exclusive Sneak Peek!

I can't wait! Doll releases in just 5 days! This is no doubt the naughtiest, raciest short story I've had published. I'm pretty sure I'll have your complete attention within the first paragraph of this Lust Bite! I will say this story isn't for the everyone. I love writing sensual erotic romance...this one is definitely in the kinky zone!

Here's an exclusive sneak peek from Doll which will be available with Total E-Bound on Monday, April 25th!!

She's only allowed to say, 'yes' and 'please'...

Rena Venoy has finally become a sex doll. For the next forty-eight hours, giving and receiving pleasure is her only purpose, fulfilling sexual fantasies her primary goal. That's until she sets her heart on becoming Raiden's one and only doll. To get her wish, he must bestow the ultimate honour she seeks and claim her as his. When she breaks a rule, Rena is devastated. Will Raiden chose her after all?

Caution! Super Hawt Excerpt Below:

“Congratulations, Rena. You’ve graduated, earning the coveted title of sex doll in a remarkably short span of time. You’ve been a delight to teach.”

Rena bowed her head. “Thank you, Mistress Belle.” She met the blue gaze fixed on her and blushed as feelings of pride and excitement rushed through her.

“Although this may seem redundant, it’s still necessary for me to go over the rules. You do understand you will not be physically harmed at any time during your forty-eight-hour session?” She tapped a lacquered fingernail against her full ruby lips.

“Yes.” Rena swallowed hard, her gaze dropping to the strawberry-hued nipples in full display as the half-naked blonde wrote on her clipboard. She admired everything about the woman’s effortless sensual poise. A sliver of anticipation and nervousness skittered down her spine as she stiffened her own posture beneath the blonde’s hard scrutiny.

“You understand the use of your safe word?” She pivoted in golden stilettos and walked back to her desk.

“Yes.” Rena’s gaze dipped to the glimpses of Mistress Belle’s rounded, naked ass visible beneath the black latex micro-mini skirt hugging her hips. The woman’s confidence and beauty took her breath away.

“You understand if you choose to use your safe word all activities cease and you will be free to go?” She lifted one perfectly arched eyebrow as she turned around.

Rena shifted her weight in her three-inch stilettos. “I understand.” But I don’t intend to use it. Her heart hammered in her chest at the unknown possibilities of what such ‘activities’ she’d be taking part in she’d be tempted to change her mind about.

“Finally, you understand the only words you’ll be allowed to say are ‘yes’ and ‘please’.”
Rena nodded.

“You must verbalise your agreement, Ms Venoy.”

“I agree.”

Mistress Belle placed her hands on her hips and smiled. “Good. Take off your robe.”

This is it, my last moment to walk away…

A moment passed as both women studied the other.

This was her gift to herself. She wasn’t backing out now.

Decision made, Rena let the silky robe fall to the floor. She held her breath as she awaited final approval.

Mistress Belle walked a small circle around her. She lifted Rena’s braids off her back and placed them over her shoulder. “Such beautiful skin and I’ve always admired the graceful line of your neck. We’ll pull your braids up to showcase it.”

Her compliments filled Rena with happiness. Mistress Belle was usually a woman of few words.

“Good, good. I see you’ve been waxed as suggested. I know you were nervous about the process. Are you satisfied with the final result?” Her gaze lingered on the naked lips barely concealing Rena’s clit.

Rena nodded, remembering the sharp pain when her soft curls were removed and the soothing oil massaged into her bare flesh afterwards. A rush of heat raced across her skin as she recalled the sexy brunette smoothing the fragrant oil over her tender naked mound and ultra-sensitive folds. She hadn’t expected pleasure, but the lovely goddess tending to her had known the instant her body began to respond to her touch and encouraged her to masturbate. Rena blushed, unable to forget the whispered naughty commands of when and how to touch her wet pussy. She had climaxed so har—

“You must verbalise your answer, Ms Venoy.”

“Yes.” Rena blinked, focusing on Mistress Belle’s face. “I—I love the final result.” Heat flamed her cheeks as the other woman nodded her approval.

“Good. Your body is in excellent condition. I know you’ll give and receive the pleasure you seek.” She smiled at Rena, her bone-straight hair falling forward as she cupped her breasts.
Copyright © 2011 Nichelle Gregory

Doll will be available for your reading pleasure on April 25th with Total E-Bound!

Reader Advisory: This book contains a group lesbian scene, voyeurism, controversial BDSM toys, power play and scenes which some may find offensive.

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