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Six Sentence Sunday - Delicious Distraction...

If this is your first time to Simply Sexy Stories, welcome! Been here before? Thank you so much for coming back and spending a little bit of your Sunday with me! 

This week I'm sharing six lines from my suspenseful erotic romance Hearts & Diamonds!

Scene: Quin has accepted Nia's invitation to a thank-you-for-saving-my-life dinner against his better judgement. Feeding into their mutual attraction could be a delicious...dangerous distraction.

“Something smells good.” He watched Nia disappear back into the kitchen and return with two wine glasses.

“I’m thanking you with Parmesan chicken, my special feta and tomato tossed salad and garlic bread.”

Quin grinned. “What no dessert?”

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Simply Sexy Stories Welcomes Xakara!

NG: I’m welcoming author Xakara on Simply Sexy Stories! Hi, Xakara!

X: Hey, Nichelle! It’s great to be here. Thank you for having me.

NG: My pleasure! Tell me, what are you reading right now?

X: Right now I’m reading three things, two marketing books and I’m rereading Stranger in Strange Land by Robert A Heinlein.

NG: Nice! Do tell if the marketing books have been helpful. Let's talk
about your writing. What genre(s) do you write and why?

X: I write Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy because I love the idea of the every day and the preternatural existing side-by-side. I started with an urban fantasy titled Bloodsprite that will finally be available some time next year.

While I was recovering from that endeavor, I found an open call for a Paranormal Romance and I jumped at the chance to tell a story in this world I’d just created that would be a smaller focus on three people coming together. It completely opened up the genre of Paranormal Romance in a way I hadn’t considered before that story. It turns out that I’m more about the relationships over the crisis-of-the-moment than I’d originally thought.

The two genres are closely intwined and I believe even more so for me. I don’t tell the stories of strangers becoming lovers, but of friends turned lovers and lovers reuniting which is less common in PR, you get that kind of history more in UF. But the relationships, all of them, are the major focus rather than defeating the big bad, when there is a big bad. So I guess I write Urban Fantasy Romance. *smile*

NG: I like it! What draws you to erotic romantic novels?

X: I like writing the sexual element, because it’s the human element—even when your characters aren’t human. In fact, I think the erotic side is more important when dealing with nonhuman characters as it allows readers to see the commonality. I also feel that we are defined by our relationships and lack thereof. How we interact with the world and each person we encounter in it, is a reflection of who we are and who we want to become. Showing characters in the context of their most intimate relationships gives the reader the sincerest glimpse into this cast of characters they’ve come to spend 100 to 400 pages with and wish to know.

Personally, I chose to write the type of erotic romance I wanted to read but couldn’t find. I write Bisexual romance and I write open door sex as opposed to erotica. Unless I’m in the right mindframe, crude or explicit language can throw me out of a scene and I end up skipping them or fighting my way through them which takes something from the story. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find many ménages with Bisexual love scenes that didn’t involve a level of explicitness that turned me away as a reader.

I knew I wasn’t the only person losing the thread of what should have been a revealing scene because of word choices, so I wrote sex the way I wanted to read it and others took to it. Conversations with readers and fellow authors have revealed that I’m often the first erotic ménage romance they’ve read where the love scene pulled them further in the story, rather than ejecting them from it. I’m proud of that. MMF and FFM don’t need to be graphic to be engaging. An additional person or same-sex content don’t automatically require four letter words to be real. I offer an alternative slightly to the left on the spectrum of erotic romance for those who want it and that’s how it should be, something for everyone.

NG: Well said, Xakara and I agree. There should be stories available
for every reader's taste. Are there any particular authors you enjoy
reading or that have influenced your writing?

X: Everything I read and watch regularly has an influence on my writing. It’s insane how long it takes me to get through something when I’m particularly vulnerable to that influence. I stop every five minutes to take mental or physical notes on how I would have done something differently. I’m not the only author who does that , right?

That said, there are influences that are stronger than others. I’m the love child of Stephen King and Anne Rice as influenced by growing up alongside the love child of Octavia E. Butler and Joss Whedon and becoming best friends and college roommates with the love child of Piers Anthony and Laurell K Hamilton. *Grin*

Stephen King is the first author I feel in love with as a child. Everything I love about the concept of parallel worlds, post apocalyptic sagas and the ordinary hero comes from Stephen King. The Stand is still my favorite book to date.

Anne Rice is my gothic romance influence as well as my first understanding of same-sex romance. I was too young to understand that Interview with the Vampire wasn’t a love story between Lestat and Louis for everyone else. Frankly, I still don’t understand that. I never saw it as anything but Lestat being in love with Louis and in love with the family they built with Claudia, but having little to no understanding of how to express that love without being controlling. He was the perfect flawed hero or redeemable villain depending on your take.

