Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Rainy Days Are For...

It's a cloudy, rainy day here in the Windy City, but I don't mind. It kinda matches my mood this Wednesday. I actually like watching the rain fall. There's something so soothing and elemental about it. Mild thunderstorms are the best! I love the rumble of thunder and the spears of lightening that light up the sky. Makes me think of old myths about angels and gods duking it out unbeknownst to us mortals below.

The pitter-patter sound of the rain hitting my windowpane always puts me in the mood to write. I like to play jazz and other love songs that compliment the weather as I tap on the keys of my laptop. One of my favorites is September Rain by Norah Jones. Thank goodness it's not September and warmer temps are around the corner!
Songs like this one help me get that first kiss between my characters just right. Speaking of kissing, there's nothing like a kiss in the rain. The movies love to depict this romantic clique on screen. The kiss between Darius Lovehall and Nina Mosely in Love Jones is one of my favorite on screen kisses in the rain. I tried to find an image with no luck. Good ole' YouTube saved the day! Start watching at about nine minutes in and...VoilĂ !
Yup, rainy days are for sleeping, love songs and romantic kisses!

Did you see my guest blog on Hitting the Hot-Spot yet? Do stop by and meet Rena & Raiden from Doll, my latest release with Total E-Bound!

Happy Hump Day!



  1. Girl, you speaking my language! I love rainy days, but I prefer stormy ones. Something about thunder just appeals to me. We're expecting a monster of a storm down here in the Dirty South and I'm so looking forward to it. I typically lay in bed and think/dream/imagine storylines and characterizations while listening to the thunder and rain. Some of my best ideas have come out of storms. Here is to hoping that one will come tonight. *crosses fingers*

    "Love Jones" was one of my favorites. When he tries to run down the train...I knew Darius was whipped. That jones came down, and it was indeed a mofo.

  2. I just read Doll and all I have to say right now is, "Hot Damn!" Wicked! Loved it! Right up my alley. Is that place accepting applications? You've tapped into something that fascinates me and I sincerely hope Doll won't be the last of the Lust Bites.

    Once I'm more coherent, I'll write a review and post it on Goodreads, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble. Excellent little night-time rain treat.

  3. "Love Jones," is one of my fave movies too. The music, poetry and chemistry between those two was off the chain! And that mofo line Darius said about being in love with Nina...loved it!

    I VERY happy you liked Doll! You made my morning! I look forward to your review! Doll won't be on Amazon or B&N just yet, I'll keep you posted when it's released to them. And yes, Total E-Bound is open for submissions! ;0)


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