Monday, June 27, 2011

48 Hours of Nothing But Pleasure...

Meet Rena. She's single, gorgeous and enjoys pushing herself to the limit in all aspects of her life. You might say she's quite the adventurous type! You see, she's part of an elite group of women who've willing chosen to give themselves over to pleasure in whatever form it may come.

She's chosen to become a Doll.

What is a Doll?

A strong, tenacious female whose sole purpose is to give and receive pleasure. Dolls are trained by women and men, depending on what lessons need to be learned. They are known by the golden stilettos that don their feet and the regal, graceful, sexy elegance demanded from them all.

Not every woman who desires the title earns the name.

Rena's learned her best lessons under the tutelage of Raiden. His demanding requests never cease to push her to do her very best. She seeks his approval, his admiration...his unadulterated passion. He makes her wet and wanting with a single look.

Will Raiden choose her as his one and only Doll?

He's the one she wants...the only one she longs for. Her body craves the sharp line of disciplined pleasure that only he can give her.

Forty-eight hours isn't nearly enough time...

Doll is available now with Total E-Bound!

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  1. I am going to go re-read Doll with those pictures in my mind!

  2. lol!! Sensual visuals can be helpful. ;^)

  3. This book sounds so good and HOT! And the Can i say the woman is gorgeous? Your book sounds awesome Nichelle! Thank you for sharing! :)


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