Lestat aside, it’s The Mayfair Witches saga for which I own Anne the most. For the many, many years that I didn’t write, it was rereading this series that let me know I one day would.

Octavia Butler is the first time I read science fiction with a main character that looked like me. Lilith’s Brood let me know that not only did People of Color exist in the future, but they were the heroines of the story. It’s little wonder that her emotionally and intellectually powerful heroines gave me an instant love of Joss Whedon’s physically and magically powerful heroines. From Buffy to Firefly, the women Joss put on the screen let me know that I didn’t need to write women waiting to be rescued for there to be an audience in the modern market. My reader grew up on the same shows and admire that strength, even in romance.

Where Piers Anthony introduced me to fantasy as a child, Laurell K Hamilton introduced me to urban fantasy as an adult. Piers taught me that there are no rules but the ones you make. In fantasy everything is possible, every choice when building your world is valid, no matter how different or outrageous it is. Laurell K Hamilton is the first modern urban fantasy I ever read. It opened up an entirely new viewpoint on where I wanted my writing to go when I finally sat down and made the commitment. LKH is also the first mainstream author I read with poly themes in her books and I learned that regardless of the controversy there are readers that will follow you there, no matter where there turns out to be. I no longer felt restrained in what I could get away with on the page and I knew the stories I had to tell would have readers who wanted to listen.

NG: You've named some of my favorite authors as well. Your journey to writing and becoming an author is fascinating! Can you tell me a little about your writing process...are you a careful plotter or laid back pantster?

X: I’m a quilter, or what I like to call a patchwork pantster. I get scenes or excerpts and I have to figure out how they fit together to tell a larger story. Most of the time, I get an opening scene or bit of dialogue to go with later scenes, but sometimes I get a book from the middle out and have to work harder to get it all down and then make it coherent to someone besides myself.

NG:  Has your writing process changed since your first book was

X: No, which is unfortunate. My first published work was written on a very, very tight deadline because I found out about the anthology call last minute. The same is true of my second publication and my third, both of which were pushed towards their deadlines because of illness. My fourth was a revision of an earlier completed work and the most stress-free of the lot. I need to decouple the adrenaline response of writing on a short deadline from the satisfaction of completing a manuscript so that I can give myself more time for each project in the future.

NG: Those anthology calls can be very distracting when you're in the middle of a WIP and I agree there's something exciting about rushing to meet a deadline. What are you working on now?

X: Right now I’m finishing Saint Valentine (PsiCorps #3) that will hopefully be available next February.

NG: Let's talk about your latest release, Dawn's Early Light (PsiCorps Volume 2). What's this urban fantasy romance all about? 

X: Dawn’s Early Light is about learning to let go of fear and accepting that you can’t hold on to loss as a reason not to love fully and completely. Mackenzie, having lost his last family member six years ago, is lost when it comes to navigating the intimate network he finds himself thrown in the middle of when he takes lead in the assignment to protect them. Over the course of Dawn’s Early Light he learns what it means to belong to more than one and to suddenly have a family again.

NG: Sounds delicious! What inspired you to pen this sexy tale?

X: Ghost Of Christmas Past (PsiCorps #1) was originally meant to stand alone. I thought of it as a TV movie that followed a federal agent’s first Christmas with his loved ones after waking from a four year coma to a life completely changed. His partner and his fiancé have married and moved on after believing he died in the shoot out that caused his coma. How they come back together and where they might go from there was compelling and like any movie only touched that particular part of their lives. I was happy with it and ready to walk away.

Readers, however, didn’t feel the same. I kept being asked questions on what happened next and my little holiday TV movie turned into a pilot for my PsiCorps series. Dawn's Early Light picks up six months after Ghost of Christmas Past and touches on where the relationships revealed or hinted at, at Christmas have gone. It also reveals more of the darker things happening in the PsiCorps world, but without that darkness becoming the focus.

NG: Which movie stars would accurately portray your main

X: This is always a dangerous question. I do fantasy casting in order to have a visual of my characters as I write, but I never want to take away from the reader’s imagination of what the characters look like. That said, let’s share...four.
Marshal Mackenzie Matthews: Jensen Ackles
Marshal Kincaid Ides: Shemar Moore
Agent Torrin St. James: Jared Padalecki
PsiCorps Handler Quintus: Ian Somerhalder

NG: If you had to add a song/soundtrack to your manuscript what
would it be?

X: I listen to such a variety of things when I write, that my soundtrack for them wouldn’t make sense to anyone else. But I can give individual songs for the PsiCorps books.
Ghost of Christmas Past (PsiCorps #1) Everything by Lifehouse
Dawn's Early Light (PsiCorps #2) Find A Way by Safety Suit
Saint Valentine (PsiCorps #3) Wreck of the Day by Anna Nalick

NG: Nice! Were there any creative challenges faced and conquered
before you wrote, 'The End'?

