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Taken By Surprise...Coming July 11th!

I can hardly wait for summer to officially get here and for Taken By Surprise, my fifth book with Total E-Bound to release! This is another hot paranormal erotic romance with enough sizzle and surprises guaranteed to keep you reading! Isn't the cover gorgeous! Emmy Ellis did a fantastic job capturing the essence of my story with this one!

Zori, the heroine of my story is not your typical female, in fact she operates and thinks more like a man. I enjoyed bringing her vulnerabilities out in a way that didn't detract from who she is. Greyson is deliciously alpha, oozing charm, sex appeal and is a worthy love interest for my feisty heroine. I'm looking forward to sharing more secrets about this story, but for now, enjoy an exclusive sneak peek from the book!

Caution! A Super Hawt Exclusive Sneak Peek Below:

"Can I buy you a drink?"

"No, thanks." Zori barely flicked a glance towards the handsome blond ogling her body as she walked by. Men could be so pathetic. She looked across the sunken dance floor to the bar against the back wall to see her target tilt back a bottle of beer. Her talons scrapped against the smooth floor as she waded through sweaty dancers along the wall to reach the other side of the club. As she approached, he turned around and their eyes met. A zing of anticipation raced through her blood as she moved next to him at the bar.

The thrill of the hunt always excited her.

She leaned against the counter, fully aware of his dark gaze running over her body as she pretended to inspect the bottles of alcohol on display in front of her. With a casual toss of her ebony tresses, she turned her face to see arresting brown eyes staring at her with interest. She moved a little closer to him with a practiced shy smile. "I'm Zori."

"Greyson." He offered a slight grin before taking another sip of his drink.
Up close, her guy was taller and bigger than she first estimated which pleased her. She felt sorry for the expensive suit straining to give way to the hard muscles concealed underneath. "Happy Halloween."

Greyson lifted an eyebrow. "Back at you."

The sexy smile curving his full lips tempted her to pounce on him right then and there, witnesses be damned.

"Are you here alone?"

He turned his body towards her, his deep voice carrying easily over the loud music.



His eyes moved from her folded wings down over the rest of her body.

Zori smiled, pleased, even though she'd heard enough compliments to last a lifetime. "Dance with me?" She began to move her hips to the seductive rhythmic pull of the DJ's house mix which was tripling her desire to get him alone.

Greyson looked down at her feathered feet. "Can you dance in those?" His gaze lingered on her sharp claws.

Zori laughed. "C'mon." She led him to the dance area and was even more impressed to discover he was a great dancer.

He pulled her in tight as she closed her eyes, enjoying the feel of his strong body moving against her own. She wrapped her arms around the thick column of his neck and drew in a tempting whiff of his sexy cologne. Dancing was nirvana. This was the one time she allowed her male partners to take the lead which Greyson did so masterfully. Their bodies swayed and dipped to the music as one and Zori enjoyed every minute of it.

"Can I buy you a drink?" Greyson asked several songs later when both of them were breathless and laughing.


She took his hand as he manoeuvred them back to the bar. He stood out with his good looks and in his fine suit and females noticed him, eyeballed him, to Zori’s annoyance. She flashed one chick who had the audacity to step in the way of his path a venomous look that clearly said: He's all mine, lady.

And she could hardly wait.

"What'll you have?" Greyson asked once they were back at the bar.

"Whatever you were having earlier." She waited for him to turn and get the bartender's attention. His deep bass voice brought the bartender over immediately and Zori's eyes drifted over his expensive watch and large manicured hand as he reached for her drink.

No wedding ring…good.

She was determined to take a man to her bed tonight, but she never messed with the married ones.

"For you."

"Thank you."

Zori took the frosty bottle from his hand and their fingers touched. She was surprised at just how fast her heart began to race. Their eyes locked as they both took a sip.

"Are you from New York?" Greyson asked, tapping his fingers on the bar counter.
Another couple came up behind him and his body brushed against hers in the crowded space.

God, he smells amazing…totally male, totally sexy… What cologne is he wearing?


She watched him lick his lips after finishing the beer in his hand.

"I'm sorry, what?" Zori blinked, inwardly cursing as she met his gaze. Being tongue-tied around a male was a new experience. She really needed to eat. That was the only explanation for being off her game tonight. She took another drink from the cold bottle and her stomach grumbled so loudly, she glanced at Greyson in embarrassment even though she was sure he couldn't hear anything but the blasting bass.

Greyson bent his head down and his lips brushed against her temple. "It's really loud in here. Do you want to get some air?"

Zori smiled. "Air would be good."


She always loved the ones bold enough to move things right along.

Once again, she took his offered hand and let him lead her through the partying people towards the exit. This was perfect! Greyson was unknowingly making her life a whole lot easier by taking them outside and away from the crowd.

Copyright © 2011 Nichelle Gregory

Taken By Surprise will be available July 11th with Total E-Bound Publishing!
Book Trailer and Character Spotlights coming soon!


  1. Nice! Can't wait!

    BTW...I think I'd kiss Rosario Dawson.

  2. Ladies, I'm quite certain you'll love this story!!

    Amaya, good choice! ;-)


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