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Simply Sexy Stories Welcomes Adrienne Wilder!

NG: Hello, Adrienne, welcome to Simply Sexy Stories! Let jump right in! What genre (s) do you write and why?

AW: I write urban fantasy. But because of the world my stories take place in and the creatures (Kin and Lesser-Breds) involved, there is a strong erotic m/m element/story line.

NG: Why are you drawn as a writer to M/M stories?

AW: I guess because I grew up with boys. I’ve always had guy friends and I’ve always identified with them more. Also, when it comes to hetro relationships (in urban fantasy), women always seem to be type cast in two categories. The wilting violet or the she-bitch with a double barrel shot gun.

NG: What do you enjoy the most about being a writer?

AW: I enjoy creating worlds, creating lives, and getting to be someone different each and every time I put words down on a page.

NG: I agree! What do you find the most challenging about being a writer?

AW: The biggest challenge—one I think every writer faces on a daily basis—is self-confidence in what I create.

NG: Where is your favorite place in the house to write? Favorite time?

AW: My office, generally early in the morning right after I get up. Usually around three to four am.

NG: Wow! You're an early riser! How long does it take you to complete a book?

AW: Oh, wow. That’s a tough one. I guess it really depends on the story. Some just happen with very few glitches while others I have to think hard about. I guess, if I had to guess, probably about three months for a seventy-five thousand word piece.

NG: How do you celebrate writing 'The End'?

AW: HA! I usually start a new story.

NG: That truly is the best way to celebrate! What are you working on for 2011?

AW: Darwin’s Theory novellas 6-10 (at least I think it will be ten I might have 11), and roughly 3-4 full length novels in various stages of completion and edits for the second book in the City of Dragons series.

NG: Let's talk about your latest release, Darwin’s Theory Book One Pain and Book Two Secrets. What's this sexy story all about?

AW: It’s about the trials of love. Only these trials happen in a world where you not only have to worry about your college grades, midterms, and scholarships, but whether or not your boyfriend is going to make a meal of you by morning. The Darwin Series takes place in the original City of Dragons world, except here, Kin (dragons) aren’t the main focus. Rather their less than pure-bred decedents, Lesser-Breds, take center stage.

Darwin De Groi has been in love with Peter Forbes since the first time he saw him, and Peter loves Darwin too. However, because Peter has certain goals in his life—metaphysical science, prestige, and academic recognition—his focus is college.

Loving Peter but never having him, has left Darwin jaded, angry, and generally bitter. Never at Peter, just the rest of the world. Unfortunately, his aggression usually takes the form of four letter words and highly combustible substances.

Then one day, Peter changes his mind, tells Darwin he doesn’t want to wait anymore. Darwin is sure Pete’s request is something he will regret, but being the greedy, selfish, horn dog that he is, Darwin doesn’t say no.

But there’s a catch. Peter has a few secrets of his own. The kind of secrets that might get Darwin killed.

And eaten.

NG: Ooooo! Sounds very intriguing! What inspired you to pen this sexy tale?

AW: When I wrote the original series, I skimmed the M/M aspect of this world because I had no idea there were places that would welcome the storyline. Lesser-Breds, while my favorite, took a back seat to the Kin who were trying to fit into a Human world. When I realized how accepted, and wanted the m/m stories were, the gloves were off. So I guess, in a nutshell, readers who love m/m and writers who were already penning the tales, were the ones who inspired me to kick off my shoes and run barefoot in the mud!

Then of course, track it all over the pristine white carpet.

NG: Give me three reasons readers will love Darwin’s Theory.

AW: The series is broken down into 5 shorter, novella size books each with their own plot, coming together to build a much deeper and more complex story line. The shorter, serialized set up offers instant gratification and leaves the reader hungry for more. It’s a love story—true deep love, not “insta-love”. It has angst, sacrifice, and two guys finding out what it really means to give your heart to someone.

All in all, the Darwin’s Theory series, has a little of everything, mystery, betrayal, love, hot sex, and a test of true self.

NG: What's not to love! What’s the one thing readers can always count on when they pick up a book written by you?

AW: Something bizarre, maybe even a little frightening, but always a twist of deep unbreakable love and commitment, extending beyond just the spoken word.

NG: Darwin's Theory sounds like a real treat for readers! Thanks for stopping by, Adrienne!

Blurb: Sometimes finding love isn’t about catching the man of your dreams, it’s about dealing with his deep, dark inhuman secrets. And not getting killed—or eaten—in the process.

Caution! Super Sexy Excerpt Below:
The reality of the situation dawned on me.

I blinked. “You sure about this?”

Pete didn’t stop. He shoved my pants down to my hips, leaving only my black boxers behind to cover my ass. Then he slid his hands on the inside, first across my cheeks, then a clumsy attempt to get between us, but we were crushed together thanks to my weight.

“I’ve never been so sure about something in my life.”

“You don’t have to.” I could not believe I was saying this. Neither could my dick. That whole talking thing? Yeah, I was really glad that at the moment, the only part of my body capable of conversation was my mouth.