X: Because I was on a deadline and I knew there would be other books, I tried to buck my nature and plot book two. Never. Again. It’s just not my style and trying to make it fit the outline caused delays and took the enjoyment out of writing until I finally abandoned it and just let the story flow.

NG: Give me three reasons readers will love Dawn's Early Light.

X: Real emotional vulnerability. The unusual dynamic of love developing within a larger intimate network. Hot guys having hot sex, (you know, if that’s your thing *grin*).

NG: What's the one thing readers can always count on when picking
up one of your books?

X: Love always wins.

NG: *sigh* Thanks so much for stopping by Simply Sexy Stories, Xakara, come back anytime!
Blurb: U.S. Marshal Mackenzie Matthews has spent the last six months on the most important witness protection assignment of his career--protecting PsiCorps’ own. The four agents under his care in the program have always had his admiration, but now, under such close quarters, they’ve earned his affections as well. Bonds formed after a dramatic showdown on Christmas Eve, and the concerted efforts in its wake to build a sense of normalcy around his pregnant charge, has Mackenzie the happiest he’s been in years and the most frightened.

To push for more not only questions his integrity as the lead marshal on the case, but it threatens the surrogate family that has engulfed him in a sense of home. Mackenzie is the only one that can see the danger in every step he takes--so he stands in place. He soon learns that he’s the only one not willing to move forward. In a whirlwind of revelation as the country celebrates the stars and stripes, Mackenzie is faced with what it means to truly be free. He’ll learn that sometimes no amount of caution can save you from what’s meant to be. Sometimes, no matter how deeply you bury secret desires in the darkness, it takes but a single kiss to reveal it all by the dawn’s early light.

Contains: Psychic Vampire seduction, all male ménage, M/F oral fixation and bloodless biting to spare.

Caution! Steamy Excerpt Below:
Mackenzie walked to the bathroom doorway in time to see Kincaid walk backward into the room, speaking out into the hall. Mackenzie was so caught up in the idea that the security cameras in the courtyard might have witnessed his moment with Quintus that he missed Ajay’s grand entrance. The second glance did equal justice as the young Agent walked in wearing only a towel, one that apparently couldn’t be trusted to behave as he held the ends bunched in a fist at his hip rather than tucked in place.

He didn’t realize he’d stepped further back into the bathroom until they headed into the walk-in closet without acknowledging his presence. Mackenzie walked to the bath-side closet door and stepped into the alcove that buffered the closet proper from any creeping moisture issues from the formal bathroom. Kincaid and Ajay entered from the other side and walked to Kincaid’s trove of T-shirts. He pulled out a deep crimson one only a few shades off from the one he wore.

“Here you go, sport. I hear it’s Riley’s favorite color.”

Ajay sighed. The small action managed to show off the significant definition months of working out with Torrin had carved. “You can aggravate me by using sport, or by reminding me I missed all the good stuff at breakfast, but to do both is just cruel.” He stepped closer to Kincaid. “Do you really want to be cruel to the young, impressionable Agent who looks up to you so sincerely?”

Kincaid leaned back on the dresser. “I guess that depends on what he’s doing when he looks up at me. I could be persuaded to be very nice indeed under the right circumstances.”

“Well, I’d definitely be sincere in whatever endeavor was on the table, Marshal.” He reached out and placed his free hand on the dresser. “Is there an approved list of activities that will get the best response?”

Kincaid seemed to hesitate and then he shook himself. “Right now the only activity you need to do is back your pretty little ass up and try on the shirt. And don’t go accidentally dropping that towel trying to entice somebody.”

“Yes, sir.” Ajay backed up. “No accidents involved.” He took off the towel and draped it over his shoulder. 

“Now that’s out of the way, do I get the same points for looking back over my shoulder that I do for looking up?”
Kincaid whistled. “Wow, I bring up one little conversation on being a vampire, and you just get all kinds of--”

“Cocky?” Ajay supplied.

“You do know I could take you, right, sport?”

Ajay reached down and ran a hand over his thigh, framing the partial erection. “I thought we were negotiating that very thing.”

“You are just too much today.” Kincaid undid his buckle and pulled his belt free.

“Am I getting lucky, or have I been naughty, daddy?”

Only the slightest pause gave hint of a reaction from Kincaid. He held the belt out to the light. The black on black embossed dragon shone at different angles. “You’ve seen me wear this all the time, right? It’s my favorite.”

“It happens to be where I’m most often looking, so yes, I have.”
Kincaid pressed his lips together and shook his head. “This belt is older than you are by six months.”

