Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Mmm mmm mmm! Wednesday's Hottie is...

Christopher Villa!

Heard of him? I hadn't, but you can bet I won't forget his name now!
Good lawd!
200lbs of pure male beauty!

I do hope your week is going smoothly. I'm awaiting edits for As You Desire and I'm about a 1/3 of the way through from completing a new hot WIP! More details coming soon...

BTW, I found this delicious pic on Tumblr!
I've recently joined the site and I invite you to join me!
I'll be sharing more of the sensual, erotic...
naughty pics that inspire me!

Coming up on Simply Sexy Stories:
Xakara stops by on July 28th!



  1. HOT DAMN! GOOD LAWD! HOLY SHIT! THANK YOU JESUS! I will climb the hell outta that tree!!!!

    Thanks, Nichelle. I needed this. Mmn mmn mmn.

  2. lovin' on your blog already.

  3. @ Amaya - LOL...I'm so glad you climbed down, girl! Have a great Wednesday! :)

    @Shauna - Thank you and welcome To SSS!! ;)


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