Peter squeezed my ass cheeks. “I know. I know I don’t.”

“I’d still love you.” Forever. No matter what. Until I drew my last breath. I couldn’t say it out loud, but I did my damndest to say it with my eyes.

“I know you would, D.” He kissed my chin, and I wished I’d shaved. I didn’t want him to get stubble burn on his lips. Pete’s skin was smooth, but then he shaved twice a day, even when he didn’t need it. His lips moved to my neck, my collarbone, he sucked at the skin there until it ached.

“Harder.” I wanted the biggest, baddest hickey he could give me. Peter obliged, and I groaned.

“Take off your shoes.” Peter pushed at my pants some more along with my boxers. “D, take your shoes off, I can’t get your pants off with them on.”

Actually, he could, these were skaters, the legs were wide, and I’d fucked people in my Demonias before. The crass-bastard part of me was all for it. Nothing like a sweet ride while wearing knee-high buckle ups.

But since Pete wanted them gone... I pulled a leg up and fumbled with the buckles. To get the other one I had to roll over onto my back. Peter undid his jeans, pulled them down. I froze, eyes glued on the pup tent in his boxers. He slid off his socks.

“Your other boot, D.”

Right, the shoes.

My boots hit the floor with a heavy thud. I was still on my back when Peter rolled on his side and threw a leg over mine. I wrapped an arm around his back, urged him closer, or maybe just urged him to hump my hip. God, so beautiful. I thumbed his bottom lip, stroked his cheek. He caught my hand and kissed my palm.

“You want to do it now?”

Want to what? Oh, yeah, the grand finale. “Not yet.” His right eyebrow cocked and I stared at him some more.

“What are you thinking about?” Him, how perfect he was. How he was my best friend. How much I loved him. “D?”

I leaned forward and caught his mouth. This way I didn’t have to explain myself, how bad I’d wanted this, for oh-so-long. And now that I had him, nothing else would ever be good enough: Human, Kin, Lesser-Bred.

Even if we only had this moment, this one time, I was okay with that. Even if after we were done, he never wanted to talk to me again, see me again, I could die a happy man.

With some pushing I got his boxers down around his hips. He had to shove them the rest of the way off so he could straddle me. I really liked Pete on top. And I mean, really, really liked it. I ran my hands down his ribs, his hips, his thighs. Perfect, so damn perfect.

“I want to suck you off.” His eyes went big, and I wondered if maybe I should have worded that differently, but to be honest I didn’t have a clue as to how I could say it any better. Peter moved to get off me, and I grabbed his hips. “I want you on top. I want you to fuck my mouth.” The blush in his cheeks went bright, but his cock also jumped. Precum leaked against my navel.

“I’m not sure... I mean...”

Yeah, he had no clue as to how to position himself. I’m sure that’s what he was trying to say. That was okay. I knew. “Put your hands on the headboard.” Peter still looked unsure, but he did as I said. “Spread your thighs.” He did, and I moved down until his knees were planted on either side of my head.

Peter made this incredible surprised yelp when I sucked his cockhead into my mouth. A yelp that mellowed out into a moan, then some deep gasps. I slid my hands up his ass and encouraged him to thrust. It didn’t take much to convince him I wouldn’t break.

Since Pete didn’t have any piercings, there was nothing to feel but smooth skin, the flare of his cock, the thick vein that ran underneath. He felt perfect in my mouth, filling me up until I couldn’t breathe when he went deep.

I could have gone forever swallowing him down, sucking him deep, feathering my fingers up his ass crack, but I think we’d only been going at it for five minutes when Peter said, “D...” His voice was breathy, broken and when I looked up his eyes were closed. “D ... I’m gonna...” I made a sound, a hum, and sucked him harder, pushed him into my mouth faster. “D, I don’t want you to have to ... swallow ... D...”

Yeah, well, I wanted to swallow. His butt pushed against my hands, and he almost went back far enough to pull out. I locked my elbows under his thighs, forced him forward, deeper, and latched my mouth on to him like my life depended on it.

Peter barked a cry, threw back his head, losing all his control to the moment. He moaned, and his entire body shuddered as he crescendoed with a string of “oh Gods” and my name. And I thought I’d loved the way he said my name before.

Fuck, yeah...

One more deep thrust and the heat of his cum coated the back of my throat. I swallowed and I could taste him. His thrusting went shallow and jerky as I milked him for everything he had. And goddamn it, I still wanted more.

Above me Peter sagged, his head fell between his shoulders, and his hands on the headboard were the only thing keeping him up. A drop of sweat ran down his nose and dripped off to land on my forehead. I still had him in my mouth when he opened his eyes.

“God ... Darwin...”

I mumphed in agreement. This time when he pulled away, I let him. But not having him in my mouth felt like I was missing a critical part of my body. Like an arm or both legs or maybe even my heart.

Darwin's Theory Book 1 Pain, Book 2 Secrets is available now with Liquid Silver!
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