“Wow.” Ajay reached out and ran his fingers over the design. “Good to know you take such good care of your things, especially those in my age group.”

“Boy, you need to stop.” The laugh held an edge of frustration.

“But you’re the one that came to my workout session to watch me get all hot and sweaty. And you’re the one that stood outside my shower to talk to me while I was naked and wet and imaging what happened if you opened the door to come in.” He closed his hand on the belt and stepped closer to Kincaid. “You’re the one that’s been talking about my vampire nature for the last twenty minutes, teasing over what I missed while offering a taste of it every time you moved closer.” Ajay leaned forward, closed his eyes and inhaled. “It’s still riding just above your skin, I can almost take it in.”

It happened so quickly, Mackenzie missed the smaller details. One moment they were facing each other, the belt in both their hands and the tension between them threatening to take on physical form. The next moment Ajay’s upper body lay face-down across the dresser in the center of the closet. The belt cinched tight over his wrists, the end wrapped several times around Kincaid’s right hand.

“Don’t fight me, Ajay.”

It took several tries to form the panting breaths into words. “That would defeat the purpose.”

Kincaid’s left hand worked his shirt out of his pants and up over his head. “I instigated this, I’m going to make amends. Skin to skin contact, don’t push for more. I’m all out of extra luck and saintly patience.” He dropped down to the balls of his feet and dipped his tongue into the hollow at the bottom of Ajay’s spine. Over the course of a full minute, he licked his way back to standing, pausing at each chakra point along the way to drag his tongue in a clockwise circle twice before moving on. He stayed flush to Ajay’s body, sliding skin to skin until he reached the back of Ajay’s neck and lightly bit down.

Ajay’s entire body shuddered; the sounds torn from his throat almost ones of pain. It took three times before his words were clear. “No marks, no permission, so no marks.”

Kincaid released him now. “So you remember that I don’t have permission. Good, that’s very good. I’m going to undo your wrists and you’re going to remember that I don’t have permission and we’re going to stay like this until you have everything you need.” He slipped the belt free, unraveled it from his hand and pulled the shirt off that arm. He placed enough space between their bodies to secure the towel around Ajay’s hips. “Now come here.” 

He embraced him like holding happiness itself, fragile and new in his arms. “Be a good boy and I won’t have to tell that you set me up.”

Dawn's Early Light is available 
with Liquid Silver Books!

Author Bio:
Xakara is an openly Bisexual author of erotic poly paranormal fiction, with an emphasis on bisexual and sexually fluid characters and cultures within her work. Her stories include Ghost Of Christmas Past (PsiCorps #1) and Dawn's Early Light (PsiCorps #2) out with Liquid Silver Books. Shifting Passions (A Therian World Novella) out with Samhain Publishing. A Way To A Dragon's Heart (A Therian World Novel) coming October 2011 from Liquid Silver Books. Bloodsprite (A Therian World Novel/Dante Book 1) coming Summer 2012.

She always loves to talk to fans and new friends and can be found several places, waiting to catch up.

Curious about Xakara? Find her around the web:

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Mmm mmm mmm! Wednesday's Hottie is...

Christopher Villa!

Heard of him? I hadn't, but you can bet I won't forget his name now!
Good lawd!
200lbs of pure male beauty!

I do hope your week is going smoothly. I'm awaiting edits for As You Desire and I'm about a 1/3 of the way through from completing a new hot WIP! More details coming soon...

BTW, I found this delicious pic on Tumblr!
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Six Sentence Sunday - Sex Is The Answer!

If this is your first time to Simply Sexy Stories, welcome! Been here before? Thank you so much for spending a little bit of your Sunday with me!

Scene: Last week, I introduced six sentences from As You Wish. Poor, bewildered Karis has released a gorgeous genie named Vander who's ready and more than willing to help her. In fact, he's got the answer to all her!

“Is there any other way?” Karis asked, her voice catching as he continued to play with her hair.

How could a hallucination conjure up more sparks within her than any other guy she knew?

The whole scenario would have been laughable if the circumstances weren’t so dire. She didn’t have many friends in general, let alone a single male friend she wanted to call up and ask for sex.

“You don’t need anyone else, Karis, just me.”

As You Wish is available now 
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Flash Fiction Friday - Mermaid by Nichelle Gregory

The warm rays of the sun teased her wet skin, salty from the sea. She closed her eyes, breathing in the fresh air as wave after wave lapped at her hardening nipples. The water vied for her affections, but the sun was her lover now, placing hot kisses all over her exposed flesh. She craved the warmth and the wet hands caressing her as the seductive current tugged at her body, calling her back into the deep waters that was her home. Torn between two lovers, she moaned in frustration and pleasure, powerless to resist or deny either of them.

