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Simply Sexy Stories Welcomes Suzanne Graham!

NG: Today, I'm thrilled to have author Suzanne Graham on Simply Sexy Stories! Hi, Suzanne! What are you reading right now?

SG: I’m a voracious reader. I go through books in two or three days. Lately, I’ve been in a historical romance reading phase, enjoying books by Julia Quinn, Eloise James, Lisa Kleypas and Sabrina Jeffries.

NG: What genre(s) do you write and why?

SG: I write contemporary, paranormal, interracial, mostly ménage, but some M/M. I love exploring the dynamics of multiple partner relationships.

NG: What draws you to erotic romantic novels?

SG: Erotic romance allows me to explore the depths of human experiences and passion. I love the freedom to go wherever my imagination takes me without having to rein it in due to censors.

NG: Are there any particular authors you enjoy reading or that have influenced your writing?

SG: Oh! So many! The one I have studied the most to really learn how she does deep POV is Suzanne Brockmann. God, I love that woman! You can read a single line and know exactly whose head you’re in.

NG: Describe your writing process...are you a careful plotter or laid back pantster?

SG: Definitely a pantser, I combine plotting with winging it. For most of my shorter works, I just start with a premise and some characters and a general idea of where they are going. For my longer works, I use a timeline to see how the story is going to progress. I once wrote a book following the very structured format from Karen Wiesner’s book, First Draft in Thirty Days. I found I was rushing to get from point A to point B to point C as it was laid out in my outline, without really enjoying the journey. And for me, if I’m not enjoying the journey, then I’m not going to write a good story. Karen’s book did give me lots of good instruction on developing plot, which tends to be harder for me. I’m better at building characters than plot because I hate to see them suffer too much.

NG: softie! *g* What are you working on for the 2011?

SG: I just finished a Lust Bite for Total-e-bound that will be released in July. It’s called Aboard Pleasure and is about a stuffy lawyer who lets loose her inner wild woman when she meets two Greek men on a cruise. Currently, I’m working on a M/M shapeshifter story.

NG: Sweet! Let's talke about your latest release, Three Signatures for the Lady. In five sentences or less, share what Three Signatures is about.

SG: This is the story of a woman discovering whether a relationship started with a night of wild group sex can develop into something more meaningful.

NG: What inspired you to pen this sexy tale?

SG: I wanted to turn the traditional romance on its head and begin the relationship with amazing ménage a quatre sex, then explore how the hero and heroine dealt with their feelings for each other afterwards.

NG: Which movie stars would accurately portray your main characters?

SG: Paul Walker from Fast and the Furious would make a perfect Frank, and Amanda Seyfried from Mamma Mia would be a great Anna, but she would need to add some meat to her bones. Anna is a full-figured heroine. Then there are the secondary heroes. Taye Diggs would definitely work for Jeff, and male model Matt Stone would make a yummy Steve.

NG: I'm loving both of your choices for your male characters! If you had to add a song/soundtrack to your manuscript what would it be?

SG: Add Christine Aguilera’s Not Myself Tonight to Enrique Iglesias/Ludracris singing Tonight I’m Lovin’ You and you have a great soundtrack for this book.

NG: Were there any creative challenges faced and conquered before you wrote, 'The End'?

SG: LOL. When you’ve got four sets of arms and legs in one bed, there are many creative challenges to face. Actually, having all those people is not only difficult to choreograph, but also to make sure to give them all face time so they don’t disappear from the scene. I’ve read other authors’ group sex scenes and thought ‘hey, whatever happened to Joe?’ as he seemed to have gotten lost.

NG: lol. What's the one thing readers can always count on when picking up one of your books?

SG: Well, since it’s romance, they’ll always get a happy ending. Hopefully, they’ll also get to experience something they only ever fantasized about.

NG: Give me three reasons readers will love Three Signatures.

SG: Frank, Jeff and Steve. LOL

NG: Works for me! Thanks so much for joining me today, Suzanne! Best of wishes with this release and all future endeavors!

Blurb: Anna Paulson needs another hundred signatures for her petition to reach this week’s goal, and on this hot, summer Friday evening, she has one more doorbell to ring before she calls it quits for the day. Then she’ll be at it again first thing in the morning.

