Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Cover Reveal For Abrielle's Fool!

Ta da! I got my cover for Abrielle's Fool, my free short story available now with Total E-Bound! This cover design is a little different than the other Hot Shots titles and I think it looks great!

Here's the blurb again:
Abrielle always harboured as secret crush for Lance. He's ultra smart, reserved and sexy as hell with his gorgeous green eyes. As head of IT, Lance is known for his lack of tolerance for small talk and has unknowingly earned the nickname, "Super Nerd."

When a computer crisis requires Lance's expertise, Abrielle's forced to rely on him to save the day and is mortified when he learns about his office nickname by mistake. To make things right, she'll have to answer his question truthfully and her response sparks a steamy escapade they'll both never forget!

If you haven't read Abrielle's Fool...whaddya waiting for? It's a smokin' hot FREE read!! If you've already enjoyed my sexy short story, I invite you to review it for me on TEB's site...just click the second link to go to the story!

Click this link for a sneak peek!
Click here to read the entire FREE story!

Happy Hump Day!

Love & Laughter,



  1. Nice cover! The story was REALLY good too.

  2. Beautiful cover! Lovely colors.

    Nichelle, I must give you two snaps have so many books out and coming out, I feel like I'll never get caught up on them all, free and ones that must be purchased. I love your hustle.

  3. Thanks, Amaya, I love the purply hue of this one too! I wish I had more time to devote to my writing...then you'd really see a hustle, but I am thankful for all the stories coming out.



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