Mermaid © Nichelle Gregory 2011

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Simply Sexy Stories Welcomes Jude Mason!

Ménage Amour 
Jude Mason

Arms, legs, warm flesh pressing against your face. Mmm, soft, damp with sweat, a nipple touching your lips. The scent of sex, man—woman, does it matter when you’re so turned on you can’t catch a breath and your hands tremble enough to scramble an egg… in the shell?

Ménage: more than two, right? Three in a bed—two men, three, maybe two woman and a man—that’s every man’s fantasy right? But, can he handle it? Does he care? Coming so fast the women are left to their own devices. Someone’s got to be bisexual, one hopes. And while he lays there, erection gone, ego possibly deflated, he watches, transfixed as the women he covets more than life itself, pleasure each other. Yes, a man’s fantasy. You see, while these two entangle each other in their webs, suckle and diddle each other to distraction, he’s earnestly urging his cock to awaken.

Too close to reality? Possibly. Erection malfunction happens. Jealousy, uncertainty, one partner wants while the other flees terrified of what ‘everyone will think of my nude body’. Yet, ménage and more is the inner most fantasy of millions of us. The perfect entrance made by the most luscious fem or man while you lay there, waiting for them to ‘do you’. That’s the fantasy, yes?

That can happen too. A little planning, a lot of talking and an evening of trust can lead you and your lover to the most amazing time of your lives. Maybe even more than one. Swoon!

Ever been out with your love and seen someone who you’d do in a heartbeat? Do you tell your love? Talk about it? Make plans? That’s how it begins. Learning what you like, what you want. What you’d like to do before you die. That list, remember that list of things you couldn’t bear to die before you’ve done them all? We all have them. Some of us are brave enough to go after the experiences we want.

Walk up to that fellow and leaning down, baring just that little bit of cleavage, or a lot, when you whisper into his ear, “Do you want me?”

He’s shocked, at first. Not sure he actually heard those words, but there’s a stirring in his slacks. He turns and looks into your eyes. His whispering reply takes your breath, “Yes, I want you. Come with me.”

And of course you do, you follow him and the breath you thought gone returns and you gasp. Your love follows you, his body pressed firmly against yours as you cross the floor. Imagine being sandwiched between them. Naked flesh against naked flesh, limbs entwined, goose flesh racing.

A woman’s fantasy is to have two men servicing her. Why not? There are also bisexual men and women who yearn for the touch of the opposite sex. A recent release of mine has a slightly different take on this ménage story.

Here’s a taste of Doc, the first in a series that focuses on a futuristic healer who is what I like to call, an equal opportunity lover. He has his main man, Jazz, but he’s got a roving eye, and is always willing to share.
  Doc - Book #1 in the Daybreak 2525 series 
by Jude Mason
ISBN: 978-0-85715-490-3
Genre: Futuristic - post apocalypse/ Sci-Fi/ MM/ MF
Publisher: Total E-Bound


Book Blurb

Returning from a visit to one of the outland farms, Doc finds his village destroyed, his family either gone or dead and his lover vanished without a trace. The few survivors hidden among the ruins tell a tale of ruthless, sadistic marauders taking what they want and burning the rest. Doc finds too many dead and his heart breaks for those he finds alive. Mothers whose children are gone, Husbands who have lost everything and everyone.

Pulling as many people as he can together and tending their wounds, Doc vows to find the rest of his people. His father is among the dead, but his mother, his sister and lover are not.

The hunt is on.

Series Blurb

War, over-population, pollution and generations of uncaring, greedy governments have finally brought about the collapse of world as we know it.

It’s the year 2525 and the cities are dead, or very nearly so. The remnant of humanity struggle for survival along with a menagerie of wildlife that oftentimes isn’t native to the land it now inhabits. New plant life thrives, the old withers and dies. Marauding bands of thugs travel from village to village, taking what they will and destroying the rest.

This is the world Doc was born into. Pearl, his mother, is a healer. His father was a warrior of the tribe. Doc takes on the roll of both, as needed. His lover, Jazz, means the world to him. Together, they have a bond that’s unbreakable. Their family means everything to them and they’ll do whatever it takes to protect them.

This is their story.


He dropped the satchel filled with his doctoring tools and herbs to the grass and unslung his bow. It was a small affair, made of some mysterious alloy manufactured before the big war. He’d discovered it in what remained of the old city to the north and found it easier to aim than the long bows he’d been using. With a great deal of practice, the small weapon had proven extremely accurate, and he rarely travelled anywhere without it. An arrow in hand, he automatically notched it but didn’t draw it back. When he leant down to pick up his satchel, he saw movement below and again froze.