When Frank Burke answers the door wearing only a towel, she enjoys some innocent flirting with a man who appears much younger than her. The flirting becomes less innocent as she’s invited to join his roommates for dinner and a movie on their big screen TV.

Anna surrenders to her fantasy and participates in a ménage a quatre, spending a very intoxicating night in bed with Frank, Jeff, and Steve. But after a few weeks of the best sex of her life in a relationship that doesn’t seem to exist outside of the bedroom, Anna decides it’s time to get back to reality. But Frank won’t let her go that easily.

Caution! Sexy Excerpt Below:
She put the pen and clipboard in her left hand and held out her right one. “I’m Anna Paulson. Representative Forsyth and I would appreciate your signature on this petition.”

The young man’s warm hand engulfed hers. “Frank Burke. This is Steve Wolfe.” He nodded to the man next to him. When he finished the introductions, he held her hand a moment longer before letting go. “We’d be happy to sign your petition. In fact, you can get three signatures for your efforts. Jeff, here, will sign too.”

“What am I signing?” A tall, muscular, African-American man pulled the door open wider to stand next to Frank. He was dressed in tan slacks and a light blue polo shirt. “Shit, it’s hot out there. Why haven’t you invited this poor woman inside, instead of making her stand out here in the sun? I’m sorry, ma’am. My roommates have the manners of barnyard animals.”

Ugh, he ma’am-ed me, which was kind of ironic because of the three of them, he seemed to be the closest one to her own age.

“Come on in and we’ll get you something cold to drink while you explain whatever you need us to sign,” the large man named Jeff said.

“Oh, no, thank you. This won’t take but a minute if you’ll just fill in your information on the petition and sign your names to put the Wildlife Preservation Referendum on next year’s ballot.” She held the clipboard and pen up to him.
He lifted one hand, biceps bulging under his polo shirt, and rubbed his short-cropped black hair. “Now, there might be a problem.”

“You have a problem with protecting the diminishing natural resources of our state?” Ouch, that came out sounding a little bitchy, but she was hot and tired, and she just wanted them to sign the damn paper so she could go home and strip out of this frigging suit and take off these torturous heels.

A trail of sweat slid down her right temple. God, the sun was brutal overhead even at five in the evening, and the cool air blowing out of the open doorway of the house felt good whenever she got a touch of it on her face.

“Jeff doesn’t have a problem with protecting the environment as long as he’s not planning a development on it,” Frank said, drawing her concentration back to him and his slipping towel.

As Anna watched, time seemed to freeze, except for the downward fall of the white cloth from Frank’s waist. Past his pale hips to the tops of his tanned thighs, it slid until it dropped to his feet.

“Oh, my,” she breathed out at the sight of his impressive, semi-hard cock surrounded by a nest of dark hair.

Her exhalation elicited a twitch and further swelling of his penis.

It took a gruff male laugh from Jeff to snap her back to her senses. She took a quick step forward and held her clipboard up in front of Frank’s waist with her eyes fixed firmly on his face.

Her cheeks burned from more than the heat of the sun. “I-I’m sorry. Would you like to get dressed while I explain my petition to your roommates?”

His face split into a grin. “Yeah, but you’ll have to come in and accept a cold beverage while you wait.”

She nodded while struggling to keep her eyes on his face. She’d never been very good at resisting a piece of candy when it was so close at handand he was definitely a fine piece of eye candy.

Groaning inwardly, she berated herself for being as much of a lecher as the old men who preyed on young women.

Snap out of it, Anna. Keep your mind on business. Then you can go home and rock your world alone with your vibrator while imagining all sorts of yummy fantasies starring Frank and his little, white towel.

Yeah, and wasn’t that pathetic.

“Get your pants on, Frank. We’ll take care of Miss Anna,” Steve said, shoving his roommate with his elbow.

Frank reached down to grab the towel and slowly brought it back up around his waist, all the while grinning at Anna with a mischievous spark in his eyes.

This boy is wicked and wouldn’t it be fun to be naughty with him.

Three Signatures For The Lady is available now with Resplendence Publishing!

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