Wednesday, April 13, 2011

With Great Power Comes Great F*ckability!

Happy Hump Day! The week is halfway over...yay! I recently saw a movie trailer for Thor the latest superhero being brought to life on the big screen and I can't wait to see it! I love superheros and anything to do with mythology. Thor's story has it all!
Chris Hemsworth will play the arrogant god of thunder cast to Earth to be taught a lesson in humility. At first, I couldn't place his face but then it hit me...Star Trek! He portrayed James Kirk's father...nicely too, for the few minutes he was on screen. He's a cutie and Thor should be a fun movie to enjoy this summer.

Have you ever fantasized about being with a superhero? I have. Mmm mmm...I've got three favorites:
Superman- The Man of Steel= hotness! Can you imagine having sex with Superman while flying high above the clouds? Superman would be the ultimate lover if he didn't kill you with his steel cock first. lol
Spiderman- You already know I have a thing for capable, cute nerds. I'm not sure I'd go all the way with Spidey though, but that doesn't mean he lacks erotic potential. When I think of webs, I think of bondage and other orgasmic delights involving Spidey's incredible acrobatic abilities.

and finally...
Batman! Who happens to be my personal favorite. I know...he doesn't have any actual super powers, but he's still a major badass with unlimited resources, a no fear mentality and that smoldering sensuality that reels you in. He's demanding, he doesn't stop until he gets what he wants and he loves his toys...The Dark Knight would be sooo much fun in the bedroom or cave as it where. I think I'd even put up with the bats!

I hope your week is going well!

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  1. OK, you caught my attention with the title of your post! If I had to choose, I'd choose Batman too. With that gravelly voice, firm jaw, and everything else you mentioned above. Lol.

    The new movie with Ryan Reynolds as Green Lantern has really got my interest lately. He is so fine.

  2. Hee hee...I'm glad I got your attention, Delaney, thanks for stopping by! And yup, with that gruff voice and stern/sexy profile, it's Batman all the way.

    Gotta agree with you that Ryan Reynolds is extremely saucy too! I loved him in Blade 3! I'll have to check out that trailer. ;-)

  3. You know, this is an excellent question. Chris Reeve as Superman was the love of my 3rd grade life. Michael Keaton as Batman was awesome as hell (even though I didn't want to screw him; he made a boss Batman). I love nerds, so Spidey holds a place in my heart, but I seriously must consider, now, which one (if any of these particular heroes) I'd get with if I could.

    Superman is the Man of Steel with cobalt-blue eyes. Batman is all in the lips. And Spidey? He's flexible.

    Since I have inclinations towards the darker side of things, I think I'd choose an anti-superhero. Which one? That, too, is something I'll have to consider.

    You've got me thinking hard! Excellent post.

  4. Love, love, loved Christopher Reeve as Superman. What an incredible man period on screen and off...but him as the Man of Steel...200+ lbs. of hard muscle with that dark hair and those striking blue eyes...OMG!!

    Thanks for reading, Amaya! ;0)

  5. Great, fun subject - well, I love Spidey, Supe and the Batguy too, but all in all, and for the sake of my warped mind and romantic inclinations, I dont know if he is an actual super hero, but I just adore my HellBoy!

    Ok okay I know he's Big Red, and has a tail (never know when that can come in handy) and a really hard, um hand/arm, but come on, he's so romantic an so in love with Liz ( would anything for her, even give his life, so I wouldn't want to be him, but just love the big guy~~ ;-))

  6. I have the hots for Batman. He's just an ordinary guy with a awesome car, lots of cool toys and a dark side. Who doesn't love a mysterious hero?

  7. Hi, Heather! I loved Hellboy and his love for Liz, but I don't know if I could get down with Big Red. He's got big hands and big feet, so it only stands to reason he's got a big... lol Hmm...

    Hey, Amelia! I don't think I've talked with you before...welcome to Simply Sexy Stories! I'm with you on Batman too...he's got all the elements I love in my alpha characters.

    Thanks for commenting ladies...have a fabulous weekend!!!


  8. I'm with the consensus...BATMAN takes my vote! I wanna ride his bike! Wonder if he'd let me play with his toys or if he'd be all guyish and stress over them. Hmm...

    Love the topic, Nichelle.



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