Doc squinted, hoping to see Jazz crouched amid the piles of rubble. His mother and father would be there, and his sister Robin—unless they were dead. Just thinking about it made him cringe. The warriors, where were they?

He noticed several of the bodies ahead were very small. His stomach churned.
More movements below caught his attention. The familiar figure of a white-haired elder shambled out from under one of the heaps of debris. Each tribe in the region seemed to have at least one person who kept the histories of what had taken place over the last few centuries, passing on stories from one to the next. Seth was one of these ‘Rememberers’, keeping the records of their tribe. Being the oldest person, he’d lived through much of what needed recalling.

The wind turned, and Doc got his first whiff of the fire and of the burned flesh. His belly rumbled. He swallowed bile and gagged.

Straightening up, he squared his shoulders and looked carefully around. The woods surrounding the village remained undamaged and quiet. There were a thousand places to hide. He watched for several heartbreaking moments, knowing he had to be sure those who’d attacked were gone before he ventured in.

When he was confident no one remained in hiding, he returned to the path leading down the hillside. His pace quickened until he was jogging. He scanned the brush on either side as he hurried on his way. Visions of the atrocities he’d seen, mingled with flashes of his family, and Jazz, his darling, sexy Jazz, leapt into his mind.

Jazz, the man he’d grown up with and had fallen head over heels in love with, a handful of years ago, kept returning to his thoughts. If these were simply marauders, Jazz would have fought and probably died trying to protect the tribe. But if the attackers were after slaves or trade goods, the outcome might have been much different.

He thrust both of those thoughts aside. He couldn’t bear to think of Jazz dead. Captive or slave might be worse in some ways. Doc’s heart lurched. At least you’d be alive, my love.


*Jude Mason – Readers needed: come, explore with me…if you dare*

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Tuesday's Hottie is...

Gabriel Macht!

Oh, yeah! I can't get enough of Suits, the new legal drama on USA. It's rare to find a show that makes you want to beg for more once the credits start rolling, but that's the way it's been every Thursday night for me.

I love the characters, the premise and did I mention Gabriel Macht is pure hotness! Man, oh, man, that man in a suit is pure wicked goodness! He plays Harvey Specter, the no bullshit lawyer who barely remembers he has a heart. He's at the top of his game and he's got no time for slackers or mercy.

He hires Mike, who doesn't have a law degree, but he does have an incredible memory. He can recall anything he's read! He's trying to change his life, up his A-game and figure out how to balance being human in a cut-throat environment filled with people who react more like robots. 

The interactions between these two characters is highly entertaining! 
Gina Torres, one of my favorite actors, plays his no nonsense managing partner. She's effortlessly beautiful, classy and hardcore when it comes to the job. I love her! I'm really, really, REALLY hoping that she and Harvey get together. All I can think about every time they're in a scene together is...kiss her, kiss her, KISS HER!! I think they have amazing chemistry!
Anyways, if you like smart dramas with likable characters in high gloss style, you'll love Suits!

Check it out on Thursdays on the USA network!
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Six Sentence Sunday - Sexy Surprise!

Hello! Welcome to my fifth edition of Six Sentence Sunday! I'm so glad you stopped by! This six is from As You Wish, an erotic paranormal romance!

Scene: Karis has finally discovered the beautifully painted bottle in her possession possesses a very unique and sexy surprise...

Karis took in every detail from his strong jaw line, thick neck, and the most impressive set of abs on full display. He was sexy as hell, but his sex appeal did nothing to calm her racing heart or the stark realisation she needed to call her doctor now.

“Oh, my God,” she whispered again, feeling light-headed.

The gorgeous apparition chuckled, flashing a perfect smile. “Not quite, but I get that a lot.”

She was losing her mind, hallucinating now.

As You Wish is available now with
Total E-Bound Publishing!
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Flash Fiction Friday - Midnight Lovers

Midnight draws nigh and I know 
he'll come for me.
The wind carries the scent of his skin.
It wafts over me, heady and strong.
So strong.
I inhale taking him deep into my body.
My pulse races as he approaches from between the shadows.
So wet.
Drenched with need and the light of the moon.
The luminous beams tease me 
with glimpses of my lover.
I can't move.
I suddenly can't breathe.
Desire holds me steadfast in sweet torturous anticipation.
I hunger for his touch which brings me pleasure 
and pain...
Morning comes much too soon...

Midnight Lovers © Nichelle Gregory 2011
(artist unknown)

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Simply Sexy Stories Welcomes Wendi Zwaduk!

NG: I'm welcoming Wendi Zwaduk today on Simply Sexy Stories! Hi, Wendi!

WZ: Hi Nichelle!! So glad to be here!!!

