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Simply Sexy Excerpts - Fairy Casanova by Gracen Miller

Las Vegas lawyer, Sadie Sinclair, has hit rock bottom. Bankrupt, with her reputation ruined, and her fiancé is yachting Aruba with a hot babe. Desperate for a break from reality, she contacts 1NightStand and is shocked to discover she's been paired with a sexy fairy.

Jace is about to become King of the fairies. One minor glitch, he's obsessed with humans. Before becoming King, he wants one night with a human before he's forever forbidden from crossing into the human realm. After a stellar night of sex, Jace is surprised to discover Sadie isn't just a human, but his mate. Complicating everything with the revelation, he's willing to forfeit his kingdom for her, but Sadie must decide if he's worth the biggest gamble yet.

Caution! Super Hawt Excerpt Below:
"May I make love to you now?" Jace wasn't sure he could wait much longer to claim the sensuous woman in his arms. The way she fondled his wings turned him the fuck on, and he struggled not to take her to the floor and thrust deep inside her.

Sadie stared at his mouth as if she would consume him. Her lips were slightly parted and dewy from his kisses. The warmth of her body fused with his, creating a unique sensation of oneness.

"No, but you can fuck me now." Her voice emerged raspy, dark with excitement, and he was pleased by her bold request. A woman who knew what she wanted—so thrilling to his libido.

Jace kissed her. He caressed her thigh, worshipping the smooth texture of her skin. Her soft moans filled his sensitive ears as he moved his fingers lower, tickled the back of her knee, and dipped his hand beneath the hemline of her dress. Gliding his palm upward, the material pleated into wrinkles over his wrist.

He wedged two fingers around the top of her panties and tugged them down her thighs. While the flimsy lace slipped downward, he bent his wing forward and brushed the teardrop on the lower edge against her vaginal lips. Her breath stuttered to an abrupt stop in her lungs.

Wet! So wet the outer folds of her pussy were drenched, and the scent of her arousal went through his nose, filling his body with an aching need.

Her head fell back, and she stepped out of her bikinis without being asked. Jace looked at the diaphanous fabric and smiled. "Red."

Is her bra red too?

He bent down to pick up the scrap of lace before placing it against his nose. He breathed her heady aroma deep into his body, imprinting her scent into his memory.

Slow down, Jace. It was hard to control the hunger building within him as her silver eyes widened. Was he overstimulating her? A hand cupped the back of her neck, while the other held her underwear. He also caressed between her thighs with his wing, applying lazy circles against her damp seam intended to drive her crazy with yearning.

"What is that…how are yo—?" She glanced downward, but the compression of their bodies didn't provide her with a clear view below their waists.

"My wing." He adjusted his other one so the teardrop slanted upward and ran along her cheek, demonstrating how much control he executed over them.

Sadie trembled. "My God, you're like a man with four hands."

He tucked her panties into his pocket as a memento. "Yes. Lucky you." Still using the globule on his wing, he pressed between her silky vaginal lips and stroked the damp opening to her body. A heavy breath exited her lungs and her eyes dilated. He circled her entrance slowly a couple more times, giving her only a moment to process his actions, before burying the fat droplet inside her.

She gripped his hair and dragged in a hard breath as he curled his wing into a cylinder shape, like a dildo he'd seen in a shop in the human realm. Thrusting deeper, he located her G-spot with the droplet and firmly tapped the hidden erogenous zone touted to trigger powerful orgasms. Jackpot! He thought when her breath spiked, and her hips rocked into his strokes. Jace couldn't remember a woman more responsive than her. His wings a spider web of sensation, he could feel every ripple and shudder of her passage.

He kissed her, keeping his eyes open so he wouldn't miss her expression as he set a hard, fast plunge inside her liquid heat. Capturing her small whimpers of pleasure with his lips, he swallowed the distinct taste of her energy and supplemented her bliss by adjusting his strokes and increasing the circumference of his wing. Her silver eyes went from wild with bliss to glazed and glassy with the approach of orgasm.

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Gracen is a hopeless daydreamer masquerading as a "normal" person in southern society. When not writing, she's a full-time basketball/football/guitar mom for her two sons and a devoted wife to her real-life hero-husband. She's addicted to writing, paranormal romance novels and movies, Alabama football and coffee…addictions are not necessarily in order of priority.

She is convinced coffee is nectar from the gods and blending coffee and writing together generates the perfect creative merger. Many of her creative worlds are spawned from coffee highs.
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I loved this story and highly recommend you add it to your TBR (To Be Read) List!!


  1. Good post! Interesting about him tucking her panties into his pocket as a memento!

  2. Thanks, James! A memento for him to remember her by when he leaves her at the end of the 1Night Stand.


  3. LOve the excerpt - man with 4 hands indeed! Since I"m off to take a nap to ward off this sickness, I'll be having sweet - well, ok - HOT dreams for sure! Nice to meet you Gracen :)


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