Friday, June 10, 2011

Flash Fiction Friday - Bad Love by Nichelle Gregory

He squeezed her waist as he pulled her closer. Desire arced faster than her addiction to the familiar pull she'd try to resist and fail, willingly giving him another piece of her soul. She knew he was as bad for as the acrid smoke he exhaled into the air.

She wanted him to take her to the peak of passion, knowing he'd crush her with his words or actions moments later.

He loved her.

She loved him.

It was complicated. Sometimes who you loved wasn't always good for you. Love addictions are so hard to break-
Copyright © Nichelle Gregory, 2011
All Rights Reserved

I want to thank fellow author Jude Mason for inspiring me to try my hand at flashers... mega short stories of a hundred words or less! I'm not sure I did it right, but Bad Love clocks in at ninety-six words! Writing it was actually a welcome creative break from what I'm currently working on. I hope you enjoyed it!

Three cheers for the weekend!



  1. Hey Nichelle,

    You knew I'd have to come and take a look, right? LOL

    A tiny critique. (I feel slightly qualified after having my flashers torn to shreds by the dozens... Hehehe)

    First line is much too wordy, AND you've got the mysterious independent hand action going.

    That sentence would have been stronger if you'd simply said, 'He pulled her closer and squeezed her waist.' or 'He squeezed her waist as he pulled her closer.'

    Nice flasher!

  2. I was hoping you'd stop by and I appreciate the critique! I wasn't sure what I wrote counted as a flasher story. I'm going to change my line to your suggestion!

    Thanks for coming by and have a great weekend. ;-)


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