NG: I'm happy to have you! What are you reading this summer?

WZ: Wowza...lots of things. Hmm... let me narrow it down a little bit. I just got by Jambrea Jo Jones, I’m in the middle of
Tell Me Now. Possession by Jessica Skye Davis. Anything  by K.A. Mitchell is a favorite. I just discovered Rosemary Entwined by Bianca Sommerland, and can’t wait to read Doll by!!! 

NG: Ooo, nice reading list! ;-)

WZ: I read a lot of different books so it’s hard to pick a few.

NG: Me too, Wendi, variety is the spice of life! It's summertime! Do you prefer lemonade or iced tea?

WZ: Lemonade. Never caught the tea bug. Just doesn’t do anything for me.

NG: switching gears now, let's talk about your work. What genre(s) do you write and why?

WZ: I write mostly contemporary and paranormal, but always hot. Why hot? You tell my characters to be behave. Seriously. I was challenged to write a sweet romance and my characters actually laughed. “Um, we don’t know how to behave.” They’d be right. I think everyone should go with their strengths and writing hot is one of mine.

NG: What draws you to erotic romantic novels?

WZ: The passion. In straight erotica, there’s lots of sex, sure, but in erotic romance, there’s passion to accompany the sex. The characters want to be together, want to show their feelings for each other, and well...want to have oodles of sex. I like reading that. I like seeing the progression of the relationship and the development of the feelings from crazy, gotta have it lust to love.

NG: Same here! Are there any particular authors you enjoy reading or that have influenced your writing?

WZ: There’s lots of authors I love to read. I’m always finding new ones. Zhara Owens, Desiree Holt, KyAnn Waters, Cheryl Dragon, Jambrea Jo Jones, K.A. Mitchell, Belinda McBride. But the ones who’ve really influenced me...well there’s a story there.  I was having a conversation with Cheryl Dragon and Michelle Witvliet and we talked about writing hot and m/m. We discussed the pros and cons (meaning, Wendi soaked it up like a sponge, because I was a super nubie at the time) and Cheryl says, ‘once you get past the lube, it’s all downhill’. Now mind you, that was a rather flippant comment and it’s not totally all downhill, but it’s the point that it’s a comfort thing. Some people are more comfortable with writing some things and others aren’t. I took that with me. So yeah, that influenced me and from then on I let the muse run rampant and followed my heart.
NG: Wonderful advice! Describe your writing process...are you a careful plotter or laid back pantster? 

WZ: I tend to write the first scant of an idea in a notebook. Yup, pen and paper. I’ve got at least one notebook with at least four stories with me at all times. Why? Because I never know when I’ll have the muse strike. Then once the idea is in the notebook, usually it sits and percolates. 

NG: Has your writing process changed since your first book was published? 

WZ: I go to my crit partners much more often. I found out I don’t know everything and that’s a good thing. I also listen to the fans. When you have no releases out, there’s only so much feedback from fans you can get. When you have more, then you tend to get more feedback. I listen. Okay, so reading some reviews can be tough, especially when it’s not constructive. Part of the growing process as an author is to learn from the good and the bad, to take what you can use, and to grow a thick skin. I’m still working on the thick skin. I’ve learned, in the immortal words of Ricky Nelson,  “you can’t please everyone, so you’ve got to please yourself.”

NG: So true! What are you working on now? 

WZ: A Prequel to Tangled Up. Fans said they loved the heat in Tangled Up, but they wanted to know the rest of  the story. How did Mindy and Arran end up together? Why is she so laid back? Why did they get married? So, I listened and am working on that. It’s actually rather fun.

NG: I'm sure your readers are going to appreciate you giving them what they want! Let's talk about your latest release What Might Have Been. What's this sizzling tale all about?

WZ: Second chances at first love. Football player with secrets realizes he passed on the best thing to happen in his life. Artist/author hides her emotions to keep from getting hurt. Reunion time brings out the best and the worst of memories, but it’s what they make of them that’s the hottest part.

NG: Mmm...I like it! What inspired you to pen this sexy story? 

WZ: My 15 year high school reunion is coming up and well, there’s one person who made me wonder, what if? So instead of running with the idea in real life, I ran with it in prose form. Plus, Tanner kept hanging around in my head, begging for his story to be told. Who knew it would end up being What Might Have Been? :)

NG: Which movie stars would accurately portray your main characters? 

WZ: Tanner would be Tyler Connolly from Theory of a Dead Man. Yup, was rather inspired as I had a marathon listening session of their then latest album. Jessica Biel would be good for Macy as she’s got a thick skin, but can turn on the charm in an instant.

NG: Nice! If you had to add a song/soundtrack to your manuscript what would it be? 

WZ: There’s a soundtrack. It would start with Jeremy by Pearl Jam. Not a huge fan of PJ, but the hero is and he spent lots of time trying to get the heroine to understand the thrust behind the song, so yeah, it would be there. Then What Might Have Been by Little Texas. ‘Nuff said. I’d also include Addicted by Saving Abel, Not Meant to Be by Theory of a Dead Man, and  I’m on Fire by Bruce Springsteen.

NG: Fantastic! Were there any creative challenges faced and conquered before you wrote, 'The End'? 

WZ: Yes. Macy is more dominant than most of my heroines. She’s not a Dom, but she wants to be in charge in the bedroom. That was kind of hard because my brain didn’t want to work with her in the lead. I kept letting Tanner take charge when it was Macy’s show. So it was a little hard, but I got past it with the help of my editor who I love!

NG: Give me three reasons readers will love What Might Have Been. 

WZ: Tanner is a tall, dark, handsome, yummy hero. Macy appears to have a thick barrier around her heart, but she’s like everyone else—she wants to be loved, flaws and all. This story shows you really can go home again.

NG: Awww...I love that! What's the one thing readers can always count on when picking up one of your books? 

WZ: I’d like to say an animal for fun. I love animals and I love to have cats and dogs in the stories for a humane touch. I’d also like to say scorching sex. I think the stories melt the screen, but that’s my opinion. Hmmm... A hero and heroine that find their HEA (or a heroine, hero, and hero...I’m open to having more than two). Yes, there’s always a happily ever after.

NG: Wendi, thank you so much for stopping by Simply Sexy Stories! 
WZ: Thanks for having me!! I’m open to more questions, reader comments... Let’s have a party!

NG: Whoo ooo!
Blurb: A second chance has never been this sweet or sexy.
Macy Shibley left Mason, Ohio, to figure out who she was and what she wanted. But after more than a few disastrous relationships, she refuses to let anyone tie her down. She’ll control the tying, thank you very much. No man has ever managed to chip away the walls around her heart...except for one man.

Tanner Connolly has never forgotten his high school crush. The sweet blonde with the vibrant eyes fills his dreams and fantasies. He’d had a shot in school to make her more than a friend, but blew it for the sake of appearances. Now he’d like to know what might have been and use it to create a future. But he’ll have to let her go to prove he wants more than one night...

Caution! Super Sexy Excerpt Below:
"A kiss like that and you want me to leave you in the foyer?" Tanner stopped short. Had he misread the connection? He crooked a brow, not content to give up and play dead. "Couldn’t we negotiate a bit more?" At least enough to melt her defences a little further. "I’m not the same heartless shit I was in high school." 

"You don’t give up." As she spoke, she led him into the foyer, her fingers tangled with his. "Unless you get what you want, you won’t back down, will you?" 

At the elevator, he caught her up in another embrace. 

"I’m a guy. We’re hardwired to keep trying even when we know we’ll be shot down." He traced his index finger over her kiss-swollen bottom lip, proud that he had created her reaction. "And I’m not ready to give up until you’ve called my name at least three or four times tonight. But hey, I’ll back off if you’d rather. I’m thick, but I’m not stupid." 

"Oh, fine." The bell dinged and signalled the car’s arrival. Macy’s words came out flippant, but the glitter in her blue eyes told a different story. "You can take me upstairs, but don’t get any ideas that this will lead to anything other than a night of hot sex and scintillating memories." 

Tanner thanked God when the door shut before other riders could enter the elevator car. He wanted Macy to himself. "Which floor?" 

"Fourth." Her voice came out gravelly and low. She averted her gaze. 

"Mace, I won’t do anything you don’t want me to." Tanner pressed the button and cocked his head to consider her. Maybe she had just needed the time to come into her own. Did she realise how amazing she looked? Were her hands trembling? "I’m all for starting a fire with you, but I don’t buy your BS about wanting to be alone. I’m willing to bet that tonight you’ll decide you really do want to settle down—with me." He clamped his lips shut, afraid to say more. 

"I don’t know why this is so hard—I want you, you want me. Seems pretty simple without the settling down part." She spoke to the floor, but he heard every word. "I love a good fire, but I’m warning you, I’m just not a relationship type of girl." 

The car stopped at her floor before he could question her further. When her wide-eyed gaze met his, he melted for her a bit more. She toyed with the strap of her purse, picking at the beaded decoration. 

Tanner measured his words carefully, sure she’d changed her mind. "I’ll walk you to your door and bid you goodnight." He yearned to push, to make her see how much he cared but, at the same time, he wanted to give her an out. 


"I don’t want you to feel pressured." 

"I want you to come in…me." 

What Might Have Been is available now with Total E-Bound Publishing!
Buy it HERE!

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